Musings on the Human Power of Thought to Change the World



“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehended as enduring entities.” -Dalai Lama

Today I was in the car with my four year old daughter who suddenly asked me, “How did God create humans and the world?”  I thought about this for a second and replied, “God creates through thinking.”  Then an interesting thought dawned upon me that according to traditional Christianity humans are ‘made in the image of God’ which traditionally means that we are made with the ability to ‘think, reason and procreate.  Perhaps the greatest way that humans live up to their full potential is creating through our thoughts.  I then thought of the new age ideas about ‘creative visualization’ and books like “The Secret” which explain how we create and recreate the world through the power of our minds.  I thought about the attack on our minds that the NWO has been achieving secretively though poisoning our pineal glands, destroying our ability to reason with common core education and brainwashing media, and the poisonous attacks on our minds through chemicals and electro magnetic fields in our environment/food/water/medicines.  Indeed this mental warfare destroys our very humanity in manipulating our ability to think, reason and create with our minds. 

Now my thoughts turned toward that passage in the Gospel of Mark that faith can move mountains:

Mark 11:23-25

22 Jesus answered, ‘Have faith in God.

23 In truth I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, “Be pulled up and thrown into the sea,” with no doubt in his heart, but believing that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.

24 I tell you, therefore, everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours.

25 And when you stand in prayer, forgive whatever you have against anybody, so your Father in heaven may forgive your failings too.’

I think this passage has multiple layers of meaning and one of Jesus’ instructions here is that through belief/thinking/faith/the power of the mind/creative visualization the human mind is able to create amazing new realities, as we are innately made in the image of God.  Any traditional Christian can’t deny the awesomeness of this revelation; Jesus is teaching us about the power of human thought, especially in times of turmoil and oppression from evil.  We live in a time of terrible oppression from evil which is undeniable and multifaceted.  Further, forgiveness is about ‘letting go’ in terms of letting God create justice in the world and knowing that unjust suffering will be somehow made right by God ultimately.  The letting go of forgiveness is about not becoming your enemy through revengeful actions which imitate the enemy but recognizing the injustice, handing it to God and then creating a life born of intentional loving actions, not simply reactions to other people’s actions. Loving your enemy is about affording them dignified justice.  

I next thought about the new age type thinkers who believe Jesus is an alien or super enlightened inter dimensional entity and humans are made in the image of aliens (higher developed entities).  I used to consistently think this position was absurd but as science is uncovering truths about human DNA linking back to some kind of genetic manipulation which suggests alien intervention it is worth pondering.  Further, the ‘ancient alien’ archeological discoveries often point to the idea that things might not always be as they seem.  Perhaps there is a lot more to our universe; scientists are figuring out there is some kind of overlying computer program in the universe and that the lines between biology and technology might not be as they appear; in the future the transhumanist movement is going to blur those boundaries between biology and technology even more profoundly such that humans might very well ‘think then create with their minds’ quite literally like an interactive mind/computer 3d printer of the future that we cannot even fathom.

My next thought was how does the idea that we create with our thoughts combine with the idea of letting go of desires, as Buddhists and Hindus instruct that desires are the root of all human suffering.  Must there be some kind of desire within creative thinking?  How do these systems of thought mesh in the future?  I have been meditating today about how to let go of desires and the typical process of first realizing the desires then identifying the patterns of your thought and detaching from them because ultimately they are based on an illusion.  I do think most sentences in my mind which include the words ‘mine’ or ‘I’ usually end up in an unsatisfying place in my mind where I desire something/someone which ultimately can never be captivated. 

Maybe the answer is through creative thoughts that are selfless and born of selfless love.  True love is something from within, we all have love because we love and are love.  Love is openness and an orientation of pursuit of the good.  Love isn’t about capturing another person or blending into one entity which will never bring satisfaction because it never happens; this is a love myth born of movies/tv/stories/poems and illusion. 

I think that the collective power of human minds to transcend petty concerns and create true goodness/justice/freedom in our society is the greatest threat to the NWO.  This is why the info war/ exposure of truth is such a complete threat to the NWO.  This is why health and healthy minds undermines the NWO. 

