March 2021 is a VICIOUS Month

March 2021 is a vicious month which climate change adaptively arrogant. It is where in Southeast Asian Countries most likely in the Philippines a start of summer season but with occurrence still of weather disturbances. Politics became more in hot seats on the issue of Pandemic Health COVID-19 Crises against vaccination and its procurement.

It will arose another mutation of COVID-19, though vaccination implemented, but it will not be as deadlier as feared. Somehow, health protocols will be eased to boost and recover the failing economy and promote increase of revenues. There seems to be fire particularly in the City of Manila, Philippines and quake movement is feared to be happened from this month.

In the Middle East countries, there will be dethroned in the monarchy because of scandalous matter, a sudden death of higher official is visible. A plane crash is tangent , a Boeing passenger plane with not more than 300 passengers in the South East Asian.

Discovery of authentic medicine for COVID-19 is mutant until the end of March 2021.


Philippine Central Luzon Region Under Threat for Intense Quake

I am very certain Philippines Central Luzon Region is facing a threat for an intense quake after the shows of red-blood color of river & lakes in some Philippine Region. As of this writing, it will took sometime from first to second week of March 2021. Prayers & sacrifices through rituals is currently done to sublimate this signals behind our divination wall.


A World of Anarchy

A few short weeks after the near military coup by Trump in the US (Myanmar just had the type of coup Trump wanted done for him here and almost did), things seem quiet now. As I explained in my last big blog post, this is to be expected. There will be a short cool off period before things pick up again. The simmers are on and agitation is being doled out by the same intelligence agencies that spent the last four years working to take down Trump. I don’t think they should see the lack of people in the streets right now as a sign of victory in their war against the American public, especially since they plan to make this national guard occupation of DC permanent, not a sign of confidence in their power. Coincidentally, the anticipated exit date of March 31st is just around the time I expect tensions to blow up in the street once again.

With the fascists and the far right in the cross hairs of power, I think it’s important to state that the theme that will be running through most of the uprisings this year will stem not from Trump, but from anarchist ideology. I’m not going to go into a long history of anarchism in this blog post. However, I will say that some of the key moments in anarchist history, from the Haymarket riot of 1886 to the LA Times bombing of 1910 to the assassination of President McKinley by anarchist Leon Czolgosz will all be prevalent at various points throughout the year. We will see repeats of these events in various actions that take place in various cities across the US.

It won’t just be an American phenomenon either. In just a few short months, countries around the world will devolve into societies with no rule or authority. Independent actors, working to create chaos, will incite conditions for the toppling of governments throughout the globe. Some of these revolutions will succeed, while others will fail. The running theme throughout all of this anarchy is that society will devolve into a state of lawlessness for the foreseeable future. This works out fine in smaller communities and towns, where neighbors come together to keep the peace and provide for one another. However, this turns into a giant blood bath in big cities, with mob rule, executions and blood pouring into the streets. There will be many crimes that go unpunished and many people will suffer. However, once the growing pains are over, a better, more prosperous society arises from the ashes in the aftermath.

So how can all of you prepare for what is about to happen? Seeing as no major FDR type stimulus is coming for working people, your best bet is to get out of major cities, stock up on essential supplies, have two months of non perishable food at minimum in storage, stock up on water, keep your exposure to large crowds and gatherings to a minimum, build a strong social network of family and friends to talk to and try not to get sick, if at all possible. We have a short window between now and April to prepare before the revolution in the streets starts up once again. Take advantage of the moment while it’s still possible. Once things turn, they won’t get better again for a few more years.

Dreams and Predictions for February 2021

I had to take a bit of a mental health break because following the developments of last month did a real number on my mental state. Having gotten back a bit of my strength, I will share some new predictions for this month.

1) I am seeing a major stock market crash by April. I originally foresaw this in regards to tariffs from China, but it may also be caused by the speculative bubble inflated by Reddit users, or perhaps a one, two punch of both.

2) The city of Minneapolis will also be burned to the ground again, as I do not see George Floyd’s murderer, Derek Chauvin, being convicted by a jury. The riots will also likely lead to a near death experience for the mayor, Jacob Frey, and likely his immediate resignation from office.

3) There will be an attempted shooting of Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler. I’m not sure if it will lead to his death or not.

