The Israel Lobby Documentary Leaked

So as I predicted a number of months ago, Al Jazeera’s censored documentary on the corrupting influence of Israeli lobbying groups in the US has been leaked in full online. You can watch all four parts here and here. Despite Al Jazeera’s attempts to deflect, the network had no intention of airing it on their network and this leak was the only way that it would come to light. Normally, I would just put this in the prediction fulfilled page and call it a day, but there’s more to this than meets the eye. Criminal charges will be pressed against the leakers, but all that this will do is bring more attention to the documentary and bring a widespread effort to discuss the film’s contents on the national stage. As I predicted the leak, I am also predicting that this film will change many people’s opinions on the Israeli government and see what is now a bi-partisan support in Washington turn into bi-partisan opposition. This will be the Streisand effect in action and it is long overdue.

Dreams and Predictions for November 2018

As we approach 2019, I’m going to save a lot of my predictions for the bigger post to be released on January 1st. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

1) There will be a last minute event before the election that rattles the country. I believe it will be terror related. Look out for it on Monday.

11/7 ETA: So my revised forecast for the midterms came about exactly as I predicted it. The Kavanaugh confirmation undoubtedly altered the trajectory of the race and cost Republicans the chance to hold off losses in the House. While Republicans kept their majority in the senate and managed to take a few Democratic seats, the resounding loss of one branch of government is going to cause major headaches for Trump’s agenda. It will also cause him to act out more viciously than ever and see his most evil instincts play out. I’ll write more about this in the 2019 elections post. In the meantime, here’s another prediction to share.

2) I’m getting the sense that we might see my predicted civil war that was originally predicted for 2014-2015 occur in the next vector of opportunity, 2021-2022. I have been in discussions with FefeLove and we both see the split of the nation come to a head next year. Much talk of civil war in the press is piquing my senses and the overthrow that should have happened years ago may actually happen when the opportunity presents itself again. Trump’s assassination will likely make this more likely to happen than ever, especially if the currents are rockier as a result. The warning signs will come later next year. I’ll write in more detail about this in the 2019 predictions post.

11/16 ETA: Another prediction.

3) The New York city subway system will shut down for an extended period of time due to critical failures in infrastructure. This will be a major motivator for an infrastructure bill to pass next year.

11/24 ETA: I have another prediction to share and hopefully will have another blog to share by the end of the month as well.

4) Julian Assange will flee and seek asylum from the UK in Russia sometime early next year. If the attempt is successful, he will never be extradited to the US.