Update on A few of My KTN Predictions


I made a paranoid sounds series of predictions which is now coming to fruition.  I made these predictions two years ago or more on Know The Next.

I warned that America is turning into Nazi Germany.  People laughed at me for saying this.  I said we will have the return of Japanese style camps and prison camps which are illegal targeting whoever the government doesn’t like, as in people who hold political views contrary to the tyranny of Obama.  I said more people will be on black lists, illegally disappeared and thrown into camps to be tortured.  I said what I see is like the gulags of North Korea.

Some recent events are about to get a lot of world wide exposure which confirm my predictions.  In Chicago, and I believe other places, they are about blow wide open these illegal camp like facilities called ‘black sights.’  Also, the internet has been taken over by the federal government and they are moving in the censorship/Hitler/politically correct end free speech direction.  These events are accelerating and becoming exposed and even more obviously communist tyranny Agenda 21.  I also commented on the attack on bullets and the right to bear arms which will only increase as they want to disarm us ahead of their tyranny, just like Hitler.  I also spoke a lot of succession which was heavily laughed at on the former web site but is coming true now, from the lips of Ron Paul see HERE how he says states are already in secession.  People are being disappeared who supposedly ‘have ebola’ as well and medical tyranny is being used to exploit any target they want to disappear.  Everything is being federalized, which is illegal.  Police be warned, as I have warned for so long, they will target the good oath keepers because they don’t want resistance; this has already begun.

I hope the whistleblowers fight and citizens resist these camps and controls and suppressions of liberty/arms because this is a turning moment.  If they are allowed to openly conduct such tyrannical activities they will create a Nazi America.

I think that as these atrocities come to light states will, in fact, have secession just as we have predicted years ago as well as Ron Paul is saying now.  The feds will try to bust these meetings, disappear leaders in the secession movements.  It is time to call these things what they are unless we really want Obama to become the new Hitler in his full blown horror.  Now, if Hillary  or Jeb manage to make it into the dynasty of tyranny they will likewise be Hitleresque and need to be stopped before they are allowed to seek their power hungry communism tyranny.

Future Invention or Just a Dream?

I dreamed last night I was in a class and they were teaching us how to use this new invention called “manifestation clay.”  They gave us a bowl of what looked kinda like white sand and two liquids.  We mixed the white sand with the first liquid (both were simply clear like water) and it made something like wet clay.  Then we dipped it in the second liquid.  Then we rolled it around of this mat and whatever we thought of the clay turned into.  We were practicing food.  I made fruit but some were making cookies.  We could eat what we made.  It somehow interacted with some sophisticated computer system that was both inside us and in the manifestation clay.  There were scanners, these little machines that would return whatever we made to clay if we wanted to start over with the same clay and undo what we made or change it somehow or upload it so it could go to someone else via computers, like a gift.  They said that this invention changed everything and no one had do go without simple things.  This clay wasn’t expensive as a raw material.  I thought of cumquats, cherries and apples and the clay in my hands mutated into what I was thinking.  I felt them form in my hands.  When I woke jut now this dream reminded me of Genesis 2 where God forms out of clay.  That made me think of Ancient Alien theories.  Who knows if this was a future invention or just a strange dream but it was very vivid and a neat idea and seemingly transformative and helpful technology that blended computers and biology in such a way that the human mind could manifest thoughts and desires into tangible, even edible products.

Prediction Updates and Things to Keep an Eye On

First off, I would like to apologize for my tardiness in writing this post. It has been a hectic month on my end and I have been preoccupied from writing. I still don’t feel like this is sufficient, but it’s the best I have for now. With that in mind, I’m ready to share an update on two important predictions I have previously written about and some things to keep an eye on for the near future.

prison riot

1) Remember when I wrote about the Rikers Island prison riot that was supposed to occur in August of 2014? Well, it turns out that there was a riot during that time after all. I have recently uncovered news that a riot broke out over a change in schedule on television viewing habits during the time that I said it would. The riot was suppressed, but it got very close to becoming an out of control affair. I write about this now because another serious riot just occurred at a federal prison facility in Texas last week (which correlates to a topic about immigration reform and a new influx of immigrants that are coming to Texas from over the border in the summer that I’ll write at another time) and Riker’s is back to abusing their prisoners once more. Another serious riot could be coming in the next few months; possibly when the stock market collapses later in the year. That will lead to the very scary and dangerous breakout for the year 2015 instead of the year before. Keep an eye out for news on this topic in the near future. Just because it was delayed from my original vector does not mean it won’t be happening at all.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.04.14 AM

