The End of Bill de Blasio

Some of this is already in my 2018 psychic predictions post (which you can read via finding the password until January 1st…..then I will unlock it for everyone), but due to the tragic death today of Erica Garner, it has become more immediately pressing to say this. As much as I had hoped a non-violent end could come to corrupt mayor Bill de Blasio, such an ending will not happen. Despite obvious guilt, both the federal and state prosecutors could not indict or convict him for bribery due to the change in the law handed down by the Supreme Court that I wrote about a few years ago. While he faced a record low turnout and less votes than his first run, it was not enough to stop him at the ballot box last month. As such, the only thing I see in the very near future is death…..and it won’t be a pretty one in the slightest.

His betrayal of the families of police brutality and murder have been numerous and offensive; likely responsible in part for Erica Garner’s heart attack caused by her asthma and inflamed by stress. Her spirit, and those of others who have been wronged by him, will seek to exact their revenge on him in the near future and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. I sense that he’s already been having haunting dreams that indicate that his end is near and it will likely come from an assassination hit on him in a place where gun control is lax. On his delusional travels to build a national profile will be where he makes his last stand. It could happen as soon as the very start of the new year, but it could take place as late as August. Either way, justice is coming for the Garner family and much of it will take place in the form of street justice. When our courts refuse to provide it, it often manifests itself in other ways. That will be evident in 2018 on this issue and others. It should scare the powers that be into knowing once and for all that they are not invincible to the hands of karma despite their delusions to the contrary.

The 2018 Predictions Draft is Up

So I’ve posted my draft for my 2018 psychic predictions early. It’s not 100% complete as I’ll be making edits and changes before January 1st. In the meantime, I’ve password locked it. To access the predictions, go to the 2017 psychic predictions page and search for the 22nd word of the 32nd paragraph. If you have any difficulties, comment below and I’ll help you out. Looking forward to your thoughts and I hope you all have a happy holidays.

2018 Predictions from Liam

It’s January 1st (somewhere). As a result, I’ve officially unlocked this post and have marked this as the final draft of my 2018 psychic predictions.

To my readers: This has been a crazy year and much of what I predicted from the previous year has since come to fruition. Like any psychic, I have not been 100% on the mark and my dating can be improved, but for the most part, what I said has come to fruition. I don’t want to be the doom and gloom in your life with the following posts, but things are not going to get better globally for a long time. There are always pockets of positivity even in the darkest of days and I’ll try to shed light on a few of those things here. However, until the collective of the world comes together and fights against the powers that be for freedom and justice, things won’t change for the better.

I want, and I suspect most want, a world of peace and prosperity for all. I know, like most of you know innately, that our current world is almost as far from this dream as you can possibly get. At the end of the day, what stops this better world from coming about is not the corporations, or the politicians or even the powers that be. It’s all of you who are in charge of your own collective destiny. A better world is not going to be handed to you all on a silver platter. You’ll have to fight for it and make sacrifices towards doing so. When this occurs is entirely up to you. I believed that it would occur in 2014 and have become more cynical since then. It may have to get worse until the breaking point occurs, but I hope you won’t go down a road too oppressive before the spark is finally lit from under your feet. Until the limit is reached, I’ll try to be as honest as I can and hope for better days ahead in spite of the overwhelming obstacles that block our collective way towards getting there. I hope you all have a happy new year regardless.

Now onwards to the predictions.

2018 is a year of great economic strides colliding with the brink of apocalypse. It will be a year of treasure for some and mass oppression for most. It will be a year where repression comes from states across the world and progress sees severe setbacks. In spite of this, it will also be a year of revolutionary pushback and cracks in the armor of even the most powerful of individuals. It will also be a year where world war approaches the doorstep, but is shooed away by good and from forces beyond this Earth. It will be a year that will break the spirits of many, but prepare them to be ready to fight for their freedoms in the future. If any year will radicalize the collective towards a more egalitarian future, it will be this one unlike any that has come before it.

