Preet Bharara

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I’ve been subtly hinting at this man for a number of months now because he has been largely responsible for the indictments of several New York power players and the potential downfall of many more. While this is an admirable goal, I have previously warned that he would be stopped due to getting too close to the top of the food chain. Unfortunately for him, poorly thought out decisions invite such actions and he will see retribution towards him by politicians eager to take advantage of the backlash that follows. Though pegged as a raid on supposed gangs of New York, the unlawful sweep of young black and latino men in Bronx projects, of which there has already been a fatality at the hands of police, has already begun to garner significant outrage on behalf of the community there for the NYPD and Homeland Security’s extremist actions. Many of these men will fall through the cracks for crimes they didn’t commit and the karmic blowback will hit Preet Bharara hard in the near future. As New York burns from Akai Gurley’s killer getting no jail time and Bill de Blasio’s scandals coming to take him down, Preet Bharara will also be coming to his criminal justice end as it takes him off his pedestal and out of the public eye forever. While taking out corrupt criminals is an admirable goal, advocating the genocidal cause of gentrification has costs that no man isn’t susceptible to receiving; no matter how good their intentions are. That includes Preet Bharara, whether he likes it or not.

Not Done with the Big Deaths This Year


Already in 2016, we have seen the deaths of David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Harper Lee and Prince.

(Side note: When Prince was hospitalized last week for the flu after an emergency landing, I really should have posted that I thought he was going to die as I kept getting visuals comparing him to MJ in my head. It’s also eery that they both worked this one singer named Judith Hill who seems to be an accidental death curse to whomever she works with. I regret that I didn’t post this at the time, but it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway and some would have further accused us of copyright infringement from their own deluded minds. He was going to die anyway and there was nothing I could do to save him. RIP to them all.)

While these deaths, and a number of others, are already tragic enough as it is, they aren’t even close to being the most shocking and devastating ones that will come about this year. Some will be met with mass sorrow, others will be met with mass rage and others still will be met with mass jubilation in the streets. On top of the list of who might pass us yet are The Queen, Rupert Murdoch and Madonna. There are others who I will hint at later in the year. Some may not actually die, but survive major death scares. Others will pass and will leave a profound loss on our world or a goodbye, good riddance that will infuriate them in the after life. Watch for this space in the near future. Although I’ve hinted at this earlier, much grimmer news in coming the very near future.

False Flag Alert

False-Flag-San-Bernadino-ShootingI am issuing a ‘False Flag Alert’ for a chemical biological ‘terrorist’ attack on schools within the USA, possibly within Texas or several states at once.  I have warned of this event before and predicted it several times but now I see signs of it coming to fruition and I hope that in discussing/exposing these plans we can stop it from being successful.  Recall that I mentioned I found a very disturbing pamphlet about a Texas public school system response plan for a chemical/biological attack on schools.  I made a video about this pamphlet and the government censored it and removed it via youtube.

Today, the NEXT NEWS NETWORK issued a false flag warning about a drone attack on a little league game where drones drop chemical/biological weapons on the crowd and then drop bombs.  They are drilling for this event next week and, as everyone knows, their false flags happen within the context of a drill or after they have done a drill on the same event.

Yesterday I was driving down Highway 6 in Houston and saw something weird.  At first I thought it was a silver balloon but then I noticed it was not flying like a balloon but more like a guided drone.  I got the chills upon seeing this drone and thought to myself that this drone is a warning of events to come, spying and attacks.  I dreamed about the drone last night because it was on my mind and in my dream I understood that drones will be significant weapons that the government can easily use on citizens, blaming ‘terrorists’ for their nefarious and illegal deeds.  In fact, they are already being used and people are so technologically idiotic that they don’t understand that drones appear as insects or balloons or something very normal looking to carry out all kinds of sick government business.

The other day there was a very disturbing article about public schools in Magnolia Texas having a plan to exclude parents from stepping foot on campus.  They announced plans to arrest parents if they even step onto school grounds.  Walking students to school is illegal.  Living in Texas, not far from Magnolia, I am aware of the uproar and disgust parents are voicing over this new Hitlarian type policy.  Couple this new development with my other prediction that they will hatch a false flag attack on schools and usher the kid’s off to FEMA camps in order to get parents to willingly go into the FEMA camps as well, of course, after they turn in their firearms.

When I woke up today and saw the NEXT NEWS NETWORK false flag terror alert it all came to me, all the pieces added up and I saw in my mind a vision of the government false flag plan.  I pray we expose this, that whistle blowers stop this from happening.  I believe the government, via ‘ISIS’ will use drones to attack schools with biological/chemical/explosives.  Perhaps at the same time a few schools will have active shooters as well.  They will usher the kids to FEMA camps nationwide (for their safety, of course).  They will then treat all the parents like potential terrorists and only let them in if they vet them and take their guns.  Parents will be begging to get into the FEMA camps and give up their guns to ‘prove’ they are not terrorists and be with their children.  Suddenly, after more attacks the government will keep these people in the FEMA re-education camps to help them with possible psychological or physical damage from these attacks, as well as ‘for observation.’


