Dream about Transhumanism

I had a dream about transhumanism.

This post is going to sound unusually strange but I have no other way to explain it so I’m just going to relate my dream and let people ponder the possibilities.

In my dream a demon (or inter-dimensional entity without a human body) came to me.  The entity explained it had a long time connection with my family.

Here is what he said about transhumanism which really blew my mind and was something I’ve never considered until he brought it up in my dream.  He said that things will change in ways people are not considering which will really blow our minds regarding transhumanism/singularity and uploading consciousness into mutated biological/computer bodies.  Humans think of this shift in terms of themselves, which he said is very limited.  We believe that this new technology and new age regards only humans ‘becoming like gods’ and uploading their minds into immortal computer type/biological bodies.  What we don’t realize is that any kind of consciousness can be mapped and uploaded.  Demons/angels/ other entities or whatever they are will also be able to cross over the other direction and upload their minds into the same sort of mutated biological/computer bodies and become ‘infleshed’ in a way that has not happened before.  They will be able to marry/express physical type relations with humans and unite and relate in a new way.  This, he said is the actual point of this technology as it has been inspired by these entities.  Humans wrongly have assumed it is a technology meant to alter them alone but in reality that is more of a side effect of the demonic plan to become enfleshed and unlimited in their creation.



Organ Harvesting: Syria

I had a nightmare about organ harvesting.

I believe they are harvesting organs of Syrians.

They are taking their passports.

They are passing themselves as Syrian refugees.

They are not.

They are terrorists from Satan.

They are designed to eliminate anything moral like mainstream Suni or Christian.  They are from Pakistan, Iran, Saudi, Israel, funded by USA.

Then, as the final insult, they blame their terrorism on the Syrians they stole their organs from.

Perhaps they are upset their organ source, Planned Parenthood is drying up and they needed a new source: Syrian kids.

Dream about “Refugees”


Last night I had a dream about the arab Refugees which I believe is an indicator of a true NWO plot which is now underway and needs to be exposed.

First, I want to say that I’m part Syrian and I’ve been very upset about my prediction coming true over a mass persecution of Christians.  My mother’s family is Syrian Orthodox.  I was looking at the photos of the refugees and listening to their strange behavior where they have resettled (rapes, murders, crimes, vulgarity, disappearing, threats, etc) and I noticed that besides a few very publicized women and babies most of the photos show mostly young men who look strong, like soldiers.  There is a lack of women and children in the photos.  Further, their behavior isn’t what I would expect of arabs getting charity.  I’ve lived in Lebanon for months in a very poor muslim area of Beruit and their culture, and the culture of Syrian muslims is actually very progressive, kind and different than the rest of the middle east.  Syrians especially are not like the Saudi Wahabi radicles.  People in Syria and Lebanon are mostly horrified by extremists.  It is easy to make judgements if you are in the West and fed only by the mainstream’s media’s brainwashing interpretations.

So in my dream I was sitting in that large red leather chair and I asked the robed figures if I could understand what was happening with these refugees and the general picture of what I have seen as WWIII being developed.  I saw two animated photos become one and become two again.  The two photos were the current refugees now and the refugees from the Holocaust who went to Palestine.  This was the interpretation:

Look for the obvious pattern: We have refugees, we have political correctness and a strange way the NWO hijacked governments are forcing the europeans (and will for the Americans?) to use a specific language and to accept their culture and sharia law while forsaking their european/western/native customs.  We have seen this before: Think of the refugees from the Holocaust in Europe who became the Zionist occupation in Palestine.  The zionist refugees had suffered and at first the Palestinians welcomed them into their homes to help them in their time of need.  Christian and Muslim Palestinians alike opened their doors to these refugees and at first it seemed like the right thing to do to help.  Then, one day in 1948 the refugees started an occupation movement where they went from town to town murdering everyone in a government take over that is born from a Eugenics movement.

