Dreams and Predictions for June 2019

I had a large amount of predictions in last months post, so be warned this month will have less than that. Here’s a prediction to share in the meantime.

1) Watch Russia and China in the summer as they play a game of brinksmanship and chicken with the Trump administration. Eventually, he will fold when the alternative is world war three.

6/8 ETA: Another prediction to share.

2) A high profile Trump administration official will be murdered by an Islamic terrorist this month.

6/11 ETA: A few more predictions to share following our websites fifth anniversary.

3) A worldwide supergroup is about to explode and become very famous and successful.

4) I think we are on the verge of a very explosive summer. Expect a lot of rioting and violence in many parts of the world, particularly in the US, Canada and Europe.

5) There will be an astral ghost spotting of Eric Garner at the spot where he was murdered nearly five years ago. I believe this will happen on the anniversary of his death, July 17th. This will be an omen for Bill de Blasio, Bill Bratton, James O’Neill, Daniel Pantaleo and many others in New York city and state government that their day of reckoning is approaching and how it ends will not be pleasant for them in the slightest.

6/12 ETA: A dream based prediction.

6) I believe there will be a pipe bomb explosion in New York City or another large US city this summer. Not sure how many people are injured or killed, but I believe it will be on a busy street corner (not a major attraction site) and it will be detonated from a garbage can.

The Death in the Movie Becoming a Harbinger of Death in Real Life

I know this might be a weird blog to post, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and it popped up again upon hearing of the ending of Avengers: Endgame a few weeks ago. Since this is something that happens with frequency, I figured it was worth posting as a separate piece to reference in the event that similar things happen in the future.

This might be a surprise to some, but movies often cause real life death due to their Satanic nature. I’ve mentioned the darkness of Hollywood before and it is no secret that behind the image of fun and fantasy is a place of sickness and evil. From ritual sacrifices to witchcraft, much of the inner workings of the elite take place in performances that are for public consumption with a private meaning behind them. One of these is the use of film as a death spell ceremony.

In Hollywood, when a film franchise or standalone film gains or is planning to gain a lot of traction, it used as a vehicle to serve as a ritual for a death to serve as a sacrifice to a Satanic idol. The person who dies in the film is protected from the spell. It’s another cast member in the project who takes the leap into the after life instead. Your mental energy powers these spells with mass consumption serving as an energy source. There’s no rhyme or reason as to who is effected, unless such person is being specifically targeted. Instead, it’s someone whose health is either vulnerable or has long lived their usefulness or has been deemed to be a troublemaker who needs to be rid of once and for all. This has been happening for a long time and it’s about to happen again in the near future.

Some examples of this previously occurring include Star Wars The Force Awakens: Death where the death of Han Solo leads to real life death of Carrie Fisher. Brokeback Mountain, where the death of Jack Twist leads to real life death of Heath Ledger. Fast and the Furious, where the death of Vince leads to the death of actor Paul Walker. (Note: This is not a complete list by any means, but I have been very sick over the last few days and haven’t been able to compile the comprehensive list that I wanted to so that this blog was posted by the end of the month. If there are more examples I can pull later, I might add them in an ETA).

Why I am mentioning this is because (spoiler alert) Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) and Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) die at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Since both characters died in the movie, it is very unlikely that either of the actors will succumb to this death curse put out into the universe. It is the most watched movie of the year so it has the energy of a lot more viewers and, hence, the spell is a lot more powerful than other spells of its kind.

I have some theories over who the victim could be, but these could be wrong. Colbie Smoulders is very high on my watch list. It’s 7 years removed from death of fellow Canadian actor Cory Monteith (wasn’t sure what death on Glee could have spurred his, but it’s been established that the show is cursed). Facing scandal of a soon to be airing TV series that might be cancelled quickly, she’s at a particularly vulnerable moment in her life and career. She also gives off a vibe overall of an early death. Jeremy Renner is another person who is very susceptible to death, specifically by suicide. He hides his true self and that anxiety and stress could eat him alive to the point of death. It could also reasonably be any of the cast members who aren’t Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans. The point is, the whole cast should be on the lookout for this evil approaching and mind their safety heading into next year.

