A Season For Giving Shuts Down

I managed to get in two blog posts this month and it’s only the 9th. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this.

As this year begins to draw to a close and World War 3 looms ever closer to our purview, I wanted to draw attention to some notable events to be on the lookout for in the near future. Before our world goes to complete hell, we will have one more holiday season to celebrate. Already dampened due to the pandemic, it will be unlike any we have experienced in recent memory. Not only will the inevitable social isolation create strain and relief, certain events will take place that will cause a collective reevaluation of our values and change our future celebrations.

Let’s start with the obvious challenges to the celebration of Thanksgiving this year. Travel will be extremely limited, so most gatherings will be with immediate family and friends or alone in isolation. Suicide numbers will go up this season from previous ones due to this loneliness, but most will try to see at least someone during this time and video call those they love when they can’t do that. There will be no parades or other glitzy events in the streets of major cities, like usual, creating a dark eeriness where cheer once flourished. The mood overall will be solemn, far from the aura of joyousness of previous years past.

Adding to the chaos will be the organization of big protests for indigenous people’s rights. Mass gatherings across the country will take place organized by Native American groups looking to end the celebration of Christopher Columbus and the holiday of Thanksgiving. The protests will be brutalized by police, but they will spark a new conversation on the foundation of this country and the genocide of its original inhabitants. It is a long overdue discussion and it will spark some much needed changes when the war is over a few years from now.

For the capitalist class, two big events dampen the mood of their perpetual greed. One is that Christmas sales will plunge this year. Consumer confidence will be at an all time low due to mass unemployment and poverty, so dismal sales will further crater our already vulnerable economy. Black Friday, normally a time of big crowds and big shopping, will see empty stores or stores that are looted by anarchists and rioters. Online sales will be decimated as well, so this will not be in relation to any fear of going outside or into stores to shop.

The second development is that more people will be on strike this year. Stores like Walmart and Target will not have employees working there during the holiday season, as they demand better pay and the advocacy of single payer health care nationwide. Labor militancy, already rising this year, will reach a new high in the fall, becoming one of the boiling parts that sparks an overthrow of the US government. People will finally see the value of their collective labor and will learn how to use it to force change in society. Although these actions will plunge the world economy into a great depression, it will be the first time that ordinary people confront the mass income inequality that our system has produced over the last several decades.

In spite of the unrest in the streets that is coming, one positive development manages to make itself known this upcoming holiday season. Time spent with family, friends and loved ones will be more important this year. Seeing as much of the year was spent socially isolated, those that are able to will gather and appreciate the time they have with the ones they love. Many families will reunite after spending months apart, being a brighter spot in a very dark year. This will cause many people to place less emphasis on gift giving and more on the genuine human connection with the people we care about most. Against the desires of the powers that be, this becomes a permanent mentality shift amongst millions of Americans, away from greed and towards human love and compassion.

My message for you all is simple. Cherish the time with the ones you love during this upcoming holiday season. It will be the last one celebrated for a number of years due to what is coming down the pipeline. Make it count because you may never get another one after this, seeing as much of the population will be decimated in the aftermath of the upcoming war.

The Remaining Campaign Season: Why Biden Blew It and Why Trump Will Win Re-Election

A lot of people were surprised when I changed my prediction in last month’s blog post to say that Trump would win reelection this November. I had been meaning to do this for a little while, but never got around to it. I still had the feeling that we would see some last minute interventions up until the conventions that would alter the trajectory of the race and the election. Since these events did not come to pass, howeverm I’m going to post this blog post to lay out how I foresee the rest of the election season turning out. Although many will be distressed to read this, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me get this out of the way right off the bat. I admit that I had said earlier this year that I believed we’d have a female president who would win after the presidential nominee, at the time Bernie Sanders, died before the election. That was contingent upon him getting the nomination. Though I believe his female Vice Presidential candidate would have won (likely to be Nina Turner, who may still be a factor in the future) if the election was held fairly, that was not the case. The plain fact remains that Bernie was cheated out of the nomination by Joe Biden, which I had warned about happening since January. Not only were there election irregularities in terms of exit polls vs final results, there was a consolidation in the field, pushed by Obama, to deny Bernie the nomination in South Carolina when it looked he he’d have it in the bag from the previous states. Biden was coronated by the power players in the party, so it changed the trajectory of the race. This is something similar to what Jeremy Corbyn experienced in the UK, being cheated out of winning the Prime Ministership by foreign interference and sabotage within the Labour party.

I always had a bad vibe around Joe Biden. When Bernie looked to be decimated in the primary, I felt that Biden would be assassinated before the convention or die from Coronavirus (note that he still might). That bad vibe feels like it’s going to be validated with how things are going to turn out in the end. I had a dream many months ago where Biden really seemed genuinely curious about how he could win the election. I had said to appeal to stupid people, which he has done with his choice of convention speakers. Even he had doubts about his candidacy in my dream, but defeating Bernie was the top priority of the powers that be. That kind of cheating is going to come back to haunt him and the Democrats when his rival cheats him out of a general election victory.

