Visions from July 2015

Before I share some visions I have been having, I want to ask for your assistance. The spiritual universe has a principle called mass collective consciousness. This means that, when a lot of people think something, it is more likely to occur than if one person thinks it alone. I am a spiritually strong person with a high vibrational energy, but even I can get caught up by overweighing negative energy that can suck a lot of that good stuff out of me. As a result, I would like your thoughts to be focused on safety, security and prosperity. I need this energy for protection as there are forces that are looking to attack and I need to fend them off any way that I can. Thanks for your support in advance. I’ll really appreciate it when it works. ūüôā

With that out of the way, here are some visions I’ve had over the last several nights.

I had a vision of a commune where everyone was bartering and waiting out the transition in the world economy. People huddled together holding on for dear life. This is what I foresaw for what happens when the masses society falls apart. It is good to have skills and products that are barter friendly because you’ll need to rely on this when shit hits the fan so you can survive until our transition comes about.

There was a rally in Paris. Something for an end to the European Union that becomes violent. Watch out for this. As Fefe has made clear, avoid mass protest movements if you can. There’s trouble afoot there and police are looking to capture people to offer them up as sacrifices to the Illuminati. This is happening in the US and also in Europe. Watch out.

Privatization of the police department is something that is being debated. Some think it’s a bad idea and others worry about the ethics in union busting. However, it made for a much more prosperous union and for a society that is accountable to all of the people. This is a discussion that I expect to take place in the near future; maybe in the early part of 2016.

I do feel a sense that a lot of music artists and major entertainers are going to start taking more bold political stands; particularly in regards to economics and women’s rights. Watch out for this as I feel the energy is changing and there’s a rally that follows that fails to fulfill its promises to humanity.

I saw a riot break out at a Donald Trump rally, something with regards to Muslims or race. This is an attempt to take down Trump’s prevalence in the GOP primary, but it only serves to enable his base and watching his prominence grow more over time. He is not the nominee, but somehow I don’t think there’s even a remote chance of a 2016 election. I know some may dispute this, but the election may be called off. This is something that everyone needs to concern themselves with in the near future.

There’s also an attempt on Bernie Sanders’ life in the next few months. Like that of Huey Long in 1935, a man may off him before he can get to the White House. Very sad. This could disrupt the presidential election system and anarchy follows. Not a good end to be seen for anyone.

I’ll share more in the next few days. Hope this helps for now. ūüôā

A Change of Heart on President Obama….and It’s Not a Pleasant One


Confession time: I’ll admit that I naively supported President Obama at first. When he was running for the presidency in 2007, I really thought that he would be an alternative that would help save my country. However, my foolishness has been exposed over time and now I have turned on the President karmically. Perhaps he always wanted to make the nation a better one, but he has actually made it worse in his fool hardy attempts at making “change” come to America. Things have changed alright. My heart has changed. It’s not going to be pleasant for the president to hear this, but he has failed America and, frankly, the entirety of the world. The last year and a half of his Presidency and life will make his previous struggles seem to pale in comparison. A downfall of an emperor is coming, whether he’ll like to admit it at first or not.

What he promised the world many years ago was placated on a steaming pile of lies and what was fulfilled was empty promises panning out into nothingness. He sold out the masses on many occasions when he was supposed to stand up for the interests of the people. The anti-worker TPP, the expansion of Shell Oil’s destruction on our environment, gun confiscation measures to weaken our national morale, supporting anti-gay leaders around the world despite wanting to promote such rights and cementing economic impoverishment for the masses at large are just some of the many ways that he has made America worse. He’s disingenuous about his intentions and bold in his arrogance in the face of political opposition. The Obama bots, his rabid Twitter supporters, are blind and he’s as equally blind with them to what is really occurring the heartland of America today. The man who he may have always been this way is revealing himself to us. It is of an emperor mold and it makes me scared, mad and angry. When all of his tricks are revealed, I suspect his decline with come around that point in time.

Much of the positives that have came as a result of his presidency really came as a result of the hard work of many other people besides the President. He takes credit for things he didn’t make, as his “you didn’t build that” gaffe shows. Marriage equality, ending some of the wars (but making news ones instead), stopping Keystone XL’s progress (but not entirely), an affordable health care plan (that makes insurance pariahs richer) and pushing diplomacy as an optimal means of negotiation are more the works of other people then of this President. All of the gaffes and backstab he has made start to counteract any positives that he has had a hand in implementing. The good vibes are not enough to counter the cumulative negative of many of his policies. This is going to become evident in the many months from now, but he will not make much of a successful effort to defend what isn’t defensible in his apparently negative legacy. It will not help when many things we don’t know about now are revealed and he starts squirming in his press conferences more than he is today.

