It’s Time to Leave


After many false starts and delays in my plans, tonight is the night that I am saying goodbye. I wish I could have written my blog on Donald Trump and others, but unfortunately I have been given the signal that it is time for me to leave. I am wishing you all the best as society comes to a critical turning point. Fefe will continue posting, but my posts will cease for the time being. Best wishes to you all.

Liam 🙂 ❤

Two Quick Things to Share


The Boy Who Cried Wolf: I have written on this site about the coming revolution in this country. I know that the FBI and other organizations have read this blog on a number of occasions. Their recent PR release about the National Liberation Militia is an attempt to scare the masses into staying suppressed, but it isn’t founded on any real facts. When you cry wolf too many times, soon people will stop believing you. That’s when the real militia groups strike; when the public has turned their collective back on the government and no loner cares when the FBI blows the whistle in such a manner. When this occurs, downfall for the elite is inevitable. Speaking of which……


On the Same Day As One, the Other: On the same day the US Senate decided to defy my warning and passed the draconian CISA bill anyway, NASA scientists have been sounding the alarm over the dangers of solar flares. Don’t think this is a coincidence by any means. I have forewarned that if the government were to do this, the internet would be shut down for a lifetime or more. That threat is beginning to form again and it will hit the earth by the end of October or early November. If the CISA bill isn’t killed in committee or by a veto of embattled President Barack Obama, then a reversion to pre colonial times is coming for much of humanity. I don’t say this be alarmist, only to warn what is coming if we don’t change our ways. There’s still time to change course, but that hour is winnowing and soon will be no more.

The Blog on Donald Trump is Forthcoming

In the meantime, one of my predictions was fulfilled. In relation to my warning about rising right wing fanaticism, if this isn’t proof of my prescience, I don’t know what is.

The prediction, quoted exactly as written:

“I saw a riot break out at a Donald Trump rally, something with regards to Muslims or race. This is an attempt to take down Trump’s prevalence in the GOP primary, but it only serves to enable his base and watching his prominence grow more over time.”

Told ya so. Watch this space. More information is forthcoming.

The Evil That Is Bill de Blasio


I know it seems odd to be talking about the embattled mayor of New York City, but I have a lot to say on this and it’s important to let it all out. It effects us all, whether some people know this at the time or not.

Bill de Blasio came to power on the heels of Occupy Wall Street promising to tax the rich and reform a broken criminal justice system. What we have seen instead is more broken promises, selling out poor communities to real estate developers and police repression, among many other things, that’s business as usual for the oligarchy that really runs the country. This is typical of communists who campaign on class warfare and go back on their promises later. It serves as warning to those who would vote for similar figures for other offices of government.

de Blasio has been shown to be a farce, as I have previously said that he would be. Not only is he a farce, as many politicians are, but his recent attacks on fundamental constitutional rights have set some alarms off in my head. They are going to spell trouble for the entire United States in the very near future if not addressed now. His police commissioner, William Bratton, a man with much mainstream media attention and an Orwellian state supporter himself, has been leading the charge on the eradication of the first, second, fourth and eighth amendments on many occasions. Those threats to our liberty will spill into other parts of the country if they aren’t repressed now; the main purpose for typing this out. Activism has failed to stop the monster and his evil has grown over many months. It’s sad what I foresee ultimately stopping this in its track, but the mayor and the police commissioner will have brought this upon themselves.

Unfortunately, it looks like assassination is in the cards for the both of them; sad as it is to say it. They have sold New Yorkers a steaming pile of dung and many are not happy about it. Managing to infuriate people of practically every political persuasion, the environment has changed to where his deahth may be coming down the pipeline. His life has already been under siege once before. Bratton has also been attacked as well. The threats to their lives will make their way again in the very near future. I have foreseen multiple incidents in visions where the men would be shot and killed at a press conference. The most vivid being a deranged man running up onto stage, shooting de Blasio, tackling Bratton and then stabbing him in the back with a knife. Perhaps this is just metaphorical, but my visions about John Boehner were similar to events that two men were arrested for in the past few years. This is not to be taken lightly. I have a strong track record of prescience to back me up. If they don’t back off their Orwellian nightmare agenda now, then the tensions in New York City will eventually enflame into a nationwide riot that results in a delayed civil war.

Watch for their collaborative evil over the next few months as it relates to many other parts of the world. From implementing very similar policies across the country to the handling of many social movements that are gaining traction at this time, their actions will trigger a reaction and may send one or both of them to their early graves. It’s a sign of what the New World Order has in store for the masses and how that implementation is not taken without a fight. I have said violence would occur, but so far it has been minimal. That won’t be the case for very much longer. Time is running out for peace to take place as the forces these men propose need to be fought back before it swallows America’s collective freedom whole. What happens in New York will make its way everywhere else over time. If it isn’t put to rest now, this is our inevitable future with the result of many murders and tears shed from the blood shed that could have been prevented from early intervention. Take this message with haste.

