Know It Next Predictions is the offspring of top KnowtheNext members Fefe and Liam in their quest to share their predictions without the interference of overhead moderators. Come join our ranks and be the first to hear exclusive insights into the future of our world.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. This is one very talented young lady. Not only is she smart and beautiful, but she has vision and a gift to share with humanity, a real purpose to make this world a better place for all, through her visions, psychic ability, and knowledge.. Thankyou mary for being you, and never give up the fight xx

  2. Hi fefelove, I used to go to know the next and was disappointed when it went down, always followed you and your writings. Decided to try googling your name, not thinking I would find anything, but gratefully was lead here. I am so happy.

  3. Keep me up to date on anything you feel or come to know about Puerto Rico and or Mary. I am the writer of both Conservative News Voice of Puerto Rico and Franktopia. And also write for the Pan Am Post.

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