Read about the Principal HOLLY the HITLER in Magnolia, Texas and the government plot to arrest parents who dare to step onto government controlled school land HERE.

I encourage you to do your own research about these topics, especially looking into government PDF pamphlets that detail response plans to biological/chemical attacks on crowds or schools.  They contain seeds of what they are planning.  Let us hope to counter this false flag though information.  I appeal to anyone with information about this to expose these plans to the Oath Keepers of America or local citizen watch groups who can hopefully keep our nation’s kids safe from planned government false flag attacks only designed to enslave/disarm and create a martial law state/tyranny.



Further Biblical Similarities in the Presidential Election


This particular blog post is way overdue, but it’s still important to share nonetheless.

I was originally only going to write about only one of the things in this post, but certain events over the last several days have prompted me to write more observations than initially planned. One of the reasons that biblical preachers suggest that we live in the end times is because many of the events happening now are similar to what will happen when the end times finally arrive. While I’m not religious in any matter, many of the prophetic words of religious scholars ring true when it comes to understanding the power of prescience and the visions that are seen that help us shape our collective future. I want to list some of these events in biblical terms for you, while also cautioning that no, we are not in the end times and that this is only a dress rehearsal for the main event that comes in the distant future; if at all. The elite have played their hands in terms of implementing the New World Order agenda and it makes their inevitable downfall all the more glorious to watch as a result of their own arrogance and stupidity.


One of the prevailing themes of this election season has been Donald Trump and the assassination attempts (both political and actual). As mentioned in a previous blog, while the elite have been aggressive in trying to achieve success, they keep failing for a very obvious reason. His candidacy is still going strong despite backlash and obvious failures to take him down because he is aided by the devil. While the elite’s magic and rituals to slow him down or assassinate him keep coming, they will continue to fail so long as Trump has Satanic magic backing him from beyond the spiritual world. Criminalizing his campaign manager won’t topple the beast and it failed. Shooting him won’t work either and has the added problem of elevating Trump to messiah like status. In the book of revelation, the Beast (who Trump is the latest incarnation of in practice) survives after near fatal wound to the head.


Revelation 13:3 And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority. 3I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast; 4they worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?”


Gabby Giffords’ survival of an assassination attempt in 2011 served as precursor event to the real beast of revelation’s near fatal encounter in the distant future. It’s why it was so evil what came out of Giffords incident and why gun control is of a sinister nature. When Trump survives such an encounter if it happens to transpire again, it will only make him stronger and see the likely assassination of one of his rivals come about instead. The burgeoning deaths of Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders’ careers are of a non violent variety. It could become violent under the wrong set of circumstances, as Trump has repeatedly warned in the press. Any candidate that would come from a potential brokered convention would be killed on site; leaving the party in fear of Trump and ultimately bowing down to their newly claimed master. That’s why this is all out of the elite’s hands at the end of the day. Extreme evil will take hold of the Satanic GOP and only good in its most pure form can stop it’s ascent in its tracks.


Speaking of messiah like figures, Bernie Sanders has been angling himself to take on Trump as the ultimate embodiment of good. The bird flying onto his podium during a campaign rally in Washington has been made into a symbolic event that adds to a messiah narrative he’s cultivating for himself to take on Hillary Clinton. Already being compared to Jesus as he is a Jewish socialist who was a carpenter and advocates for the poor, the attempts to associate himself with Christian leaders and holy figures is done as an attempt to make him appear to be Jesus on Earth. He’s not quite as good as he seems if you look at his actual record; particularly on drones and Israel’s atrocities towards the Palestinians. He’s also not likely to win the nomination through the democratic process. Unless a miracle takes him there in the form of a Hillary downfall, which it very well could, then his efforts will end up being for naught.


Out of all of the candidates running in the mainstream parties, he’s the best one. Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party is better (and who I would endorse for president if that were a thing I’d do), but so far we haven’t seen her elevated to a position where she could actually win the race. She’s getting there, but she has a long way to go in order to serve as any successful challenger to the powers that be parties. The elite wouldn’t let her or any other candidate of that nature get near the prize anyhow, so this discussion would ultimately be for moot. The election already has a risk of not going through in the last several months. It would be called off all together in such a scenario if Jill, Bernie and Donald were the contenders, as I’ve said before. Although many will deceive you into thinking they are good, good people aren’t always quite what they seem.


Speaking of biblical figures, Hillary’s rise to power is that of a whore of babylon profile; a charge that her supporters flip out about when brought to their attention. The reason the elite are taking so much effort to promote her candidacy is that she is likely to be a candidate for the last president of the US in biblical terms as a woman who is supposed to usher in the downfall of the United States of America. Of course, someone else could usher it in as well, but the end times crowd wants to follow the blueprint to the letter in order to ensure its success. It’s doubtful she’ll make it there as the FBI scandal still lingers; one the Obama has gotten increasingly agitated about in recent days. As I’ve written about many times before, although her coronation seems complete, competing factors threaten her rise to power and they could destroy her if she pushes too many buttons. Although she will not be indicted, the criminality of her behavior will become mainstream if the FBI so chooses and it will force her resignation to temper down calls for revolt within the entirety of the country. Regardless of when she falls, all that she is at the end of the day is an archetype to this perilous woman in the future. She’s nothing more than that; no matter how much the right wing might like you to think to the contrary.