I encourage the people who read this blog to find peace with their minds so we can all focus together on the collective good for humanity which is found through freedom, health, justice, goodness and the respect for all life in whatever form it comes; the love of the differences in each human being which make us unique, powerful, creative individuals.  Sometimes I think my mind is my greatest enemy and sometimes I think my mind is my best friend.  I suppose this internal struggle is typical right now of humanity since our world is wrought with intense unjust suffering which, by all news headlines, seems to be increasing at exponential rates right now.  The cosmic battle between good and evil is climaxing right now; the good will succeed. 

The desire of the NWO is to steal our humanity/cause death/conquer and enslave to gain power.  This too is an ultimate illusion which they cling to born from desire and their sinister creative visualization/manifestation of evil.  However, the more they attempt to satisfy their insane desires the more the world, the very earth, human DNA and creation rebells in every way possible because this is the attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole.  The secret is that humanity is neither the square peg nor the round hole and this union can never be.  Humanity is more of a star which constantly brightens and becomes more brilliant throughout time.  We are not nearing any sort of black hole because humanity cannot be non-human.  We are whom we are.  One of the greatest lessons in life is that you can’t make someone into something they are not- unrealistic expectations lead to complete unhappiness.  The NWO is most unhappy and will increase in unhappiness as they desperately attempt to manipulate a reality which they do not control. 

I was contemplating what makes people turn into control freaks the other day.  I read some psychological articles about control freaks.  I think the idea of control is absolutely hilarious because most people cannot control themselves much less anyone else.  Control is a complete illusion and ultimately the only thing we can control is our minds. It is only through control of the mind that, in turn, we are able to create wonderful things.  Control freaks ultimately have no control of their own mind, no understanding of self.  Socrates said, “know thyself.”  Knowing yourself is the first step to knowing your mind and thus being master of your thoughts and thus finding any sort of happiness/knowledge/freedom. 

Sometimes when life gets hard I consider the images of the enlightened Buddhist monks in India that are poor and sit in the dirt in complete elation/bliss.  Sometimes they are blind/deaf/deformed and yet they have complete happiness/bliss because they control their minds and have let go of their desires.  I also think of the people who have undergone persecution and written some of the most beautiful, inspiring happy writing about how wondrous life is even amid their complete persecution.  I think of how they create good things for the world through their words, their mind; these people live up to their true humanity.  I compare this with social climbers I have known who spend pointless hours discussing the latest Prada bag and how the hundreds of dollars of wine they swirl and sniff in their glass is one or two temperatures off and thus unsatisfying.   I think of the chronic unhappiness of people who win the lottery and commit suicide or the very wealthy who escape constantly into drugs and obsessions until they commit suicide.  The search for human happiness begins with mastering your own mind and letting go of desires.

Many of us are under the NWO brainwashing that we are pointless/worthless individuals leading a meaningless life and are better off dead.  We are not better off dead.  We are better off embracing our true humanity, our individualization, and using our thoughts to create good things.  One loving choice we make has millions of repercussions in the world which spread love and goodness in many ways we couldn’t possibly comprehend.  Imagine the ‘butterfly effect’ in terms of loving actions.  Imagine that your thoughts are toughtforms which actually have an existence and life of their own; our thoughts go off into the universe, collect with like thoughts and become a force of change and love for the world. 

Ebola is a Bioweapon



I have been contemplating the Ebola outbreak lately.  I read everything I could find online and suggest you research.  I am not here to convince or post links as evidence, but rather to say when I think from meditation/prayer/vision and reading.


