Another Message For Our Australian Troll


Well, it appears that our troll from Queensland is at it again making absurd threats about a lawsuit over “copyrighted” predictions. Let me give our troll, in severe violation of ethical standards of the Australian Psychics Association, a little news flash. Predictions are not “copyrighted work.” Many psychics predict similar things and no one psychic has a “right” to “ownership” of an intuitive hunch. Your lack of understanding the law will come to bite you in the behind if you go ahead with your feeble attempts to try, and fail, to take us to court. Not only would your case be tossed out and you would lose with your reputation in jeopardy stemming from your profound lack of knowledge of how the law works, but we would have to counter sue you for defamation and making false accusations that are not backed up with facts. We really don’t want to go down this road with you, but if you are putting our lives and livelihoods at risk in such a severe manner, then you leave us no other choice. Think twice before you proceed. You’ll only end hurting yourself and not anybody else.

Massacre on Christmas Morning


As I attempted to sleep tonight, I heard gun shots and screaming of children in the wind. There was obviously not a gun shooting in my neighborhood, but I do feel that it is a God given sign to warn that there may very well be a massacre unlike any other mass shooting this year on Christmas morning. Terrorist related. Watch out for it as you rise. Santa’s not going to be happy when he hears that all will have been lost when it comes to joy and cheer being spread this holiday season.

The Five Triggers of Civil War


I had a thought process repeated to me a number of times that I felt was necessary to share with you all. If civil war proper hasn’t already officially been underway (though some could argue that it has been brewing as we speak as many of what I predicted has already come to pass), then these would be the five “official” signals that tip off the signs that military and militia violence in imminent in the halls of government and in the streets. The elite have flirted with all of these before. If they were to go ahead with implementing any of the following five policies, then the revolutionary occupations and overthrows would begin at that time.


1) Implementation of cashless society policies: One of the ways for corrupt governments to control their people is to control their wealth and what they get to do with it. The first institutions of control have always been the banks. At times the savior of the lower and middle classes, lately they have become the oppressors that hold all the wealth and power and do with it as they see fit. When governments are flush with Wall Street cash, their policies serve the donors and the 1% and not the interests of the American people. Simply kowtowing to the banks on big taxpayer funded bailouts and loose regulations are not enough for institutions with an unquenchable thirst for power. In order to control society completely, they want to eliminate cash all together so that no one person is able to escape their control. This has to do with the biblical role of the “mark of the Beast” and how things like the Veri Chip will be used to control all commerce in the future. It’s why cash hoarding is such a threat to them and it’s why they are making access to it harder and harder as time goes on. It’s also why elite are fighting bitcoin and alternative currencies so harshly when they should be allowing the free market to dictate the winners and losers. Having all the money in the world means nothing if you can’t cash it in for power in what Americans are allowed and not allowed to do with regards to control of the money that they make.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.00.21 PM

The powers that be flirt with these ideas in the press, but much resistance is met when they do so. They know they can’t implement this now as too much resistance would see the flare up in revolution follow immediately afterward. However, they will keep badgering this agenda over and over again as it is a crucial element in implementing their one world governmental order. They’ll fail in our lifetime, but future generations will want to watch for such ideas implemented again in the future. It’s a critical component that eventually leads to the mark of the beast and the reign of the antichrist that follows soon after.


2) Institution of martial law nationwide: This seems like one that can’t be a trigger as it already has happened numerous times in the nation’s history and has happened a number of times in the last few years. Despite this being true, it’s only been implemented regionally and has not become something that has befallen the entirety of the country for an extended period of time. All that these temporary issuances of martial law are are tests to see how the public would cooperate with it on a more permanent basis. They’ve seen success in the cities, but seen much more aggressive resistance in the heartland of the United States of America. For this reason, President Obama’s decision to declare martial law for any reason would be the ultimate dog whistle that sets us on a course of the militias overtaken the halls of government in Washington DC for their treacherous status and betrayals to the American people. The breeding ground for a much more severe declaration of martial law later on has already been laid, but the ultimate declaration would never succeed in our lifetime. It would serve a trigger of an imminent overthrow of the government and one that should be watched out for for future generations to come.