The single biggest mistake Biden made this election cycle was his vice presidential choice. I have never seen Kamala Harris in the white house at any point. I mentioned a while back that I had a dream where pink ooze would slime out of her, meaning her rot and corruption would be exposed. This indicates that it will be in relation to her time as district attorney, especially on the heels of more protests and riots against police murder and brutality. It’s why Amy Klobachur, who was the initial VP choice, dropped out of contention after the fallout over her shielding the officer who murdered George Floyd during a previous case of misconduct. A similar problem will happen to Harris when an officer she let off as a prosecutor murders someone during the campaign season.

In terms of not being able to read a room, Biden succeeds in spades. Biden should have gone with his initial instinct of choosing Susan Rice, if he couldn’t bring himself to pick Nina Turner. I believed for a while that she might be the VP nominee and could win the election against Trump if Biden were to die before the fall. Harris, on the other hand, would be accused of murder and sabotage if Biden dies and it would plunge her polling numbers in a matchup against Trump. Instead of going with his gut instinct, Biden went with a choice imposed on him by his former boss, Barack Obama. The choice of Harris as VP was an Obama decision. Like with his insistence on Tom Perez as the DNC chair, however, it will blow up in his face and destroy what’s left of his legacy.

Some might question how Trump could win reelection, despite seemingly insurmountable odds against him. Trump’s poll numbers aren’t strong now, but he will rally again in the fall. Bernie’s delegates revolting in public appearances over Biden policy announcements, coupled with more rioting over more police murder, will shift the race back into Trump’s column. Biden’s public appearances will continue to be disastrous and more sexual assault allegations will arise where they should have been coming out sooner, on top of poor debates where Biden struggles to compete against Trump. All of this leads to a November election that will be marred with voting problems and attempts at fraud and cheating.

Mail in voting is turned off in key swing states. Polling sites will be limited, packing people into crowds where the threat of infection, as Covid numbers rise again, are high. A second wave in key swing states deters people from voting in person, so many will just decide not vote at all, rather than go through the risk of dying to vote for a candidate they aren’t enthusiastic about. For those that do brace death to go to the polls, more voter suppression will come into play in the form of invalidating voter registrations, via evictions and other forms of racist repression. All of this helps Trump eke out another victory in the electoral college, this time picking up states he didn’t win last time, such as Nevada, Minnesota and even potentially Vermont. Though he may lose the popular vote again, the popular vote does not decide the victor. Where the election counts is where Trump gets a crucial edge. Though many will consider it illegal, much of the tactics he will are legal, if not unethical and corrupt. For the stuff that is illegal, he will get away with it, as he has up until this point.

I would like to point out that what makes this election season so detrimental is that Biden’s run for the presidency is the last chance for the intelligence community to remove Trump non violently. Another assassination attempt against Trump took place very recently, showing how desperate they are to remove him from office. When Trump wins again, they will have run out of all options to remove him peacefully and he will be even less restrained in his actions in office. Though I believed they’d be successful at killing him years ago, with Trump’s paranoia on high and a war with China brewing, I believe there’s a strong chance that Trump will only be removed when the uprising picks up steam domestically next year. From there, the real revolution begins and the US as we know it is toppled forever. No one is spared from the violence. Not Democrats nor Republicans.

I wish things could have turned out differently. I do not like the path we are on and I know the violence and devastation will be horrific and traumatic for millions of people worldwide. However, the intervention I said would need to take place to prevent this has not, and does not appear, to be occurring. So, counter any sort of divine intervention by forces beyond our comprehension, prepare for more dark times ahead. It’ll be a number of more years before things will get better again. When this is all over, though, we will see peace on Earth for the first time in ages. It’s sad how much blood will be shed to get there, but the circumstances are what they are.

Dreams and Predictions for September 2020

Two things I want to get right off the bat. The first is that I will probably have two blog posts to share this month, as opposed to the usual one. I have my election blog post ready to post, so I will be doing that shortly. My other blog post needs a few more revisions, but will be ready to share in a week or two.

The second thing is I want to mention something about how my prediction on the tragic death of an Avengers star was partially fulfilled last month. I didn’t mention Chadwick Boseman specifically, but I did mention one actress in particular who I believe may still be in danger this year after all. Cobie Smulders is high on my watch list for a number of reasons. She was born in the same year and country as Glee actor Cory Monteith. They were both TV actors who occasionally starred in movies. They are both in the line of fire of a deadly curse, Cory having already succumbed to it via a drug overdose. Cobie could die of Covid during the second spike in cases this fall, so keep a very close eye on her, especially as her show goes back into production. Other than that, over the next few years, I still will be watching the other actors I mentioned in my original prediction; Jeremy Renner for suicide and Brie Larson for either murder or a car crash.

