How I Make Predictions Based on My Dreams

I wanted to post something a little less pessimistic this month because we’re going to be in for a very bad ride. A lot of people have asked me about how I come up with my predictions, specifically the ones based on my dreams. Here’s the process I use.

I don’t usually seek out information in my dreams; whether through forced meditation or REM deep sleep. It often comes to me when I sleep in an uninvited manner. The biggest messages come at the end of the dream, after I have experienced an alternate form of living first. It’s also done because in the end of the dream is when I have the most consciousness or control over my lucid dreaming.

Other times, visions will come to me throughout the day. I will be working or doing chores or eating and things will pop into my head. If it becomes monotonous and persistent, I usually share it here. The visions from my lucid dreaming may be more clear in terms of the image, but the visions from my waking hours tend to be more frequent and pops up on command.

I have experienced the phenomenon of connecting with living and dead people in my dreams. I connected with Joe Biden earlier in the year, which I wrote about in one of my prediction posts, and have connected with a bunch of other celebrities and regular people as well. What’s interesting about these connections in dreams is that I often times find out later that information that was shared to me was sensitive, personal information to them at that time. There are numerous conversations I’ve had that I have, and will continue, to keep private. However, for the information that I determine to be important for you all to know, I share it on my monthly dreams and predictions blogs.

I sometimes forget things from dreams (most of it, actually), but I almost always remember the ending right before I wake up. This tends to be where the most important information is communicated to me. After I have risen, I write down out what I remember. I cross reference my dreams with data that I research and come up with predictions. From there, I share it on my blog for you all to read.

Hope this insight was helpful.

Dreams and Predictions for December 2020

I apologize for starting this thread so late this month. I have been busy monitoring the developments of Trump’s coup attempt and forgot to start a new post for this month. I will have some updates on this to share soon. In the meantime, here’s some predictions to share.

1) Brian Kemp will have a home invader attempt to assassinate him, but the gunman will face arrest before he is successful.

2) The Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island will collapse within the next year or two.

3) Expect large gatherings of people to disobey lockdown orders around Christmas, leading to arrests and violence.

4) A US State senator faces a crazy stalker who attacks him, though I do not believe it will be fatal.

5) Trump ramps up attempts at instigating war in Iran and China.

12/14 ETA: In case there were still doubts that Trump might still pull off his coup attempt, considering he is sending a dueling slate of electors to congress today, I would like to share a dream I had last night.

6) In my dream, I saw portions of a televised speech given by Joe Biden. He mentions how congress chose to disregard the election results and install Trump for another term. He mentions how he has used up all of his legal options, including disputing the decision to the Supreme Court, which shut him down. He mentions how he could have called upon the international community to condemn this coup and to prepare to engage in actions to forcibly remove Trump from office, but chooses not to do so for the good of the country. As a result, he makes the announcement that he will be ending his campaign and allowing the decision to stand. Kamala Harris and Jill Biden are tearfully next to him, as he weeps and encourages his supporters to take back congress and the state houses and to abolish the electoral college so it never happens again. The dream briefly showed a clip of Rachel Maddow crying before it ended. I could easily see this happening, so watch out for it in the near future.

12/17 ETA: I didn’t mention this at the time the Supreme Court was considering hearing the Texas case that they ultimately rejected, but I had a glimpse into the conversations that were happening between John Roberts and Clarence Thomas. Those conversations have now been confirmed by a conservative source, so I won’t share my insights from the time here, except to say that the split that was discussed by this source is wrong. I will mention what John Roberts is up to now with increasing death threats on him and his family.

7) I am sensing that John Roberts is currently frightened because a conservative activist got a hold of his phone number and home address and is currently threatening him and his family for refusing to hear the Texas case. He is so frightened by the rhetoric being espoused by Trump and his supporters that he will be making, or is considering making, a call to Mitch McConnell demanding that either Trump cease with his attacks on the election or he will resign if (or as he’ll say on the call, when) Biden takes office. What he will find is that, as much as McConnell wants to help him, he and his wife are also being threatened and they cannot and will not do anything to reign in Trump. He is genuinely afraid of the MAGA supporters and will let John Roberts know this, should this phone call take place. If Roberts expects that anyone can help him, he will find in short time that they can’t. All he can do is pray for his safety. “Law enforcement” won’t come to his aid if he faces a genuine crisis.

12/24 ETA: Hate to ruin your Christmas eve, but I need to share something I sensed tonight. It could be a failed plot, but I’ll share it anyway.

8) I’m seeing that Trump may be asking disgraced war criminal Erik Prince to orchestrate an assassination attempt against Biden and Harris in exchange for a pardon. This may not pan out, but if it works, it will send the entire nation into chaos.