I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt early on. I know the safety of his family was an important factor in making many hard decisions, but he needed to realize that it comes at the cost of the safety of millions of other families across the United States. He made a choice and sacrifice of his life in order to become the president and it comes with many personal and professional costs. If he’s not willing to incur those losses of guaranteed safeguards on his protection and privacy, then his life is on a collision course with the world around him. Very soon, the bubble will burst. No matter how hard Janet Yellen and others try to keep this facade alive, it’s being revealed for the fraud that it is and the investor class are sighing a defeat in inevitability. Watch this prelude to an inevitable downfall for the President in the very near future. Unfortunately for him, his ill advised behavior on one too many occasions is going to catch up with him and make him wish he had changed his ways sooner.

President Obama’s is going to fall apart and there will only be one person who can be blamed for it; and that is himself. Mass anger will come in the interim to the fall from street protests and calls for impeachment by many types of citizens. He will claim that this is a growth product of right wing fanaticism, but many of his major leftist allies will come out against him as well. They already have on numerous occasions and those will certainly not be the last. He’ll lose control of congress, he’ll have many warnings for a 9/11 repeat in the late summer or fall that he’ll fail to heed, he’ll have more of these types of interruptions at events which he will react poorly to and he will watch as the #BlackLivesMatter movement makes the bold decision to come to terms with his inevitable failure as a President for black civil rights issues and as a man in his personal and professional dealings. He may even see an assassination attempt on his life in the midst of this anger, but it may fail because the most dangerous time in his life is now over. That shock may be enough to have him admit defeat and resign from office, but nothing is to be assured. It could come at the hands of citizens arrest as well, but that is up to the masses to decide. All I know is that he has no other chances at redemption left, so suggesting he can turn this around is a doomed effort from the start. The time has come to pay the piper and he will make the man pay for his deception of humanity.

I find sorrow in watching what is going to happen to the President, but unfortunately it’s coming to that point in his amazing karmic revenge. I wish the very best for humanity as this is all sorted out and hope others won’t get hurt as a result of his own self handed and made from irresponsibility defeat.

Nightmare About Selling Baby Parts


I had a massively disturbing dream where someone was showing me scenes regarding the true extent of the worldwide underground black market of baby parts.  In my dream I learned that the recent Planned Parenthood videos which expose the selling of baby parts from abortion is only the tip of the iceberg of what will be exposed.  This is what I dreamed, in five simple highlights:

1. That the Planned Parenthood baby sales are worse than the videos portray thus far, that they are sometimes alive, that there are hidden abortions from sex trafficking of children and exploited women which make up a huge contribution of sales and are part of this evil system.  That there are links to satanic cults and all sorts of companies where they sell the parts for a variety of things including make up, rituals, food, science experiments, transplants, etc.

2. That there are many other organizations which sell baby parts on the side, secretly. ¬†Public and private hospitals, doctors and clinics worldwide. ¬†Some of these are aborted babies. ¬†Some are DNC/ miss carriages. ¬†Some are the unborn baby left behind when the mother dies of some other cause like a car wreck or a cancer/health problem that didn’t effect the baby’s cells.

3. Some of these sales of baby parts are babies that are full term or viable.  Some are kept alive and purposefully sold instead of adopted or kept alive for the family.  When the corrupt doctors/clinics get money for the baby parts and have to make a choice about the treatment they just might choose to lie and sell the baby instead of try to save it for the family.

4. In some countries mothers are attacked and the baby is stolen from their womb and sold.  This is a growing cabal movement of trafficking and selling baby parts worldwide.

