June 12th


In a follow up to our writings about the MK ULTRA patsy in our midst, I would like to mention the date June 12th. It obviously has some importance to the elite because it has been mentioned by our spy a number of times. June 12th is the birth date of former President George HW Bush and of soon to be centennial David Rockefeller. I wrote about a purge of the elite on our site last year and perhaps the elite would like to use this as a means to slam our site as “terrorist propaganda” in the near future. This is why I believe a false flag assassination will occur towards one of these two men, or another high ranking member of the elite, to serve as a catalyst for the further eroding of human rights all around the world. The death of Richard Rockefeller in a mysterious plane crash last year occurred only one day later; on June 13th rather than the 12th. Keep an eye out for this in the near future. It may be an event of important consequence to all of humanity.

Pattern of Bringing Down Patriots in the Liberty Movement


Warning for patriots who are actively involved in activism in the liberty movement, including talk show hosts, utubers, people with blogs, websites and very active in their activism on social media.  The government has been and will continue to send psyop patsy types to false flag and then say they were inspired by you.  They will post some weird rants or journals or manifestos on your social media and be found with your merchandise or propaganda.  This has already happened and is increasing.  One such example is the fake Osama Bin Laden library filled with so called ‘conspiracy’ and liberty movement truther type books.  That was obvious crap fake propaganda and Osama didn’t read that stuff and wasn’t a fan of these authors or ideas. The dumb ass media clearly overplayed their lies which they hallucinate their watchers are so dumb and brainwashed that they would believe it.  I laugh every time I see those completely far fetched and obviously created articles linking Osama to the liberty movement.  So totally silly and unrealistic.  Now, every single government psyop toy will be linked to Alex Jones or some other loud mouthed liberty lover they wish to take out because they are exposing the NWO.  Further, I have had several friends who are in the liberty movement who told me that someone associated with a false flag mass shooting has posted rants on their social media, like their Facebook Fanpage. This is a low blow, desperate pattern of attacks on the liberty movement which is in no way connected to the terrorists but, in fact fighting the true terrorists, the NWO.  Be mindful of this attack if you are in the Liberty movement and speak out against violence in advance of being pinned with inspiring some cookoo-bird MK ULTRA patsy planted there to take you down.  Now is the time to decry violence and expose the true terrorists.  No wonder that Osama is being linked to liberty movement books since he too is a government patsy who played a role in our government run terrorism which is an ongoing injuman unjust attack on human rights and should be punished by the harshest extent of the law.

Two Strikes for Israel


Well, my previous advice to keep the war hawks in Netanyahu’s latest coalition in line have appeared to fall on deaf ears. We have two strikes against the Israeli’s attempts to exacerbate the instability in the middle east and it hasn’t even been a month into their tenure yet. Strike #1 is the recent attack on the Gaza strip in retaliation to a rocket launch that injured or killed no one. Strike #2 is their recent attempts to harass FIFA soccer officials with their recent indictment on corruption charges by the Department of Justice (or the Department of Injustice for their inability to reign in police brutality….I’ll get to that another time). These allegations have been known for almost 25 years and it just so happens that these arrests are occurring now? Just hours before a vote is to be set to eliminate Israel from the FIFA charter? This is political retaliation at its finest and it will not intimidate the league officials or help to make amends for their ever present brutality in the region. If anything, this is going to backfire on them and this apparent retaliation will have reverberations in the forms of the rise of the BDS movement and the elimination of many Jewish politicians in the United States and across Europe. I write this because strike #3 will be the final straw that does Israel’s state legitimacy in for many generations to come. If they do not pull themselves together now, they will find that they will have no more supporters (or those who are still able to support them) and they will fall to invasion by their neighbors in the surrounding region. It seems that the Israeli government is too far gone at this point, but I write this in the hope of a last minute intervention. If not, the Israeli’s will be cast out of Israel for a third time in world history and it will be yet another tragic fate that befalls upon the Jewish people in all of human history. Come to your senses now because there aren’t many opportunities to save the state left. They are diminishing by the hour and will soon be a thing of the past.

Remembering Biblical Prophecy of Tragic Times and a Fake Jesus


I never write about Biblical Prophecy but I have something important to say right now.  I believe we are at a critical shift in human history.  There are warnings in the Bible about wars and people claiming to be Jesus who, in fact are not Jesus.  There are government programs in place to create the appearance of a fake Jesus to help usher in their NWO.  I think there will be many people who rise up pretending to be Jesus but are nothing more than MKULTRA government wind up toys.  Watch for Fake Jesus false flags.  Good people will hopefully have discernment against these crazy events.