3) Implementation of gun confiscation: No matter what the media or the government tells you, the intentions of “addressing gun violence” have nothing to do with addressing the violence or caring one bit about the victims involved in these tragedies. No matter how much the government tries to stage false flag shootings or cash in on the grieving from other shootings to declare national gun control, the opposite of what they want always comes about. This is because they are disingenuous attempts to use emotion to disarm a dissatisfied population and leave them even more vulnerable to attacks on their liberties and rights. They also want to stem any attempt at a government overthrow and disarming the people is a great way to do that. The problem is much of the nation is wise to this and the exact opposite effect of the what the government tries to do comes about in their attempts to manipulate the masses into their way out thinking. If the Sandy Hook shootings didn’t see the majority of Americans lay down their guns, then nothing ever will in our lifetime.


Too many are distrustful of the government’s intentions and for very good reason. The elite have tested these ideas of gun confiscation on a smaller scale so far; largely in minority communities and look at the results of that. A larger trial that spans many more states (especially if its in defiance of a court order against it) would see the sparks of a revolutionary overthrow bloom in the aftermath of this action. No matter how much the powers that be try to amend the constitution of its protection of the right to bear arms, the truth is the elite will fail to implement these gun control orders and it’s a large reason why the new world order agenda fails to be fulfilled in our lifetime. No matter what other countries think, they will wish they had these rights as many nations with these bans suffer from their fool hardy decisions to leave their fate to corrupt institutions that further enslave them for a generation or more. If Greece isn’t the literal definition of the opposite of the United States, then I don’t know what is. They’ll regret it in due time while Americans will say “I told you so” and come out with more liberty and freedom than ever before.


4) Full scale economic collapse: Despite staggering underemployment, proof of the Federal Government cooking the economic numbers, scraping by crises’ and instability throughout the world, full scale economic collapse has not occurred yet. Despite the fact that the economy hasn’t matched up with stock market since at least August of 2012, the illusion of recovery has captured the imagination of the ruling class and kept them living in a bubble that has no basis in reality. The markets are artificially inflated now and it’s hard for me to predict when the truth gets inserted into a group that has their paycheck reliant upon the sustaining of lies. When reality hits the markets and they panic over what should have been obvious to anyone not working on Wall Street, an implosion not seen since the stock market collapse of 1929 follows suit. It will ruin President Obama’s legacy and give his detractors all the more power to defy him and ultimately shred his accomplishments into pieces. When the realization occurs by the masses that they’ve been duped all of this time into thinking something that wasn’t true all along, the immediate civil war would soon be on the horizon. If you think the economy is bad now, just wait until you see what happens at this time next month. It’s going to shock the world and lead a revolution in the United States that hasn’t been seen in over 200 years.


5) Institution of a military draft for the war in Syria: Economies are sustained through two different means; gross domestic product and military occupations. As the United States hasn’t had a real economy in many decades (thanks to trade deals that ship those jobs to third world slave nations), much of the United States’ economy is reliant upon its immense military power and the presence it has in many regions throughout the world. By causing crisis after crisis in countries that have rulers they disagree with and installing new leadership that is approved by the CIA, the United States has occupied the role of the corrupt empire for more than a few decades now and the karma is coming back to bite Henry Kissinger and others in the very near future. The wars in Syria and Iran were always triggers for civil war domestically because the more instability they create abroad, the more instability is created at home. It explains why Paris was attacked after President Francois Hollande bombed innocent civilians in Syria and why more terror can be expected for the whole of France as they take more innocent lives in Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Both the US and France have been the instigators before; mostly recently in Vietnam where they pummeled the country of its communist influence. What was noticed in reflections of that time in history was when the terror was reigned down upon the Vietnamese people, the threat of overthrow in their home by their own people grew rapidly by the day. The baby boomer generation almost succeeded from 1964 to 1971 in attempting to finish off the elite’s influence on our world, but they failed to do so and now a new generation has an opportunity to do what their grandparents and parents never did and failed to finish off.


If these wars in the Middle East spiral out of control (as they likely will), then a draft would follow suit to cover the military’s behind and this generation of video game and internet addicted kids would soon find themselves on the wrong side of the law as they are forced to serve a government that has not served them in any capacity at all whatsoever. When that happens, a largely distracted mass of young people would initiate the revolution that their parents threatened a generation before and it would have more mass legitimacy than previous efforts ever did. The toppling of their civilian governments immediately follows suit and the order of the Illuminati would be cut off in our lifetime. I see this more for the United States than for France, but both nations have this risk of revolution in the very near future. If the elite can’t keep this potential revolutionary underclass under control, then the elite’s own thirst for control may soon doom them to a failed new world order agenda and the masses that takes back control of their lives by overthrowing the governments that gave it all away at the offering of their greedy and selfish parents.

