Street Justice

I mentioned this briefly in my 2018 predictions post and I would like to expand upon it as it deserves its own post.

Despite my optimism from last year, not much has changed on the issue of the police state of the US and its corresponding brutality much noticed between 2014 and 2016. In fact, things are actually getting worse by most measurable standards. Abuses by the police are more egregious than ever with little stopping it in the form of criminal prosecution or legislative reform. Much more was exposed, some of it by the late Erica Garner, but it didn’t create a tidal wave of change that is very dearly needed. That will manifest itself, but not in a way that anyone would truly want.

As non violent forms of resistance have failed, violence is coming in the form of street justice. As warned in the 2018 predictions post, when the state refuses to punish those who murder civilians unjustly, the people will in a way that will shock and appall the state. Groups of vigilantes will murder police officers who have gotten away with murder of unarmed black men in the past. Such moves will be condemned by the state who will work to crack down on it in a brutal fashion. In the process, they will expose themselves as unwilling to change the police state in any meaningful way. Despite the repression, the net effect will be that these murders will intimidate police officers in future confrontations. There will be a dramatic drop off in the number of deaths at the hands of police (though that isn’t the current trend now). This is especially true in New York City which will serve as the epicenter of these actions.

It’s unfortunate that it has come to to this, but our elected officials have left no other choice. When justice doesn’t come from the courts, it will come viciously from the streets.


Dreams and Predictions for February 2018


Sorry if I have been a bit absent. The big 2018 predictions post drained me and I have also been dealing with some family issues as well. I have a prediction to share now and hopefully more will come by the end of the month.

1) It won’t just be Bermuda that suffers if the British government assents to their repeal of marriage equality. The move will significantly hurt Brexit plans as the EU uses the scandal to weaken the UK’s position in their attempts to leave the EU. It’s possible that assent could be withheld, but the Tory government seems unlikely to do it. What would normally be a smoother exit will end up being more calamitous as a result instead.

2/17 ETA: Two more dream based predictions.

2) I had this dream in two stages. The first took place in a church where I was having an eery feeling that it was going to be blown up at some point. The second dream took place during a church service where multiple bomb was set off killing a lot of people, including the one conducting the sermon. This leads me to believe that a church, most likely a black church, will be targeted by terror, most likely by white supremacists, in the near future. Watch out for this.

3) I had a dream which further confirmed a prediction from the 2018 post that the Democrats will do poorly in the mid terms. It was a dream where Nancy Pelosi’s next in line, Joe Crowley, had a farm that was outdated and in need of repair. He, and the party leaders who supported him, refused to fix the farm and it went into collapse as a result. This is likely a metaphor for the pork and grit of the Democratic party which he and Pelosi refuses to crack down on. As a result, the party will see losses in the midterm that will force changes at the farm in time for the 2020 election.

2/18 ETA: Another prediction/warning.

4) Emma Gonzalez, the girl who spoke passionately against the Trump regime, is in for a world of hurt. The right wing reactionaries will go after her; digging up personal improprieties and stalking her until she faces a psychological collapse. She could even be in danger of ending up dead like her classmates. I will write more about the gun control debate in a bigger blog post, but these are dangerous waters to tread and anyone who does so should be aware that the end may not be as pretty as it appears.

A Year of Cold War Rather Than Hot

This is something I have to reiterate with a quick blog post of its own. I’m doing so in the hopes that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of the larger predictions post. It will answer the definitive question for when it will (inevitably) pop up again and again this year. Despite numerous stories in the news about the immanency of war, the reality is that conflict will go cold as soon as it gets too hot. As the alliances of the current world leadership is not sufficient for such wars, they will be postponed for another time. The worrying signs will emerge in Russia with Putin’s ouster, but they won’t likely become imminent dangers. This doesn’t mean that the tensions won’t run high this year (they will). Like during the cold war, the feeling will continue as actors seek to provoke a larger brawl. Until the time when such taunts reach their final limit, there is no need to be alarmed, no matter how much the powers that be may like you to be. Despite the misery of the winter, it won’t be one in which war will take place.

