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Nearly every other psychic across the internet and the world said this was in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Everyone except me. I’ve said from the beginning that when Donald Trump made a pact with the devil in June of 2015, it was going to alter the trajectory of the race. No one wanted to believe me and yet here we are. I thought there were moments that he would be stopped, but all of the potential challengers I knew could take him down failed to materialize. Instead, we are left with a nightmare scenario in a number of ways (not that Nuclear Hillary would have been ideal either). I’ll explain what comes next at another time, but this should show you why I’m not some flaky psychic after all.

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  1. You say pact with the devil which implies that he is going to something very horrible when he gets in office. Many people that voted for him listened to him saying stuff they wanted to hear instead of looking carefully at what he had done in the past. He had a long history of cheating contractors, investors, workers, and students to help himself financially. I agree that Hillary is also quite bad but in different ways.
    The way virtually all the polls missed the mark on what would happen suggests there might have been something supernatural involved in the outcome. On election day he clearly had stronger support in the industrial Midwest than what the polls were showing. The margin in Ohio was larger than polls suggested and he was not expected to win either Wisconsin or Pennsylvania.
    The news reports of a riot in California over the election results is something I strongly feared could happen. My concern now is how it will effect me. I am supposed to return To Juraez, Mexico on November 22nd to have finished crowns on 2 teeth placed.
    One thing I strongly fear about Trump is that freedom of the press will be in jeopardy. To a greater extent than past presidents I strongly fear that he will muzzle the press and TV when they report something he doesn’t like or express opinions he doesn’t like.

  2. I hope you are wrong about Trump, but this election did show me that the public can stand up and change direction. If you are correct then hopefully the public will do again.

    1. Correct and it’s something I’m going to mention in my next blog. I know there are a lot of unanswered questions to share, Fefe has them too. It’ll come soon. I just to emotionally process things and then you’re going to get the goods. Stay calm please. An overly panicked reaction is going to make things worse.

  3. I would like to know how the Trump victory affects me. I am supposed to return to a dentist in Juarez, Mexico for finished crowns on November 22nd, 2016. I worry about riots over the election results. What exactly do you forecast for 2017 after Trump takes power?

    1. My immediate instinct is don’t go to Mexico at this time. I don’t see how you can alter your plans, though, but if there is some way to get out of it, do it. I also predicted violence on election day in the November predictions I wrote below. Rest in peace to those who lost their lives and were injured on that day. It was quite a indicator of what is to come.

      I have a lot of things I’m going to need to explain in my next post. Some of it has to do with some crazy things not a lot of you are going to believe, but are important to share. They have to do with aliens, a pact not to use nuclear weapons and Trump’s deal with the devil that I was able to pick up on recently. Watch for it in the near future.

      One more thing I’d like to say, and I’ll stress this again in the blog, is history can be altered. Never forget that. As darkness enters, so too can the light. Hope this provides some comfort.

  4. hi….im from the usa i have a question…did u read any of wikileaks about the clinton corruption??omg she was evil1so many bad things she did i always felt she was of satan!even a pic of her dtr weaing upside down crosses…she was of the new world order not what americans wanted fr our country…wasnt she way wrse than trump???i mean he crimes were in our face in black and white and on video!!!id be interested in your response..ive followed you guys for a long time now and look frward to your postungs thanks!pat

  5. I had a wave of intuition and epiphany in my dream last night.. Now, it seems that upset voters are pushing for a Hillary or Bust riot in the urban streets of this country. Could perhaps Trump being elected president been the catalyst for a mainstream political revolution? Now more and more people are upset with the results that it’s becoming a revolution such.. The original revolution started with Bernie and Trump’s primary campaigns. Now, it seems that it will be encapsulating on the majority of people that were left asleep until after a shake up election such as this one.. Could Trump be what we needed for a mass awakening to illegitimize government all together? For some reason I hear “social experiment” above Trump’s presidency.. Please read the energy behind this idea and see where it heads

    1. You have hit a very important nail on the head. I’m finishing up my blog post on this and will post it shortly. Watch for it. It’ll explain many things.

  6. I am sorry to break the bubble about you being the only psychic on the planet to predict Trump’s win of the US Election. There are actually several. Just google Trump psychic prediction.

    If you do not post this comment, that’s fine.. but it’ll show that you are misinforming your readers by choice.

    1. I didn’t say “every other psychic,” I said “nearly every other psychic.” Obviously, there were a number of others who predicted this, but they were a very apparent minority, myself being one of them. No intentional misinformation was stated. I was specific in my wording choice.

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