My final message is that you’re beginning to enter an age of miracles and monstrosity. While not the end times, things will be apocalyptic nonetheless. Although I’ve focused primarily on the bad, extreme good is coming and will break through the clouds of sorrow that hang over our collective existence. I’ll write about those positives at another time, but those who survive this transitionary period will be a lot happier and stronger for it in the end. Hang on for the ride and prepare for the worst as the best is yet to come.

Dreams and Predictions for April 2016

I don’t have a whole lot of these to share, but I’ll give you what I have

1) I had a dream of a controversial Youtube star dying from a drug overdose. While many were saddened by this event, the scandal lingered into the public discussion and made their legacy all the more complicated as a result. This person has ties to the gay community and there will be mixed opinions of him as a result. Rape is the charges, definite proof will be forthcoming.

2) World War 3 is reaching a critical point as the US attempts to escalate military conflicts with China and Russia. One major misstep this month will lead to a whole series of events that cannot be stopped once it starts. The military industrial complex is playing with fire. If they aren’t careful, they’ll burn themselves, along with everyone else, in holocaust fire that scalds the Earth for all of eternity. Although God in the bible never said he’d flood the world ever again, he never said anything about burning it to pieces. That’s the risk that’s being taken here. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.

If more predictions come to me, I’ll post them all below.

ETA 4/15: One dream. Parts of it I won’t post as they are of a personal nature, but this was something that came to me last night.

3) I had a dream where a woman was confronting a female police officer over corruption scandals that are looming throughout the United States. The officer deflected the accusations by talking about all the charity work she does and how she benefits the community, but the conversation kept turning to Eric Garner specifically and how the police department is a legalized mafia. Then I had a turn to confront this police officer and confronted her on how police brutality and corruption makes it impossible for anyone to support them. She not only has no response to this critique, but she threatened to arrest the both of us for challenging her authority. I feel that police brutality will be in the news once again and this time the police will not be able to sway us away from confronting them on it. I feel many more of this confrontations are inevitable and the breakdown of society follows. It’s long overdue, but it may be coming sooner than later.

ETA 4/16: Another dream. There were more specifics, but much of that information I cannot share.

4) I had a dream of someone describing to me being transformed into an animal (a skunk or a raccoon) and what the experience was like. They described how the military injected them with a formula and they were turned into that animal. Their thought process was still human, but they were slowly succumbing the instincts of an animal. They described what it was like to walk, how their fur felt and how relieved they were when they were finally transformed back into a human. I felt a sense of nervousness hearing that as I didn’t want anyone to find out that I knew of his experience.

I don’t remember if they found out in my dream, but I’m more than happy to spill the beans now. In 2012, I wrote a prediction that went as follows:

“Animal transformation methods were discovered in 2012 that allow scientists to turn humans into animals by modifying their genetic DNA coding. Your neighbor’s cat could soon be an operative spy as early as 2015 if tests continue to react positively by government intelligence agencies. After this, in 2016, scientific research firms will begin human testing as means of replacing real animals for beauty and medical testing. This is discovered in 2017 as PETA protests this practice to the point of causing several human test subjects to permanently remain in animal form for the rest of their lives. After a constitutional lawsuit challenge reaches the United States Southern Supreme Court in 2025, Justice Anthony’s replacement to the council makes the deciding rule that this is an illegal practice to engage in without informed consent (and is then criminalized), but consensual transformation is found to be legal within all fifty territories it will have jurisdiction over. This sparks tons of profit industries that engage in human gender and species transformations that are heavily condemned in a renewed focus of religious activists.”

Since my original prediction from four years ago indicated that testing would be underway this year, that means that my dream has confirmed it and is taking place in secret military facilities as we speak. Skunks or raccoons seem to be the test subjects, but horses or rats or even dogs and cats could be in the pipeline as well. Although you will not know about this until next year, the dream confirms to me what I wrote about years ago. Look out for leaks on Infowars or a similar conspiracy website in the near future. In over a years time, this prediction will become mainstream and change the face of science for a generation or more.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


So President Obama is clearly feeling the heat from the FBI in regards to his tampering in their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email usage. He’s gone on “Faux Noise” Sunday to say that while he doesn’t believe in her guilt, the investigation is independent of politics. Bull shit. Obama’s been pulling the strings on this for a while now, as I’ve said he is. Soon, the FBI will recommend charges and his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, will decline to press them. This is because Lynch knows that Clinton is her golden ticket towards keeping her job and keeping her out of jail for her own misconduct. None of the other candidates (Bernie Sanders included) will retain her and she knows that her whole professional life is at stake with this case. The bad news for the Obama bunch is that the FBI will leak their investigation if the Department of Justice continues to refuse to press charges, which an announcement on this is forthcoming. This will lead to the predictions I’ve made before being fulfilled this year. Hang on to your horses, folks. This election is about to take a turn for the worst, if it happens to happen at all.