Dreams and Predictions for November 2019

As I predicted towards the end of last months predictions post, a major city is in the beginning of an uprising, New York. Angry over a string of videos of NYPD officers brutalizing young black teens in the subways, thousands of New Yorkers are in the streets tonight as we speak. This is the type of turnout that sparked that uprisings currently taking place in Chile and Hong Kong as we speak. When it’s all over, I believe this may finally spell the end of de Blasio and Cuomo and see a new chapter come about. I am also relieved that Britney Spears made it through the month of October without being killed, but danger still looms. Watch out for more signs of trouble this month, along with trouble for Trump. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

1) A city in the US that isn’t usually the site of major protests will erupt this month. It feels like a southwestern city like Las Vegas or Phoenix, but I’m not 100% sure. Look out for that as Thanksgiving rolls around.

11/4 ETA: My computer pooped out on my this weekend, so it’s taking me some time to get adjusted to typing on this new one. There will be delays in my blog post for this month. In the meantime, I have a few dream based predictions to share.

2) I had a dream of a Democratic debate where Bernie Sanders took some serious shots at Elizabeth Warren that landed very strongly and dented her polling numbers. I suspect that he will soon take the gloves off in regards to his surging candidacy and strike her aggressively. This will see him become the new frontrunner by January, which will immediately make him a target for assassination.

3) I’m going to post a blog about this at some point, but remember the name Nina Turner. She’s been on my radar for a while and I suspect that, if she isn’t the eventual Democratic nominee, she will have an important role to play in who is.

4) I had a dream where actor Liam Hemsworth got in trouble for accusations that were made about him. It seems related to alcoholism and it occurred at a Popeye’s Fried Chicken. There was discussion that his brother Chris was involved in this and there will be an interview with a prominent journalist which goes south.

11/21 ETA: I have been very preoccupied this month recovering from an illness and dealing with personal issues. I still have to write my 2020’s prediction blog, which hopefully I’ll get to in the next couple of days. It’s important to note that, in addition to the ongoing impeachment inquiry against Trump, he also suffered a major health problem and was evaluated at Walter Reed hospital. This is further proof that his days are numbered. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

5) I think this holiday season will see more protests in the streets and less holiday shopping. You should note that more people will be out complaining about injustice than buying things at corporate retail stores. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will see noticeably lower sales this year, not just because of a sagging economy, but because of a purposeful consumer boycott of spending.

11/27 ETA: I’m still working on the big 2020’s post that hopefully I’ll have ready to post by the end of the month. In the meantime, here’s another dream based prediction to share.

6) South Africa will begin to see a surge in tourism as cruise ships begin to dock in Capetown on a more regular basis.

A Decade Ahead…..

Sometime in the coming month, I’m going to post a long blog post detailing my general impressions for the upcoming decade. It’s difficult for me to see into the future more than a year or two removed, but I’m able to pick up on general trends that are expected to occur. Things might change from publication to now, but I’ll get as specific as I can. That will be the bulk of this months posting, along with a new predictions and dreams post for the month of November. Look out for it soon. Hope the information will be useful to you all.