The French Coup

Like with my warning for assassinations, this could be a doubling down of bad predictions, but I fear it is not. While it doesn’t happen often, I do occasionally get my predictions wrong. One of my biggest fails prediction wise this year has been the last minute call of Marin Le Pen to win the prime minister election. Obviously I was wrong, though I did warn in my 2017 predictions page that this was a hard one to call due to the fluidity surrounding the race. Despite this seeming inaccuracy, however, the French aren’t out of the woods of Le Pen just yet. Emmanuel Macron, who I initially thought could defeat Le Pen and then faltered due to his conservative policies, is not secure as prime minister and upcoming parliamentary elections next month will prove that. Not expecting a victory, Macron has yet to build the kind of party infrastructure necessary to build a governing coalition to rule the country. With much angst and bitterness still present towards him, left apathy could doom him when he tries to build a government in support of his policies.

This is a situation that Marine Le Pen, who performed better than expected, could strike on to become prime minister by force. A Le Pen coup would be more devastating for the nation of France than if she were to win by the popular vote. The plan by socialists to oust Le Pen undemocratically if she would have won over Macron will come to bite them in the ass in the near future if she decides to take their plan and run with it for her purposes. Her party, the National Front, is more organized and in a position to pull such an undemocratic coup off; especially if Macron’s party can’t garner a majority vote in June. Geert Wilders, the defeated far right candidate of the Netherlands, may also try this tactic and succeed where an electoral win did not. Don’t count out the danger of these nationalist parties just yet. If Le Pen can’t win through democratic means, she may end up becoming the victor through undemocratic means instead. If this occurs, I can still call this as a partial fulfillment; even if its shape took an odd turn for the worst.

Tinashe: A Classic Tale of Be Careful What You Wish For

I normally would have just put a short blurb for my psychic predictions list, but I wanted to elaborate on this. It’s reelated to my previous blog on the satanic music industry and how it can chew people up and spit them out. The singer above, Tinashe, was recently quoted in an interview saying she doesn’t understand why anyone would shun the spotlight. Despite the fact that some may perceive such words as cluelessness (akin to that of the average person), the words were, in actuality, said in anger. After five years of flopping in pursuit of a singing career, Tinashe has reached the near end of the line before getting dropped by her label. As Hollywood tales have previously foretold, it is at the near brink of failure that tides often turn.

Her new single, Flame, while currently underperforming, will soon skyrocket to the top of the charts. This comes after an unexpected promotional bonanza brings her wealth and riches that she never deemed possible. Of course, like with any bout of fame, such offerings come along with a price. When her due is finally given, much of her personal life will be laid bare for all of the world to see. It will expose ugly sides of her that she’d rather stay hidden and force her into a position to where she will be on the near brink of suicide. When this occurs in six months time, she’ll be singing a different tune all together. Instead of burning down a bad relationship, she’ll be burning down a chapter of her life that she’ll never forget.

A final warning to our readers as I close this prediction. Be careful what you wish for, because you sometimes might get it. What such wishes come with is not often as pleasant as it may seem on the surface. Tinashe is a case example that will exemplify this point soon enough. She’ll learn this the hard way; hopefully as a lesson for others not to follow.

Dreams and Predictions for May 2017

This is a bit late already, but part of the reason is I don’t have much to say at the moment. I’ll post what I can and update it later.

1) Marine Le Pen wins the French election plunging France in chaos and economic impoverishment. (5/7 ETA: Yes, obviously from the initial reports this prediction is extremely wrong. However, I still am not convinced that Le Pen isn’t going to orchestrate a coup to give herself the Presidency like Geert Wilders still could in the Netherlands. I’m glad that a lot of this fascism is being rebuffed in Europe, but if the coups do occur, my predictions aren’t entirely inaccurate. Just keep this mind as the French go into another election next month.)

2) Hurricane season will be mild this year and there will be no serious storms that do a lot of damage.

5/10 ETA: Needless to say, being wrong on prediction #1 has been a bit discouraging, but the election was incredibly fluid and it was hard to keep track of its various changes. It’s not the first time either and so I brush myself off and continue on. While I’m glad that Le Pen has been stopped for now, there is a risk she becomes President through other means. I’ll elaborate on that another time. In the meantime, here are some other predictions that need sharing.

3) Despite how chilly this time of year has been for vast parts of the world, this summer will be the hottest on record. Massive blackouts and droughts worldwide follow.

4) Italy will begin to face questions later this month about leaving the EU. Despite some resistance from hedge funds, the public votes to expel themselves by years end.

5) Some of the anti-gay laws that have been in various African countries have received anger and outrage and there will be efforts to lead to their repeal in the near future. A lot of them, if not outright repealed, will see dilutions that shows progress for the gay community on the ground in these nations.

6) Looking for yet another distraction from his horrible presidency, Trump begins to discuss the idea of space travel and it will see more concrete action take place in the new year.

7) Like a lot of other psychics, I do believe we are overdue for a major terror attack and I am convinced that we will see one this summer or this fall. By major, I mean an attack that takes many lives (likely more than one hundred). Although Europe is the most obvious target, don’t be surprised if New York or Los Angeles get hit as well. Its even possible that the state of Texas could be on the wrong side of coin this time around.