Watch for all five of these signs as they are critically important in deciding what happens next. Hope this information was helpful. 🙂

24 Hours



As sad as it is to say, the blood that I’ve predicted will spill in the streets of Washington may happen in as short of time as 24 hours. With the passage of the New World Order/Big Brother surveillance bill known as the “Cyber Security Information Act,” the anger that this decision will garner will see assassinations and lead up to the final moments that many of these members of congress will have on their lives. I wish they would have read the legislation that sealed their fate more carefully because they’ll have a long time to think about it as they sift through purgatory. Many won’t see their families this holiday season; a reason for such a rash decision of such a dire consequence to the American people and themselves. They’ve made this choice and essentially sealed their fate. Sad, but true.

The Final Countdown


It seems that with Paul Ryan slipping the Orwellian Spying CISA bill into the must pass budget bill this week that the final countdown to the long foreseen bloody march on Washington is coming now. By Christmas morning, should this bill pass with CISA attached to it, the streets of Washington will spill with blood and several lawmakers who voted for it will immediately be assassinated. This is an urgent message as prevention of this prediction rests upon actions taken within the next 48 hours. If congress is bullied into this unlawful usurping of constitutional rights, then their treachery will be made as an example to all as the end of their lives draws near. My timeline about the civil war may not be so inaccurate after all.

Coming Down the Pipeline

Hello everyone. I hope you have been well. I wanted to let you guys know what kinds of posts are coming down the pipeline. I have some prediction updates and recaps for the year, another series of forecasts for next year and some blogs on Chicago and the five triggers of civil war. Be on the lookout for them in the near future. Best wishes to you all this holiday season.

I’m seeing a lot more health care fraud. I’m seeing massive decline in services and cares. No one following regulations and laws. And huge pushes from Doctors on big pharmaceutical demands.

Now I have been within and around health care for 20 or so years off and on…took a break from it all when I had children, until they reached school age.
Everything I know is simply not being followed. Institutions rounding people up like cattle and treating them awfully! Treating them like business transactions and not as humans!
This terrifies me! The urge to avoid unnecessary is very strong!
I am auto immune so I have learned to educate myself on what I’m putting in my body. And if I won’t put it in my body, I won’t put it in my children’s bodies!
I’m seeing everything I once only saw at VA….but at all health care places!
I knew I’d see it eventually, but I never imagined so quickly.
Doctors not listening to patients. Doctors talking at not to patients….

This is a big area people need to keep an eyes on.


50 Predictions for 2016+


50 Predictions 2016 and Beyond


+  These are my predictions based on my dreams, evidence/confirmations from the news, understanding of history, my visions, confirmations from other psychics/spiritual people who see/predict similar events to mine. 

+ A lot of the 50 points on this list are already mentioned in my other predictions and I arrived at these ideas on my own from dreams and then sought confirmation from political events and news. 

+ Some of these predictions I began writing about several years ago and have become more clear/confirmed at this moment in time. 

+ I  pray against the negative events and that we can use our collective consciousness to defeat the NWO agenda and create a healthy, safe, liberty promoting, wealthy, fertile future for humanity. 

+ I’m not surprised that some other psychics see the same warnings.  We tap into the same frequencies and often see parts of the same story from different aspects. 

+ I’m also expecting a huge NWO blowback from government trolls who regularly attack me and my websites.  Your attacks only confirm that I’m exposing NWO evil satanic agendas and allowing people to pray against it, stop it, whistle blow, prepare and renounce humanity’s consent.  We not not consent to your NWO agenda.  We do not submit. 

+ Nevertheless, here is a concise list of 50 predictions for 2016 and beyond.  These are not the only things I see in my dreams and mind but I feel these are the points of interest and urgency which need prayer, attention, consideration and preparation.   