Donald Trump, seeing a humiliating first year in office, decides to change course and begins to model himself and his administration’s policies after John F Kennedy and Franklin Delanao Roosevelt in style, but far from it in substance. He will begin to push for big spending on the flying car and for space travel to both the moon and, ultimately, Mars. He will manage to cobble the votes together for a big infrastructure bill and will have it come to his desk for signing. However, the extremists in his party water the bill down and the impact felt will be miniscule. He will also use his office to crack down on political dissent and prosecute high profile activists and also CEO’s of businesses who oppose his agenda, particularly in Silicon Valley.

As this shift towards big infrastructure and investment spending commences, the threats of war arrive on his doorstep. His year long spats with Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin and the nation of Iran become serious as the axis threatens a war with both the US and the European Union. On the intervention of both the public (in the form of mass civil unrest) and from aliens (as mentioned in my why trump won post), the tensions cool off and war will be stalled for another day. Unfortunately, in spite of the good fortune in surviving the brink of war, damage is done this year that leads to the real risks of war to penetrate in the early 2020’s.

One of the major points of damage occurs in Russia. On the brink of economic sanctions and out of control military spending, Vladimir Putin will be at the lowest point in his presidency and sees the long workings of the west catch up to him. He faces an incredibly heated and very dangerous election season where, after failing to have him assassinated for years, he will fall at the ballot box to an even more far right figure named Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This perplexes the international community and sees fears mount in the US and EU that their years along effort to oust Putin will have created a more sinister president who does threaten the international order starting in 2019.

Another source of damage occurs in North Korea. With interventions from aliens, the attempts to assassinate Kim Jong Un failed to materialize despite significant preparations for it in the spring. Despite this cooling off period, the situation becomes hot again in August and this time, he will not survive the saber rattling. The deterioration sees problems for China and their economy will collapse in short order. This will see both the reunification of Korea by years end and the de-communization of China occur by decades end.

The final piece of the puzzle is the regional conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This conflict, fueled by the US and Israel, threatens to become a war that drags the world into it very shortly afterwards. What will cool these tensions down is the threat of an Arab Spring Part 2 arising in Jordan and Egypt in the summer that sees reverberations in neighboring nations follow and fears that the uprisings could spread to neighboring nations. To clamp down on the uprisings, the war between the two regional powers is postponed and the region cools down once again by the end of the summer.

While the wars eventually fizzle out, the disastrous decisions of the Trump administration lead to a world where terrorism becomes the norm rather than the exception. Not only will the kinds of shootings, knife attacks and car rammings we’ve seen in recent years become more frequent this year, it is very likely that we will see two 9/11 portioned attacks occur on US soil. One of them occurs in New York and the other in Chicago. This will damage Trump’s political standing as he will be blamed for making the world a more unstable place as a result of his actions.

As this occurs, Trump faces more investigations into his dealings with Russia and Israel, but sadly they will likely not bear fruit to his specific wrongdoing. This is because several higher ups in his cabinet refuse to squeal and they will stop the chain that would ultimately lead to the White House. This will lead to a situation where Trump will end up being assassinated in 2019 after all other attempts at removing him from office failed to come to fruition. The chaos in the aftermath of this will see a seismic political shift in time for the 2020 elections.

Mike Pence will likely be forced out as Vice President by the fall and a Trumpian like VP is put in place to scare the powers that be into not assassinating him. Such moves will not deter them, but it creates the situation that fuels a socialist into the white house.

2018 will be an extremely unproductive year in Washington due to the focus on the midterm elections. Despite this, both an infrastructure bill and a major investment bill pass both chambers of congress and are signed by Trump.

The elections this year will serve as a wakeup call to the Democratic party. Despite making gains in the House, they will lose their veto power in the Senate as the Republicans will hold 60 seats and become a force to be reckoned with in 2019. This further sees the schism between the Bernie and Hillary camps occur that will prove pivotal for the future of the nation.

The United Kingdom continues along its path towards Brexit. Despite predictions of doom and gloom, the fallout will be minimal and the UK will end up more prosperous than its troubled neighbors in the European Union. Despite the nation’s standing stabilizing, Theresa May’s government will not. After a fallout from the DUP over the UK’s plans to keep Northern Ireland in the EU, the troubles return and it causes the collapse of the Tory government that follows. Jeremy Corbyn manages to get elected after nearly snagging it last year and the tide will turn from negative to positive nationwide.