  • Ebola is one of the many bio-weapons; the evidence is overwhelming.
  • As a bioweapon, Ebola is a superbug which is very sinister; bio-weapons are clever because people still view sickness as natural
  • Ebola is going to hit as a false flag out of desperation because they are getting too much resistance with their NWO
  • Ebola is one of many terrible things the NWO is doing right now to try to depopulate the world (Agenda 21)
  • Ebola is particularly creepy right now because we are experiencing an insane explosion of super bugs.
  • Ebola is the perfect ‘fear’ tool to take perfectly healthy individuals and create martial law/camps
  • Ebola will be used to force vaccinations which are also bio-weapon tools of death; don’t take a vaccine regarding Ebola during some kind of martial law situation because the vaccine is a death injection
  • They will release Ebola/spread it through strange technological means like possibly chemtails/drones over big cities
  • They will combine a series of events which befuddle and create such fear/death that people cooperate with their NWO scheme and beg for help and don’t resist and view resisters as evil disease spreaders
  • They are linking their ‘racist’ ‘political correct’ speech to Ebola in the media…..this is a sure sign of their ongoing control plans to use Ebola as a tool for control.
  • They can pass any laws they want, like gun control, under the guise of ‘saving people from Ebola’ the very threat they released upon us.
  • Thy most likely will mess with the statistics on diseases to try to cover up their use of bio-weapons.  LIES AND MORE LIES.
  • Big-Pharma has a ‘great’ solution which will make loads of money from this- no doubt they have a multi step plan of wonder drugs that are very expensive and they will release them in stages to maximize sickness/death and profits off of their created disease.   They already have the solution because they created the disease.
  • There are natural remedies that they will not explain/suppress and maybe outlaw.
  • Everyone needs to be aware of this problem as it will spread like wildfire and is going to get insane.
  • In the giant NWO chess game of the world Ebola is one move but it is not isolated from the other moves.  IT is not on ACCIDENT right now that the BOARDERS are OPEN amid a HUGE EBOLA OUTBREAK.  It is not coincidence that all the wars everywhere are heating up at the same time….the point is total confusion/mass death/complete chaos— thus the NWO ‘masters of chaos’ can control and usher in their order/solutions while desperate and fearful people beg the NWO for solutions.
  • What can you do?  1. Stay informed by researching not listening to the mainstream media, 2. Stock up on home remedies, 3. Stock up on emergency supplies, 4. Get as healthy as possible right now so your immune system is strong.

Meditation/Dream about Purpose



Yesterday I did a long meditation about finding ‘purpose’ in life and then I went to sleep.  In my dream I found myself in the big red chair again looking at photos and the robed people were talking to me.  I did this meditation because several of my friends have recently expressed a feeling of meaningless at times, sadness, hopelessness and unresolved unjust suffering.  I think maybe nearly all people feel like this sometimes as a part of the human condition in today’s difficult Post-Modern Age.  I had been painting/drawing for hours so when I started this meditation I was in a very clear state and I think I got a clear series of messages from my dream last night.

Here are the moving photos that I saw in my dream with the interpretation/commentary:

1.  I saw Buddhist and Hindu statues and the clear message written boldly on a paper: “All desire leads to suffering; let go of desires.”  I have studied these religions but have never done any kind of meditations to purposefully try to let go of desires.  I think I am being called to do this, maybe as the next stage of my soul development and purpose.  The photo turned into maybe scenes of my desires and then they were floating away and it felt very good.  I realized I don’t need these desires and they are not making me happy.  I felt very liberated.

2. I saw a variety of people from my life and instances in my life with the phrase “some people accept soul contracts and some people reject them.” The purpose is to make loving choices.

3. I saw some people whom I have known and they were holding a soul contract that suddenly went black/blank and their eyes were black.  Someone explained that these people have veered off course and they have no purpose because they are not loving at all.  They have completely failed and are devolving and reek havoc in the world and our lives.  It is best to identify them and avoid them; they feel like a swirling suck of nervous energy.  Through their own choices, their desires they have been ultimately selfish and have not accomplished their mission but become their own destruction.  As a force of destruction any encounter with these people will cause destruction.  They are not totally lost but have to go to the afterlife and realize love to get back on course, as they devolve and have to relearn lost lessons.

