Why Trump Won and What it Means for Humanity


As I’ve previously stated, Donald Trump won the election. I may be the only psychic who called this and I’ve hinted at the reasons for why this happened in previous posts. Now I’m going to lay out everything I know and what can be done to rectify what has been unleashed so that the damage is contained in the near future. Much of what I’m about to write will come across as slightly insane, but it is the truth. There are other forces at work that made this happen. Understanding them is the key to how we get ourselves out of this mess.


One of the most decisive moments in this race was Donald Trump’s deal with the devil. In early June of last year, the devil paid an astral visit to Trump in his headquarters in New York. Donald had wanted to be president for years prior to this, considering serious presidential runs on at least three occasions, 1988, 2000 and 2012. Each time Donald thought about taking the plunge, he backed out at the last minute. This time, the devil paid him a visit that he had never received before. The deal was simple. Donald was to serve his will in exchange for handing him the keys to the White House. Donald wasn’t initially convinced that it was going to happen, but when he made the deal and began to see the waters of the political world part all around him, Donald began to realize his pact was cemented in blood.


No matter how many times Donald thought about potentially breaking off the deal and did things to try to tank his candidacy, the results kept coming in his favor from the primaries beginning to end. He then made more brazen attempts in the general election to tank himself, but the devil worked hell over high water to see to it that any scandals were minimized and Hillary was ruthlessly attacked. No matter how much support the powers that be had for her, the devil’s will trumps all and it was shown to be the case by this election result. What the elite forget is that the devil they serve has the final decision making over all matters of theirs on Earth. The devil got what he wanted and we’re about to pay a price for it as a result.


There is, however a real chance that Trump may not even make it to the White House. The Devil has panicked over Trump’s constant attempts to sabotage his own candidacy and is having second thoughts about giving him such vast control over an empire like the United States. I’m convinced, based on a dream I had two nights ago, that Trump is going to be done away with because he’s beginning to break from the devil’s plan on some very key areas. Those include inciting violence in Israel, tanking the world’s economic markets and setting up death camps for marginalized communities. The fervors leading to these actions have begun to emerge, but Donald is having cold feet and developing a bit of a moral conscious at the last second.


As a result of his unwillingness to go along with the whole agenda, the vision I had saw Trump assassinated by a man of Muslim heritage on the 30th of November. Two shots miss him, but one fatal one lands a blow to the head. I also see Mike Pence carted off which means electoral chaos and a problem as we enter the electoral college election. I may be wrong in this assessment, but I’ve been right before and I’m getting these visions pretty strongly now. While it remains to be seen whether he serves or not at all, the truth is we’re going to enter our nation’s darkest hour in the very near future.


The other prevailing factor that came into play this election comes from my nickname of Nuclear Hillary. As much as many believe we are the only life forms in the universe, the truth is that we are not alone and that aliens have been among us for quite some time. They refuse to show themselves because of all of the hate that humanity has for others not like themselves still poses a problem for their assured safety. A revelation now would be a death warrant that they are not going to take, no matter how much they’d like to tell the truth. When humanity enlightens more and sheds itself of the divisiveness of hate, they will show the truth and we will know more than we do today. Until then, things will be in the dark for much of what is out there in the universe.


I will tell you, though, that aliens (not Mexicans) had a large role to play in taking this election away from Hillary Clinton. After the nuclear bombs unleashed during World War 2 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan, aliens came to Earth between the years 1949 and 1952 to make it very clear to the powers that be that humanity could not use nuclear weapons in military conflict ever again. What was discovered was that energy from the bombs rippled throughout the universe and inadvertently effected the sustainability of other life forms on other planets.


