Dream about Companion Robots of the Future

I dreamed several times about companion robots for humans of the future.  This might sound silly at first but keep reading please because the way I dreamed this has every possibility of being a real future for humanity after the singularity.  In my dream you buy them and they arrive as little blond boys or girls with blue eyes and all have the same appearance/basic programming.  They look exactly human and are made from biological and computer components.  They appear to be about five years old, much like that movie “Artificial Intelligence.”  Then, the owner activates the robot and it sinks with your mind and DNA.  Then it grows and mutates and imitates the owner’s appearance, since it actually includes the owner’s DNA and mind.  The process of sinking to the owner causes the robot to grow to be about seven looking in age but it knows what the owner wants in terms of a companion and mutates more to fit the desire of the owner.  It is like a duplicate of the owner and has all the talents, knowledge, memories, quirks and humor of the owner but also has the ability to think on its own.  They appear to be loving and relate to the owner in a very personal way and can even communicate through thoughts alone with the owner.  They ensure the safety of the owner and can read their owner’s body and help heal certain problems with their DNA or body.  It also exists to ensure the life span of the owner because if something happens to the owner it can literally become the owner since it has a back up of the owner’s mind at all times.