5. The person explaining this to me in my dream wanted me to explain my dream to others and call for worldwide whistle blowers to come forth with more information/videos to expose the truth of this. ¬†We need to understand that this is wrong, it is worse than we understand and it needs to end. ¬†The babies are being exploited as parts for money and the mothers are being exploited in so many ways. ¬†This is unjust, painful and wrong. ¬†No tolerance. ¬†I see even those who believe in ‘reproductive rights’ will join together with people holding other views to end the sales of baby parts worldwide. ¬†Sales of baby parts is not an issue relating to abortion ‘rights’ but rather an obvious crime against humanity. ¬†Further, the covert and creepy way that the sale of baby parts is being conducted, hidden and managed through exploiting is just plain wrong. ¬†The mothers are not offered any sort of informed consent. ¬†Further, the late term partial birth (or full birth abortion) (or abortions for children up to age three) is actually motivated by the companies and individuals gaining money from these illegal sales of body parts and they parade around acting like they are doing a service for women, like they are promoting free choices and freedom for women. ¬†The money trail tells all and never lies. ¬†Money is the motivation. ¬†Behind the money lurks the dark figure of Satan that enjoys the suffering of small children.

The Crisis in South America


I haven’t really written about this topic all that much and I really needed to sooner. We have a lot of South American viewers and I haven’t posted much content for them to read up on. I apologize for that and I have been meaning to make this blog post for a while. Now is my opportunity to do so and I actually have quite a lot to say on the matter at hand.


For those who are sympathetic to the governments of countries in South America, I would advise you to take a closer look at what is really going on here. Despite the appearances of a collective society where everyone is taken care of, the truth is the furthest thing from that reality possible. A culture that claims to be democratic, but is actually tyrannical, simply cannot stand. Mass poverty, drug lords, persecution of dissenters, shortages on necessities and police brutality are some of the most common occurrences in many nations all across the South American continent. Whether it is the brutal dictators of Venezuela murdering political dissidents or its empty shelves, the manifestations of a fantasy are burst when we see the reality for what it really is. Argentina and the like are rotted to the core due to a willing public subjugating their rights for the collective good.


As a result of many decades of economic stagnation and rebellion amongst the masses, many South American leaders will be overthrown and assassinated. Many nations will have major regime changes coming in their own midst; some from US intervention and others from similar forces permeating on the ground as we speak. Nicolas Maduro, Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner, Dilma Rousseff and Michelle Bachelet are some of the most vulnerable leaders that are in power that are targets for assassination. They will all suffer from breaks in the economic hegemony that come in October that leave the masses on the ground poorer, starving and fed up with corruption. They will take to the streets and be subjugated to further police brutality and unrest as a result of this downward economic turn. This will light of the streets of many nations and from this will come revolution for a short period of time. However, Pope Francis and other leaders will call for calm and it will come relatively soon after the unrest fires mass bombs and bullets across the nations. When this happens, recovery can begin in jest. This will not be nearly as unravelling as it will be across the world, but the sight will not be pretty to behold nonetheless.


I have never advocated for full out socialism because of stuff like this. Very communistic regimes will falter as unrest grows. As much as we dream of a day that everyone is equal, the truth of the matter is that society cannot flourish with everyone being seen as entirely “equal.” If we do not reward innovators, then they will not innovate. This leaves us with a lack of progress in many areas such as social welfare, medicine, technological achievement and scientific breakthrough. This isn’t to say that we must not address the societal ills that we are dealing with. That’s why the implementation of the morally sound “social code” for the 1% must be made into an international affair. This is to say that, as much as we make ground to improve things, the realistic truth is that inequality will always be with us. To live as entire equals is to see society fall apart due to social rebellion and resistance to change. This way of living is smart in theory, but turns incredibly corrupt in practice. This is starting to become an accepted reality among the masses, however hard it is for them to come to terms with this truth. As much as we idealistically want to promote the values of fairness and togetherness, the truth is survival instincts require that the fittest work its way to the top on our Earth. We can do much to improve society on a more ethical scale, but the truth is that it will only have so much of an effect of eliminating much of the errs we address on our website.


Another important thing to watch out for is mass migration into a number of South American countries. Culturally, an influx of immigrants from the United States will also change the landscape on the ground there. When revolutionaries take over much of the country in the US, wealthy families and loyalists to the federal and state government, like during the aftermath of the American Revolution, will flee to neighboring countries in the hopes of asylum from the masses at home. Brazil is the primary country of choice to assimilate into, but Uruguay and Suriname are countries that receives flocks of North Americans migrating into their nation as well. It’s going to be a rough ride at first due to accusations of colonial invasion and American imperialism. There will be tense stand offs and there may be some riots that correspond around the arrival of the new neighbors. However, much agony will lead from sorry sadness to sweet victory as peaceful coexistence will come about in the far off distant future. It’s for the best, whether some people may realize it at the time or not.