4.  The fourth lesson is the most difficult for me to explain, but I will try my best right now to explain what I learned.  I saw the word “Fluid” and an ocean that seemed to be moving throughout time and space in a very different way.  They said to me “reality is fluid, you create your reality.”  I asked about soul contracts, “isn’t it all planned in the contract?”  I was shown that I am in many timeframes, many realities and it is all me somehow.  Likewise, everyone is in multiple timeframes/ multiple realities but each is one person.  They continued “your soul contract provides a basic outline for the major events in your life but you react it with choices and interact with it through others and you create/write your story according to your choices to be loving.  Other time frames have a general planetary soul contract that links to all individual contracts so each time frame has the same major events but it all creates a different picture that is related but the same.  I was looking at pictures of myself from multiple time frames and it wasn’t exactly making sense to me because humans just don’t normally think like this (in my opinion).  They explained: your life in different time frames is like pieces of a kaleidoscope–you are the kaleidoscope and are one, filled with different life experiences–each colored piece inside is an event and they remain the same inside the kaleidoscope— but when you arrange them slightly differently they create a different looking beautiful image—-each different image is a different timeframe.  They told me it is my mission to continue to remember and interact with the other time frames.  I had an image of something that happened the day before: I was talking with my mother about recurring dreams and I explained this one house I constantly see that has multiple kitchens, a giant round window, a room that leads to other rooms that are old and closed off….and all these details of the house.  My mother said that she dreams all the time of the exact same house and we took turns adding details to this conversation.  In my dream I saw the meaning of this conversation was not that we had the same dream but we were both somehow linking to/remembering another time frame which is really existing right now.  (I think this most likely sounds insane when I explain it but read a little physics and you might think differently about time frames).



Canadian east coast and northern u.s.a east coast tsunami

Two spirits told me that there was going to be a

Canadian and northern east coast u.s.a tsunami

and it will be caused be a massive landslide from Greenland.

The reason being is because of global warming (Whether this is natural global warming or us doing it our self’s  is not the point I am making)

Due to global warming Greenland ice is melting, the same thing that will stop the gulf stream conveyor and will cause the next ice age. The ice that is in the ground has started to thaw and this is what is holding the ground together and with this ice melting some of Greenlands land mass has and will become unstable. With it ultimately causing a mass land slide in to the sea.   originally had my doubt to how accurate this information was because when I looked at the map and it looked like that Greenland was to far away. But the truth of the mater is the maps of our world are not displayed accurately and Greenland is a lot closer to Canada than u would think I was originally hesitatent to whether to post this prediction because i was not shore if this was possible  But i have done my research and it is defiantly possible and i will show u my findings




Here is a map of the epicenter of the 2004 tsunami

The distance between the epicenter and shi lanka is ruffly 900 miles

I checked on  a Google map distance calculator





Look at the amount of damage this has done from 900 miles away in shi lanka

u can find many more pictures on the internet if u want.

Using the distance calculator between Canada and Greenlands coast lines on its more southern coast liness its 530 miles between Canada and Greenland.

This is a lot closer than Shi Lanka was from the epicenter at 2004 so it is defiantly possible that a Greenland tsunami could reach there if the same size or larger. I think Canada may be some what uninhabited in that part ware I calculated the distance. But  the distance between Greenland’ and the most southern point of the Canadian east coast I calculated it  at 1350 miles, and if it is a real big tsunami which I think this one will be. I could easily see it going on for 450 miles further than the Shi Lanken tsunami did and a can see  it could be possible that a Greenland tsunami could reach there as well.




Two  spirits told me that this Tsunami will flood new York, which is a massive  1750 miles away from Greenland. 

For it to do this  the water would have to go round a slight corner. I don’t know totally the science of  water or how it could make its way round but i think it may be possible. New York would be nearly 900 miles further than Shi Lanka was from the epicenter, almost double the distance! But lets say if this tsunami has two times the power and is two times bigger than  the 2004 one, Then it could be well possible. I think the section of the land that may slide of Greenland going into the sea will be massive. And with new York beeing low laying it wouldn’t even need to be all that big for it to affect New York As far as the rest of the east coast the further you do down the less it will be affected And i was told specifically by a spirit that by the time it gets down to Florida it will be just a wave. So u floridans should be OK.

 In my meditations I keep seeing the statue of liberty and water swishing all around it I also see a bridge that looks like the Brooklyn bridge or the Manhattan one I don’t know if this relates some how. I think seeing the statue of liberty with swishing water around it and speaking to two spirits about this I think this prediction is highly likely. Whether it will reach as far as new York will will see. There is another psychic on this site Janice that posted about a east coast u.s.a tsunami. She said she thought it would be a asteroid I don’t know whether the event that she had seen is a different one to mine. Or that one of us may has some of the smaller details wrong which is easily  done doing predictions. Also this event I also think may happen at the end of 2014  or in 2015 which collates. It will come not that long after some other big events that will be due. Whether this is the same event or not some of the details seem to collate to what i have been told by two spirits years ago. And with my visions aswell which would make me suspect that’s these two events that we see may be the same event

so time will tell



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I know in this post I said that I think this event will happen 2014 to 2015

I feel that this even may even be a little further away maybe 2 years or so

the date part of it is mainly a speculation I haven’t been given specific dates on this prediction just of yet

I do know it is after some other big events that are not all that far away now.

