Dear Janice

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Dear Janice,

I hope you’ve been holding up alright. Last year, you posted on our website that Jeb Bush was not only going to be the GOP nominee for president, but that he would also be the general election victor come November of 2016. I tried to warn you multiple times that Jeb didn’t have a chance in hell and that Donald Trump’s presence in the race shifted it to the detriment of the establishment candidates. Well, Jeb has officially dropped out and you were wrong to assert otherwise. I wasn’t trying to be mean to you when I had to keep pointing this out. I was simply telling the truth, as I always do. I know you’ve been mad at us ever since, but I’m hoping you’ll come back and post here with us again. We miss you and worry for you. We’re also hoping you’ll admit that I was right all along. It’s a concession I think you should make after telling me to “shout the hell up” and that I was a bad, bad psychic for suggesting what I did at the time.

Best wishes,


P.S. For my general readers, Janice was a commenter on our website who left after I pointed out that Jeb was not going to be president. This was said in jest and not to be taken seriously.

P.S.S. My prescience has been validated again, but I worry now because Rand Paul dropped out too early to claim the nomination from Trump like I knew he could. I’ll post about this another time, along with some other things that need to be discussed.

Intestinal Parasites


This is a gross prediction about parasites that live inside humans based on my personal experience.

I listened to some interviews with Dr. Group about his Paratrex cleanse (Global Healing Center).  I researched parasites and recently gave it a try with my son.  It is a six week cleanse and we are almost finished.  I thought it made sense because I have cats and dogs and live in Texas where a lot of parasites thrive.  However, without getting into details, I’m completely horrified and shocked by what came out of the both of us so far.  Long story short, we have seen actual worms coming out our nose and in our stool, thanks to this cleanse.  Before you judge, you have to wonder if you are one of the lucky 10-2% of Americans who don’t have this problem and not know it.  You have to wonder if, as they say, 1/3 of your stool is actual worm stool.  You have to wonder if a layer of what you think if fat isn’t actually worms.  Do you have cats or dogs?   Did you run barefoot as a kid?  Did you eat raw sushi?  Did you eat meat?  Did you get travelers stomach problems?  Did you travel to any third world country?  Did you eat veggies or fruit imported from Mexico?  Did you have sex with someone who has worms?  Could a worm egg have been air-born as you slept and made it’s way into you?  I’d say the answer to these, and many other questions about worms is yes, you most likely have a long lasting community of worms inside you right now and their generations upon generations.  They live in your intestines, you lungs, your sinuses….just as sure as your cat or dog gets a worm you see with your own eyes your worms are there but you are in denial that such a gross thing could be happening inside you.

I’ve researched this issue a bit more and I think that the Hindus are correct that all health begins with the gut.  I think diseases have their root in the gut and these horrifying parasites that deprive the body of nutrients, exude their toxic waste inside us and create all sorts of diseases ranging from a host of neurological disorders to cancers to sinus infections to acne to depression to everything!!  Even Dr. Kellog was correct that the the bowels signify your health (read the ‘Road to Wellville” or watch the movie).

I am even more horrified as I realize that, in fact, most of the world is aware of this problem and has methods for de-worming their populations.  I spoke to people in the middle east and the orient and they believed it was normal to de-worm their children.  Even before the 1930’s in America we had ways of ridding ourselves of this common aliment.  One of the basic elements of pet care for dogs and cats is regular de-worming……no one asks hey, why don’t doctors treat kids and adults for worms or even check?  Why are they so quick to write scripts for meds instead?  Stats prove that over 90% of Americans suffer from worms.  Further, worms are known to cause a host of serious diseases and death.

I think that Big-Pharma knows darn well that we are all suffering with worms and would rather cash into medicines that treat symptoms of diseases than eliminate the cause, worms. One thing that comes to mind is all the zillions of people on anxiety and anti depression medicines.  Did any doctor check form worms before prescribing these medications?  Well, worms are a major cause of anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.  No, they just jump to a big pharma cure for symptoms and never ever fight the cause.  Studies link worms to diabetes and cancer.  Big pharma would suffer not selling so many drugs!!!

My prediction is that humans, especially Americans will soon awaken to the fact that they have been radically lied to about the Big Pharma worm cover up deception that sells all the drugs treating the symptoms but never getting at the root of the diseases:worms.  I believe that people will become obsessed over cleanses and getting rid of worms to stay healthy rather than focusing on treating diseases.  When they focus on ridding themselves of worms the diseases will largely diminish.

If you read this and are not getting rid of your worms then you choose to keep them and become sick with all sorts of diseases.  A special thank you goes out to all the doctors in my life who never once checked form worms in my kids or myself or my family.  An extra special thank you goes out to the doctors treating my son’s chronic sinus issues and croup that have completely gone away since a four inch worm came out of his sinus on this cleanse he is taking.

I only wonder how many of the doctors are idiots and how deep the big-pharma deception really goes regarding worms inside human beings.  I know it is absolutely disgusting but take the cleanse and see what comes out and you’ll be horrified forevermore.


A health revolution is clearly pending.











Bad Feeling About Scalia’s Death


I’m no fan of now deceased Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, but something is very fishy about the manner of his death. This has the makings of a potential cover up murder and one man would have his hands all over his carcass. If the President did it for the reasons that I believe he did, then our country is going to be in for a major crisis; one that will most certainly send our country into civil war and our world into a catastrophic World War 3. Pray that I’m wrong, but this isn’t a good sign with my instincts all in whack.

Need Your Energy and Prayers


Update: I’ll put this photo up every time I need your prayer energy. The original reason is below, but new reasons pop up from time to time. If you see this, pray. Thanks. 🙂

I don’t do this very often, but it’s important for me to ask for it today. I’m being coerced into evil yet again as I was similarly three months ago. I need your energy in order to fight off this rash of devilishness, hopefully for good this time. All I need right now is your positive thoughts and your well wishes. Nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for your help in advance. Hopefully I’ll have more to share with you all in the near future.