With that out of the way, here’s some predictions to share.

1) There will only be one, maybe two debates, which Joe Biden performs poorly at and Trump surprisingly does very well in.

2) Biden will face an aggressive heckler during a campaign stop who is subdued and arrested by secret service.

3) Kanye West will not be a major factor in the election, as he will receive less than 100,000 votes. In other words, not enough to flip any state decisively in Trump’s corner.

4) There will be factory stoppages in the near future over health and safety risks, which will start to effect the food supply chain, especially when Covid cases spike again.

9/3 ETA: Some more predictions.

5) A major celebrity will die of a drug overdose this fall. Actress, someone in their mid to late twenties. Can’t quite tell who it is yet.

6) I believe that, within two weeks, New York City’s teachers will go on strike after ousting their union president Michael Mulgrew for failure to protect them from the spread of Covid. De Blasio won’t like how this plays out for him. Cuomo won’t either. It will hurt Biden as well. Trump will be filled with glee.

7) Another city goes up in flames in the midwest within a weeks time over a police shooting. It’s not one that has seen such activity before. I’m thinking somewhere in Michigan or maybe even Illinois.

8) The second wave of Covid will start to pick up near Nevada and Arizona by the end of the month and spreads like wildfire across the southeastern and western regions. The northeast is relatively spared, though some pockets of high cases emerge.

9) Spikes of Covid cases will be prevalent on film and tv sets in the next three weeks, forcing most US productions to shut down, though I suspect Canada’s will continue on without interruption.

10 Vaccine testing on a trial basis will see a breakthrough this month. The one I suspect will be the one that will ultimately be successful is this one. It will give immunity to the US and Europe faster than China and other parts of the world, which do not fully vaccinate their populations for another year at least.

9/8 ETA: Before I share more predictions, I wanted to mention this article from a young man dying of cancer. It’s a great sort of preview into the second of my blog posts for this month, though not entirely. What makes it even sadder is the fact that, despite only having weeks to live, he does not seem to realize that he will not be alone in passing on in the near future. With a devastating war and multiple uprisings coming, many souls will be joining him in the afterlife, likely even some of the readers of this site. I know that I will not be leaving along with them at this time, but it saddens me to know how abrupt many people’s lives will be ending in the near future. It gives me no pleasure to say it, but this is the consequence of an elite refusing to cede power to the demands of ordinary people on the streets.

With that out of the way, here’s some more predictions to share.

11) There will be a mass shooting at a polling site this year. In a black neighborhood, either in Florida or somewhere in the mid west. It could psychologically scar people from voting for the rest of the day.

12) Trump announces policy shifts not just to Biden’s right, but also to his left. Expect him to dangle a pardon for Julian Assange, a “peace treaty” with the Taliban and the consideration of universal health care. Don’t trust him to follow through on any of it, but he will make promises like these to gain independent voters. It will work.

13) More tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and its neighbors, along with in the streets of major cities. Likely in relation to Palestine.

14) More terrorism to come in Europe, particularly in France and Germany. The UK snuffs out a similar plot, which Boris Johnson hails publicly as a personal victory.

15) Food shortages are coming, leading to increasing hunger throughout the world.

16) Expect more riots in the streets this fall, especially in places that have not had them yet.

17) There is a terrorist plot involving a bomb in Central Park. Not sure if this will end up being successful or not.

18) More labor unrest is coming in the NBA, especially protesting policies to fund more police departments. Obama will not be able to snuff these out like he did the last time.

19) Expect rising Covid cases in South Africa and its neighbors in the near future.

20) A wave of bankruptcies is coming, particularly as a result of mortgage defaults and credit card defaults.

9/16 ETA: It was brought to my attention that the Avengers actress Diana Rigg has recently passed away. It’s very possible that this is related to the Avengers curse, because I foresaw one of the actresses dying of cancer. I would like to think that this is it for the year, but deaths do sometimes happen in threes. I’m still worried for Cobie Smulders, though a third actor could die suddenly as well. Keep an eye on this until the end of the year, where I don’t see another casualty again for another three years after that.

With that out of the way, here are more predictions.

21) I am seeing Youtube shut down for several minutes, maybe even several hours, weeks or months, due to a cyber hacker corrupting the server. Millions, possibly even billions of videos vanish in the blink of an eye. It seems to have Iranian origins, but it could be Chinese or North Korean related as well.

22) I see credit card machines down for many days, which interrupts the economy.

23) There will also be attempts at cyber hacking banks by the Russians, which see millions of dollars stolen.

24) As a result of these incidents, cyber security becomes a more prominent issue in the near future.

25) Assad seems to be facing another assassination attempt in the near future. Not sure if it’s successful or not.

26) Expect Europe to go into a continent wide lockdown again in the near future, probably within four weeks.