4) I foresee the first of many assassination attempts against Biden this month, though I do not believe this one will be successful.

5) Expect the feds to go after Elon Musk for meddling with the stock market.

6) Trump will be acquitted at his impeachment trial.

7) There will be a serious attempt to push Putin out and replace him with Alexei Navalny, but I do not believe the oligarchs or the Russian military will allow this, so he will deposed of, if he succeeds, and replaced with someone even worse than Putin.

8) Major riots in Israel, perhaps over lockdowns.

9) There will be numerous examples of people getting serious cases of Covid even after getting the vaccine. This leads to a major public relations nightmare and also a major reluctance by the public to get vaccinated.

10) There will be major planning for a warehouse strike of Amazon’s facilities. This would kick off a domino of other industries striking at the same time.

2/3 ETA: 11) I could use your assistance in potentially contacting someone, since I don’t use TikTok. So long story short, one of the psychics on our site emailed me yesterday and told me about a dream they had:

I was some guy I think in the army who was part of a trump supporting overthrow and was arrested. They had made special cells that were singles with a toilet. Someone came to visit n said “we did u a favor. If u were out there right now you’d be dead because it’s about to go down. U don’t realize it but we’ve saved u. There will be trials n such but u will he released, just trust us. “ I didn’t. I was upset n wanted to see my family. Biden was talking on a huge screen n not seen outside anymore like the hunger games. Trump had been flown out of the country due to threats on his life and was in hiding.

The psychic mentioned this being a man in the military with blonde hair. When I showed them a potential match with the man they described being in a dream, they confirmed to me that this person is probably the likely person they were dreaming they were. That person is named Lewis O’Mara. I don’t use TikTok, so I have no way of reaching him, but if someone who reads our site does use the site, they should contact him as soon as possible and tell him to be careful because the military is coming after him and his fellow soldiers. Consider keeping a low profile and don’t post anything too political. I will warn that the psychic said they thought warning him wouldn’t change his fate, but I feel he should be told just in case. Hopefully someone can contact him for me on my behalf.

2/8 ETA: Not a prediction, but I would like to point out that this article from Time Magazine confirms a lot of what I said happened behind the scenes in regards to sabotaging the vote against Trump. I would also like to point out the military coups in Myanmar and Haiti and how similar it was to what Trump attempted to do in the United States.

I originally saw my prediction as totally off base, but seeing these forms of confirmation of my visions, on top of redirected coups taking place elsewhere in the word, makes me reassess how inaccurate my visions really were. I have said before, in a previous blog post, why some of my predictions don’t always happen the way I say they will. In summary, sometimes forces beyond my control thwart events in my predictions and sometimes targets I write about change. This has happened before on a number of occasions. I should post a more comprehensive blog post detailing these occurrences soon. However, looking back on this, I do give myself more credit on my insights than I had when January 20th rolled around without incident. It’s something to keep in mind as the year progresses. Though the occupant in the White House changed, much of my other visions will not and, in fact, some have already occurred since posting it on January 1st.

2/14 ETA: Sort of a prediction, but also a warning.

12) Pope Francis really needs to cancel his upcoming trip to Iraq next month. It’s too dangerous to go there now and it is coming at a time where things are about to become extremely volatile worldwide. ISIS has a strong presence in the region and they will not allow him to travel in the country safely. In addition, his assassination may have been forewarned by Nostradamus, according to what is known as the “Rose Prophecy.” So the Vatican really ought to reconsider doing this now, not only because of the pandemic and the threat of ISIS, but also because of how it could become a trigger for World War 3 if he’s killed. If they don’t call this trip off, they will be making a huge mistake, one that will set the entire Middle East in flames.

2/16 ETA: I want to add this as well.

13) If Pope Francis is assassinated next month, then the next pope is likely to be Dieudonné Nzapalainga. Not only is this based on a different prediction from Nostradamus (it’s #9 on this page, the one referring to the “young black red one”), it’s also based on some odd visions I’ve been having over the last few days, with voices telling me about the Black pope, the first African pope in Catholic history. So this is something to keep in mind if Pope Francis’ trip, which is already blaring red alerts from a recent attack on a city he will be visiting, turns disastrous.