The aliens promised to stop anyone in power who threatened this anti nuclear weapon pact. Many leaders have been taken down because of their likelihood of usage of nuclear weapons and many events that could have seen nuclear weapon usage was deescalated by alien force. It’s why Kim Jong Un is likely to be assassinated in the near future and why the bay of pigs invasion didn’t end with nuclear weapons fired. Hillary Clinton became the latest casualty of the aliens because she would not comply with this no nukes rule and they rigged it against her as a result. She won the popular vote, but faulty election counting assured that she could not win where it mattered most; the electoral college. They are sad for what humanity will have to endure as a result of Trump’s win, but the aliens have to weigh the interests of those outside of our planet and with other life forms on this planet with people living here in civilization. In that scenario of lesser of two evils, Trump takes the win, no matter what detriment may come about.


I do need to stress something important to those who are stressing about supposed differences between Hillary and Trump. When it all comes down to the wire, they are all just the same. They all run in the same social circles and support their own self interests above all else. No matter who won the presidency, the working classes (meaning the vast majority of the readers here) would not have an actual voice in the White House. The problem with US society isn’t one candidate or political party but a structural deficiency that needs to be upended by violent force if necessary. This election, in some ways, is a blessing in disguise to making people realize who really runs the world and what it really takes for us to truly be free. Revolution is the only way to make the world a better place. Many of you will have to be willing to risk your lives to see this dream come about. Your forefathers have fought for this before and the task is upon you to engage with the same sort of fight in the present. The question really comes down to whether you are willing to fight for that freedom. That’s the question you all must ponder to yourselves. When you come to the correct conclusion, a governmental overthrow follows and freedom reigns supreme throughout much of the world.


Finally, I would like to hasten you to not despair. Things will get better soon. Once you all finally get ready to put up the fight that you’ve needed to years ago, the world will begin to come to a place (temporarily anyway) of peace. It’s not too late to see this vision come about, but you should take some decisive action in the next few days. Humanity counts on it.

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      1. I notice that Donald Trump chose Steve Bannon as chief strategist. This is extremely troubling in view of what is know about Mr. Bannon. This development suggests to me that Donald Trump has chosen to pursue policies that will marginalize non-Whites, Jews, and foreigners. The right-wing Christians who voted for Trump ought to be enraged as they are generally pro-Israel.

      2. They are blinded by devotion, but the cold splash of water will hit them soon enough. And you’re right, it means Trump is caving into the devil’s demands which means horror for humanity.

      3. Considering I’m one of the only psychics who called the election for Trump, perhaps it might be worth taking my insights into account. Trump will reveal his true self soon enough.

      4. Here’s the thing. It DOES matter who is in the White House and it matters by Dec 19. What if someone offers a reward ($! million) and a general pardon from O’Bama to come forward and tell the truth about the election being “hacked” in PA, NC, FL, WI and maybe MI and gets Hilary installed as President with STRONG OVERSIGHT AND BERNIE’S PLATFORM. Why is the TRUTH and the OVERSIGHT not better than TRUMP? Wouldn’t the EXPERIENCE of this convoluted election, the Platform of Bernie Sanders, the Activism already begun be enough to keep the aliens from worrying about nuclear war? And if it is that important, why focus on the elections instead of focusing on the person who is in charge, Hilary Clinton? We NEED the YIN energy in the White House to shift societies around the world That shift was prophesied and it NEEDS to happen. The cries of misogyny surrounding Trump are clear evidence. A violent revolution will just put us back in the Yang-violence cycle, not push us forward. Only the truth can push social evolution forward. Not more manipulation and lies. Why not expose the alien truth, the vote truth, the misogynist truth, the hacking truth and all the other truth NOW before Dec 19 and deal with the fallout instead of courting nuclear fallout from Russia? I feel the equities of the situation but it sounds like the “reasons” are as insensitive to humanity as the “reasoners” are sensitive to everything BUT humanity. By the time the truth comes out, the HATE that will be directed at whatever misogynist patriarchal benevolence that decided to put Trump in charge because they were afraid of a women will be far worse than anything Hilary could have hypothetically done before the election was wrongfully wrested from her. Help to understand? Help to see how to right this?