Watch out for this spell to go into effect in 2020. Though I doubt it can be prevented, it should serve as a warning to those who still go to the cinema that continued viewership means participating in sickening rituals like the death spell cast from this movie. It should give you pause before you give them any more of your hard earned money.

Dreams and Predictions for May 2019

Happy May Day everyone! (Look into the origins of this holiday and why the elite prefer the masses to celebrate Labor Day).

I’m out of the country at the moment so I won’t be posting most of my predictions for this month for two weeks. I also have a blog post in development that will be worth sharing as well. In the meantime, here is a prediction to share.

1) I had a dream where I foresaw trouble for The Philippines. Something to do with terrorism, it was very vague. Watch out for it sometime this summer.

5/9 ETA: So I just got back from being away for many days. I visited England and feel that, despite the worries, the energy suggests that the UK will be fine for the most part after Brexit finally occurs. I didn’t get to see Northern Ireland so I don’t have much of a reading there, but England itself will be fine. Thought that was notable in my senses. Anyways, I’ll share some predictions now and then more as the rest of the month goes on.

2) I had a dream last night where a new female singer sings a song called 143 and it’s apparently a very big hit that everyone really likes. A lot of celebrities were taking to it. The singer was a black female, don’t remember her name though it sounded like Trina or Rina. Watch out for this in the summer.

3) Paris Hilton will apparently have a comeback this year (not looking forward to this).

4) I had a dream about Britney Spears last night. Even though the media would like you to believe that things are fine, her life is in imminent danger, especially on the heels of the conservatorship hearing tomorrow. Watch out for the sings tomorrow.

5) I’m not sure if this is a prediction repeat or not, but Juan Guaido will not succeed in ousting Nicolas Maduro despite pressure from the Trump administration. He will likely be arrested by the end of the month and executed before the end of the year, hearing some muted outrage from the world, but not real action taken as a result.

6) Watch for signs of Trump’s imminent death in July. More stories of looser security and secret service mishaps serve as the tells.

7) A major city mayor will met their reckoning this month or early into the next one. Would like it to be Bill de Blasio, but it could also be Eric Garcetti or London Breed of San Francisco.

8) Mahmoud Abbas will finally dismantle the Palestinian Authority before the Trump administration announces their “deal of the century” leading to its shelving and the beginning of the end of the Israeli state as a Jewish one.

9) Native Americans will begin to gain more land in an attempt by the US government to settle lawsuit debts that are coming in federal courts. This will lead to more prosperity as the land itself is more lucrative than previous reservations.

10) I see more success from grassroots groups in getting change to occur in the United States and the world this month on major issues like the environment and health care. Though slimy politicians will try to take undeserved credit, the working class deserve all of the kudos.

5/10 ETA: Forgot to mention this prediction in my list I posted yesterday.

11) The recent bannings of conservative social media accounts will lead to the formation of a new conservative social media network that will siphon off Republican users from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. While the shift won’t be strong at first, a threat by Trump to delete his Twitter account and start exclusively sending messages from the conservative social media site will see a mass cancellation of accounts that will spell trouble for Facebook and Twitter. This will be followed by a liberal social media network that takes Democratic support away from the major sites, leaving social media more splintered and more complicated to get news out from than ever before.

5/16 ETA: I know I’m running behind on posting my blog post for the month, but I’ve been feeling under the weather and have been focused on recovery. In the meantime, I have a dream based prediction to share.

12) I had a dream where there was a discussion about a new art movement where either painters or photographers take selfie shots of other people and use them as portraits to allegedly see into their soul. There are some color and shade edits that enhance certain themes. I’m not sure when this movement will get picked up in high society, but I bet it happens by the end of the year.

5/29 ETA: A bit of a late addition to these predictions, but I’ve had some dreams worth sharing.

13) In relation to the Avengers death curse blog post I mentioned for this month, I had a dream that Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson would die of a heart attack around Christmas. I’m not sure if this will actually happen, but the fact that this randomly occurred in a dream just days after posting it should signal the severity of the warning. If Brie is not careful with her health, she will got to the graveyard early.

14) I also had a dream that should serve as a message for all of you. If you are keeping feelings about people you don’t like secret, June will serve as the month where you should go on the record and tell them to the truth. This isn’t advisable in all cases, but the message was that the truth will set you free.