This year begins the serious discussions of renunciation of Northern Ireland to the republic. The forced remaining will create economic and political incentive for both the Unionists and Protestants to come to term with the need for a united government both for their economic stability and for the sake of the Irish minority. It may take up to five years for this process to be completed, but a unification will come faster than many expect. Ireland will also hold steady, but not prosper, despite problems that will surround the EU block as a whole.

Emmanuel Macron sees a national uprising occur that he puts down brutally in a Trump like fashion. In the midst of the bipartisan anger against him, he faces two assassination attempts; one in the summer and one in the late fall. He will also see power exercised against him by the left, Le Pen and the courts that weakens his political agenda and his governing coalition. Macron’s policies in both the EU and overseas will blow up in his face due to accusations of imperialism, racism and fascism that will see much of the world turn on him and his government. This leaves France vulnerable to terror and also vulnerable to a far right uprising that could sweep Macron out of power in a few short years time.

Germany sees a new government formed without Merkel for the first time in decades. A leftward shift follows and it is met with pushback from business interests in the country. Despite this, the economy flourishes and much of the anti-migrant sentiment that plagued the nation cools off. The new leader also does a better job of building relations with other European leaders that is cooperative and not domineering.

Greece is back in the news as the post-election season sees the tough economic talks come up once again. Tsipras has lost all fuel to make concessions to the IMF creditors and is forced to take a tougher stance in negotiations due to rising anger at home. He also is shot at during a political rally and the situation becomes deadly across the country in the aftermath. If a deal is not reached in August, Greece will leave the EU by years end (something that should have happened a long time ago).

Italy sees its years of bad investments blow up in its face as the economy becomes bleak. Exit from the EU remains likely. The nation should also expect terror attacks to occur in Rome and Milan.

The Netherlands sees significant muslim violence take place this year. Hundreds are beaten or stabbed in a spree that takes place across the country. Anger and anti-muslim hysteria follow suit. Laws are passed to crack down on the Islamic faith in the form of a burqa ban and government profiling which only fuels more violence and more unrest from the migrant community. There will also be a surge in Afrikaners emigrating from South Africa which creates a resource clash between them and the refugees of muslim nations.

Belgium becomes a hotspot for terror, particularly in Bruges. There’s also major discussions on dissolving the royal family after the parliament reaches their tolerance limit of the behavior of the prince.

A scandal of offshore investing in Switzerland sees prosecution take place against both the offshore investors and the Swiss government for colluding with them. The sanctions cripple the economy and cause long term problems.

Spain sees a year of violence threaten to turn into war over the issue of Catalonia. Independence for the region follows as EU leaders wish to destabilize an already chaotic block. There’s also efforts to remove the royal family from power, but those efforts will likely fail.

There is terror attack at the Pyongyang Olympics ceremony and it will traced back to North Korea and not ISIS.

The white people of Zimbabwe are accused of ethnic cleansing and this creates a mass protest movement against them that causes an international crisis. The white people will ultimately be kicked out of the country and compensated to leave and go elsewhere.

The lurch towards a one state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict becomes inevitable and permanent as the settlement empire surges and an attempted peace deal falls apart days into the talks. After pulling themselves from the brink of a third intifada last summer, the risk of another war comes rapidly and it will see more casualties than any previous year of the conflict. The PA also begins to question their existence as they are unable to get the immediate kind of relief they seek from the ICC and the UN. At the end of the year, the PA will decide to dismantle itself and the conflict turns into a struggle for civil rights that the Israeli’s cannot hope to win. Despite the policies of ethnic cleansing in the West Bank and the Gaza strip, a secular state is coming in the near future and it will end the conflict in a way neither side truly wants.

Some of the many dark secrets about Saudi Arabia are released by Wikileaks or a similar organization and it sees a mass public turn on the corrupt and wicked nation. This benefits Iran politically and causes panic amongst the powers that be; particularly in the US and Israel.

Australia managed to see a marriage equality bill signed earlier than I had initially expected, but I still feel something is off on the reverberations of the nation. In any event, I still don’t see Malcolm Turnbull hanging on to his leadership spot for much longer. I also think Australia saved itself from more pressing economic damage that could have occurred with the shenanigans that right wingers had planned for the nation.