Here are a few other short things to note in the course of the unrest that is coming to many South American nations.


1) Venezuela will be hit economically the hardest. Their leader, Nicolas Maduro, will assassinate many who stir up trouble, but will only end up assassinating himself instead. A nation across the ocean will not have his meddling with their affairs any longer (likely to be Spain or Russia and not the United States) and will order a hit on him in late November or early December. Whether this is a successful plot or not remains to be seen. However, regardless of fatality, it will lead to the end of his tenure as the president. He will not recover from this, try as he might.


2) Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner may also be a major assassination target this year, this time at the hands of the US government. Whether this will happen depends on how fast the FBI acts on their plans to take her out. They may only have a short window of opportunity due to developing unrest looming in the United States. If an August plot goes off without a hitch, then she is dead and the nation of Argentina is destabilized. However, if they fail to take their opportunity or wait until they are unable to do so, then she survives, but will remain a pariah and ultimately overthrown by the masses as a result of her incompetence. Her time as the president remains short and will come to an end by the end of the year.


3) Uruguay will see the least amount of unrest throughout all of this turmoil, followed by Brazil and Suriname. They will have luck recovering at a faster rate than all of the other nations on the continent.


4) Bolivia is a bit of a pariah state and will have much corruption exposed this year. Evo Morales may have wanted to keep this under wraps, but its coming to the surface whether he likes it or not.


5) Finally, the President of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, may be made to resign after a drug scandal comes out in late October or early November. Not a good thing to watch as he’ll need to keep watch of his nations defenses. There is a vulnerability there that has to be patched up right now. Failure to do so will be devastating for the nation’s citizens.


My ultimate advice for the people of many of these nation is to take up bartering, like the Greeks have, and have plans ready to ride out the transition. Keep food for more than a year and have as many weapons of self defense at the ready as possible. Keep cautious of those who promise you the world and trust those who tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear or what is convenient for you to accept. For the most part, despite a period of turmoil that is to come, the corresponding decades will be a time of prosperity for many South American nations. However, until that times arrives, it will be a dark period in history which the world will not soon forget. If I have anything else to share I’ll post an update at another time. Until then, I hope this information has been helpful for our South American readers. Wishing you the best, as I will for everyone else all around the world as well.

Some More Prediction Updates

Before I write my longer posts on some recent events to keep an eye on, I wanted to give you all some updates on some of my predictions. To prove to the naysayers that I am, in fact, prescient and not just merely posting my “opinions” on things, I’m going to lay out some validated fulfillments and the corresponding predictions I wrote many months earlier. That should silence the detractors, whether they want to admit it or not. Enjoy. ūüėČ

Let’s start with this shocking allegation of the right wing and left wing Greek parties wanting to seize the national bank and keep the money hostage. Not only was this a warning that I wrote earlier in the year….

“The economic pit of the entire European Union. If you thought the austerity protests were devastating now, wait until you see what‚Äôs coming in 2015. Yikes. The nation could face invasion by Russian forces, but the most pressing issue is instability at home. I suspect there may be a mass descent from Greece into other nations as migrants; more so than in other parts of history. Those that remain will face starvation, disease and death on a wide scale basis. If this issue isn‚Äôt contained to the Isles, it could become a continent wide disaster that effects all other nations on Earth. Keep a hold of your check books or unscrupulous individuals will soon rob your national bank; to the bitter stinging of your nation‚Äôs citizens.”

It’s also something that you will still need to keep an eye on. Just because it was thwarted for now does not mean it is not and will not be a direct threat in the future. A new political diagram could easily shellack the globalist plans along these lines yet again in late October. Watch out for it again in that month.

The Irish Republican Army is back, as I said they would be…..

“The Irish Republican (National perhaps) Army is back in the news this year, but this time their main target is not England or Northern Island. Instead, it‚Äôs Russia. After a deal for financial assistance falls through, Russia will have to worry about terrorism conducted by their forces that infiltrate near Moscow and cause more damage. Though the Queen is concerned with this disaster, her cabinet advises against any constitutional action. The House of Commons is not pleased with why the IRA has turned on Russia; due to how the issue will effect them in dealing with revolt. Out of all of the nations that economically stick it out, the Irish have the best shot; in competition with the Icelandic and the Norwegians.”