2) At another time, I’m going to write a fuller response for this, but some of the visions about the civil war timeline have been coming to fruition in recent days. Two empty congressional seats, for Congressman Michael Grimm and Alan Nunnelee has started a series of eleven more vacancies that will occur before shit hits the fan in March. Yes, I said there would be assassinations by this point in time; particularly about senator Pat Roberts and secretary of state Kris Kobach of Kansas. There have not been any successful assassinations just yet, but a couple of close calls for John Boehner, Barack Obama and Joe Biden among some other lawmakers did, in fact, occur as I sad they would. Also notice the recent rash of arrests of ISIS militants these past few days. All of them had orders to carry out assassinations as I suspected they would and I had said previously there would be many attempts where some would eventually succeed. We’re not at the end of the month just yet and as Homeland Security’s funding is dangling by a thread, the elite may spur some assassinations to get their procrastinate puppets in the US congress to fall in line with their agenda of population control. The next few days should be monitored very carefully by you all. I’ll explain why in more detail sometime in the next few days.

In addition, here are a few other things to keep an eye out for in the media for while I’m away.

BRIT Awards 2015 - Show

1) The risk of Madonna’s death coinciding with a stock market implosion in March or April. This “fall from grace” at the Brit Awards today is spearheading a ritual sacrifice of her to the idol of the elite, Satan; especially when her album fails to sell enough records in just two weeks time. Notice, in the performance, the Satanic horns and other imagery from the dark arts. This will get more gruesome as she continues to work the publicity circuit. It will even see an actual sacrifice occur before her own comes along with it. Death for her is imminent.


2) In the civil war prediction, I also wrote about the bombing of a weapons facility. This will be a similar event to the bombing of Pearl Harbor except it will happen on the mainland of the United States. I believe this could be a nuclear weapon and it could be detonated close enough to a smaller, but notable, city that it would cause massive death tolls in its blaze. That will happen a week after congress has made their decision in regards to funding Homeland Security one way or the other.


3) Finally, expect a plague like Ebola to come up again in the news around the spring time. This is a hoax, but it’s not what I’m most worried about. It’s the overreaction to it that causes violent panic that could lead to anger over a series of mass arrests that follow in the mayhem. This could be used as an excuse to start the armed rebellion part of the civil war by the underground militia groups building their armies as we speak. Authorities better watch their back (literally) and engage in those nice “deep breathing” exercises that they are spending millions of tax payer dollars on to flush down the toilet. Such fiscal responsibility, am I right? 😉

I’ll hopefully have more information to share soon. Keep an eye out for it in the near future.

What Christianity is Really Like

I am a spiritual person and not a religious one. This is because I have actually read the bible and know what’s actually in it. It condones rape, slavery, assault, genocide and other kinds of evil that most Christians have no idea is glorified in “God’s” singular work. This is not the way of the spiritual universe.

If you would like to learn about the absurdity of Christianity (and religion in general), you should check out the work of Youtube performer Deven Green playing the character “Mrs. Betty Bowers: America’s Best Christian TM.” She really lays it out in a way that hilarious, insightful and has the power to change a lot of minds away from stone age thinking. Portraying a parody of the Pat Robertson/Joel Olsteen kind of Christian for profit, she rips apart the absurdities of religion in short series of Youtube videos. Watch the one above and then check out her other work. It will change your viewpoint on the issue at hand forever.

With our world in a state of reversion back to medieval thinking in recent years (something I’ll blog about soon….along with some news on where the civil war stands now and where it’s going), I believe that Mrs. Betty Bowers won’t stay unknown to the masses for much longer. She’s about to become an overnight sensation, so I would suggest you catch up on her previous work now. Soon, you won’t be able to go anywhere in the world without hearing her name brought up in conversation. Enjoy. 😉

