The Other Notable Event in 1968

I have an important blog post to share sometime later this month about how change really occurs in our society, but this is an urgent matter. Though I have things to say about last nights election results, there is something that has been bugging me for a few days now and the feeling has been increasing significantly. A lot of pundits have been opining for the last few months about the possibility of a brokered convention, which last happened in 1968. Though that possibility seems more remote now, what people sometimes fail to understand is that history repeats itself and one should be careful about what they manifest into the universe.

A couple of days ago, I started getting an eerie pull to California, specifically in regards to RFK’s assassination, which also happened in 1968. At first, I thought this might be a warning for Bernie Sanders, but with his frontrunner status diminished and the association to Irish Catholicism clear in my visions, the real target of these eerie senses became extremely obvious; Joe Biden. Now that he is leading the back, albeit by a small margin in delegates, a major target has been placed on his back.

My instincts had their first confirmation of validity in an attack onstage at a victory rally last night. With Trump, the Russians and many of Bernie’s fans angry at his new frontrunner status, he has a lot of enemies that want him out of the race. All it takes to alter the trajectory of the Democratic primary is one gunman’s bullet and the campaign turns into a bloody disaster. With Bloomberg dropping out to consolidate the field, the chance of Democrats putting up someone to challenge Bernie post Biden assassination would be non existent, which makes the danger to Biden’s life even more serious and the chance of a calamitous brokered convention all but certain.

I could be off on my assessment, but like with the danger that still surrounds Trump, desperate people will do desperate things to insure the result that they are looking for. Since he risked death in 1988 with a run for the presidency, all the signs are pointing to a bad ending for the establishment favorite Joe Biden. Anyone who thinks this race is in the bag should think twice. Bad times are soon approaching. Next stop on the misery tour: Ohio.

Dreams and Predictions for March 2020

I feel bad that I keep putting my “Need Your Energy and Prayers” post to the front, but I have needed it lately and it has been immensely helpful. Thank you for your prayers. I will probably put it up again a number of more times when needed. I’ve been in a difficult phase of my life, so the support has been crucial to keeping me stable. I hope to have a unique new blog post to share this month, but we’ll have to see what happens as the month progresses. In the meantime, here’s an insight to share.

1) Bernie Sanders’ team really ought to dig deeper into tonight’s South Carolina results. A little bit of poking around the board of elections and one will find some cheating being done on behalf of Joe Biden’s campaign. It’s important to check this out, even if it doesn’t change the overall result, because Biden’s campaign will do it again if it’s not exposed soon. It’s critical if Bernie wants to avoid a contested, and bloody, convention.

3/9 ETA: As you can see from this months blog post, I still have strong impulses that Biden won’t make it to the convention. Time will tell whether I’m right on this or not. I also have come to the conclusion that the prediction in the 2020 predictions of a pandemic from a European scientist is likely the coronavirus instead. In addition, I have some more predictions to share.

2) Poverty is going to significantly increase in the western world. By the end of the year, over half of world will be living below the poverty line.

3) Watch out for the increase of refugees heading into Europe. With darkness surrounding the continent, I expect a mass execution to occur in Greece, being one of the worst human rights violations so far in this century.

4) The Taliban better stick to their agreements in the supposed “peace deal” or US troops won’t be leaving anytime soon.

3/20 ETA: I have been hesitating to post a Coronavirus blog because I’m getting a lot of mixed messages from the spiritual world about what will happen. I’ll post my latest insight, along with another prediction, now and hope to post more at another time.

5) My current instinct today suggests that the Coronavirus will see a quick cure by the end of the summer. A leading scientist is able to find a breakthrough in Europe and the vaccine is spread around the world for free, to the anger of the Trump administration. When the death numbers are lower than estimated, Trump will arrogantly take credit for saving lives anyway.

6) I’ve been hearing voices in my head saying “Joe Biden is down” and “Joe Biden is sick.” This indicates to me that he has, or is about to get, coronavirus and may not survive. I also suspect Bernie Sanders could contract it and fall ill as well, leading to the two leading contenders for the Democratic nomination to pass away before the convention. This will further inflame tensions at the convention, making blood shed and terrorism all but certain. I’ve said for a while now that none of the debaters on the presidential debate stage would end up being the nominee. As time goes on, I’m more certain of this than ever.

3/27 ETA: I have things to say about the Coronavirus, but am not ready to say them yet. I’ve been in regular touch with the co-founder of our site, Fefe, and we both have horrible visions of what is to come. I’m really trying to hesitate on writing the blog on what we’re seeing, because I’m afraid of manifesting it into the universe by accident. Still, unless we have a course correction soon, the path we’re about to go down is jagged and dark. Look out for the blog on that next month. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

7) I’m once again worried for Britney Spears. On the heels of an extreme show of generosity during this pandemic and her quote tweeting an author calling for a general strike, I’m afraid the powers that be will use this crisis to eliminate her. They might say she died of coronavirus, despite her self quarantine now for over two weeks and severely limited contact with others. There could be another explanation as well, one that is not legitimate, but a cover up for murder. Regardless, watch for this. The vultures are circling her as we speak.