The question now is whether they had any hand from the Russians in their financing. That’s going to shock the Queen, who perhaps needs to watch out for her own business at this time. I warned of trouble for her as well.

“This is going to be a year of upheaval for the entire nation. I suspect there will be a revolt led by the citizenry that sees many changes occur. Prime Minister David Cameron will be assassinated, Prince Charles is held under citizens arrest for a year or two before becoming a future monarch of the entire European continent and Princes William and Harry are forced to flee to the countryside; with Harry staring down death‚Äôs door and William seeing isolation with Kate Middleton for twenty five years. Scotland Yard eventually puts down this revolt, but the secession of Scotland takes place temporarily before a more organized plan follows in 2019 or 2020 at the latest.”

Take heed that more anger of this video is coming.

I’ve already said that Merkel needs to watch out for what happened to George HW Bush earlier this month….

“Germany….will see Angela Merkel pushed down a flight of stairs with potentially fatal consequences. The rioting here is not as severe as it is in the rest of the European continent.”

As I’ve also warned of problems for Italy and Turkey

“Major upheaval in all areas of life will follow. The nation‚Äôs Catholic roots will be expunged by political force and the state will drift into a poverty worse than any other country in the region except for Greece (or Turkey if you count them as being part of Europe).”

It’s sad that the world is turning out the way that it is, but apathy and inertia have brought us back to this point. It’s a scary sight to behold, but hopefully it will all be over soon.

I specified the deterioration One Direction.

“The band One Direction will split up this year.”

Still stands to be fulfilled.

Remember when I wrote the following predictions on Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift? Here’s a refresher in case you need it.

“Nicki Minaj becomes a voice of reason this year as she dares to say what many others in the music industry will not.”


“Taylor Swift is about to be taken off her perch.”

“I also wanted to mention two people who are in need of some time away from the spotlight..the other is Taylor Swift who, as much as she has amazing intentions at times, is about to be falling from her perch, which seems impossible, but is becoming the truth. There are a number of scandals in the works that are going to rock her entire world. She‚Äôll have to lay low for a while as a result, using the excuse of ‚Äúexhaustion‚ÄĚ to cover up for what is really going on. It‚Äôs not going to end well for her at all, especially saddening considering not all of what is condemnable is entirely her fault.”

Well, this happens to be yet another bid of validity for my prescience.

Also, let me specify that end of the Kardashians is coming….

“Finally, the name Kardashian will be out of the headlines this year for good.”

If they let Rob Kardashian continue to fall apart and he dies prematurely from suicide, the family will no longer be beloved by anyone (if they had any fans to begin with). This would be the end of the Kardashian empire and we won’t hear from them ever again….or rarely, if legal troubles happen to arise.

Hope everyone is well. I look forward to sharing my longer blog posts on certain events in our universe very soon.

Things to Look Out For

After a nice, refreshing vacation, I am back to work on a new batch of predictions to share and more writing about some things I haven’t gotten around to until now. Keep an eye out for my thoughts on President Obama, the crisis in many South American countries, major frauds in the Catholic Church, anti semitism rising in correspondence with racism espoused in many Jewish communities and a major revelation about the Roman emperor Nero that you may not have been aware of before. This is going to be a wild set of writings, that is for sure. ūüėČ

Paid Government NWO Trolls


Here is a very good article by Glen Greenwald which details the psychological tactics that paid government trolls use as propaganda techniques, a means to spread disinformation, and conduct online covert operations against those who oppose the NWO agenda.

I believe¬†that it is a good idea to research the techniques of government trolls so if your websites fall under attack you can identify your enemy and appropriately address the attack against you. You will encounter these trolls on every website these days as the NWO has doubled it’s efforts to try to sway the infowar. ¬†These trolls can be very mean and difficult but as soon as you identify that they are simply using proven scientific psychological warfare their attack dissipates with the label ‘government troll’ because you realize that their attention is, in fact, a compliment and affirmation that your good efforts to spread the truth are succeeding. ¬† Do not be sad or offended when they come after you, attacking your free speech, calling you names, discrediting you, accusing you of things you didn’t do and generally exercising the variety of methods as described in Glen Greenwald’s informative article.

