Dreams and Predictions for April 2021

Let me start off by saying that there may not be a featured blog post for this month. I have had to take care of personal issues which have preoccupied my time. If there is to be a blog post, I will mention it in an update here. With that in mind, here are some predictions for this month.

1) In the Derek Chauvin trial, it may be more likely that it turns out to be a hung jury and/or a mistrial, rather than an outright acquittal. He will not be found guilty on any charges, however.

2) I sense that the RWDSU union wins the Amazon unionization vote in Bessemer by a few percentage points, prolonging the fight for several more months (to no resolution), while inspiring other warehouses to begin their own union elections. This will weigh heavily on Amazon’s stock, likely being a major trigger, if not the trigger, in the collapse of the stock market later this month.

3) A notable mass shooting occurs at a major event like a sports game or outdoor concert. The event will be one that violates COVID social distancing rules in a significant manner.

4) A bomb is set off somewhere in Europe. Not sure the cause or if there are any casualties.

5) A major fire destroys an important building in a US city. I’m sensing Philadelphia.

6) More riots over lockdown orders in Europe. These turn deadly.

7) Myanmar begins a civil war later this month, an ominous preview of what much of the world can expect to see later in the year on its own shores.

8) Alexei Navalny dies in prison, sparking international condemnation.

9) Julian Assange may be granted his freedom from prison this month in a deal exchanged between the Royal Family and the Boris Johnson government, to the anger of the FBI and the US intelligence community.

10) The FARC reforms in Colombia, breaking off the peace accord and reengaging in hostilities.

4/2 ETA: I would like to bring to your attention this disturbing image posted on Britney Spears’ instagram account. I get the sense that it means there may be an attempt to kill her this month, as I have previously said her father and other nefarious actors would to silence her. It’s something to watch out for, especially since the world will be distracted by several events that occur this month.

4/9 ETA: Some more predictions.

11) I see a capsized ship in the Caribbean sea. Not sure if there are any casualties. Smaller boat, like a yacht.

12) Another mass shooting occurs at the end of the month, this one with a notably higher death count than average.

13) A car bomb or missile in the Middle East kills an important dignitary or foreign diplomat. I’m thinking this occurs in Iraq, but it could be in Syria or Afghanistan as well.

14) The Taliban will resume attacking foreign troops in May, escalating the occupation of Afghanistan.

15) I’m sensing something serious occurs for actor John Boyega. It feels like an untimely death, either from a car accident or drugs. Watch for him.

16) A deranged stalker assaults a prominent Youtuber. I’m leaning towards Jojo Siwa, but it could be someone else.

17) May will see the first murders of unarmed protestors by police occur at a protest. This will further inflame tensions in the US and escalate the conflict to the point of civil war.

18) I would also like to point out that in last years predictions, I said that Prince Phillip’s passing would precede the death of the Queen earlier in the year. Though neither of them died last year, the Duke of Edinburgh has just passed away. This almost certainly suggests that the Queen is going to die later this year. I’m sensing June, but May-July is the vector to watch out for. I’m still going to call it a prediction fulfillment if the dating was off by just a year. Dating has never been my strong suit.

A Quick Thought on Reincarnation and the Purpose of Life

I wanted to write this blog post quickly because there is, I sense, some hesitancy and fear surrounding some of the devastating events we will be experiencing in the near future.

In times of oppression and despair, it is the divine human right to rebel against an authority that violates human rights. This has been a recurring theme throughout history for hundreds of years. While some nations on Earth today continue on the good fight, in spite of the risks to their lives and safety, some refuse to stand up for themselves and slink into a corner to hide. When it comes to making their voices heard, people are concerned over dying, as society, or at least Western society, has been conditioned to believe that we only live one life. This is not true and a reality check on this front is clearly in order.

The human body is vessel for the soul. While our time here on Earth is short, the spirit of each living creature has been on many journeys in many life forms and times before. The purpose of each individual life may be different, but our collective journey is the same. The goal for spiritual advancement is to cleanse the Earth of evil, allowing our plane of existence to be a place where light can flourish over darkness and our souls can become pure. In order to do this, people have to move beyond the physical and into the realm of the spiritual when it comes to our collective thinking.