Warning: Rise of Innocent Victims of Abnormal Sex 2015 and Beyond

male-submissive-bdsmYesterday I read an article in Maxim all about elitist, invitation only ‘highbrow’ sex orgies.  This was news to me as evidently I didn’t get any invitations (lolol, not that I’d ever be into that) See HERE for a recent one from Daily Mail and HERE from an older version from Maxim.  Today I read an article about ISIS and their strange and brutal sex practices on female captives, SEE HERE.  Let us also not forget the recent rather disturbing rise of “Beastiality Brothels” around the orient (like Japan where there are clubs where you order a live animal, sex it then eat it, SEE HERE) and Europe, SEE HERE.  Being a scholar of the ancient world, I am well aware of the ancient sex and prostitution cults and in some ways there is nothing new under the sun.  The cult of Molech from the ancient world was one such fertility cult which mixed religion, orgies and child sacrifice and was denounced by human right’s advocates even in the ancient world.  I’ve noticed BDSM has well made it into mainstream music like Beyonce and Lady Gaga among others.  The movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is quite an indicator of some of the practices among certain groups who still love to mix religion and sex.  This prediction is that ritualized abusive group sex is on the rise and seems to be emerging in all religions as well as the sort of dark Satanistic groups.  I have no issues with consenting adults doing whatever they want to do behind closed doors even if there are many things I’d rather not participate in, such as adult orgies.  I am not complaining at all about what free willed adults decide is right for them inside their private lives.  My prediction is a warning against these corrupt, violent practices where there is a non-consenting victim.  The non-consenting victims are captives, women, men, children, babies and animals.  These groups dehumanize and objectify life and in their creepy mix of sex with religion they will torture and/or kill their victims.  Beware of these sorts of organizations and be careful with whom you meet on the net and where you go with strangers or let your kids go.  My mom told me this story which has haunted me when I first began dating as a teen.  She said once in college she went on a date with this handsome man and when she got back to his place there was a group of Satanists there looking like they had some ritual planned and she ran away screaming.  Now, at least she was smart enough to escape that Rosemary’s Baby type situation.  She always sounded paranoid to me as a teen and I’d ignore what she said.  However, now that I’m a mother I’ve realized the importance of being armed so that I can protect my children if necessary.  Please beware, this isn’t a joke or paranoia.  I’ve included many links because it sounds nuts.  I believe this is some expression of Satan ooking out all over.  No one is safe, especially babies, children, young hetero and homosexual men/women and even middle aged/older people of every sexual orientation as well as pregnant people, handicapped people, all kinds of animals and I even think they will seek out people who are somehow deformed or abnormal like hermapadites to target in their abuse/murder.  I feel they like pushing the envelope of ‘alternative people’ so if you have anything exceptional or different you are even more at risk.  Please be safe and aware and awake!!! xxx

Update on Prediction about Animals


I don’t know if anyone recalls the predictions I made on animals like dogs and cats on Knowthenext.  I spoke about discoveries they are more complex and not just so called “brute” animals and have great powers of healing. I noticed an interesting article today which is a fulfillment of studies I think are an indicator of my prediction.  Read HERE about a study out of Yale that dog’s mind’s are more complex than we think.   I think also that humans will mix animal and human DNA and as a part of the next major technological revolution and new age we are entering—we will understand much more about the untapped potential of “brute” animal dna and minds.  I don’t think it is just cats and dogs which we will come to see differently but all the animals that we seem to view, as a race, as a food source as well as wolves and wild animals.

Crucifixions and Beheadings of Christians/Women/Children by Isis


I was looking at the news and had a picture in my head of more crucifixions of Christians, especially women/children spreading in a wave all over the world, especially Europe by Isis.  The picture in my head was moving and people were pointing toward America, blaming us to links to these terrorists.  Also, there will be more articles of persecution of innocent Muslims in the USA like school shootings/mass shootings at mosques.  Johnny Magick was warning about the safety of Muslims in the USA recently, this should be heeded.   All these people are innocent victims.  I think there is much more at work, evil plans under the surface of these activities which only really harm innocents and their family.  No one should delight in the death of any children but the true evil terrorists target children and enjoy killing sweet babies, toddlers and young people.  They will be judged by their evil deeds by the world who will condemn and not be swayed by this contrived war parading around in religious clothing.  None of these terrorists are authentic in their religion.  Islamic leaders will continue to become more vocal against the ISIS type groups which they have branded as an attack on Islam itself by Shaytan.  They are standing up and uniting against the slaughter of innocent woman and children, in whatever religion they are (Christian, Sunni, Shia).  I’m afraid there might be one stand out incident in the USA that has to do with some sort of Mosque and they will twist it to be about gun control to protect children- this year.  Meanwhile ISIS might very well react against such an action because, in fact, its a false flag and part of a greater agenda to create chaos and bring a certain order.