Solar Flare Warning


On another site, in mid 2012, I warned that there would be a massive solar flare that would shut off electricity in our lifetime if the powers that be were to ram through internet censorship measures throughout legislative bodies around the world. Those efforts were blunted, but they have reemerged again with the rushed resurgence of the CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act) that can essentially do the same thing. This is warning for those thinking they can rush this bill through unnoticed by the vast majority of the public. The solar flares have only been held back and not stopped all together. If you ram this piece of legislation through without taking into considerations the demands of the people, then that solar flare that was predicted for 2012 can make itself known again in late October or early November of this year instead. Governments know that this threat isn’t said lightly. If they want to avoid this catastrophic meltdown of society, then they have to let this bill go. Otherwise, everyone around the world will suffer for the arrogance they display and their disregard for humanity.

Paul Ryan as House Speaker

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.43.44 PM

Paul Ryan is making a huge mistake campaigning for the house speaker seat. Like with the evil that befell John Boehner forcing him to resign, Paul Ryan will face the same fate if he attempts to proceed with a vote for his speakership. Granted, he’ll never have another position of power higher than this one, so that shouldn’t be a determining factor in dropping out of the race. However, he’ll live to regret this decision if he moves forward with his candidacy. The same curse threatens him. It also threatens Nancy Pelosi as well. As I’ve said before, the only person who may be safe is Jason Chaffetz (and that’s not because I agree with his politics….for the record, I do not). Almost anyone else will have to deal with these problems. Watch for news of threats on Paul Ryan’s life in the very near future. It’s not going to be a pretty sight for him or his family. He can prevent this, but the GOP may lead him to his death and ultimate doom.

The Rise of Right Wing Fanaticism


I know much of what I’m about to say has already happened. I was meaning to write this about three months ago and never got the chance. Major developments in my life stalled my blogging substantially. Now I’ll sum up what has happened and what you can expect on the issue of rising neo-nazism and right wing fanaticism around the world as we speak. It’s not going to end well for them, but it’s not exactly to end well for any of us either.


Let’s begin our journey to the European continent. The recent Greece elections are going to have major consequences for the nation as a whole. They had a chance to liberate themselves in July, but failed to take on an aggressive counteraction when their leaders sold them out to banking cartels. It may be that the Greeks will live in servitude for a generation or more, as I have predicted previously, but I had hoped to prevent them from suffering from this demise. If they are to befall this fate, a choice that they will have to come to terms with soon enough, it is all because of their own arrogance and their refusal to take short term pain for long term freedom and liberation. This doesn’t mean that they still can’t liberate themselves, but it seems that they do not want to, do not have the willingness to make the sacrifices necessary for freedom or those that would make these sacrifices are instead preparing to bail out of the embattled nation as we currently speak. This tension is still in the air, even if the news media have come off of the scent. Since a Grexit has been postponed yet again, the news hounds are onto other topics. That will change with bailout review later this month. It is yet another opportunity to acknowledge just what kind of trouble the Greek people have allowed themselves to get into as a result of this hostile takeover by the German nation.


In addition to this, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is in even more danger than ever. Selling out his people did nothing to save him and a death from assassination is imminent. His former finance minister Yanis Varuofkis managed to save himself because he resigned from his position. If Tsipras had resigned and left office when he had the chance, he would been able to avoid a fatal tragedy with a political assassination on his life. Now, with bitterness around him forming by the day, his life may be ending in the very near future. Not only is anger strong on the right (a trend throughout the entire continent), but a disaffected left may be out to get him for his betrayal as well. This, on top of the rising right wing fanaticism as result of the migrant crisis this summer, is creating a situation where, yes, Greece may be prominently back in the news in the next month or so. I know I’ve said they would make these revolutionary changes. They haven’t, but the potential for it was there. Well, the end of this month is the sink or swim moment for them. Watch for its imminent arrival. If anything is going to happen at all at this point, now is the time for it to happen. The door will close on this opportunity soon enough.


Speaking of the summer, one thing I didn’t get a chance to write about as it was happening was the migrant crisis. This is a continent wide affair and has been obvious for many months now. I originally thought that these issues would make their way to the United States as immigration reform became a hot topic over the summer due to the presidential campaign of potential Beast of Revelation Donald Trump (more on him in a bit). Instead, they have transplanted themselves to Europe as a result of the Syrian refugee crisis. This might be because of the court challenge to President Obama’s executive order and how the rush of migrants coming in from the Mexican border would jeopardize the fate of illegal immigrants currently living in the United States as a result of the media’s furor or fervor over the issue. That means Europe has had to suffer the karmic blowback instead and seethe the hatred that fuels right wing media. You’ve all seen the images. You know the stories by now. What isn’t talked about as much is the reaction to this humanitarian disaster and how it’s going to became a major disaster if it isn’t controlled effectively in the next few weeks and months.


