The Point of No Return


Last night’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson (if he was even the man solely responsible for murdering Michael Brown….I still suspect there was another accomplice….Bryan Willman) has brought the United States of America to a point of no return. For a while, I had genuinely hoped that my psychic hunch of a civil war could be prevented. I in no way wanted to see our country spiral out of control the way that it has, but prevailing circumstances beyond my control are in the drivers seat of an upcoming revolt. The reason that this case may be the one to spark the match of full on war is the message that this verdict communicates to African American youth in a police state. When the state is allowed to get away with murder of unarmed citizens, it means that we are officially in fear of our elected officials and the power they wield in a tyrannical society. That kind of dynamic cannot sustain itself and is doomed for implosion. The buildings and streets of Ferguson lighting up are just the start. As protests continue to spread to New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, Austin, Oakland and many other cities and towns nationwide, the attempts at a put down by the American government will only inspire more assault from protestors which will then turn into armed conflict in a few months time. It’s too late to turn back the clock and so this fate is our fate for the inevitable future. 2015 is officially the year of revolution. By January, the world that we once knew will never be the same again.

Ebola virus…Angel of Death



I don’t.see.the.Ebola.virus.being controlled or’s impossible.I saw today that blood samples of the virus were stolen from a Clinic in Africa. now it’s just a matter of  time that the.virus will show. Up everywhere.just in time for flu will be impossible to detect along side.the flu cases.get ready to see  quarantines and martial law in a city near you..

Dangers of Increasing Mental Illness: “I think I am Jesus”

smokingjesusI am writing this as a warning about people in our society who literally believe they are Jesus Christ.  I tried to recently befriend someone with this particular problem but he he kept insisting that I wanted him to love me and have his babies.  He wouldn’t take no for an answer.  I worry about women on the internet who might be vulnerable to people like this.  If you google mental illness where people think they are Jesus Christ, you will discover this is a real medical issue, in need of serious medication.  These people might be sick with Bipolar disorder:, see HERE.  They be sick with some other very serious psychotic mental disorder.  They need medicine and I have found that trying to befriend them is quite futile.  They won’t listen to you or get help.  Instead, they obsess over you loving them and having their babies and the expectation they will have a cult on earth.  This sort of person is highly disturbing and, I think, dangerous.  They mix religious propaganda with egoism and if you don’t go along with their delusion they can get violent.  Ladies be especially careful around someone like this and if you hear a nutter announcing he is Jesus Christ, please run away quickly and get a restraining order.  This is a common problem , far more common than you might think.


I found two videos within five seconds about men who are cult leaders and tell everyone they are Jesus Christ.  Lets keep in mind that Charles Manson also said he was Jesus Christ.




These videos are evidence that this is a dangerous problem in our society.  This problem is increasing and these people are not only dangerous and insane but also misleading and very COMMON.  They are not special.  They are sick.

Race Riots, Terrorism,Diversions

Satan is working overtime these,we are in the Holiday season were a series of horrible things always seem to happen.I see tempers are flared up..and with the help of Rev, Al Sharpton whom never seems to help no one but himself.Will be part of a historical race riots that will spread rapidly…but I also see a  Obama diversion tactics in the form of a false flag terrorist attack in the U.S.that will defuse the.riots,and possibly impose martial law.


Warning to the Elite: Do Not Assassinate Prince Harry


I’m not sure if I’ve written this on Know the Next or not, but I must send a warning for the elite not to assassinate Prince Harry when he arrives in Afghanistan shortly. For a number of years, the elite have been planning to dispose of the wild, party obsessed bachelor after Prince William was groomed to become the third in the line member to the throne. Once he and Kate Middleton gave birth to their son, Prince George, this left Prince Harry as the fifth in line and no longer necessary as the “spare” for the “heir” to the throne to follow in the event of an untimely assassination or death. As such, the elite have been preparing ways to create an “accident” that will eliminate his troublesome brother from the royal family once and for all. As much as Prince William hopes to save his brother, and is aware of the threats on his life, the elite are in preparations to stage a “false flag” helicopter attack anyway as Harry travels back to or from Afghanistan in the next few days. He has already been targeted by MK ULTRA patsies on a number of occasions, including being in the audience of the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony (when I had mentioned that a bomb was expected to go off….but didn’t because it was exposed and put on hold as a result). As of this very moment, Prince Harry is in a position to follow this forewarned dream of death very shortly. Like with Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy before him, this will be an assassination that cannot be avenged once it has already occurred. It can, however, be thwarted beforehand; which is why I am urgently writing this piece. If it occurs as planned, then all hell is going break loose; leading to a situation that creates the flare up for World War 3 in January of 2015 the way that Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination did leading up to World War 1. I hope the elite are wiser than this, but with recent events in terms of police brutality and escalation of war showcasing an appalling lack of judgement on their end, I highly doubt that their common sense will kick in in time to save them from their own self inflicted demise. 😉

Attack on Texas

The NWO hates Texas and knows our roll in the pending civil war.  They are attacking us in so many ways already.  It is subtle but obvious if you live here.  They recently ordered 30,000 hazmat uniforms to be delivered to Dallas.  I think this ebola obola bioweapon farce agenda 21 depopulation nightmare is already starting, in Texas.  I know Texans will rise up against them, we will not tolerate their attacks.  However, they already started a dirty warfare ahead of the war.