For years the NWO has been attacking my predictions/ the predictions of my friends. ¬†They have been known to send over 350 nasty emails a day, accuse me of not being psychic just offering opinion, accuse me of copying other people, try to sell me on the idea that Lucifer/Satan are love/light/goodness/wealth/etc., trying to sell the idea that they are Jesus or an Alien, acting like I’m a sick confused person who just has indigestion not dreams, acting like I have a bad agenda or just want fame or money…..etc their attacks just never end. ¬†Ironically, I don’t charge for anything I do and simply like to spread freedom, joy, love and healing through my FREE psychic readings and free art that I give to people who are interested. ¬†I have a large pineal gland and have posted a variety of photos online showing this is a fact. ¬†I have dreams and photos in my head and experience life as a psychic and empath. ¬†I am not a mind reader, and like everyone, I have opinions/thoughts based on my education, experiences and environment. ¬†I feel blessed that God has allowed me an opportunity to help others find goodness, peace, healing, freedom and knowledge. ¬†I’m not benefiting from the work I do in any monetary way, but in the way that matters most regarding love of humanity. ¬†I don’t go after or attack other psychics and always try to be respectful but will respond when attacked. ¬†I believe the NWO is very worried about anyone who has psychic abilities and that is why they tried to destroy humanity’s brain functions/ pineal gland with fluoride and other toxins. ¬†One thing that I do as a psychic is read energy. ¬†Evil events and pain put out a certain sort of energy which allows psychics to warn others. ¬†I believe this is a genetic gift that humanity has¬†genetically encoded ¬†or hardwired into our mind/bodies¬†for survival. ¬†If you study ancient cultures, all over the globe the ‘seers’ helped civilization evolve toward the good and avoid evil.

Here is my psychic prediction of the effects of paid government trolls. ¬†I deeply feel that the more they struggle to use their psychological warfare the more obvious their failed efforts will be to the average human who is waking up to the reality of what Snowdon and other whistleblowers have described. ¬†Their lies and methods are only effective if people believe what they say and do, but when people see the method then they simply CONFIRM what they are trying to discredit. ¬†The so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ are being confirmed daily not just because of trolls but because of further actions of the NWO in the world, their own admissions, and the wakening human consciousness which has desires to survive. ¬†The more the government trolls link to sites they hate the more people read those sites and wake up to the truth (not succumb to lies). ¬†The more they write the names and words of the websites the more the energy of those truth outlets creates thought-forms that exist in the world and spread truth. ¬† Words are very powerful. ¬†The energy in the name of good/truthful people/organizations bears a love which is active in the world in ways that a true psychic understands. ¬†The truth always wins, overcomes and has a power to it which cannot be overcome by evil intentions (in the end). ¬†Evil is a negative imitation of the good, it is the inverse of the good, the upside down version. ¬†Good has the power to invert the evil back into good and the karma of the universe creates/recreates bad intentions/actions into healed goodness which is stronger and more powerful than ever. ¬†I’m saying that if you do/say the good/the truth and it is attacked by evil and evil tries to invert it into pain this only works for a short period because the energy within this actions emerges even stronger as good/salvation from the evil. ¬†In other words, the evil deeds and words backfire on the ones doing it and end up empowering the good. ¬†This isn’t my opinion, I feel it, I see it, I’ve studied it in religions and cultures and philosophy and history.

Any psychic who isn’t out there warning people about what is going on in the world right now clearly has another agenda. ¬†The negative energy swirling around causing anxiety in the hearts and dreams and essence of human consciousness right now cannot be denied.

Evidence of NWO EUGENICS: Planned Parenthood Selling Dead Babies


I just want to point out that more people are waking up to the fact that the NWO is about eugenics. ¬†One of the great accomplishments of the NWO eugenics program is Planned Parenthood. ¬†The recent disturbing videos which show planned parenthood workers discussing how they want to buy fancy cars after they make loads of money selling baby parts provide more than enough evidence that this is a NWO satanic death eugenics agenda. ¬†Started by the well known eugenicist Margaret Sanger, planned parenthood embodies a eugenics fantasy of death, far more effective than the Nazi’s overt agenda since they sell their program as freedom and woman’s rights. ¬†In this age of disappearing freedom, the NWO promotes the only real freedom as the ability to kill babies, soon up to the age of 3! ¬†They like to keep the babies alive after the abortion and sell the parts. ¬†SEE THIS¬†ARTICLE which shows one of the videos where this planned parenthood demon licks her lips at the thought of selling the dead babies for a car. ¬†Even if you are pro-abortion clearly this is not the vision of women’s rights that the media leads people to think is reality, not to mention the fact that selling baby parts is clearly illegal.