+ I believe that a variety of people from different religions, races and walks of life are seeing many of these 50 things on my list and will continue to awaken to these 50 realizations.  I am not sure of an exact timeline or time order for these visions but I believe these are all materializing in 2016 at least in intention/groundwork if not complete execution.  Humanity can spread information and say “NO!!!” to the NWO anti-human evil agenda.   


Year of “Fear” – increasing feeling no one can be trusted, government vs citizens, groups against each other, religions divided, races divided , states vs feds, “divide and conquer”

Year of “Nazi America Rising” (if they get their way, this is what is desired)

Year of “Choosing Sides”

Year of “Lies and Truth”

Year of “Division”

Year of “Injustice”

Year of “Persecution”

Year of “Manipulation”

Year of “Power Grabs”

1. More terror attacks in “Gun Free Zones” in the USA and worldwide.  Some of these are false flags  with varying degrees of government involvement and some are copy cats which really is indirect government involvement. 

2. Obama/NWO agenda: creating opportunities for chaos/ or just politicalizing events to take away liberty, disarm everyone and obliterate the Constitution/Bill of Rights.  The NWO wants disarmed slaves who cannot uprise.

3. More government large scale drills and preps for Civil War (Jade Helm, Jade Helm ‘Uprising’).  Some of these drills have the atmosphere of becoming hot/ False flags.  Moving toward Civil War/WWIII.  Intensification of war, rumors of war, war provocation, war games.

4. More Soros/NWO funding and instigating of Race Wars.  Racially motivated attacks and psyops stirring up both sides- the KKK, the Black Panthers.  Blowback: desire of the people for racial unity.

5. ISIS uniting with Mexican Drug Cartels and hatching more terror events/ training; ISIS exploitation of lax boarders and immigration openings.  Terror from Mexican Drug Cartels.

6. Texas under fire from the NWO.  Texas ready to respond…I still see Texas as an apex of the Civil War.  Texas leading the states rights vs fed government war.  Texans arming themselves and preparing for a government attack which could be a move to take guns, land grabs or any of the ‘hot issues.’  Succession movement still gaining.

7. States Rights VS Federal Government!  Land grabs and overall misuse of federal government regarding property rights.  NWO desire to obliterate property rights and just steal everything while pushing people into small “Hunger Games” type hubs.

8. Both an increase of lies in the media/movies…..general attempt to gas light and cover up and crease confusion… the increase of lies which are exposed by whistleblowers and more amazing horrific satanic like revelations regarding things like the selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood.  Increase of ‘exposing the NWO’ movies/propaganda as people take sides.

9. Increase of movement toward global carbon taxes and environmental tyranny.  Those who speak out against this scam will be prosecuted.  More ridiculous defenses of this web of lies which only serve the NWO agenda: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

10. No recovery of the economy worldwide.  Decline/depression/collapse.  I’m not sure when its going to totally collapse but I feel an urgent need to prepare against this personally.  I’ve had so many dreams about this one and all these predictions I am making are inter-related and can have a possible domino type effect. 

11. Increase of cops being targeted by racial violence as promoted by the mainstream media/NWO.  Decline of police force and influx of ‘federal agents’ to take their place.  Militarizing of police and move toward police state.  Possible troops on the street/checkpoints during events. 

12. Declining justice system which becomes more of a Stazi/Nazi arm of the federal government to persecute people who are anti-NWO.  Increasing use of the IRS for political persecution

13. Increasing gun sales

14. Increasing organization of Militias and calls to impeach/over throw and jail governmental agents who are violating the rights of citizens

15. Increasing persecution of Christians world-wide.  Worst ever, more violent and vulgar displays.

16. Increasing persecution of all religions including mainstream Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Amish

17. Increasing exorcisms and witch hunts, especially in third world countries

18. Increase of child trafficking, beastiality, woman trafficking, selling of body parts, drugs

19. Media cover up of extremist Muslim persecution of the LGBT community and a steady heating response from the LGBT community

20. Movement toward a global currency/ devaluing of the dollar and countries abandoning the dollar/ movement includes going toward a ‘mark of the beast’ type chip that is implanted for buying and selling.  Might not happen this year but movement toward achieving it is happening this year for sure. Increasing food prices worldwide.

