Prediction Fulfillments from Liam

ETA 10/17: So, as one might have noticed, this page hasn’t been updated in quite a while. That’s not because I haven’t had any fulfillments lately. Au contraire. I have been in a difficult situation lately where my attention to this website has been sparse. As such, many major accurate predictions haven’t been put up here yet. In the near future, I will be making some updates on this page and putting all of my accurate posts along with fulfillment links here. Watch out for it in the near future. Best wishes to you all as always.

I would have liked to update this all at once, but with my priorities focused on other areas at the moment, this will have to do for now. Instead of posting occasional blogs highlighting fulfillments of my predictions, I’ve decided to make this separate page as a way to put all of my accurate predictions together. I’ll be updating this from time to time for you all to peruse. Enjoy.

Trump’s Presidency: Predicted this on a number of occasions; admittedly with some caveats.

My first hint of Trump’s rise.
My comparison of him to the Beast of Revelation.
The role of Wikileaks in helping Trump.

Brexit: Predicted and fulfilled.

Grexit: The people of Greece voted to leave, but as I warned, their leadership refused to follow the people’s orders. Much of the problems Greece currently faces have also been predicted by me.

Prison break outs: With the latest hostage situation in Delaware to testify, it’s important to note that I’ve warned of problems in the prisons for a while now. I correctly predicted the month and year of a prison riot at Rikers Island, but there was no breakout. Instead, a breakout occurred in Dannemora prison in upstate New York. I also said that more breakouts would occur now than at any other point in history and that has been a fulfilled prediction as well. 10/17 Addition: After nearly four years from my initial prediction period, or three and a half years (7x.5) from the original projected date, an inmate did escape from Rikers Island. Though they did not permanently escape recapture, as long as Rikers remains to the hell hole that it is, the chance of this prediction happening remains. In fact, such an event may serve as the catalyst for the long overdue closing of the prison. This should be watched out for in the near future.