Dreams and Predictions for February 2016

I haven’t done one of these in a while as my psychic feed has been a little hazy as of late. However, I’ll share what I’ve been able to pick up and hope it’s enough for now.

1) The Zika virus scare is not like my flu epidemic prediction made months ago and instead is more like the panic I made from this time last year. The reaction to this deadly virus will be worse than the virus itself.

2) When I saw Beyonce’s super bowl performance, I had a very bad feeling about what’s going to happen to her. There were three women I said could be Satanic sacrifices this year and now I’ll add Beyonce to this list as well. Her politically charged performance is only the start of what you’ll see other artists perform this year and it is going to infuriate the powers that be in a way they haven’t been before. Watch for some safety slip ups in the near future. She’s going to find that she’s not as vulnerable to attacks as she’s been led to believe.

3) I have a bad feeling that, at the end of the month, a snow blizzard worse than we’ve seen in years is approaching. We’ve already seen a bad one for the east coast of the US in January. I think what’s coming at the end of the month is worse than that. Watch for it soon enough.

4) Finally, pedophilia is coming to the forefront of the news as several major Hollywood directors are accused of sexually assaulting young men in successive order. This will shake the industry to its core and threaten its prospects once and for all. Not a good time for the business and box office sales are effected as a result.

If I have anything to add, I’ll post it in an ETA below. Hope everyone is well. Best wishes to you all as always. 🙂

ETA 2/12: Yup, there’s an update already. Another dream.

5) I had a dream about Ellen Degeneres and how she was on stage wearing a wicked witch costume miserably lip synching to some song. I feel this could be both a literal prediction (she makes an appearance on the TV series Lip Sync Battle in the near future) and a figurative one (she’s going to be pushed into production deals she’s unhappy with and the public will turn on her for some reason in the near future). Either way, it doesn’t sound like things are going to go so smoothly for her. I feel sorry for her, honestly. It’s not going to be happy end for her in the year ahead.

ETA 2/14: Another dream.

6) I had a dream of a torrential flood and a newscaster reporting on it. She was standing in nearly two feet of water and the whole town was covered in it. Cars were flowing through the sewage and buildings were being leveled by the pressure of the waves. This spring or summer may have torrential rainfall that results in some of the worst flooding we’ve seen in many years. My vector of dating for this time would between the months of April and October; primarily in small towns across the world. I didn’t get a specific location, but I’m fairly certain this will effect the Midwestern or Southern United States. Of course, this could also be torrential rainfall for some place in Europe as well; Scotland, Ireland, England or Wales. Watch out for the weather forecasts at this time. If you live in these areas and don’t already have flood insurance, prepare to buy some now. You’ll thank me when the repair bills comes at that time.

Additional 2/14 Update: And another dream.

7) I had a dream about comedian Amy Schumer. There were complaints about her on the set of a movie project she was working on and the crew was saying she was a spoiled brat. She kept having fights with the crew, some refusing to work and then much of this tension heated up at a restaurant where a fight broke out. Ever since Amy Schumer collaborated with Madonna last year, bad things have been happening to her. From accusations of plagiarism to anger over comments to children, much animosity has already turned on her. I fear that the worst is yet to come as there will be a major blowup on the set of her show and a public rebuke follows suit. When this is all over, her prominence on the A-list will fade forever.

This May End Bill de Blasio’s Career….If Death Doesn’t Get Him First


I’ve made several mentions to the fact that Bill de Blasio may be heading to the exit’s of life soon enough. However, there is one way for him to avoid dying by assassin’s bullet and it’s not any more pleasant than a premature death. As de Blasio has begun to fulfill much of my initial prediction on him, his obsession with banning the city’s horse carriages is starting to raise alarms. It’s entering quid pro quo territory, a fate which destroyed his friend Sheldon Silver and currently keeps his enemy Andrew Cuomo up at night. If Preet Bharara and the Department of Justice decide to indict Bill de Blasio on bribery and extortion charges, then this would end his career and also snuff out any assassination attempt or death from other causes. Of course, death could still be in the cards for him, but if jail is his ultimate fate, then he’ll be saved from a premature death. At this rate, however, if the sentence for such charges is as long as I think it would be, then he’ll wish he was assassinated first. At least an early death will be better for his legacy.

Warning to Johnny Manziel

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So a number of months ago, in one of my predictions pages, I sent out a warning to football player Johnny Manziel that the graveyard would be approaching if he didn’t change his ways. On the heels of his ex-girlfriend claiming he’d kill them both, my prescience for danger has been well proven. However, he’s still not out of the woods yet and danger just keeps coming that seems inevitable at this point in time. Although this much is still obvious, the reason for making this post has more to do with the nature of the article mentioned in the image above.

In 2012, I wrote a prediction in my own personal predictions list that Tim Tebow would murder his bearded girlfriend in a dispute over something of this very nature. I based this on the OJ Simpson trial and how a star player who was seen as a gentle giant ended up creating the murder of the century. If Manziel dies of his own hands and doesn’t take anyone else, then this is a warning that Tebow could still succumb to a similar fate as OJ or Johnny would have and become reviled after much admiration during his time with the Bronco’s. This could also apply to other squeaky clean football players like JJ Watt. I hope that I’m wrong, but with many scandals surrounding the Tebow clan in recent years and the NFL in general, my prescience may be more accurate than even I could imagine. If this tragedy is to take place, it’s for 2018. It would ruin football entirely and see its collapse come by the end of the 2020 decade. Watch for it then and similar events to come over the next two years. It’s not going to be a happy ending for the porky pig known as the National Football League.