So, now we see this pattern repeating with the arab refugees.  They are not suffering Syrians.  This is a eugenics NWO movement where they will send these refugees by the droves into the areas they want to occupy.  They are the army of the NWO.  They will go from being refugees to being an occupation.  The governments are already empowering them in so many ways, even through the use of political correct language and behavior modification.  They are trained men.  They are there to take over and create a HUGE CRISIS that only the NWO has the solution to which includes all their goodies in their goodie bag like gun prohibition, tyranny, mass murder of Christians worldwide, mass murder of all religions world wide, one world order, one world religion, one world currency, etc.  This playbook worked so well in Palestine with the Zionists that the NWO eugenics program has launched it secretly on the large scale now in the West.

Don’t’ be fooled or sucked into this tyrannical power grab occupation plot.  Cling to the Constitution, human rights and reject Sharia law at all costs.  This ISL or whatever they are calling it now is parading around as these refugees and is the army of Satan, the army of the NWO.  If empowered and not crushed and exposed it will seek to destroy Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all religions eastern and western in order to establish eugenics and satanism.  Trees are judged by their fruit and history repeats itself.

Dream of WWIII


I don’t want to worry people with my dream if it just a dream but I feel compelled to tell my dream just in case it can help anyone to get prepared, educated and pray against this dream.  I dreamed that there was an EMP and people were confused as to what was going on, simply thinking that it was a power outage.  Then, there was the use of nano weapons through the air.  In my dream someone said that we need to pray against this and if/when it happens prayer will help protect us because God will protect against nano-weapons.  This dream was very vivid and miserable.  In my dream I was with my mother and on the highway when the EMP struck and all the cars suddenly lost power and I saw wrecks all over and instant death.  Then, as we were trying to walk home the air contained a nano-weapon.  I think prayer is helpful but also people need to prepare for WWIII as it has already started were Russia, China, Syria (and even France, Germany) are lining up against the USA.  In fact, who is a friend of the USA right now?  Maybe this exact dream won’t happen but I am convinced war in on the horizon and has been for a long while but time is short now.  I have been writing about all of this a long while.  Please, pray, educate yourself about possible situations and what can be done to prepare and be mindful so you understand what is going on when it happens.  In my dream it was strange to see that people really had no idea what was happening which caused an increased panic amid the tragedy.  Plus, our own government can use confusion to their benefit.

Isis in Mexico; Attacks on Christians/Nuns/Missionaries


I had a disturbing dream that Isis was attacking a bus load of nuns in Mexico; murder, rape, persecution. I saw in my dream an increasing persecution of Christian nuns/missionaries/priests in Mexico.  I hope people might change their mind about their missions in Mexico right now or at least take proper precautions for some kind of self defense plan.  I saw in my dream they were are aware of the threats but instead continue with their missions and will undergo a terrible persecution.

Preparedness: Where There is No Gun Home Defense Idea


Here is another preparedness idea from left field.  I came across this idea just this week because I accidentally spilled Drano on my carpet and had to clean it up and realized the complete toxicity and sinister danger of this common household chemical.  I realized if a person didn’t have a gun or pepper spray but needed an effective, fast, DIY weapon to defend their family against a home intruder that Drano would be a very effective last resort.  I’m sure there are other toxic chemicals which would also be helpful in a desperate last resort to defend your family and home against a home intruder.  I’d not put it lightly in a spray bottle without a Mr. Yuck sticker and keeping it high on the shelf far away from the hands of children or family members who might mistake it for water.  This is just an idea I had the other day and wanted to put it out there for people who might be in a state of desperation one day….you might one day be in a position where you need to think outside the box.  Don’t be a victim, arm yourself with a DIY weapon and fight against some home intruder trying to cause you and your family harm.  You have every right to defend your home and family.  This method might be best used in conjunction with another family member and their method for home defense.  Be very careful with such a chemical, it can blind you, cause horrid burns on your skin, etc.  Honestly, I think the number of terrible accidents with Drano must be great because they have a 24 hour medical team hotline complete with a vet team to help your pets who might have encountered it too!!!