Increasing Government Attack on “Informed Consent”

HitlerKids Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

Some talk shows have been discussing informed consent recently.  This is what I think on this issue.  The government wants more control as it attempts to mutate into a power hungry tyranny which merges into a NWO.  They desire, like every communist organization, to take control of every liberty.  They have focused on informed consent in many areas of medicine and science in an organized attempt to usurp personal liberty, choice, individual control and differing ideas.  They will shift the dialog in the media in many ways with any topics but the focus is to really decay and take away any personal authority over your body, your children’s bodies.  I believe our bodies are our own and we should control what goes into it and as parents we have the God given right to choose what goes into our parents.  I warned that certain religions view what goes into the body as a religious freedom.  I hope that people hear about vaccines, army veterans, medicine, science and food issues and ask this question: “is this actually some justification to simply usurp informed consent?”  They will package their agenda as some sort of protection of the children, or even as encouraging freedom and health.  Beware of the government selling any propaganda as ‘for the children!!’  I do agree it seems the only choice they enjoy us having over our own bodies is if we desire to kill our unborn children.  In fact, how many billions of babies have they actually managed to kill under the eugenic’s model formulated under such lovely people like Margaret Sanger?  They don’t care about your children except to control and usurp liberty.  Consider how effective gun free zones are to ‘protect the children’ when, in fact, all their mass shootings happen in gun free zones!!!  Anyway, my focus here is on this twisting, mutating, fake justification which we shall see with many issues on many fronts but is nothing more than AN INCREASING ATTACK ON INFORMED CONSENT designed to destroy liberty.  Watch the vaccine issue closely and the emotional dialogue regarding children.  Emotional arguments are weak manipulators whereas arguments from facts are much more effective.

A Brief Note to Keep an Eye On

I apologize for not posting very frequently in recent days. Things have been tumultuous in my neck of the woods and I’m waiting for things to settle down before I begin blogging again. There are a lot of prediction updates that I have to write about (from some recently discovered validation of my accuracy in the Riker’s Island prediction after all to the deaths of Alan Nunnelee and how it plays into the assassination prediction from months earlier), but I need to get this posted as I am inclined to do so urgently.

Before the November election, I wrote a prediction that Mississippi legislator Chris McDaniel would play the ultimate decider in the 2014 midterms. He was forced to drop his candidacy and hand the Republican nomination to Thad Cochran, who won another term against Democratic challenger Travis Childers. That seemed to be the end for McDaniel, but after the recent death of Congressman Alan Nunelee (who I actually predicted would die in my secret predictions file….Fefe has proof of this….and I’ll mention how this is going to play into the civil war another time), the seat is now open for a special election that will soon be announced. As if he returns from the grave, Chris McDaniel is likely to compete for this open seat. The Mississippi Republican party owes him for forcing him to sit out the senate seat and he is likely to get the nomination and inevitably win the election. This man is going to cause an insurrection in the senate and congress that will play a very dangerous role in national insecurity in late March or early April. Revolutionaries will thank him for this, even if he never intended for this to be the case. At a time where compromise is not forthcoming, the pieces that is our fragile world are about to crumble from beneath the shaky foundation that barely holds them up.

Watch what McDaniel’s next move is. The very thin fabric that is our economy and international stability is dangling by a thread. With Homeland Security in a state of collapse (likely to not receive adequate funding by the time March rolls around….even if a continuing resolution does get passed) and other problems I have foreseen continuing to build into a calamity, the darkness will rear its most devastating head in the very near future; possibly in just a couple of weeks time. Get ready for it….if you haven’t already done so by now.

Supreme Court Change 2015

I had a glimpse today, a real intense sensation of a Supreme Court vacancy this year.  I am not sure if it is due to a resignation due to health, someone passing away, or a scandal.  But one of the nine Justices are going to be leaving the Supreme Court and what’s interesting is the replacement looks to be a transformative figure who actually works to protect the Constitution as what’s called a “strict constructionist.”  As usual, The President will think he is getting a progressive nominee, who will be confirmed by Congress – that will turn out to be pretty fair and down to earth.  This trend is pretty common though, usually a sitting President gets the opposite of what they thought they were getting and this situation will be no different.  To be honest, it feels like great news.  For anyone who can remember, this feels equally as strong as the feeling I had in Jan of 14 regarding an air disaster posted on that other page that no longer exists.