Recent Dream Theatre; Does it Have a Meaning?

purple land


Hello friends.  I have a habit of texting my best friend all my dreams as soon as I wake up and usually send 1-6 texts a night.  Often they are just funny or personal dreams that I don’t put that much meaning into besides a reflection of some aspect of myself.  I think the sum total of my dreams last night and the night before make quite a comedy so I am going to relay them here just for fun.  The dream theatre of ideas is often a fascinating place to go, where I wonder around my dreams with a glow in the dark cheese searching for biscuits and wine or something.

First Dream: I often find myself in a purple land like the photo above.  Usually it looks a lot like Lebanon with mountains/beach but it is totally purple: the grass is purpose and the sky is purple.  Sometimes there are shades of blue mixed into it.  I am not purple though.  In this last dream in purple land I was having this wonderful victorian style picnic that was very beautiful with my best friend. I got very excited when I noticed that we had a cake shaped like Texas and it was the only thing in my dream with lots of color.  My friend said ‘it’s  a celebration of the role of Texas in recent events.’

Texas shaped cake with Texas flag colors


Second Dream: I was dressed up as the doll from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ (I used to dress up like this for ice-skating).  My best friend told me that I had an insane obsession over him.  This is strange because he’d never say anything like this in real life, he’s very sweet.  Maybe I am insecure. Maybe it is because everyone is obsessed with this guy 🙂



Third Dream: This was my favorite dream in this series.  I dreamed that I was in bed with the old man Dracula with the huge hair buns that look like a butt.  He was so hideous and he took my hand and started licking it.  I was revolted and horrified by the site of his nasty face.  Then I woke up and realized that my cat Sarah was licking my hand.  I was just relieved I didn’t hit her thinking she was Dracula….

photo 2 photo 1


that God instead it was Sarah:


Fourth Dream: I was in some kind of ghost town with an amusement park that looked like it could have been in Scooby Doo.  Some guy kept showing up and kissing me and saying he loved me then as he did it he stuck tiny little poison darts all over me and said “you are almost dead, I nearly killed you this time.” I am not certain but I think this dream might have been partially caused by my cat Habibi who was sleeping on my back and kneading me with his sharp claws as he purred.



Fifth Dream: This one was the worst dream.  I have this one sometimes, I think it has to do with negative people who get upset and curse you.  There is a very mean woman who is upset right now with me and sends me death threats everyday…..So I bet this one came from her.  I dreamed some disturbing brown hooded (Franciscan Friar looking) demon came to me and said he was going to join me.  I had to pray him away in the name of Jesus.  In my dream Jesus sent him away and protected me and sealed me in his blood. I felt so peaceful when I woke up from this last dream, like a weight was taken away.  🙂



Ebola Warning


The storm is coming; be vigilant.  I’ve been telling Fefelove to be informed about the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa.  I told her that this time I felt something sinister; I told her it killed 660 people and infected 2 doctors trying to treat the infected.  I told her that the natives claimed the disease was given to them by the white man.  They claimed that they were being experimented on.  They got scared, and a few of them broke out of the compound, thus infecting the village.  That was two days ago.  Now close to 1000 people have died including the lead doctors.  The disease has a 90 percent fatality rate but was not airborne until now (? unsure of this?  It might be airborne….whatever the case it is spreading quickly).  An American diplomat has just died by traveling by plane from Liberia to Niger.  Now no one is sure how many people were infected.  But as I told Fefe, this is the answer to the prayers of the NWO.  This could be used to impose martial law, imprisonment of citizens by quarantine and other things; everyone’s cell phone is a personal tracking device– something to think about.

PS (From FEFELOVE): Check out this article where a NWO stooge says that 90% of people on earth will die from an Ebola outbreak and this is a GREAT thing for the world—-Agenda 21, SEE HERE.