Scenes of angry citizens around the world charging and attacking migrants of warn torn nations has come about in a vicious fashion. It’s been a prominent problem in Europe since the refugee crisis in Calais earlier in the year. To me, it reminds of the kind of anger and hatred that allowed Adolf Hitler to rise to power in Germany. This isn’t just a problem in Europe as a result of the migrant crisis. Whether it looms in Israel or in the United States. Whether it’s in Brazil or in China or Japan, much of this reactionary, right wing violence is threatening to undue the work of civil rights activists historically by taking our world in a very dark direction. If left wingers do not come together in the efforts to stop this kind of behavior soon, it’s going to cost us all very dearly as blood fills the streets of nations around the world. Even countries that aren’t usually prone to violence will burst into flames as chaos rules the world once more. This comes as revolutionary forces begin to make their claims of territory and the economic markets plunge into depression era lows once more.


Six months late of my original vector, my civil war predictions are occurring as we speak. The pieces themselves are already in place. The thing that hasn’t occurred yet is the other shoe dropping. That’s the military scenes on the streets with armed soldiers fighting against rebel militia groups. What triggers this confrontation is unknown as many things seem to have already been flash points that should have sparked a revolutionary war by now. It’s not as if these discussions aren’t talked about. My UK invasion prediction comes closer to inevitable fulfillment as talk of a military coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn goes mainstream. The threats against him are reminiscent to that of Nero in his time. It seems that, no matter how many times we repeat history, we always seem doomed to suffer from it over and over again. When someone offers hope for humanity, they are always snuffed out before they have a chance to fulfill their promise. Bernie Sanders is at risk for this as Corbyn and even Canada’s new Prime Minister. I sometimes wonder when this going to stop. My only real contribution on this front is to make people aware of what’s going on so that it doesn’t happen again. As much as I try to push for peace, the time for such calls are coming to an end. An institution that refuses to reform is subject to revolt. Nowhere will this be more prominent than in the United States of America. The country that’s foundation came from bloodshed will implode by the same violence that they have inflicted throughout the world for decades on end.


Even though there is a relatively small sense of calm, tensions have been muddling under the surface once more. The activists are back to their protests and police repression has continued unabated. From disappearing activists to ignoring the concerns of fed up citizens, the shoe dropping moment seems imminent. Despite the length of time it has taken to get to this point and despite the fact that the elite have worked so hard to repress this newly emboldened political dissent, the masses are rising up and fed up with attempts of placation with lies. Soon, the revolt I predicted last year will come to the United States and it will be a very short lived affair. It won’t take long for an entire hostile takeover of an already embattled Washington DC. I had originally felt we would already see the violence underway by now, but I predicated that on the fact that the protests would be repressed in April. They weren’t repressed until August, so that could have upped the vectors of fulfillment by another four months. If this to be the case, then the Christmas march on Washington may not occur until April. However, it could also be on the horizon for December as well and perhaps the dating of my predictions is accurate after all. Watch for these scenes coming up again in November, particularly around the 5th during the Million Mask March. This will determine how much my vectors have really changed from my originally written prediction dates and what our future beholds for us for a people who do not really deserve much mercy.


Before this is to occur, however, the elite have one more trick up their sleeves. As much as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are their puppets, they have found that they are too much of a liability in attempting to maintain this corrupt status quo. As a result of their respective scandals, many of the wealthiest in Wall Street are quietly leaning towards a Donald Trump presidency (I have more specifically to say about him in the near future and it’s not good). As I have previously written, he is a potential candidate for the beast of revelation; a political figure in the bible who unleashes great evil throughout the world. Roger Ailes, the head of the Fox News network, mocked me saying this, but it has a truth in it which he soon won’t be able to deny it anymore. By having a messiah figure promising to “make America great again” while not being entirely honest about his background and raising himself up by tearing people down, the early warning signs for great evil are arriving at our door step. I’ll get into those at another time, but note that he and those like him will be given much more prominence in the very near future. As a desperate last ditch attempt to save themselves from a self inflicted downfall, the elite will reveal their truly ugly face and show off the most repression that the world has ever seen. It will not be a pretty picture in the slightest and it will backfire on them in ways they cannot comprehend at this time.


