Signs of Assassination in the Air


I know I’ve said this several times before and the manifestations either don’t occur, turn into political resignations or see attempts that fail to come to fruition or to success. However, though the government has done its best to thwart assassinations, they can’t prevent them forever. The signs of a major one (or ones) coming is in the air and the feeling will not shake no matter how hard I might like to try to. They’ve intensified after the supervised release of Ronald Reagan’s potential assassin John Hinckley Jr and they seem to take on a more urgent need to make this message heard. These assassinations may not be preventable, but it’s worth giving everyone the heads up over it just in case.


Among the many things that have kept my senses up on this issue is a little problem Fefe and I have. We have been dealing with our own MK ULTRA patsy in these midsts who has harassed us in recent days and has been doing so for three years now. His name is Barry Clinton. He was arrested in 2005 in an FBI Entrapment scheme for threatening to assassinate then President George W Bush and his behavior has gone off the deep end ever since. After several revealing conversations about his time in prison and potential government programming they gave to him, we believe that he is an MK ULTRA patsy and that he is triggered by the government to do something extremely awful. While we only know of one potential assassin programmed by the government, others exist and their writings and rantings have been getting more frequent in recent days. If you see his name in the news, know that we had nothing to do with him and his depraved acts of violence. From what he has been spilling, a false flag attack will come from whether he chooses to carry it out or not. This, plus the coincidentally timed release of Reagan’s potential assassin, John Hinckley Jr, indicate something is up and an assassination is being planned as we speak.


Several people in my personal life have also suggested someone is going to be assassinated this election season. The word of one or two people could be coincidence, but hearing it from so many gives me the indication that it’s a nagging suspicion that is being triggered by satanic actions of the elite cabals of power. Their suspicions is that one of the two presidential candidates is going to die, yet in the end, I doubt that will be the case. Hillary and Donald have both faced risks during the campaign trails, which has been documented frequently on this site. In 2004, a friend of our website Michael Mcclellan of New Prophecy wrote that if Hillary had run for president against then President George W Bush that she would have ended up like Robert Kennedy and assassinated before taking the Democratic nomination. Those risks were certainly around this time, yet they failed to materialize. He mentioned John Hinckley Jr’s then transfer to a mental hospital from prison as proof of the danger; something is raising alarm bells in my head as well. The potential events he wrote about seem to correlate to the current election, yet neither of them seem to feel like the ones who get taken down. Too much security is around the both of them and they are not speaking out against the powers that be the way the Kennedy’s did before they were assassinated. Ultimately, if someone is to be assassinated, it’s not likely to be either of these two people.


I also have doubts that Obama is going to be assassinated at this point. He faced the most dangerous period in his life from 2011 to 2013. After that, he has been in smooth sailing and it seems that the threats to his life are coming to an end. He caved into the whims of the deep state and now is on his way out to a life of riches and prosperity, if not personal shame and public humiliation. Still, it is possible with his push for the anti-worker TPP and the rumors of a cancelled election if Hillary loses that there may be a last minute hit on him before he leaves office next year. This puts him to some degree of risk, but I don’t believe this will materialize either. Time will tell, but I have doubts as to his ending by assassins bullet at this point.


Instead, the more applicable people are ones who I have previously mentioned in past blogs. Paul Ryan, despite my inaccurate prediction about his primary, is still at risk of assassination in the near future. The dreams have continued and it’s only gotten worse since the time I posted my clarified post on him. Corrupt mayor Bill de Blasio is also another very likely assassin target. He’s already had two close calls from a near fatal truck attack to a near fatal helicopter crash near the infamous Rikers prison facility. Bill Bratton, his former police commissioner, was spared of being a target by his resignation and de Blasio may be spared if Preet Bharara indicts him in the near future. Regardless, Ryan and de Blasio, plus a few others like Benjamin Netanyahu and Angela Merkel, are most applicable at this time. All have faced threats and are less secure than their presidential counterparts. If assassins are prevented from taking out the big fish, then they may pray on the smaller fish instead.


Maybe this is a mere prediction fail, but it’s worth posting just in case. The nagging hunch is eating at me and I’d rather be wrong than not having said this in time. Watch for this in the near future as the election draws nearer to us.

