near future

I had a dream and in dream I was in deep meditation and suddenly I had a strange vision: I saw myself driving my van in a big big freeway with billion cars with my family and also another family sitting in my car(usually they need help and I help them). All cars are forced to stopped and no one could drive. I got off my car to see what is going on. I saw in far there were a lot of soldiers coming towards to us. I wanted to ask when and I heard “NEAR FUTURE”. Everything were stopped and frozen. My cell phone ringed and I took the call and someone talked to me and said will be passed but be patient. All this scene happened very fast in my meditation in my dream and it was very clear.

An upcoming Artist

Last night, before bed, I saw what seemed to be a afro-latino or middle-eastern male artist.He had black short hair, a black mustache, and a strong build.

His art was like a sculpture or a paper mache of creatures.His art was unique or significant in some way. He made a sculpture of an alien head with what seemed to be a painted cardboard on the side of it’s head.I also saw this spooky sculpt/paper mache of these zombies with skeletal faces standing up.Either they were zombies or ancient Pompeii victims with their bodies melted.He made different kinds of bizarre creatures.

World Wide Riots/Protests/Activism



Several economists and political commentators have recently warned that they predict world wide riots in the near future.  I have posted this before (two years ago?) but want to say, here it comes.  I have felt a growing anger as people awaken worldwide to realize that the elitist bankers have executed the same destructive agenda in country after country.  The Tea Party has become an archetype of the same kind of organizations sprouting up everywhere against tyranny.  The Constitution has also become an archetype of the God given human rights that all people in the world demand.  I think this is a giant backlash against the NWO.  As a result they are quickening their plans, including the world wide economic collapse.  They see they are losing and hate these protests/riots.  I see huge protests and riots in waves; I will call it a worldwide anti-NWO human spring.  I anticipate this will be interesting to watch, for sure.  In my dreams I hear chanting and feel the anger that also tastes like freedom; the dreams are hopeful because unity/love is the strength we have in mass despite our many differences (differences are beautiful).  I think there will be some episodes which are very notable resistance/protests/riots and also there will be waves which spread.  I think people will get very aggressive and I encourage non-violent resistance because the NWO is itching to drag out martial law everywhere and wants wars.  Now is the time to unite together in one vision of human rights and imagine a future that benefits worldwide humanity, not .02% of humanity.




USA:Reformed Ancient Greece

I feel that our society may become a new reformed Greece, along with possibly the UK and other nations, as well.


It all started with my past life  appearing in my dream.I felt strongly that it’s greece, after listening to ancient greek music and my strong interest in greek mythology since i was a child.Even viewing greek architect and paintings/drawings made me wanna jump into them .The sound of “Greece” has this pure,elegant, and righteous feel to it and I see the image of a male statue pop into my head.His fist is under his chin, as if he’s posing, and he’s sitting on something.But the question was, “Why all of the sudden”?


As an author on here stated, he said a reformed greek senate is possible.I’ve been seeing a lot of things greek related, and the number “15”.I feel that be may true, but not just that,  some sort of “neo-greece” era. Changes in the way we dress, going back to wearing sheets as clothing,etc. I already see men wearing skirts,which will probably slowly transition to togas. and women wearing those toga-like clothing, along with a head bands around their heads.This is a good feel to me…now if it was ROMAN times coming back…ehh…remember “Caligula”?We don’t want that.

They won’t look exactly like this, but reformed, i believe.Black leather togas and some other styles.I’m up for the togas, but in my own way, except I might wear pants or boxers under mine…don’t want my “junk” hangin.Not ready to get that free, yet.


U.S. government restructuring?

I understand quite a few people don’t find Sylvia Browne to be a credible psychic; please realize no psychic is always accurate (in her defense).  Sylvia passed not too long ago and here are some of the thing she said would take place.  Special attention to:  “15 –  There will be no US Presidency; our government will go back to a Greek Senate structure.”  I fee that this prediction will begin to manifest itself as early as 2020 if not sooner, and our executive branch or the government in general may undergo an overhaul.  We may see a situation where executive powers change – or is dispersed between more people as it is now – or possibly, the Senate is restructured to be apart of the executive branch in a way where the U.S. leader would be the leader of the Senate.  I’m not sure how this may come about except to say it should be done peacefully and the correct channels should be utilized to facilitate tangible change.  Millennials may play a significant role in causing this to happen with their increasing unhappiness of where their generation is at and the opportunities that continue to shrink.  I hope all of you are happy , healthy, and whole!  Have a nice week!.