21. Movement to introduce a global identification card (which relates to #20) in order to better track, monitor, prohibit and control everyone.  It is sold as a card that keeps us safe from terrorism/ helps us track immigration but the same tactic exactly was used by Hitler and served only for government control of everyone/ stripping away of rights and political persecution; their solution to the immigration problem and vetting immigrants to weed out terrorists is this international ID card which is the card of the NWO.  This card actually has nothing to do with terrorism and does not protect anyone. 

22. Malls, schools, theatres, holidays, national symbols, churches, mosques, synagogues, cultural events, parades, protests, demonstrations, sporting events, celebrations, flags, symbols under fire/ desire to eliminate because of the NWO

23. “Political Correctness” explodes and is an obvious tool for persecution and government controls.  Control of speech, thinking, pre-crime and shaming.  Plus, a blow back against this overtly obnoxious agenda.  Please educate yourself on the history of ‘Political Correct Speech’ regarding Hitler and the Nazis.  History repeats, echoes and gets WORSE.    

24. Persecution of whistleblowers, especially in the army, government, media.  Realization that if we don’t expose lies/injustice we will suffer anyway.  No one is safe so might as well stand for the good/truth.

25. Movement to end the free media under the guise of keeping us safe from terrorism.  They will say that the free internet is allowing terrorists to be recruited, radicalized and to communicate and plot terror events and the only solution is some kind of alternative internet which is totally government controlled, which means NWO controlled.  The NWO simply wants to obliterate free speech and end all political communication through alternative media thus gaining the power to control and brainwash through media.  They admitted they are losing the info-war and want to gain control of information. 

26. Growing hatred of USA intervention in the world stage; growing hatred of Israel

27. Increasing infertility- this problem does not get better any time soon

28. Increasing cancers and neurological diseases and resistant antibiotics (and Failed ObamaCare) cause more people to wake up and try to become healthy through clean non-GMO organic food, natural medicines, alternative medicines, eliminating toxins like fluoride from the water which the government puts in to dumb us down as a weapon, questioning vaccines and big Pharma/ Monstanto.  Attempted take down of organizations like Monsanto.  All of this is an increasing war on health between the NWO who responds by becoming more sneaky in their attacks on food/water/medicine/environment.  More companies struggle  in this economy and succumb to the demands of the people for cleaner food. Gross additives exposed, brought to light.  Government regulations attempt to push NWO food/supplement control/poison. 

29. General increased mental illness.  Weirdness expressed in surprising new ways like those people who ‘identify’ as dumplings or want to blind themselves or want to cut off their limbs as nuggets and be ‘trans-abled.’  This is being promoted by the NWO because in the transition to trans-human they want to re-define what it is to be human without any kind of limits/ reason/ natural definitions of any sort

30. Use of the controlling of education for government propaganda brainwashing…..government replacing the family is ramped into high gear and more overt than ever.  Common Core’s insanity, the refusal to teach American History, persecution of children who don’t want to eat the toxic food or wear a political shirt or chew their pop tart into a gun…..complete undermining and brainwashing of our children and more people waking up to this insanity and opting for homeschool.  Increasing persecution of homeschoolers. Expect more insane articles of this sort.

31. More homeless on every corner, more crime, more homeless animals and the quality of life in America in decline….increased food prices and continued drop of oil prices…..manipulation of markets…..America shifting toward a third world country and a disappearing middle class.

32. Increase of strange weather, swarms of earthquakes and mass animal deaths….not due to ‘man made climate change’

33. Increasing water shortages (some contrived)/pollution/ toxic water….it is very important to make sure to filter your water this year and beyond. 

34. Increasing persecution of artists, activists who use the arts and comedians.  In response waves of artists who defy the rules of the establishment and make their criticisms of government anyway.

35. Threats of and possible execution of biological/chemical attacks by ISIS in the USA (and abroad).  This would be a mother of false flags and I believe the government has something planned regarding this.  Two years ago I found a pamphlet made for public schools regarding federal preps and drills for upcoming biological and chemical attacks.  This preparation includes taking school kids in drills to FEMA like camps and holding them without releasing them to their parents.  I made a YouTUBE video about this pamphlet asking what horrible false flag biological or chemical attack they have planned which involves our children at public schools and they actually removed the soundtrack on my video and put some strange song instead to mute me.  I’m not sure when this will happen but I see the ducks lining up for a plan to execute this false flag which would be a complete NWO order from chaos false flag that has clearly been planed and executed with an agenda in mind to push ahead thanks to this contrived crisis.

