Suggestion Box for My 2018 Predictions Post

It’s that time of year again. I’m posting this blog to open up suggestions for things to cover for my 2018 psychic predictions post. I’m likely going to post the open draft with a password again like I did last year so you can look at the various edits as I perfect it in time for January 1st. Let me know below what your suggestions are and I’ll try to cover them as best as I can. Hope you all have a happy holidays.


Dreams and Predictions for December 2017

Up top of this posting (or below depending on if there’s an update), I have a suggestion box for predictions for my mega 2018 predictions post that you can expect for January 1st of this year. You can read more about this on the page itself. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

1) I don’t think that the GOP will pass its tax reform bill as there are too many competing factions in the way and the deal falls apart at the start of next week. They are going to reconcile some of these issues into the omnibus bill later this month, but much of it dies for the short time. They’ll likely revisit this issue again in 2019.

Protect Net Neutrality

This is sort of related to another blog post I wrote a while ago (which has since been revealed to have come to fruition). I hinted at this particular issue in this blog post and although there’s already been a lot of discussion on this issue, I have a few thoughts to share on the topic.

The internet’s founding principle is on the idea that all information can be accessed equally. Throughout the years, this has been challenged and attack by various administrations under the control of the deep state. They have failed so far, but based on this latest threat, they are relentlessly at it again. The concept of equal access to the internet is under threat by the Trump administration’s FCC. A Vote is scheduled to take place on December 14th that would fundamentally change the way the internet operates. By allowing a slim 3-2 panel to destroy the government’s commitment (even if it is only half-assed) to allowing equal access to online content for everyone, the new landscape will enable ISP’s (internet service providers like Verizon and Time Warner) to do the dirty work that the deep state is having trouble accomplishing on its own.

By eliminating important regulations protecting equality, this is creating an environment where data throttling, blacklisting and surcharges on internet access will make the internet unaffordable to most Americans and utterly useless in getting real information about the world we live in. It would also effectively shut down our site as we would lose the very little traffic we have left.

There’s two avenues to protecting net neutrality and saving our website from censorship; the courts and the public. The courts will likely uphold some of the founding principles of net neutrality, but it may not uphold all of it. That’s where the public (you) comes in. You all have to be willing to cut the cord on cable and pull your money out when these things begin to happen. Doing so will spook the ISP’s (and the deep state too) and ultimately see the worst threats of an unregulated internet fail to come to fruition. It’s important for the future of this website and all of the internet that the public gets involved on this issue. For the sake of the future, we must fight for it now.

Dreams and Predictions for November 2017

As the year is beginning to come to a close and the holiday season approaches, my prescience for the remainder of 2017 narrows and begins to float in 2018 instead. This and next months posts will be shorter as I prepare for the mega 2018 post plus a fulfillment chart for my 2017 predictions. In the meantime, I have one warning to share. I’ll add anything below if it becomes necessary.

1) There is the risk of a terror attack at a Thanksgiving day parade or event this year. I don’t think it’s the Macy’s event, but it might be. Instead, it’s more likely to be one in a smaller town or city near the west coast. Watch out for it as the time approaches.

11/17 ETA: A few more predictions to share.

2) If former Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello goes number 1 either this week or next and then scores an additional #1 in 2018, don’t expect a reunion of the group to ever occur in the future.

3) In addition to prediction #1, I think there will be some additional trouble during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in regards to violence and other issues, mainly political ones. It will be a tumultuous time and not such a pleasant Christmas.

4) Finally, I know I’ve said this a bunch of times before, but like with warnings of political violence that have been fulfilled numerous times, I still believe the economic weight is going fall out from under New York City with some severe rioting and housing busts to blame. I also believe scandal and political violence will plague the city as well. This comes as both Chicago and San Francisco face similar issues.

11/24 ETA: Thankfully there was no attack during a Thanksgiving day parade (as far as I know), but violence has begun to take hold this weekend and it will get worse as we approach Saturday. In the meantime, here’s another prediction to share. Stay safe.

5) There will be another high profile anti-gay attack in Europe, this time in Amsterdam. I believe it will occur at the airport, the perpetrator will be Muslim and the victim will be a tourist. Watch out for this in late December.

11/26 ETA: Possibly the last prediction of the month, but I don’t know 100% for sure.

6) The lid is about to blow off on Amazon’s horrible employment practices including its abuse of workers, sexual harassment and environmental pollution. This will lead to congress sanctioning Jeff Bezos and seeing his ouster come from the organization by the end of 2018.

11/29 ETA: This is most certainly the last prediction of the month. I don’t think I saw this one anywhere else and believe it is mine exclusively.