Now, I’m going to say what Obama should say: ¬†#BlackLivesMatter, please end the #Eugenics of #PlannedParenthood and the Satanic selling of baby parts. ¬† Obama, I’m very disappointed that you have not addressed this heinous issue. ¬†At least some wonderful leaders in the African American community help to educate us all about this. ¬†A very good website is, see HERE.¬† I applaud and support such websites and empowered fighters for justice. ¬†Another example of a hero for this cause is Dr. Alveda King, see here. ¬†When we look back on this age these brilliant African Americans fighting for true human rights will be heroes which stand out and made a huge difference for the betterment of humanity. ¬†Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood and black eugenics will be one of the greatest evils in our human history.


Be An Oath Keeper not A NWO Hijacked Military/Government

Marines Nazi Symbol_Carm

We have been taken over and hijacked by the NWO. ¬†They are using our leaders and troops abroad and at home to spread their eugenics, Agenda 21, depopulation, death agenda. ¬†This agenda becomes more obvious and bold every single day. ¬†As the unjust orders increase the Oath Keepers and whistle blowers are needed to make the difference. ¬†Our hope is you, banning together for human rights not committing crimes against humanity which defy the Oaths that you took. ¬†The Oath Keepers are more obvious every day, as we see some few good leaders and troops standing up, speaking out, passing good laws, demanding justice, etc. ¬†We are in a fight for humanity against a very evil cosmic force and your actions/good choices will make every difference for us. ¬†I am not against the military or the government. ¬†In fact, I’m supportive of the good people and Oath Keepers among the government/troops, who are the heart and soul of America. ¬†I ¬†am against unjust orders given by NWO foreign infiltrators pushing an anti-American, anti-human, anti-Constitutional agenda. ¬†Patriots are not terrorists. ¬†Oath Keepers are patriots. ¬†I feel like we need to make Obama (and the media) flash cards to help identify a terrorist. ¬†In one flash card it has a photo of ISL and on the back the correct identification is ‘terrorist.’ ¬†Then, we have an image from those ‘no hesitation’ targets of a pregnant American woman with a gun and on the back it says ‘not terrorist, patriot who believes in the second amendment.’



This is an urgent plea for the Obama administration to do the right thing and eliminate gun free zones, especially amid the surplus of terrorist attacks and threats upon our Military recruiting¬†centers and bases. ¬†We have a second amendment right to arms and no one deserves to exercise this more than our young men and women in uniform. ¬†When the five marines died recently the media trolls obviously did not report the obvious connections to ISL. ¬†Obama was too busy writing letters to prisoners to express his public concern and call for the gun free zones to be armed. ¬†O HELL NO, they jump on every opportunity they create to disarm everyone everywhere but in the event that people need to protect themselves after being threatened they just act like ‘hey there is no threat here, don’t be a racist against Islam who wants guns.’ ¬†The correct response to all these threats and acts upon our military is a call to arms!! PERIOD. ¬†Where are the trials for those in charge who fail to call to arms to protect our military, within our own borders, from these ISL government created terrorists (Obama supported, according to his own words!)???? ¬†I’m very afraid more of our military will die, based on the surplus of increasing threats by ISL. ¬†Is it a coincidence this is happening during Jade Helm? ¬†Kudos to Greg Abbot in Texas who recently called to arm our Texas National Guard. ¬†Obama should follow his example as a leader who is making the correct/good choices for our people to truly protect us against the true terrorists. ¬†Instead, Obama will later stand up and call to disarm everyone to protect us against the terrorists. ¬†However, terrorists like disarmed victims. ¬†They know where to go to find disarmed victims and seek to disarm more people to make more victims. ¬†Well, thanks to Greg Abbot there are a few less gun free zones in Texas for ISL and the NWO to terrorize. ¬†They have to think twice if they want to come after Texans. ¬†Well, rest assured, the ISL terrorists will go to the gun free zones. ¬†It makes sense that Obama does not try to stop their advances on America, because according to his own lips ISL is Obama trained/ funded and armed. ¬†In fact, the only rational explanation for Obama’s lack of responding appropriately to ISL’s attacks/threats on our military is that his response reflects the agenda of the NWO.