It’s Too Late to #FreeBritney

As I mentioned in the predictions post for this month, Britney Spears was admitted to a mental institution. What has recently been uncovered by a Britney Spears fan podcast is that she was checked in against her will and the story of why is much darker than previously told. While I still do believe that her father’s failing health added stress on her psyche, it is evident now that her team is trying to re-medicate her after her recent attempts to break free of her decade long conservatorship. I have always suspected that Britney Spears would die young. I believed (and still do) that she is the reincarnation of the troubled actress Marilyn Monroe. I had originally predicted she would die the same age in inverse years.

While my vector was not correct for February or August of 2018, the fact that her life is spiraling down less than a year removed should serve as a big warning. It began during the time period that I originally predicted, even though it has spilled over into this year. The seeds are already being planted to murder her and make it look like a suicide. I do believe that her fans attempt to rescue her will leave Britney’s team even more panicked and desperate to rid themselves of her once and for all, especially since they consider her more valuable dead than alive.

As a result, I do not believe that she will make it out of the mental institution alive. Even if she does manage to come home, expect her death to be announced very soon after release. Though her fans may be angry at my previous warning and are currently distraught over what is happening now, they will only see more grief come for them when they find that they cannot save her. It’s too late to free Britney in this life. Hopefully, she will have a better go at it in the next one.

What’s Next for Julian Assange?

This morning, Julian Assange had his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy illegally revoked and he was arrested by British authorities for skipping bail. Separately, the US issued an extradition warrant for alleged “hacking” of computer systems (a ruse to bring him in to add additional trumped up charges later). At this juncture, it does not appear good for Julian. He had many months to plot an exit and either was unable to do so or failed to heed the warnings when he could. His next steps are largely out of his control, but there are entities that wish to keep him quiet that could aid in his rescue.

Before I lay out what I feel will happen, I would like to send a message to vengeful, corrupt Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno. If he believes that assisting in the US Empire’s plot to silence Julian will help him or his country, he is gravely mistaken. Ecuador’s problems will bubble up to the surface this summer as riots plague the streets and the economy crashes in short order. No amount of IMF loans will turn the tide and the public will rebel against him. He may gain asylum in the US if he flees from citizens arrest (an irony that won’t be lost on anyone), but it will do him no good. His days are numbered and karma will hit him harshly for the crimes he has committed against the concept of political asylum and all political refugees in the name of a fascist empire.

Putting that aside, I believe that when the UK eventually exits the EU with no deal, there will be a rescue attempt orchestrated by his allies to break Julian out of prison and escort him to safety in another country. Though this operation is fraught with risk and could flare up into a very dangerous conflict, I believe it is the only way Julian avoids torture and possible assassination by the UK or US government. Pray that those who are looking out for him are successful in organizing his escape when it comes time to occur. It’s the only way out of the predicament he’s gotten himself into thanks to man who once praised Wikileaks for helping him win the election.

Why the Mueller Probe Failed and Why Trump’s Assassination is Inevitable

As much of the nation learned last week, the Mueller investigation officially came to a close. As I’ve stated in a number of other blog posts, and has been recently confirmed, would happen, the Mueller investigation failed to turn up evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election. That the FBI wasn’t able to connect the dots doesn’t exonerate Trump or his administration by any stretch of the imagination. Though they are not entirely at fault for securing his victory (this blog from 2016 says more), the fact of the matter is that Russian influence was pertinent to his victory. There were prosecutions, convictions and sentences of campaign associates for unrelated to collusion crimes, but the big smoking gun that everyone was expecting never materialized and never would.

The reason for this is because key individuals who had critical information wouldn’t talk and they couldn’t be compelled to against their will. In addition, Trump’s appointment of Barr assured that there would pressure on the special council to wrap its investigation up quickly and end the probe before it could get too close to the White House. This came on top of previous attempts by Jeff Sessions to limit the scope of the investigation in a very narrow parameter. As a result, the lack of key testimony, along with some aggressive attempts to rush through the end of the investigation by Barr, lead to an incomplete report that would never definitively solve the special council’s main mission question. It won’t exonerate Trump by any means. However, it will be seen as the end of the legal options that his opponents have to taking down his administration and the result for the future of his presidency is not positive in the slightest.

Despite the good news for Trump in recent days, with his exoneration coupled with a divisive and vulnerable lineup of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, it will not last. An angry FBI is reeling in anger from the last two years of a pointless investigation that left them coming up short towards the goal of taking down their main target. Along the way, many long time members of the organization were forced out and now face criminal investigations of their own activities while in their official capacities. Fearing that their own power is being directly challenged by Trump and his supporters, the deep state members of the organization will engage in a counter offensive that will shock the nation for its cruelty and brazen illegality.