7) I feel that an undercover tape is going to be released from a disgruntled ex-employee of Ellen Degeneres showing her nasty diva antics backstage of her talk show. Although I don’t believe it will derail her career or see the cancellation of the show, I do believe that she will lose endorsement deals and sponsors will pull out as a result of the controversy. I think this incident will prompt her to begin plans to fade into the background as she approaches sixty years old.

What Colin Kaepernick Will Reveal

A few months ago, I stated outright that Colin Kaepernick would never play for another NFL team and that prediction has already been fulfilled. What needs more clarification is the second part of the prediction where I said that he would reveal dark scandals in the league that ultimately lead to its downfall. The recently filed collusion lawsuit against the NFL ends his pursuit of a quarterback gig, though it was obvious that he was already blackballed this year. However, the NFL will find in short order that they made a mistake in blackballing him and what comes out will cost them more than having signed him to a contract to play once again.

The media has already been attempting to downplay the enormity of his filed grievances by dismissing his chances of winning. That is what corporate power does at first when someone dares to openly challenge the system. While it may seem that his odds are long, and the employment of questionable lawyer Mark Geragos doesn’t help his case, his courage will inspire those inside and outside the league and the deep state to come forward with damning information to help his case. This information will end the collective bargaining agreement, inspire a player strike next year, see further ratings decline and set the league up for a self infliced downfall.

Through the process of discovery, Kaepernick’s team will expose corruption in the ranks of the NFL owners and trouble follows suit. His work will expose the plight of cheerleaders as they fend off Harvey Weinstein like sexual assault and inhumane working conditions. He’ll shine a brighter light on the NFL’s refusal to allow a man with the only complete copy of the first super bowl from making a profit on his prized possession. Kaepernick will also show ties between the NFL and the Trump administration that will create fury and lead to federal charges against many team owners. All of this in combination will contribute to a significant decline that will destroy professional sports forever.

Though it is sad that Kaepernick made the sacrifice that he did, it will not be in vain. Though I do fear for his life as he continues on this journey, he will have done more harm than good to the owners of the league where they will live to regret their decision to shun him for political purposes. The decline of football is coming on the heels of Kaepernick’s exile. He will be remembered as one of history’s great social activists while the sport will be remembered as a modern day gladiator spectacle of violence and corruption. It may not appear that way at this present time, but it will be obvious as time goes on. Football as we know it is coming to an end. Kaepernick will be largely responsible for this being the case.

Dreams and Predictions for October 2017

As I’ve written in previous posts, I don’t have a lot of visions left for this year as I don’t believe any major events will happen between now and December. Having said that, I’ll post this….

1) There will be news on yet another country wanting to leave the EU in the near future. It’s not one I’ve already mentioned, it’s not Germany or France and it’s not a place people would initially expect at first. It seems to be more centrally located in Europe, perhaps a former Russian territory.

10/3 ETA: Although I spoke too soon in saying that there would be no major events between now and December (with the recent shooting in Las Vegas), I did say in my 2017 predictions that this year would have the most mass shootings in history. Since these have become so common in the US, it’s almost not considered a major event as it leaves the headlines not even a day after it occurs. Though it had the highest total count in modern history, it is far from the biggest mass shooting. Just ask the Native Americans. With that being said, here’s another prediction to share with you all.

2) Within the next few years, scientists will discover a star that will be the key to intergalactic travel in the distant future. Although the scientific theory behind it will come soon after, its application won’t be in place for centuries afterwards. Scientific innovations need to take place beforehand and, if war does come on the horizon, such progress might be blunted for many more years to come. While this isn’t something that comes in our collective lifetime, the discoveries for it come for the benefit of future generations.

10/8 ETA: My third and fourth predictions are more of an expansion of ones from the 2017 psychic predictions, but the fifth one is new.

3) Although I had said 10 million people would be deported this year, I have to revise that target to say it will happen by the end of Trump’s term. While deportations have actually gone down, arrests have gone up. The mass arrests are creating a situation where many undocumented people will eventually be deported, but due to bureaucracy, it won’t be specifically fulfilled for at least two more years. Still, the fact that up to 10 million may be arrested by years end is close enough to fulfillment from my perspective.

4) In addition, as I said immigration reform wouldn’t happen for at least four more years, any chance of a bill being passed to give a pathway for citizenship from Dreamers (undocumented children who came as minors) will die before it can come up for the votes. Of the undocumented who remain after four years of Trump, about two thirds will be from the Dreamer program. This means that only about half of the Dreamers will be able to stay in the country and the other half will be deported within the next two years. Sad as it is to say, the dream will die for many dreamers in the coming years.