My experience of the Afterlife and problems that were to come

My experience of the Afterlife.  And the start of some of some big problems

I have some memories of my last life, and I have my memory from the last time I arrived in the Afterlife spirit realm. These memories have gradually started to come back to me over life and the reason for this is because of my psychic skills, and also because of me developing these skills. I will tell you a little about how it is on the other side but first I will let you know where I came from before I died as then my story will make more sense to you.

props_Theme_Widgets_Lightsource01_Lightsource01_Yellow01                                                   ascension-stairs                                            props_Theme_Widgets_Lightsource01_Lightsource01_Yellow01

 In my dreams I kept seeing this beautiful house that was built round a raised park.  There were a few houses around the park. The houses went all the way down to the ground level and then the park was raised to the height of the first level and you could go up into the park and there was little walkway bridges that connected the park to the first floor level of the houses and I think that may of been the way in to the houses. I kept having this dream from time to time and I thought to myself I wish I lived some where nice like that. I have found out from a spirit that the house I keep seeing in my dreams –  that is the house where I used to live in my last life, and that I also used to be a teacher in my last life and that I had won the lottery. And I thought that may have been why I had such a nice house maybe. I had a wife, her name was Deborah and she died before me I haven’t got any memories from this last life except seeing the house. The rest of the information I have got about it is from the spirit telling me about it. A spirit told me that the house was in the north of England. I currently live in the south of England. The spirit did also tell me that I would start to remember things from my last lives some time in the future so when more of it starts coming back to me one day then I would like to find out where this house was and who I used to be. Anyway moving on to the end of my last life, when I died just like every one does and will do at one point in their life when their time has come. And my memory starts from the moment I arrived at the spirit realm. All of a sudden I was there and I was in a corridor and I was annoyed that I was back there again. And I said ‘Grrrrrr I am f****** here again!’ I remembered being there before even though now I can’t remember about the times before that I was there. But I do remember this time and I didn’t like it on the other side. A spirit also told me years ago that I didn’t like it on the other side before this information and memories had come back to me. At the time I knew where I was and that I had been there before but I was not sure on what there was to do there.  Going back to when I arrived and was displeased that I once again was dead and in the spirit realm. I was in this wide corridor. I wasn’t moving myself but I automatically seemed to be slowly travelling… drifting forward down the corridor. I looked below me to see that I didn’t have a body – it slightly scared me and I looked  around me and there were yellow orb lights all around me. I seemed to be slowly travelling within a cluster of yellow orbs around me. They were all travelling down this hallway and to the left of me there seemed to be a stream of these orbs travelling in the opposite direction I kept looking around me. And I said to myself ‘This is so weird, this is so strange!’  Then I got a little panicky and scared so I shouted out the name of my wife from my previous life: ‘Deborah! Are you here?!’ And then in the distance I hear: ‘Yes I am here!’ And she was here my loved one. And when I hear her I see a slight bright yellow light in the distance. And with me making contact and hearing her she seemed to travel fast towards me and I started to fast travel towards her. It was like our energies pulled each other together. And then we became static we were not drifting anymore. Her light when I met her was really bright. And when we talked is was telepathic and there seemed to be a slight echo a bit like a magical echo. I said to Deborah that I was finding being in the afterlife really hard and I asked her if she could stay with me for a little bit. And she responded with ‘No, here it is by yourself.’ I said ‘But I am finding this really hard!’ She says well get reborn again then. I said how do I get reborn. She says all you need to do is say it. I said well cant u just say with me for a little bit to help me settle in. And she said no with that I turn away because I was annoyed that she couldn’t just help me be ok with being there. And I thought that it wouldn’t of been much to ask for. I found out from a spirit later that the reason she wouldn’t stay with me at the time is she thought it would make it harder for me because in the long run there it is by yourself.  Personally I feel If she did help me settle in then that it would of been the better thing to of happened. Because of what I did because of panicking has caused me some big problems in life. Also in hindsight as well I wish I spoke to here for a little longer considering she used to be my life partner. But at the time I was pissed off and started to travel towards the area to be reborn again. I said to myself in a frustrated voice: spend your whole life with someone and when you die they won’t even stay with you to help settle you in. I arrived at a corridor that came of the hallway, and there were little rooms that come of the corridor. You had to get in to the rooms to get reborn again. I will call them to be reborn rooms. There was another soul hovering at the door. I think he was standing there looking at some of the things and event that was destined to happen within this human life that you could get into though this reborn room. But because I was in a rush, and because I was having a sort of a panic attack I went straight past this soul without having a look to see what destiny had in store for this life within this reborn room. And went straight in to the room to be born again. The soul at the door tries to warn me no don’t get in to that one, I just said to him: I am in I am in, I think I may of had to say a series of questions this but this is a little hazy and I think one of them was whether I wanted to be psychic, I said yes and after a said them, I said over and over again: I am in I am in and it was like I was slowly teleported with my conscious fading and my memory disappearing. But it was not in a bad way but in a sort of tranquil way a nice way. The life vessel body I rushed in to was destined for problems within child hood. Which I later in childhood I found out when I was sent to live with my father. I started to get my psychic abilities when I was between 6 to 7ish I think. One time I looked at the sun setting and some info seemed to come to me that my mother was going to send me away to live with my father. And there I was going to have big problems though childhood there. Which for the moment, I don’t want to go in to. And I told my mother about this sort of info that came to me as I was looking at the sunset and she said that that wouldn’t happen. And I said yes it will I have seen it. And not long after my mother met a new man and after a year of us living with this new man and me being there, my prophecy had come true. And she sent me to Holland to live with my father ware I had to injure some big problems.Years later I found out from a spirit that because I rushed into the 1st to be reborn room without checking what was destined to happen in that life. All the big problems I had been though could of been avoided. If I just took a little time to choose the right life then most of the big problems I have been though could of been avoided (every life had some problems but most not as big as this life i jumped in to) usually these to be Reborn rooms that are destined to have big problems are usually left empty I didn’t have to go in to this reborn room i could of gone in another. Usually after a certain period the reborn room will close and if no one by then has got in the person carrying the baby will miscarriage. This happens all early on in pregnancy and is not always the cause but is mostly the reason the miscarriage rate being so high during the early stages of pregnancy. And this is the reason for the 1st three months being the high risk period. This life I got in should of been left empty, But I jumped in without checking, But i am here now and most of the problems now are in the past now. A spirit told me often of when u hear of children having big problems most of the time it was because of similar soles like me rushing in and not checking what is destined to happen within the life they are about to get in, Its mostly that. Next time round when I am in the afterlife I plan on thoroughly taken my time.