Source:  Sylvia Browne, the next 100 years

Prediction: Obama’s Immigration Nightmare




I predict Obama’s recent secretive actions about opening USA immigration will become the greatest scandals of our time.   We are just starting to see the nightmare of what is being unleashed upon us due to the hundreds of thousands of people with diseases and the the homeless people being unleashed upon us.  The drugs, the cartels and the ‘terrorists’ are coming our way.  The people regarding our laws and ushering in these people will be held accountable.  They are trying to hide it but its amazing and not helping anyone.  They are acting like anyone opposing their secrets are racist but this is absolutely insane, never seen in the history of any civilized country.  The open boarder suddenly inflicted upon the USA will e used to steal our freedoms and destroy the Constitution.  I predict that militias and other rogue groups will resist and there is a possibility of violence especially since our Mexican “friends in government’ are openly responding in violence now.  Most people are blissfully unaware of what is going on because the government is trying so hard to not publicize their new open boarder program sponsored by FEMA and the NWO government occupiers.  I see disease, terrorism (FAKE) and gangs (like I warned).  Nothing good will come from this creepy new development of craziness.  This isn’t about humanitarian rights but they will keep lying to us and acting like somehow it is trying to help people.  This is part of their NWO plan and is sick and toxic to humanity.  Why would they bus into our country hundreds of thousands of the poorest dependent unskilled government dependents and think we would believe it is helping us?  Government employees dealing with these people will continue to quit, rebel and whistleblow and get diseases which will become plagues.  Expect an influx in diseases which were formerly uncommon in the USA.  This move from the NWO is a subversive attack from on the USA which only works in their favor.  The resistance is only starting and will increase.  I see Texans leading the resistance.  Also, as illegal immigration gains strength and open boarders are more obvious I see a growing resistance among citizens horrified they are being groped while traveling and treated like terrorists: ie why is homeland security sticking their hands down our pants looking for bombs in the diapers of our babies when the boarders are wide open?  Its a huge shame.  Even the last two times I traveled internationally they did this to me.  Once, I was taken into a special room where they probed my pregnant belly to determine if it was a baby or a bomb hiding in my pregnant stomach and bra.  The next time they investigated Fefe’s sixth month old diaper to determine if there was a bomb hidden inside.  Really?  I am a home born citizen and get treated like this while traveling while the boarders are wide open.  I was polite but I see more people will not be polite. Rumors of executive actions loom, read here.

Our Pope: Someone To Listen Carefully 2 Right Now



I have mixed feelings about the current pope but I am getting strong feeling he will be resisting the NWO more and more very soon.  He’s someone to listen careful to and maybe it is because his health is failing despite what mainstream media suggests, Here.    I predict many more interesting  statements from the current pontiff in the next coming months.  I suggest you pay special attention to what he has to say, its very important.  He is pitting himself against some very evil forces right now.  He will increase in his rethoric and interesting moral revelations.   I see him taking a harder stance for moral human rights, a very good thing.  Stay tuned to his messages.  I feel they represent a certain conflict in the elites and he is gathering a negative cloud of energy due to his recent statements for the good.  He is a bane in their power structure and they wish to eliminate this problem but he is 2 powerful to conquer.  They might try an assassination if he keeps up his rethoric which is a very bad sign.  I think his health is in question and his response is political stances which are unpopular but morally correct.  Pay attention to his upcoming statements because they will reveal important things.  Further, I predict a movement in the Roman Catholic Church against the NWO agenda.   I see protests, rebellion from this faction.  Religion vs unjust laws.


UPDATE: On June 29th there was an article about the Pope’s recent statement that communists stole the Christian flag, see here.  I did ponder the emails that my friends sent about the Pope but for whatever reason I am going to keep this prediction.  It is already unfolding as he made another statement since I posted this prediction.  He will continue to make statements that are very interesting and anti NWO.