5/15 ETA: I was debating whether to post these things as prediction updates, and might, but decided to post them here for convenience.

8) The Palestinian hunger strike, in its thirtieth day, has the troubling likelihood that it will get out of hand if a resolution isn’t struck in the near future. If Marwan Baghouti is to die in the manner of Bobby Sands, expect a major bout of violence between Israel and Palestine this summer. It will turn the US against Israel permanently and see Russia entering the fray as a more neutral arbitrator of the dispute.

9) Violence has been a constant at the Dakota Access Pipeline of late. On the heels of a reported oil spill, I suspect a major flare up of tensions on the ground leading to terroristic violence in the summer. This is a small sample of what is to come.

10) Mayor Bill de Blasio will have an alarming summer that I feel he will not survive, either politically or with his life.

5/18 ETA: An important dream to share.

11) In relation to prediction #7, I have had this dream twice now so it’s probably a very likely scenario. I have seen at multiple angles a major terrorist attack occur on a football game. I believe it is the Dallas Cowboys vs the Green Bay Packers and there are four commercial airliners that crash into stands killing hundreds, even thousands, of people and injuring thousands more. I’ve seen this from the stands as a person is about to die. I’ve seen is as a person is making their way out and is fleeing in a sea of smoke and fire. I’ve seen a woman separated from her child and fighting her way to reunite and escape. I’ve also seen the underground tunnels the players leave from collapse on top of them, one teammate seeing others killed and in fear of his life. All of this leads to an implosion of the stadium on all four sides. A rescue effort takes place where some survivors are rescued from the rubble, but most who could not escape perish. This may be similar to or what is being planned by terrorist groups as we speak. Hopefully it does not come to pass. It would occur in the August to September range of time at the height of the season opening.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre

I’m going to get around to a dreams and predictions page for May later this week, but this is a priority I’ve been itching to get out. This seems like a hyper local post that may not apply broadly to most of the readership, but it has relations to one of my previous posts and repercussions nationally that need highlighting.

One of things that Trump’s presidency has brought out in the open is anti-semitism. From the rise of the alt-right to its corresponding rise in hate crimes, Trump’s election has opened up an evil that most thought was closed decades ago. What makes this so dangerous is that it has also shown that anti-semitism can be ignored, can be used to excuse bad behavior and dismiss criticism in the process of advancing a political narrative (ie. Steve Bannon, Wall Street corruption, Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian authorities, eg.). To try to make a tit for tat from rising anti-semitism on the right and to stave off criticism of evil policies in Israel, GOP operatives have begun to try to make false equivalences that don’t really exist on the left. They have done so by elevating one perennial candidate who will become problematic for all Jewish people if the noise isn’t piped down in the near future.

Despite being denounced by all the major Democrats in New York City (including the corrupt ones who time will come to see their just deserts in due time), the large portion of the Jewish establishment is looking to conflate Thomas Lopez Pierre’s rhetoric with an epidemic of anti-semitism on the left. Thomas Lopez Pierre is, frankly, incompetent, a liar, a sexual assaulter and a fraud who has no business being elected to any position to power and has never had even a chance of it prior to this recent surge in press coverage of his campaign. However, by taking issue with the “Greedy Jewish Landlords” portion of his campaign, rather than the bigotry in combination with all of his other problems, it comes across as an attempt by Jewish groups to brush off the real issue of gentrification and conflate legitimate sources of anger with hatred of all Jewish people. This continuous blurring of the lines between criticism and bigotry will only endanger the Jewish community in the long run and see bad things come about in its place.

If the slew of press stories doesn’t die down, it may lead to Lopez Pierre being elected by a bitter public of Latinos and African Americans in the district looking to send a message to the establishment that is throwing them out of their homes in record numbers. It won’t actually stop the trends of record homelessness fueled by greed, as Lopez Pierre’s record of supporting gentrification loving politicians shows, but voters send messages, even if it ends up hurting them in the process. The only way to stop Lopez Pierre’s unexpected and dangerous rise to elected office at this point is to throw him off the ballot. While this stops the problem in the near term, that will only prolong the inevitable by seeing him successfully suing the DNC of New York City and then allowing him to make another more high profile attempt at a run for the seat the next go around. The long term problem of accepting legitimate criticism and not labelling all critics anti-semites is going to have to be addressed by the Jewish community in order to see this kind of thing stopped in the long term. If these conversations don’t begin to happen amongst the community itself, it may take an outsider to change the status quo on this long unaddressed issue.

Pending any wise decision by the press to stop covering his campaign, a victory by Lopez Pierre might be one of the most shocking things to come out of this upcoming election season. It will have problematic consequences for the Jewish community across the United States and will come around the time that public opinion begins to turn on Israel as well. Sometimes, it is better to ignore a problem than create one for the sake of playing tit for tat with your political rivals. Just ask Donald Trump, President of the United States in part thanks to Hillary Clinton. It is also wise to know when an eternal victim complex can blind you from seeing when you are the oppressor and not the oppressed. It shouldn’t take a fluke like this loon to get that message across, but sometimes people learn things the hard way when the easy way doesn’t get through to them. I hope I’m wrong on this assessment and wiser heads prevail, but I have an eery feeling about this and it is worth addressing just in case.