We should not fear what is to come because it will be better for ourselves in the long run. Good is trying to put their foot down, but evil is not backing down. The revolutions were are on the verge of seeing, while seeming to be exclusively about human affairs, are fueled by a deeper spiritual war taking place in the after life. Not only are these battles about to take place here on Earth, they will be taking place in the heavens as well. Ours is just one battlefield in a plethora of many others. In the long run, this will end up being a positive and necessary development for the spiritual betterment, in this life time and afterwards.

The calamity of the conflict we are about to face will see a massive loss of life, on a scale never seen before. That means many of you will probably die in the immediate future before this is all over. While I know this will scare you, I am primarily posting this blog post to say that it shouldn’t. Do not allow the fear of death to scare you away from doing the right thing. Allow the freedom of knowing that this is not our only journey on Earth to comfort you, both in your own potential death and also in the loss of loved ones. To be on the side of good is to be joining in the fight against the tyranny that is prevalent around the world, no matter the personal cost. For your own and our own collective spiritual growth, one cannot stand on the sidelines in this upcoming war. To choose to do nothing makes you clearly on the side of evil and that will have repercussions further down the karmic line. Stay strong. Things will get better someday, but this is necessary in order for that day to come.


The epitaph of first quarter of 2021 is the end of long endured sufferings of 2020, year of the Pandemic Health COVID-19 Crises. This means that measurable things will be possible like in Cases of COVID-19, it will be diminished and economic doors will be opened on the course of rehabilitation from its mess of the virus. Many countries will lift its travel ban, minimize policies for tourists and travellers.

Myanmar will end its political crises while Baghdad will have another revolt circling from its own terror acts. The face of terrorism will continue, world wide threats anew.

Rover Perseverance Mission of NASA will release its exciting panoramic views, the robotic voyager will discover an ancient biologic facts conforming presence of water in Mars. Some its pieces of robotic structure will have a technological problem as it will be hit by a Mars dust storm, but wouldn’t be paralyzed in performing its mission.

Magnetic lunar attraction is heavier to produce more volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, from Pacific to South East Asian Countries. The newly elected US President Biden is likely to feel some cardiac ailments.

In family relationships, increase of bondage is seen. Financial map read as recovering from Pandemic effects though debts is still inevitable…


Dreams and Predictions for March 2021

If you have not read the latest blog post for this month, please do so. It is an urgent message that I hope is received before it is too late. With that said, I’ll share a few more dreams and predictions for this month.

1) In a dream I had a few weeks ago, I saw Kamala Harris, her husband and adopted children being executed by the guillotine. This, I presume, occurs at the end of the uprising as punishment for crimes against humanity.

2) Tensions are forming at the US border and will explode when border patrol opens fire on refugees seeking asylum in the US. This will be a major scandal for the Biden administration.

3) Expect more riots this weekend, not necessarily tied to any event in particular.

4) Boris Johnson seems to be leaning towards holding new parliamentary elections soon. I’m not sure when they will take place, if they occur at all.

5) An assassination attempt on the dictator of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse. It will start getting to a point where the US and the UN will no longer be able to support his government.

6) Lenín Moreno attempts to postpone the upcoming runoff presidential election. This will lead to major unrest in the streets and the toppling of his government. He will either be forced into exile or assassinated for this act.

7) There are attempts to take down the governments of Colombia and Guatemala which forces the US to expend precious military capital to save them. They only manage to salvage one for a short period of time before both eventually go under.

3/8 ETA: Let me just say that while I am relieved that the Pope was not assassinated on his trip to Iraq, I’m still unsettled by the visit. It still feels like it shouldn’t have happened and the consequences may not be apparent right away. As I try to hope that my unsettled feelings aren’t correct, I will move on to other predictions for the month.