If the anarchists and common activists don’t get on this rising right wing mob violence soon and give the people a real sense of liberation to hold as a value system, then our collective future is not going to be so bright after all. I always try to have an optimistic attitude, but when these sorts of things are neglected, evil fills the vacuum left in the aftermath of chaos and disorder. I hope this message wakes up Anonymous and other aggressive activist groups soon. Time is running out to turn our world in a positive direction. Act fast and with haste. There’s a window of opportunity closing as we speak. Take it by the horns before the door shuts in your face once and for all.

Predictions for October 2015

I have a lot of blogs that I’ve been meaning to write, but this is something that I can get out of the way easily. Here are some predictions for October of 2015.

1) A house divided implodes on itself to the benefit of the minority community. In the new Speaker of the House fight (which I will go into more detail about another time), I have a very bad feeling about a plan to coup the process and place someone who is not popular among congressional members in order to circumvent opposition to wall street bailouts and gun control. This means that, after a split in the Republican voting block between Kevin McCarthy and Jason Chaffetz, Nancy Pelosi is able to scurry enough votes to reclaim her role in time for another stock market collapse. She was in the seat with the gavel when it happened in 2008. She may be again if history repeats itself. Watch for her moves and the monied interests jockeying her behind the scenes. (10/12 Update: What did I tell you? With no leader ready to step up to bat, Nancy Pelosi’s return to the Speaker of the House may be imminent. Unfortunately for her, much of what she wants to accomplish will be stopped before a challenge at the Supreme Court. Watch for it and the gun control lobby acting like Kim Davis when they get a ruling that they will not accept.)

2) Speaking of the house, John Boehner’s resignation effectively eliminates the threats on his life as the speaker has done what it wants it to do. Now my new hunch is that if Kevin McCarthy or Nancy Pelosi are able to make it into this speaker seat, they will succumb to the same threatening forces that forced John Boehner to resign prematurely. The only person who may be safe with the gavel is Chaffetz because he would be short lived due to the powers that be eliminating him before he can get ahead with his conservative agenda. Anyone else who may take up Boehner’s job faces the same threat of a linger assassination or an untimely death that he did which will shock the nation. McCarthy and Pelosi need to watch for this spirit coming out to claim a life once more.

3) The Trans Pacific Partnership deal is negotiated and presented to various chambers around the world. There may a major terrorist incident over this that delays the implementation until it is dead on arrival. This may occur in the US, as I have said it could, or it can happen in Canada, another country I have mentioned before. Either way, this is not a force to be messing with. The powers that be at the Westin ought to take themselves out of the trade table now before they may live to regret their fool hardy decision to forge ahead with this corporatist agenda.

4) Finally, there is a lingering feeling of death in the air. More mass shootings and more plots for assassinations that work out to varying degrees of success. A bloody month that culminates to a massive series of death by the time Halloween rolls around this year.

More information will be posted in the near future. Hope this is helpful for you all in the meantime.

10/12 Update: Here a few more predictions to share.

5) Kudos to our reader Ellie for pointing this out to me. Randy Quaid has recently been arrested for escaping to Canada to avoid vandalism charges. His extradition to the United States spells trouble as his revelation of dark secrets in Hollywood may be fatal to his life. If he dies in custody, it will have been because of the Illuminati silencing him once and for all. Watch for this. Unfortunately for them, his past comments will raise suspicion and his death would not be in vain.

6) Watch for the 5th of November. It will be a monumental moment where the world turns on the elite once more.

7) The stock market is still on the verge of a major collapse. Don’t be fooled by this recent rally. It will all be for nothing when the truth finally comes out in the open.

8) Finally, there’s a major mall attack in late October with major explosives and bombs that kills many people. This could make its way to Canada, but it could also happen anywhere in the world. Watch out for sales and large crowds of people. This isn’t a good time to do your holiday shopping.

10/15 Update: I don’t know if this has to do with #8, but I’ll mention this anyway.

9) I had a dream of a grave stone with the words 1997-2015. That means someone born in 1997 will die this year, someone famous. I think it’s a Canadian child star and they will become famous more for the nature of their murder than of the career they actually had living on Earth. Watch out for this. I suspect it will occur either in the end of October or the middle to latter part of the month of November.

10/20 Update: I’m not sure if this is in relation to my Silento prediction from September, but it’s best to just write this in any event.

10) In 2012, my 2015 predictions list said that Sony Music executive LA Reid would be arrested for and sentenced to jail time on multiple counts of money laundering that will fail the entire brand of his record label. With his recent spat with incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda lighting up the blogosphere, don’t be surprised if an arrest on LA Reid, coordinated by Shmurda’s posse, is imminent. It would be a fulfillment of yet another one of my predictions and show that those higher up, holier than thou personalities never get their secrets hidden for far too long. Just ask Cosby, he knows this truth. 😉

If I have anything else to write, I’ll let you know at the time. 🙂