As a side note, I’m unsure if there is something to this but one such fake Jesus has been contacting me for years and it has reached a point where I need to seek legal help against this man who is harassing me/ causing emotional distress.  He has announced that as Jesus he will return June 12th and keeps rattling on about June.  I just want to put this information as a warning on the record.  I sent him a cease and desist letter and our blog has nothing to do with this man or any actions he might cause.  I hope the police in his area will adequately respond if he does something weird.  He has not indicated to me any plans for violence or else I’d have reported that immediately.  I have no reason to suspect that he might be violent expect that if he really is a convicted felon he isn’t aloud to own a gun legally.  I am unsure if he really owns a gun as he claims.

Nightmares About the USA


I’m going to list some top points that I am seeing in my recent nightmares regarding events in the USA.  I hope this is a paranoid rant which never happens but I’m concerned because these events that I have dreamed about are quite possible to unfold and if they do I feel a need to have make a public warning of my dreams.

1. A planned drone strike in USA by the Feds on ‘homegrown terrorists’ who are simply anyone Anti-Communist.  These include patriots, veterans, Christians, basically anyone typically American and not brainwashed by some kind of Communist propaganda.  In one dream I was completely horrified seeing this unfold.

2. Increasing Haarp attack/weather weapon attack on parts of the USA that they consider ‘Hostile’ to their Communist agenda. Tornadoes, earthquakes and a Hurricane for Texas.  Reports of ‘unusual and freaky weather.’  In one dream I was  watching the news and they were reporting on record weather problems in Texas which started with ‘those usual historic floods’ and just kept hammering as one historical weather problem after the next.  Floods all through summer into Hurricane season and then Boom a Cat. 5. smack right on Texas…..coinciding with Jade Helm and all the increasing drama regarding that.  They desired to knock out the power on Texas and disable the state, especially ALEX JONES AND INFOWARS.

3. Deployment of these younger good looking people as federal snoops that pretend to be doing surveys and they go to universities, schools for all ages and door to door asking about religion, political issues.  They further compile black lists that they actively use to go after anyone anti-communist.  Anti-Communist are my words, they just SCREAM TERRORIST, HOMEGROWN TERRORIST, RACIST…..THE NWO IS BASICALLY USING A COMMUNIST AGENDA TO DEPLOY.

4. Overt/Increasing persecution in America of the anti-communists.  If they can’t get people into camp-shelters due to storms, political unrest or other problems they just round up people/execute….things get confusing as Mexican Gang Cartels/ ISIS/ Russia/China etc….the boogies just increase and events increase and people are confused but the attacker is the NWO, the terrorist is the NWO…..don’t get caught in the propaganda of whatever they sell to twist it ultimately back to persecute Americans.

5.  I dream of a desperate anxiety/climaxing swirling energy over certain locations.  I think the weird energy is starting to surface already in Texas and will only increase.  I’ve made several predictions of the great role Texas plays to fight the NWO.  I’m not the only one who dreams or sees this and I’m hearing an increasing discussion of psychics or just intuitive people who see Texas as a sort of stronghold against the NWO.  I still think there will be a very dark series of days where major cities are effected by so called terrorists….NYC, Washington are the ones I see the most in my mind.  I hope this doesn’t happen.  If it does, do not be  mistaken this is the NWO’s very active hot plan to take over the USA and destroy it completely.

What can you do?

GET PREPARED.  Accumulate the food, weapons, medicines and other things you need to weather these events the best you can for your family.  Visualize good overcoming the world, the world enveloped in healing love, peace, freedom, human rights, justice.  As the evil energy is climaxing it will also come out in a variety of little ways all around effecting many so make sure that you are aware, vigilant and don’t put yourself and family in the line of possible riots/civil unrest….and just watch out for regular every day ordinary evil-doers who intend to hurt you or your family.  If a major event happens in your city/town will you be able to take care of yourself and family?  Consider yourself without access to money in the bank (maybe ever).

Tonight’s TPP Vote


Tonight’s Trans Pacific Partnership vote is going to have major consequences for those who supported the fast tracking of the policy without debate. I won’t say what that will be (to keep it a secret), but it will scare those in the senate from supporting something like it again and it will stall House Republicans until they vote no for passage. This is a brief message because it’s a late breaking one I just got from the spiritual world. This weekend will begin to see the rebellion and retribution that comes from this usurping of democracy by corporate conglomerates. They’ll wish they hadn’t supported this when push comes to shove.

A Media Broadcast is Interrupted


I’ve developed a sickening feeling every time I see mainstream media on my television or internet feed. It’s nothing but white supremacy and lies. I’m fed up with it and thankfully I’m not the only one who is either. In late May or early June, the group Anonymous will reenact the scene in V for Vendetta where the television feed is hacked and interrupted with a message of their own. Mainstream media and major television broadcasts across the country will be interrupted by this group and the truth about our world will be revealed to the masses. The government will claim that the Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for the hack, but that is not true. This message will inspire another major rally on the fifth of November and the final battles of the civil war shall rage on after that. The masses are fed up with the corruption in government and the accomplices that keep this corrupt status quo in check. That’s about to fall to the ground very soon. I feel for anyone who harshly falls down with the implosion of the Illuminati agenda.