The economy of Brazil reaches the brink as the South American continent suffers mass social unrest and violence on the heels of the collapse of the Venezuelan government. I also see the election of a new president who will end up making the problems worse.

The Indian government’s fence sitting on regional and local conflicts comes to a heads this year as Modi’s government is forced to take sides and make decisions on critical issues. How he decides will determine the future of the nation. On gay rights, workers rights, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and on the issue of Islam, his government will need to choose a side and will no longer be afforded the ability to play to both sides of these issues. His alliance with China, the US and the Arab world hinges upon it. Unfortunately, at the current moment, he will choose to make alliances with the wrong nations and it will cost his nation the prosperity they seek and also will cost him his reelection next year. He could change his mind, but the odds are against this. Poverty, rubble and a flare up in terrorist attacks follows.

The nation of Bermuda sees an economic hit from their decision to become the first nation to repeal marriage equality in the world. Such a loss of tourism loss will boost support to reinstate the law by 2020 at the latest. The nation will also see a pricing out for most poorer and middle class Bermudians which will cause a revolt and an uprising by the end of the next decade.

Bill de Blasio got extremely lucky last year in that an active investigation against him was thwarted despite obvious guilt and he avoided being defeated at the election box despite a record low turnout and less votes than four years earlier. Despite this, he will not remain lucky heading in 2018. With the recent death of activist Erica Garner hanging over his head, revenge will be exacted upon him in the new year. I had warned in 2015 that he would be assassinated unless he was indicted. As he pursues a delusional quest to run for the presidency, he will find it will end in tears for his family without him around any longer. I expect this to occur by no later than August, potentially out of state where gun access is less restricted.

It will be a mild winter this year with limited snow fall and a much shorter transition to spring than in years past.

Hurricane season will ravage the Northwest bringing devastation to Seattle and Portland in its wake.

There will be some minor tremors by Yellowstone national park and a more significant shake by the Rocky mountains in the early summer.

A group of African Americans challenge attempts at gun control and racial profiling permanently destroying the ability for lawmakers to pass any meaningful gun legislation in the near future.

The amount of deaths of people by the hands of police falls after a string of high profile murders of police officers who murdered unarmed black men in the past. Many will condemn the violence, but it will make police officers think twice in similar situations.

There will be a record number of people who refuse to pay their taxes this year after parts of the tax reform bill become law through the omnibus process. Mass prosecutions from the IRS follow, but are met with mass civil disobedience and violence as a result. This hurts the US’ economic forecast and sees mass cuts take place as a result.

Obama will be booed at an event in London and pelted with eggs and tomatoes. Arrests are made and the former president leaves early from this event with tears in his eyes.

Poverty increases around the world, particularly in the United States as wages plunge and employment sharply drops on the heels of mass layoffs and automation. This begins the necessary pain for the public to awaken to the reality of the need for revolution in the world.

The beginnings of a merger between Evangelicalism, Protestantism and Catholicism take place as dying parishes merge for the sake of their economic survival. This mega religion will wreck havoc across humanity in the 2100’s.

The music industry will return to profits not seen since it’s heyday in 1999. As a result, songwriter’s and performers are allowed to unionize and new per-diem deals become a way for aspiring artists to prove their worth to record companies in need of a challenge and risk.

The movie business sees an ever lower number of projects pushed out than in years past and sales plunge overall despite a few big blockbuster successes.

More high profile people are exposed in Hollywood for pedophilia and sexual assault, including names that many have long known and others that no one would suspect.

The efforts to ban smoking and cigarettes take off and in ten years time, cigarettes will be illegal in practically all nations on Earth.

Soda companies will be banned from advertising in the EU and a court challenge on this rule follows.

A crackdown on panhandling at the Mexican border takes place and riots ensue. A compromise will be reached that sets a no panhandling zone, but does not ban it all together.

Facebook will see a tumultuous year as Mark Zuckerberg resigns and the deletion of accounts gets to a record high.

Twitter will also see a massive user drop off and it will be the beginning of the end for Jack Dorsey’s career.

Amazon’s long history of employee abuse, sexual harassment and corruption is revealed this year and this forces the ouster of Jeff Bezos as CEO and also as owner of the Washington Post by years end.