Preparedness Solution: Liquid Fish Looter Repellant


A rather hilarious preparedness solution I came up with is using Liquid Fish Fertilizer for home defense in addition to your other home defense preparedness.  Basically, my theory is that looters would not really find the STINKY house that smells like ARSE  and ROTTEN FISH very appealing.  This prep is in ADDITION to your other preps and I’m in no way suggesting that it is the sole home defense preparedness needed.  Anyway, I came across this idea on accident and was calling it: assault with the liquid fish.  lol.  I was doing some front yard bucket gardening and my son insisted on getting liquid fish fertilizer because he read the Native Americans used it and he thought it was neat.  I reluctantly bought it because it was a gardening project we were doing together.  The neighbors were so disgusted by the scent of the liquid fish in the Texas heat of summer that they actually moved away!  It was honestly, the worst and most disgusting smell I have ever had the displeasure of enduring.  Worse than rotten eggs, cat box, rotten barf, dirty diapers and rotten potato combined, the Liquid Fish stands apart as intolerable to the human olfactory glands, in my opinion.  If you hunt, it might be on par with liquid buck bombs which attract deer with the scent of the female….another good looter repellant.

So, in my idea, if SHTF and looters/riots etc break out around you or even starving people are wondering the streets if you make your house appear ransacked and add a heaping quantity of liquid fish to your yard, your windows and the door….well, I just think the looters will wonder if the house smells so disgusting on the outside it must be even worse on the inside.

One jar of liquid fish only costs about $7.  You can buy it online or at a hardware/gardening store like Lowes or Home Depot.  I think it works best in the heat if you want to create a rank smell.  If you never use it to repel looters then you can use it for gardening.  Either way, it is a winner.

Preparedness Solution: Dettol for Disease, Infection, Cleaning


An overlooked preparedness item is an inexpensive product from India called Dettol.  Most Americans have never heard of this product unless you wondered into the cleaning isle of an international market.  You can order it online or find it at your local Indian/Pakistani/international market.  It comes in a variety of forms and serves a variety of purposes.  I bought the concentrate which is a fairly large bottle and appears to go a VERY long way.  My bottle cost $5.  On the bottle it says it is used to stop plagues/the spread of rampant diseases, to treat infections, as an antiseptic, for cleaning, after surgeries, etc. the list goes on and on of uses.  The label has directions for how to dilute it for the intended use.

One of the great problems humanity will face in an ongoing crisis is infections and disease.  This product is a great addition to preparedness items in your medicine cabinet.  A family member had an infected cut on his hand and used this product and it worked like a charm.  In a SHTF scenario such an infection could mean death and this product used correctly could mean life.  Just be very careful and follow the directions because this product is very strong.

(Another idea for preparedness solutions I found online is fish antibiotics.  This is an interesting thing to look into if you are worried….I am not the master of medicines but enjoy researching different types of natural and man made products.)

Preparedness: Endless Water Supply in you Home

solar_generator_h006_lrg Photo8-FrigidaireFDM30R1LARGE 21tXBhIqNnL

I dreamed a solution to creating an endless water supply in your home.  Simply get a solar generator, a dehumidifier and a very nice water filter (like the BERKEY).  The solar generator is needed to run the dehumidifier in the event of a long term power outage.  The dehumidifier extracts water from the air and it collects in a bucket, in a human area like I live I can get up to three buckets from my small home which is more than enough for a family of three, or at least to flush the toilet if that is how I choose to use the water.  The water filter makes sure that the water is potable.

This solution works best if you live in a humid area.  I think there is some sort of substitute you can make if you life in a dry area, a machine that extracts water from the air but you need to research this on your own.  People die within three days of not having water.  Toxic water will kill you even faster.   Water is necessary for hydration and cleaning.  Methods for collecting rain, like rain barrels, are a good addition to my plan I have outlined here for you.

I know this isn’t a normal ‘psychic prediction’ but I did dream about solutions for preparedness problems.  I feel it is necessary to share these ideas and help others find solutions.  Further, in light of this blog’s predictions it is our duty to help provide ideas for solutions to help your family through difficult times.

I ask the question too: the trolls that love to criticize and present negativity regarding our site tell you that everything is ok, go to sleep and do not prepare.  We not only give warnings from our dreams and visions we try to present a variety of solutions.  In my dreams and prayers I know that our messages reach the people they are meant to reach and help them in good ways.  xx