Dreams and Predictions for September 2016

Thankfully, August avoided an untimely death of Britney Spears and other potential pitfalls we could have entered. However, there are newer dangers that need to be presented for the near future.

1) I wrote this for August’s psychic predictions, but there is a great danger of World War 3 flaring up in the near future. We need to be on the look out for it; particularly in Ukraine and in Syria.

2) Trump’s plans to tank the stock market are underway and I expect it will finally happen after year of delays just three weeks before the election. Already the poll numbers between Hillary and Donald are tightening and he’ll narrowly inch her out in the electoral college and in the popular vote in November.

3) Several lawmakers are on the potential assassination watch list this month; mostly those whore are supportive of an anti-worker and globalist trade deal known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. These assassinations would kill the deal that is already in the dying stages.

4) There will be safety trouble at the presidential debates this month. Do not attend if you can avoid it.

5) The final dump of the Wikileaks documents is forthcoming; most telling is one where President Obama implicates himself in shielding Hillary Clinton from criminal prosecution. That, plus other things, hands the election to Donald Trump.

6) There is going to be a major scandal that takes place at both Apple and Google that sends a shockwave down Silicon Valley and lead to economic instability that will arise throughout the entire industry. This will have to do with monetary schemes that are designed to rip off the American workforce and taxpayers.

7) Finally, there will be some rumblings about the world’s first for sale flying car. These have been kept under wraps for a while, but are about to make an emergence in a major way in the near future. Expect a commercial release in 2018 unless there is a change of plans in regards to certain world events.

9/7 ETA: I had a dream based prediction last night. I’ll share it here.

8) I had a dream last night of a grainy aerial footage of 9/11. Instead of the plane crashing into the world trade center, the plane turned towards the camera and gave off a mischievous vibe. Red letters with the word 9/11 scrolled over the scene and then the images flashed to two distinct locations. One of them was the Tower of Terror at the Hollywood Studios at Disney World and the other was the Spaceship Earth sphere. From there, two unarmed men boarded both rides and blew up self inflicted timer bombs that supposedly destroyed both of these rides and caused massive casualties. I suspect this means that two suicide bombers will be targeting Disney World on 9/11 or sometime around that date. There should be a careful set of eyes on these two targets as some suspect the security lapses are greater at these two parks. With Orlando already a bad place to be in regards to terror this year and Disney already having been a target for terrorist groups before, eyes should be glued to this area in the very near future. (9/10 Update: Eery warning or thwarted attempt? A Six Flags theme park was evacuated today because of a bomb threat towards the park. We’ll know tomorrow which is the case.)

9/10 ETA: I had this dream a couple of nights ago. I hesitated to post it here because I wasn’t exactly sure what it was trying to convey. After mulling over it, I’ll give it my best shot at an interpretation. I could be wrong in this assessment, but it’s worth sharing.

9) I had a dream of Germany struggling. There were discount and two for one sales for weird stage shows inspired by 90’s television shows. The streets were barren, but the buildings were in relatively good upkeep. There wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm in one of the theaters I attended and the streets seemed dull as well. My guess as to what this means (if it means anything) is that Germany is struggling behind its very well put together facade. Despite being seen as the strongest economy in Europe, there is tension and a lot of underlying issues that are being masked by lies and deceit. There will also be attempts at economic stimulus to improve the national mood, but those efforts will fail. Eventually, this will spill out into the open, probably next year. That’s my guess, but I could be wrong.

9/12 ETA: Not sure if this is a prediction or not. It could be a universe confirmation of previous predictions. Either way, it’s worth sharing.

10) I plan on writing a longer blog post on this in the near future. John Hinckley Jr, Ronald Reagan’s would be assassin, was released from prison a few days ago. This doesn’t feel coincidental to me. Something mischievous is being communicated by this release and I fear it means a major assassination attempt or successful one is coming in the near future. Watch for the targets I’ve previously highlighted.

9/28 ETA: Arguably, this is supposed to be two predictions, but it’s worth posting it as one because of the similar nature of both.

11) I had dreams recently of singers Kesha and Kacey Musgraves. Both had themes of their work being under appreciated and both are expected to make major comebacks next year. Watch for them again as 2017 approaches.