A famous ferry or motorboat hits rough waters and crashes into the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Ocean with another oncoming boat. The devastation alone will cost hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in insurance premium payouts. New regulations will follow this horrific accident and older boats will be officially docked for good as a result.

A fountain used during segregation is stolen from a civil rights museum and put on display by a KKK member to scare Indian Americans in a midwest state. Due to the newly formed nature of the political realm, not much is done to stifle the growing racism in vast parts of the new confederacy. This begins a wave of hate crimes that see no resolution for quite some time.

Gray neon gas is used by death penalty activists when a shortage on the chemicals is deliberately made by most pharmaceutical companies. This will begin a ninety year process that sees the death penalty eliminated in every part of the world for a short period of time until the religious resurgence of the 2100’s works to undue this historic and groundbreaking process.

A former first child of the United States is shot dead and killed in her home in Washington or Arizona. This sends a chill down the political world and sees secret service boosted for extended members of the first family as a result of the crime.

Channeling the ghost of a former sports celebrity, a lone gunman goes on the largest gun spree in US history in the adirondack mountain area. Seven hundred people die as a result and four thousand more are injured. Despite calls for gun restriction, they are not heeded by most of the public at large.

An 85 year old black woman from Chicago will amaze people with her story of struggle during the civil rights movement and capture the world’s heart with her rendition of “What’s Going On.” This leads to a record deal with Sony Music and two albums will be released.

Unlike last year, there will be some major high profile deaths in the entertainment world that will shock the collective due to the sheer number of them. Among them are Barbra Stresiand, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Angelina Jolie.

Britney Spears dies in her home in either February or August. Though it will be ruled a suicide, foul play by the powers that be is likely.

Lady GaGa is murdered during a concert in October.

Kristen Stewart breaks out as a star and an Academy Award nomination follows.

Hugh Jackman will come out as bisexual causing a strain on his marriage.

A famous comedian will die of a heart attack due to obesity. This is likely either Gabriel Iglesias or Artie Lange.

Colin Kaepernick wins his collusion suit against the NFL and the collective bargaining agreement is nullified as a result. A player strike follows that cuts the league’s games in half this year and sees another massive ratings plunge follow suit.

A protestor bum rushes the Justin Timberlake halftime show and brings attention to the injustice faced by Janet Jackson in the process. Her sales will beat his on the following week’s album charts.

An OJ Simpson like scandal occurs as a murder of a girlfriend destroys the image of a squeaky clean athlete. Unlike in the OJ case, this sports star is convicted and will see jail time as a result.

The Tony Awards will see its largest viewer increase in years.

The Academy Awards and the Grammys will plunge in the ratings, with one under 10 million viewers.

The NBA sees scandal approach its league similar to what fell on the NFL this year in regards to race relations and police brutality. This sees a similar ratings plunge and the ouster of commissioner Adam Silver.

Neil Patrick Harris advocates for autism awareness as a close family member is diagnosed with it.

Rachael Ray will announce the end of her talk show this year.

Ellen Degeneres will lay out a pathway to retirement after a leaked tape shows her in a negative light.

Rita Ora may die of a drug overdose this year.

Dakota Johnson becomes susceptible to drug addiction and will likely end up in a rehab facility by years end.

One of the Princesses, either Beatrice of Eugenie, ends up in a serious relationship that will result in marriage either next year or the following one.

Suggestion Box for My 2018 Predictions Post

It’s that time of year again. I’m posting this blog to open up suggestions for things to cover for my 2018 psychic predictions post. I’m likely going to post the open draft with a password again like I did last year so you can look at the various edits as I perfect it in time for January 1st. Let me know below what your suggestions are and I’ll try to cover them as best as I can. Hope you all have a happy holidays.

Dreams and Predictions for December 2017

Up top of this posting (or below depending on if there’s an update), I have a suggestion box for predictions for my mega 2018 predictions post that you can expect for January 1st of this year. You can read more about this on the page itself. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

1) I don’t think that the GOP will pass its tax reform bill as there are too many competing factions in the way and the deal falls apart at the start of next week. They are going to reconcile some of these issues into the omnibus bill later this month, but much of it dies for the short time. They’ll likely revisit this issue again in 2019.