  1. Without question many people including barbiecg1 are going to dismiss you as a religious nut. But your explanation as to why things are the way they are accounts for many facts which are hard to explain otherwise. Trump’s actions have long led me to believe that he didn’t really want to be president. I am wondering if Adolf Hitler made a similar pact with the devil. The devil and Adolf Hitler sure hated the Jews.
    Betsey Lewis is another psychic who correctly predicted a Trump win but she said nothing about a deal or pact with the devil. I’m unclear as to exactly what happens if Trump dies before the electoral college convenes. If he is assassinated it will cause more anger than ever and a fullblown civil war looks extremely possible..

    1. Basically yes, which is why the working class needs to organize an independent movement free of political or elite interests. Anything not community and local based is doomed to be coopted and made to serve the further repression of Americans. Remember that you and your neighbors, family and friends have more power than you realize collectively. Together, communities can take on even the most powerful of empires.

  2. Hello,liam this is to say I believe you on what you have said. On 8th november I had a dream about future, usually a voice narrates them to me. This time I saw US stock market crashing which set the course of event. Firstly, nations started exiting EU then carnage followed in middle east.
    On the other hand india-pakistan war started, china helped pakistan. The voice said to me after this two more war will follow one in europe and the other in south-east asia. All of it will become clear after 2018.
    Now,indian saints have stated nuclear weapon won’t be used again. However,they have also stated about pakistan and china jointly fighting india. As an indian national I am spooked. Can tell me if there are chance of a such war happening in the future,for say 2020. If it is who wins the war? Do they claim our land or we laim theirs?

    1. I’ve actually written about a lot of the things you’ve mentioned in previous blogs that you can look at with the search on the right hand side of the page. One of the things I wrote about when your prime minister Modi was elected into office was that he needs to be very careful not to increase escalations with Pakistan or such a conflict would be his undoing. Any vision of such a proportion, especially with the risk of nuclear war, can be averted and I’m glad it’s been picked up. Hopefully prayer can deescalate some of the tensions that are coming. All I’ll say about winners and losers though is that any nation that has China as an ally is doomed to lose in the near future. I’ve foreseen the Communist’s regime topple and India’s stature rising in the region. That means I suspect that you as an Indian national will win any such war if it comes to it, but hopefully a peaceful resolution comes about instead. Most likely, your nation is going to claim the territory, by peaceful exchange rather than through armed combat. Hope this information helps.

  3. Yes you are right, i’m an indian national. And,those things that I saw in my dreams were things I slaso knew beforehand. However, what really spooked me is, in the next 48 hours two more dreams followed. First one showed nuclear weapons deployed in europe,water crisis and parched land there and second one explained how economic fall of USA led to the war situation in world. That’s why I wrote them to you. But, even so china-india tension is increaseing day by day. Won’t they try their hardest to ensure india’s downfall by any means ?

    1. All of these visions are concerning to me, but I have a feeling the nukes are going to be stopped. The rest of it you should keep an eye on for, though. And while China will try to cause India’s downfall, they won’t.

  4. Wow. That is some crazy stuff but it feels like we are in crazy times. I was looking at past posts and amazing how you nailed everything. I’ll definitely be keeping up with you. I find this very interesting. However, I’m a little bit confused whether it was aliens that cost Clinton the election or Trump’s deal with the devil. Maybe a combination of both? I swear the more I think about it, the more it seems like Trump WAS trying to throw the election. Hell… even South Park picked up on it. Now it just seems like he is in over his head. It saddens me though that some people now feel empowered to verbally and physically assault minorities, Muslims, LBGTQ, etc. because of his reckless and hateful rhetoric followed by his victory. I really wish Sanders had won… Anyway, great posts and I look forward to read more soon!

  5. I don’t believe Trump will be assassinated. If he has made a deal with Satan, at least we will have 3-1/2 years of relative peace for now. The “aliens” are not extraterrestrials but “fallen” angels in league with Satan. They are evil and vile and do not have good intentions for mankind. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are benevolent. They inhabit the DUMB’s and plan a hybrid invasion of earth. If you take the mark, your DNA will be rewritten and all hope lost. Be vigilant, chose Yahweh.