Dreams and Predictions for January 2018

I feel very exhausted after posting my 2018 predictions post. Like how my predictions from last month only had one prediction (one that didn’t get fulfilled the way I initially foresaw it), I’m not going to have a whole lot else to add for this month. Still, I have one thing to share here and I’ll post more below if anything comes to me.

Before I do that, though, I also wanted to use this blog to give two notes beforehand.

One is that I noticed in the moderator’s page that I have that not all of the comments you have made have been approved in a timely manner. I apologize for that. Many of them entered the spam folder by mistake and others were probably deleted by other moderators. I have since approved them and you should see them in their respective threads.

The other thing I wanted to let you all know is that Fefe is alive and well, but she is still refraining from posting due to some issues in her life. I don’t know when she will come back to posting, but I pray that it will be soon.

Hope you had a happy holidays.

1) I said in the 2018 predictions post that the Palestinians would begin talks with the US and Israel before they fell apart. I now believe that there won’t be any talks at all. However, the rest of the prediction will probably be fulfilled as predicted.

1/8 ETA: This isn’t so much of a prediction as a statement of fact….but the psychic intuition gives it certainty.

2) Despite rumors to the contrary, Oprah will not be running for the presidency. She has too many skeletons in her closet that would come out in the open if she were to even express such intentions. She isn’t going to expose herself in this way and so there won’t be an Oprah 2020 campaign.

1/25 ETA: More predictions.

3) There’s a possibility of a peaceful reconciliation between North and South Korea rather than a more violent and bloody one. If there is, it won’t be precipitated by Washington and it will infuriate the west in regards to how it strengths China’s influence in the region. This seems to be the workings of aliens who do not want nuclear war and this may be how the conflict gets resolved once and for all in the summer.

4) Speaking of Korea, KPOP will blow up in a big way this year. Expect a breakthrough in the US in the spring and continuing to significant cultural domination by the time 2019 rolls around.

The End of Bill de Blasio

Some of this is already in my 2018 psychic predictions post (which you can read via finding the password until January 1st…..then I will unlock it for everyone), but due to the tragic death today of Erica Garner, it has become more immediately pressing to say this. As much as I had hoped a non-violent end could come to corrupt mayor Bill de Blasio, such an ending will not happen. Despite obvious guilt, both the federal and state prosecutors could not indict or convict him for bribery due to the change in the law handed down by the Supreme Court that I wrote about a few years ago. While he faced a record low turnout and less votes than his first run, it was not enough to stop him at the ballot box last month. As such, the only thing I see in the very near future is death…..and it won’t be a pretty one in the slightest.

His betrayal of the families of police brutality and murder have been numerous and offensive; likely responsible in part for Erica Garner’s heart attack caused by her asthma and inflamed by stress. Her spirit, and those of others who have been wronged by him, will seek to exact their revenge on him in the near future and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. I sense that he’s already been having haunting dreams that indicate that his end is near and it will likely come from an assassination hit on him in a place where gun control is lax. On his delusional travels to build a national profile will be where he makes his last stand. It could happen as soon as the very start of the new year, but it could take place as late as August. Either way, justice is coming for the Garner family and much of it will take place in the form of street justice. When our courts refuse to provide it, it often manifests itself in other ways. That will be evident in 2018 on this issue and others. It should scare the powers that be into knowing once and for all that they are not invincible to the hands of karma despite their delusions to the contrary.

The 2018 Predictions Draft is Up

So I’ve posted my draft for my 2018 psychic predictions early. It’s not 100% complete as I’ll be making edits and changes before January 1st. In the meantime, I’ve password locked it. To access the predictions, go to the 2017 psychic predictions page and search for the 22nd word of the 32nd paragraph. If you have any difficulties, comment below and I’ll help you out. Looking forward to your thoughts and I hope you all have a happy holidays.