5) I also see a permanent expiration for the Children Health Insurance Program (or CHIP) as congress won’t be able to get the votes to keep the program running this year. Many states will gut the program all together while others will merge it into either their state medicaid or soon to be passed single payer programs that will protect the children in these situations. Such inequity across the country will be one of the primary motivating factors in the passage of a nationwide single payer program at the start of the next decade.

10/21 ETA: One thought on the weather.

6) This fall will get to be pretty cold as we head into November. However, the winter will be warmer than usual with less snowfall than last year. Most of the major storms will occur in January around the second to third week of the month.

10/25 ETA: Two more predictions.

7) I had a dream last night where I was in Japan and I saw that cereal and other food prices were massively increased while local items decreased. Cereal cost $10 while handmade rolls cost 55 cents. This indicates that inflation is approaching and that prices of many goods will increase dramatically. However, locally grown products will decrease in price and become affordable. This could apply to Japan where the dream took place, but this could also happen in the US as well. Watch out for this soon.

8) I have a bad feeling we haven’t seen the last of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. She might be gearing up for yet another run, but either her health or potential criminal prosecution will stop her this time.

The Upcoming Crackdown on AntiFa is Just More Historical Repression of the Political Left

If there were doubts that I haven’t been paying attention to the political climate in the US, allow those doubts to be eased by the following thoughts.

Something that has come onto my radar in the last few weeks has been the media’s recent attempts to demonize anti fascism and genuine leftist political movements. To those who think this type of offensive is unique to the Trump era or a recent phenomenon, you fail to understand why we are where we are today and how we got here in the first place. I’m not going to use this blog to go over a long and complicated history of political repression in America, but I’d like to give a little context first so you can see what is going on and why things are happening the way that they are.

Last weekend saw a large scale “Juggalo March” protesting the FBI’s categorization of fans of the Insane Clown Posse as “gangs” worthy of seeing criminalization of the state leading to arrest, confiscation of their children and jail time as a result. There wasn’t a lot of coverage of this in the mainstream media for the obvious fact that it is challenging the very tenets of power in the deep state that really control our government. What is really being protested with marches like this is fascism and the state’s unaccountable ability to control the populace as it pleases in collaboration with unelected and unaccountable corporate power. When protestors go into the streets in an anti-fascist capacity, this is seen as a threat to the status quo the way neo-nazi marches are not. The Juggalo march follows the protests of federal gang raids across the country, attempts to label anti-fascism movements as “terrorists” and criminalization and political murders by the state of those seen as enemies of the powers that be.

Anti-fascist movements are not new, but they have been relatively dormant in the United States for several decades. With the rise of an avowed fascist in Donald Trump, the antifa movement has made itself more visibly known and it is attracting a lot of attention as a result. What these movements symbolize is independent attacks on the bourgeois in this country and the repression against that has already begun. As one can see with a bit of a critical eye, when organizations in the unelected and unaccountable deep state condemn legitimate and independent resistance groups, the establishment groups follow suit. Leading the charge on these attacks of democratic people movements are deep state government agencies, like the CIA and the FBI. They are largely responsible for this kind of repression and it’s not the first time they have been guilty of this either. They are the reason that Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and various anti-war movements in the past, among others, have been violently repressed by the state. Anytime truly left leaning political thought comes into the mainstream, the deep state works to undermine and destroy them by any means necessary.

Attacks on the political left have been the norm and not the exception in US history. From the attacks on labor at the turn of the last century to the communism scaring mccarthyist movement, truly leftist political movements have seen its destruction come about at the hands of the deep state. The US Government has shown throughout its history that it has supported fascism over socialism all the times that such an option presents itself. When the tides of populism come on the heels of deep economic inequality and social upheaval, the government purposefully elevates right wing movements to keep the tides of populism all together. As I wrote about in one of my most viewed Trump posts, this is one of the reasons why Donald Trump was able to win the presidency. This is also one of the reasons why the US is as right wing as it is compared to the genuine spectrum of political thought. It also explains why progress has such a hard time being implemented, broadly speaking. For a country that claims it has been under the influence of a “communist” for eight years prior to this, the fact that such an absurd suggestion is made shows how far to the right our political discourse really is. This doesn’t have to continue being this way and that’s why I’m posting this blog.

In order to gain freedom from such oppression, everyone, regardless of their affiliation, must speak out against the CIA and the FBI’s interference in crushing independent political movements, particularly those on the left. The deep state has too much control over the government and that power must be reigned in once and for all. Despite the fact that an overthrow can no longer be imminent, work towards weakening the powers that be can happen in the interim to a moment becoming more fruitful for success. Only through sustained pressure and resistance will there be checks on the powerful. Without a coordinated effort to reign in their terror, more brutal repression is coming in the near future. Hopefully, people will heed this call and take action now. It’s the only way to change history so it doesn’t repeat itself once again.