The retaliation, as mentioned in previous blogs, will be assassination. The plot is forming sooner than I originally thought it would as I didn’t expect it to kick off until June or July. The workings are kept crucially secret and several members of the FBI are currently in on it. Trump will not be able to stop what is coming because these are employees who he has no direct control over and he cannot fire. It also will not help because members of his own secret service will be in on it as well.

The vector for this assassination to occur remains the same, sometime in the fall, but it could come earlier with these developments on the horizon. Trump should watch his security at his rallies from now on and be assured that in the event of an attack, the secret service will not be there to protect him. I don’t think it will matter if he is warned, however, as those who are determined to eliminate him will do so regardless of how it will be perceived by the general public or how it amounts to a military coup on the presidency. It will end the decade in a state of chaos for which the fabric of the US as we know it will unravel. Watch for the warning signs as the summer approaches. The fall will change things in US politics forever.

Dreams and Predictions for April 2019

I’m still working on my blog explaining the Mueller report and that should be done in the next few days or so. In the meantime, here are some predictions and dreams to share.

1) The guilty conviction of Chanel Lewis in the murder of Karina Vetrano will be overturned on appeal causing shock and outrage throughout the city. However, the evidence that will emerge will remove doubt that he is not guilty of her killing.

2) I had a dream two nights ago about Brexit that seemed to be in line with previous predictions. In the dream, the entire United Kingdom panicked as the clock struck down to a no deal Brexit. Despite multiple last minute attempts to stall the exit, it ends up going through unimpeded. After this, there is a sense of calm and the British people carry on with their business. This confirms to me, as I have said previously, that for all of the hysterics of a no deal Brexit, the sky will not fall and things will be fine in the aftermath.

4/4 ETA: Sort of a prediction update, but there’s a prediction there as well.

3) I said for a number of years that Britney Spears would pass away in 2018 at the age of 36 due to the influence of Marilyn Monroe and the inversion of numbers (1926-1962 vs 1981 to 2018). I happened to be wrong about this, but the only thing I have may have been off about, especially due to the drowning warning that occurred in 2016, is the dating. During the time that I predicted her death, her father, Jamie Spears, was hospitalized with a fractured colon and nearly died. He is in recovery, but the likelihood of him making it to the summer is slim. This caused Britney to cancel her 2019 residency at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. On top of this, Britney has once again been checked into a rehab center due to another mental breakdown. If she cannot handle the stress of her father’s failing health, then she will die just four to five months after the end of 2018. Although I will have been off on the dating only slightly, the prediction itself will be accurate. Worth keeping an eye on as developments occur.

4/7 ETA: A warning for a certain individual who I have previously mentioned on this site and a few more predictions that came to me in dreams.

4) Julian Assange’s days in the Ecuadorian embassy are numbered. Although the Moreno government backed off the latest attempt to oust him by force, the threat mentioned by Wikileaks’ official Twitter account was, in fact, accurate. If anyone has access to him at the moment, they should advise him that he needs to prepare an exit on his own terms and in the dead of night before Ecuador invites British police in to arrest him. The timing will work best in the immediate aftermath of Brexit. Hopefully, he heeds this warning before it’s too late.

5) The Black Eyed Peas will reunite with Fergie, sometime near the end of the year.

6) Expect a barrage of behind the scenes footage from late 90’s television series as they approach the 20th anniversary dates.

7) There may be a riot that takes place at a very crowded bus terminal, sometime in the summer. A fare is somehow not paid or security officers believe it is not paid and there is a fight that turns violent and leads to several arrests.

4/13 ETA: Sad as it was to say, Julian Assange did not heed my warnings in time to escape capture by the British police in their attempts to extradite him to the United States. I wrote a blog about this that I hope you all will check out. In the meantime, I have another prediction to share.

8) Pete and Chasten Buttigieg better watch out for what the conservative tabloid press is about to unleash on them. Chasten’s brother, Rhyan Glezman, is eager to talk to the press to trash the pairing as being sinful and unlawful in the eyes of God. Such a message will be amplified by the Daily Mail and other conservative outlets leading to embarrassment for the couple. Sad as it is to say, much of the publics sympathy will not lie with them, even though it should.

4/15 ETA: A dream based prediction.

9) I saw in a dream that most credit cards would be charging you a fee to use them in the near future. This turned off many people and caused them to have problems with their finances. Expect this to occur when the financial markets collapse, along with negative interest rates.

4/22 ETA: Another prediction to share. I’m on quite a roll this month.

10) Norwegian Cruise Line is about to get investigated by the Trump administration for unethical business practices and skirting US sanctions law. The financial consequences of this will lead to bankruptcy and a forced merger with another large cruise line in the next several years.