Why I Haven’t Posted More and What it Means For the Future of the Site

I thought this would appear in May and then believed it would appear in the second week of June. This is a happy meeting of those two dates. So this might seem like an odd type of post to publish on a site where psychic predictions are supposed to be the norm, but this needs to be stated. It’ll explain why I haven’t been posting so much lately, where Fefe is these days and what this all means for the future of this site.

As much as I love being an active poster, certain things are preventing me from doing so. For starters, our web traffic has taken a massive toll due to the ongoing battle cry of “fake news” by the mainstream media and the powers that be. The fake news hysteria is forcing alternative information from being seen by the public. As a result, repression by traffic throttling of major search engines has seen a significant drop off in our viewership numbers. It’s becoming discouraging to post when I see such low viewership in comparison to when we first started this site four years ago. We used to get upwards of 60,000 views a month, but now we’re lucky to hit 7,000 to 10,000. This will be corrected over time, but it’s not happening soon enough and it’s leading to weariness in the interim. Unless this changes sooner, the lack of motivation has dampened my desire to post.

Many have wondered where our beloved FefeLove has gone off to. Although not related to the fake news hysteria, she has been afraid to post online due to a cyber stalker that I have mentioned in previous blogs. He is an exposed MK ULTRA patsy who has been harassing her online for years and will not leave her alone despite repeated cease and desist orders. He has continued to threaten her and has attempted to find her in her home. We would have contacted the authorities, but we don’t believe that they aren’t in on this kind of harassment. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to see any posts from her again for a while. Her voice can only come back when she feels safe in doing so. Please pray for her. She needs all the help she can get.

Finally, I have been dealing with some personal issues in terms of my personal standing and my relationships. I have suffered a number of losses over the last few years and have been at odds with certain people over the direction of my life. Such uncertainty can make it difficult for me to sit down and type out my thoughts when they come to me. I have been re-stickying the “Pray for Me” blog so that I can gather all of your strength to grow and it has helped immensely. However, I’ll need more time to sort things out and that takes priority over everything else.

What these things mean is that less posts will be made on this website. I’m never one to ask for money and I’m not interested in generating ad revenue for anyone (an uncommon practice among online psychics). Still, while this is more of a hobby than a form of employment, I’ll need to feel inspired again before you’ll see regular posts. Until then, you should expect more dry periods where I’m not so active and hope that the environment changes where we can resume normal posting duties. I’m sorry for this, truly, but it’s the only way I can function at this time. Enjoy what comes on this site when it comes in the meantime because I won’t be entirely inactive, but it won’t be as plentiful as many would expect. Best wishes to you all as always. Hope to have something to share again in the near future.

Dreams and Predictions for June 2018

I have just come off dealing with the loss of someone who I hold dear to me. I knew it was their time to go, but it was hard to say goodbye and even harder to watch them leave this Earth. I’m still processing all of this and my dreams are largely focused on this as a result. In the meantime, here are some predictions to share.

1) The end of Mueller investigation comes after the midterms. It will be finished without a resolution due to those who refuse to cooperate and pressure from Trump’s team to shut it down. This sets the stage for a very dangerous 2019.

2) The decision not to indict Eric Garner’s murderer will be coming this month and it will cause all sorts of anger throughout the country. It will impact Trump but, as stated in a blog post from last year, it hits the streets and lands on de Blasio’s doorsteps most specifically. The anarchy that follows will not be pleasant, but necessary for long overdue changes that our country desperately needs.

3) The “plight” of White South Africans comes into focus this month and it will not be pleasant for the Netherlands as a result.

4) The issue of pollution and garbage comes into focus this year as Trump policy is fought against due to its disastrous environmental consequences. The forces of good will prevail over him, but it will come as a result of a very vicious and dangerous battle.

5) The issue of renewable energy comes into focus this summer as gas prices soar due to instability in the Middle East and a sharp cutoff from Russia. We may not get it right this time, but the US will end its dependency on fossil fuels in twenty years tops as a result of the problems this summer.

6/25 ETA: I know I didn’t post many predictions this month, but I have another one to share before it concludes.

6) Expect security at airports and cruise ports to increase in the near future due to completely unnecessary and burdensome regulations sent down from the Department of Homeland Security. After much outrage, it will be rescinded, but it will take a while before it gets back to where it is now.