36. Trump needs to be very careful.  Putin and others have warned him about his safety.  Likewise, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and anyone who stands against the NWO need to be careful because the time is coming for persecution.  They might disappear some people during events or just outright murder.  Then, they will simply blame ISIS or some government created patsy.

37. Increasing governmental regulations/ surveillance/ prohibitions which are overtly illegal across the board.  Desire for a martial law situation which never ends. 

38. I believe that ISIS has an attack planned for the Vatican.  I’m not sure when it will happen but in their fantasy they want to hijack and take over the Vatican and put in an Islamic State capital. 

39. Increase in Islam and decline in other religions. 

40. Increase in Satanism and mainstreaming of Satanic practices in the mainstream media and NWO controlled propaganda

41. Continued redefinition of beauty standards for women and men in the media and on television/movies/ within fashion.  Glorification of different body types, strong women, gender neutral body types and fashion, ehtnic is trendy, decline of the boundaries between men and women….even in toys and toy stores.  In transhumanism the core of what humanity is, as well as sexuality is completely redefined and this movement to create humans that are both female and male is part of the NWO agenda for transhumanism.  Womb transplants and alternative birthing methods are also being implemented already. 

42. More fighting politically about men in women’s bathrooms.  More attacks on women and small children in the bathroom by heterosexual male perverts in the bathrooms. 

43. More women wanting concealed carry and more gun free zones pushing to have armed guard and a government blow back trying to limit these practices. 

44. More sightings of ‘demons’ ‘aliens’

45. Food trends: still pushing to introduce insects into the mainstream, fads that are Middle Eastern hitting mainstream and fancy food establishments in the USA and the West like Lebne, Zaatar, fancy juice bars like they have in Arab lands….Saj breads and pizzas.

46. Corruption at Universities/ propaganda and thought control from the NWO agenda/ this is increasing and becoming more strange and overt

47. Increasing deaths from synthetic pot and synthetic drugs.  Don’t do these.  As pot is decriminalized and the war on drugs ends synthetic drugs will be outlawed.

48. Return of weird old dead strange diseases.  Something from deep in the ground…(?) I’m not sure what thing is trapped deep in the ground or deep in rock but there is something toxic that will be exposed according to my dreams…..something dormant goes live.

49. Personal warning: my dreams tell me that one day in my lifetime there will be a power outage (CME?) which results in the decline of the ‘just in time’ food delivery and render a deep and urgent need for us to prepare to avoid what I experienced as a horrible thirst and hunger and insanity.

50. Personal warning: my dreams tell me that one day bombs will go off in NYC, Washington and it is part of this NWO nightmare.  I also saw North Korea bombing South Korea and something going down in both Israel and Saudi Arabia.  These were terrible vivid nightmares I hope never come to pass but my dreams of these repeated and were very intense and I wake up crying and sweating.  I didn’t see a wide spread nuclear type devastation but certain targets in pain, with a black swirling energy over them in my dreams.    


+ I urge you to research history and events where tyrants have risen to power.  The comparisons between what is happening in the USA to Hitler’s rise to power are shockingly horrible.  There is a clear NWO playlist and they are pulling out the stops at this crucial time in history just before Singularity and their Transhuman shift.

+See: Nazi Germany Era Austrian Lady  Survivor Kitty Worthman discussing Rise of Hitler/ comparison with Obama and USA 2015


I also urge you to research all of my points above on your own and to seek the predictions of others which, I believe confirm aspects of the same future. 

See: Lisa Haven Prediction Video where she details 18 predictions for 2016


Attempt #2 Failed

So this was my second attempt to try to leave for safety since my last attempt two months ago. I had a clear opening, I drove out for about 2 or 3 miles and then I drove back home. I couldn’t do it. I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t feel 100% confident that I was making the right decision and I couldn’t operate under such uncertainty. Maybe I’m making a huge mistake in staying behind when I had, perhaps my only other chance, to leave it all behind. Maybe I’m destined to make more blog posts to prepare the world for what is coming. All I know is what’s done is done and attempt #2 at leaving failed before it even started to gain traction. I have confidence that my final farewell will come, but it needs to come when I’m absolutely ready to do so and not a minute sooner. Pray for me to find the strength to make the right decision. I’m praying for all of you as well. Best wishes as always.