    1. At this rate, there will at least be an attempt. Whether it’s successful or not is to be determined.

    1. I’ve written about Israel in previous blogs and how the country has reached a point of no return where its status as a Jewish state will soon be no more. The secular, reform and conservative Jews have every reason to fear Trump because he is going to be bad for Israel and will hurt them in ways they hadn’t expected. Already it’s becoming a contentious issue amongst Democrats who are turning away from them. The danger of Trump is his association with neo-nazis plus his need to constantly be kissed up to put a dangerous combination for Netanyahu and the right wingers of Israel who will not bow down to Trump the way others on the right have and will in the future. That unwillingness to serve his will will see Trump make Israel become a bi-partisan pariah and soon the vast majority of Americans who support Israel will no longer. This is something many Israeli groups knew of at the time and why the vast majority of them put their chips down for Hillary in the general election. It’s too late for them now. This seemingly “Pro-Israel” administration will actually be its undoing.

    1. Not buying it. He still has them cabinet positions and they aren’t convinced of the disavowal either.

      1. I think that there are at least 3 specific men (including Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon, and Richard Spencer) who are major movers in trying to bring about a Nazi-like totalitarian government and I think Trump has decided to have all 3 men lie about or play down their close connections with The American Nazi party and the Ku Kluz Klan until the totalitarian government is firmly entrenched. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump are all dishonest but here is one huge difference: Most people know it when Obama lies. Most people know it when Hillary lies. Many people are so badly misinformed or misled they don’t realize that Trump is lying to them big-time. That’s one thing that makes Donald Trump extremely dangerous.

    1. Certainly a strong possibility and one that should not be taken lightly. I’ve written about this too, although his assassination or lack thereof comes down to whether he’s going to honor his deal with the devil. He flirts with it, but backs away at times as well. Remains to be seen.

    2. Regarding the link provided Fleishchman,, it depends on who you were and what your priorities were as to whether Reagan was a great president or a horrible disaster. If you were poor and homeless he was clearly a disaster because he made the problem of homelessness worse with his policies of privatizing subsidized housing. It didn’t work because for-profit businesses don’t try to solve social problems, they just try to make a profit. If you think budget deficits are a big issue, he was a disaster because he greatly increased them. If your main concern was reducing income tax rates for the reasonably well-off he was generally a success.

  6. What are your thoughts on Trump saying he “wouldn’t have hired Steve Bannon if he knew he was racist”? I mean, he can’t be that stupid…

  7. 3 YEARS AGO. i knew he would be President and also that he is the Anti-christ. But
    thats okay. You can boast this one Liamofktn. He is the Anti-christ.

    1. I doubt it’s going to be that catastrophic, but it’s worth keeping an eye on just in case.

  8. I just wanted to add, that years ago. My Uncle told my father that “Satan” had appeared to him, and was offering him many things, in exchange for his Soul. And my uncle told my father that Satan spoke very convincing and that he Almost took the Deal, but decided not to after all. He is the 2nd person in my life that has shared a similiar account of the Devil appearing to make a deal.

  9. Jill Stein is now trying to get recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Some computer experts think that some voting machines could have been hacked in an attempt to rig the vote counts. What will be the outcome of these recounts? Also if the fix was on in those 3 states I would suspect it could also have happened in several other states where recounts have not been requested.

    1. They won’t find the rigging because, as I wrote above, it was done from other life forms more sophisticated than ourselves. They’ll crack the surface, but never figure it out fully. This will end up in future reflections of history mired in conspiracy theory like JFK’s assassination and the 9/11 twin tower attacks. Trump most likely won’t be thrown off by this challenge, but he’ll be vigilant about it just in case; hence his comments today. The same goes for the threats when the electoral college meets.

  10. Is he trying to seem unstable so he can get out of the presidency??? These rants he’s gone on via social media have just gotten out of hand….he is so far from sane at this point

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