An Open Letter to Psychics & Readers


May the good Lord blesses us all, for every living human that he created. As psychic & philanthropist, I penned this open letter for psychics & readers as well. Please don’t make any conclusion ahead of the contents, no parasitism thus this letter mean.
When the whole world came to know the devastation made by hurricane Haiyan in my region, eastern Philippines, I was one of the survivors. Yet, all of us who survived due to political sub divisions have not been given the support we need. I cannot deny the fact that being a good Samaritan, not to boost myself, victims are continuously sought attention from me, for their everyday needs, for whom has not moved on yet but more hardship they have with, because of the successive storms and down of livelihood sources.

And every eyes of people and country who loves us, unfailingly shared their tremendous support in our government, thus, what they give are all deposited under the National Treasury of our strong republic. What a dismay, such support has fallen only under the treasury, not all were been given as such, truly directly to the victims. A million thanks to those who supported us and to the Non-government organizations as well.

Been 9 months on the wrath of the killer hurricane, been 9 months I am having ups and down, sleepless nights and effortlessly supporting our local community. What else can I give? Even myself, I cannot give for what I need. Through this space, may I humbly beseech your kind heart, your willingness to help, your instinct vision for the needy, to drop single purse in your most gracious way of sharing, loving and caring for humane affections.

Again, may all the blessings you will pour return with abundant kindness.


The Good Looks of Tomorrow

If you think you committed a big mistakes today, be sure when the next day comes, you will commit the same mistakes better than yesterday. Though tomorrow might be your wretchedness, you have to concoct yourself & willfully admit the certainty. For what you think today and tomorrow may not be the same.
As paranormal psychic, I viewed every humane mind so special that they give their friends, peers & relatives the best of what they have so much ease to safeguard that their needs are met & secured. If that is the case, the worries of today are the key to the happiness of tomorrow.
happiness of tomorrow
Millions of people all over the world think of desperation as part of their life’s frustrations. Taking challenges ahead of their prospective during the day, but they thought it would not come the same way as it was today. The goodness of tomorrow varies from the various plans of yesterday and today. So what’s the big deal for me as paranormal psychic? The month of October bounces the well-off events of early months of 2014. Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus & Libra could be seeing then the good looks of tomorrow, but apparently the rest will looks shady if not cloudy those who shall be dealt with bounced solitude.


Cry for Democracy

THE ongoing and increasingly bitter row within the governance of Pres. Benigno Aquino III of the Republic of the Philippines boils down, basically, to a constitutional clash. It also raises the specters of real, grassroots democracy that could provide a serious wake-up call to unite the Filipinos across the Archipelago.
As the country heads towards Presidential Elections by 2016, the principle of democracy is in crises, coupling the Philippine Constitutions into the hands of now becoming dictator which he thinks the judiciary is under his control. In his whitewash of issues on Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), he owned heavy explanation to the minds of every Filipino on how he steal the Philippine Constitution bestowing the Bangsamoro agreement into a hidden State just because he want to get the prize in Nobel or pride of his excellence even if he’s stepping on the rouge of poverty.

As he defies the Supreme Law of the land with the decisions excavated by the Supreme Court in their pronouncements as unconstitutional on the implementation of DAP, his allies blitzing him still under owed of their political seats.
political seats
So even those allied leaders who have aligned themselves with the demand to adhere to the constitution could find themselves under pressure, their relatively privileged lifestyles and positions under threat. In the course of yellow ribbon fever, it is now less supportive, people down the streets shouting for democracy, fair living and defies dictatorship.
As hemmed by psychic prediction, the cry for democracy will end by impeachment, if not by due process I am seeing a bad nightmare…WORST WILL COME SOON!!


The Blunt of October 2014

Scary, but what was written in the book, It shall be DONE…I am talking about the coming month of October 2014, all that falls shall rise again…tamed by generated curses.


Behold, for who glorifies corruption shall be fallen by October, that’s indeed where they make money, wealth and fame as their God…


For he who possesses many guns and ammo shall be vindicated by his own hands….

guns & ammo

For in Autumn there shall be misty morning to wake, shadowless like silence where everyone listened to silence…


That in October 2014 thou art vengeance will be served for the persecutors…


Hope not for the worst to happen by October 2014, THE SLAIN of one BIG PERSONALITY….


From ravage to savage, all in October 2014…




Typhoon Glenda: Nightmare Next to Haiyan

I kept watching the sea, since my location is is coastal site of Babatngon, Leyte, Eastern Philippines, Region 8, where currently as of this writing typhoon Glenda is threatening us to be the second nightmare to Haiyan, storm surge are huge and very strong winds is now attacking us. The sea water is dropping until my house, I felt very depressed today.

I am so desperate that climate change always affected my locality. My psychic views on this post awareness is widely important in contributing to disaster preparedness plan. Very sad, we are again facing calamity and unstable life, what a world I live in…