In this experience of life what does not destroy u ultimately makes u stronger


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Israel warning of blood bath – don’t ignore the warning signs

Israel will become a war waste land

There will be no more Israel

and the cause for this will not just be the Palestinians

But war in a  neighboring  country will end up spilling over the boarder

with it ultimately turning Israel in a waste land

A message of warning! At the moment I am not sure when this will happen and I know it ant looking to good atm

but when war starts to spill over from a neighboring county and it starts to look like this prediction may be true

get out as it is going to be a blood bath

(if i get any more info i will let you know as soon as i know)



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Would Anyone Even Care if the White House Were Nuked?



Today North Korea is fearmongering again about bombing the White House, READ HERE.  These threats remind me of those comical videos North Korea put out last year about bombing the USA.  I don’t think that North Korea will bomb the White House.  I do think eventually in the middle of the poop hitting the fan that the White House will be bombed, but by the Elites as a false flag.  I think they will bomb it and make a big deal about it and move their headquarters to Denver, their new capital because their massive bunker is underneath the airport.  They might blame patriots or North Korea or Russians or even China for this bombing but it is the Elites and part of their plan, just like 911.  They always put out movies about what they plan to do and there are a surplus of really boring sleeper movies about the White House being bombed.  I recall wanting to see a movie at some point and I noticed all these White House being attacked movies and I had a very funny conversation with my best friend who said she had no interest in seeing anything like the White House being attacked because no one cares anyway about that or wants to waste their time watching it.  When she said that I wondered, would anyone care?  Those movies were not popular.  I think the elites see an attack on the white house as fearful and disturbing but in reality people would cheer if Obama met a swift end due to North Korea!  This would save us the time/energy of impeaching him.