8) There may be a delay in the Derek Chauvin trial by a week or two. We may not see a resolution until May.

9) Trouble over passing the stimulus bill in the House.

10) France is on the verge of turmoil as Macron makes a decision on the lockdowns that is extremely unpopular.

11) The European Union makes an ominous decision for how they are going to handle the remaining refugees from the Syrian war.

12) An assassination attempt on Myanmar’s dictator Min Aung Hlaing leads to the deaths of several innocent victims. I believe this will occur this weekend.

3/16 ETA: First off, I’d like to point out that once again Pope Francis, who narrowly avoided being assassinated earlier this month in his extremely ill advised visit to Iraq, is provoking more anger by attacking the gay community. This news, surprisingly, has gotten far more attention than his trip to Iraq, which saw relatively little coverage in the press. It would be ironic if, having avoided assassination in Iraq, he ends up getting assassinated elsewhere by anarchists or other left leaning groups. It is advised that he not take any trips this spring. He especially should not go to the United States, which he may be tempted to do when the uprisings begin again next month. Unlike the Iraqi people, Americans will not take kindly to his visit. The warning signs will take place at St Patrick’s cathedral in New York. If it gets vandalized again in the near future, he will be marked should he make such an ill fated visit. Something for the Vatican to keep in mind, as Francis’ stubbornness caused a huge spike in COVID cases in Iraq and blood is on his hands. With that out of the way, here are some more predictions.

13) London will see big riots next weekend, likely in response to the murder of Sarah Everard.

14) Italy will propose legislation to limit the number of tourists into their country this summer. I am inclined to believe it will pass, pissing off the IMF and other European lawmakers.

15) I have been convinced for a number of years that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī’s son, will eventually become the leader of a post war Libya. The signs of this will take place later this year, as he reestablishes himself on the world scene.

16) The US will be caught off guard when Iran shifts its focus from military actions in the Middle East to fanning the flames of unrest in Minneapolis and other US cities. This will anger many in the Biden administration, who call off the Iran deal in response. It will also serve to shift popular opinion domestically, seeing a higher support for the country amongst the population and a significant decrease of support for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

17) A Putin associate is indicted on a money laundering scheme in US court, sometime in April.

18) Jared Kushner makes the decision to move to Israel. I expect the move to be announced sometime this summer. He will live to regret this, however.

19) An attempted break in at Mar-A-Lago leads to an arrest.

20) A new anti semitic figure rises in the Republican ranks. He is denounced by the party at first, but his opinion becomes the default norm in the near future.

21) An attack on infrastructure in Pennsylvania. White man, could be a Q supporter. Thinking it’s a cell phone tower attack or on a water based plant.

22) A medical breakthrough on cancer sometime this year. Uses the MNRA technology in the COVID vaccines. Not sure how safe it is.

3/20 ETA: With the recent rise in hate crimes against the Asian American community and with this scene from the recent Marvel series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” on my mind (they are known for performing Satanic rituals that turn into real life curses, see the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman last year), I feel that someone in particular needs a warning.

23) Andrew Yang is extremely vulnerable to being assassinated on the campaign trail in the next two months. As his lead in the mayoral primary becomes more solidified, he will become more of a target to those who wish to eliminate him. Don’t assume that it’s just some random person trying to off him. His political rivals, particularly a former cop in the race, have an interest in his forced ouster. Something to keep in mind, especially as May feels chaotic in New York City this year.

Why Pope Francis Needs to Cancel His Upcoming Trip to Iraq

This may be a message that is coming too little, too late to change anything, but I will post it here in case people close to the Pope can get this message to him in time and act on it. I mentioned in last month’s dreams and predictions post that I fear that the Papal visit to Iraq this week will end up with Pope Francis being assassinated. Michael McCllelan, a friend of the site, outlines the dangers he faces from a Nostradamus prophecy known as the rose prophecy here. It’s a good baseline to read and catch up on to get some context over the reason that the visit to Iraq is ill advised. For this blog post, I will add what my other concerns about the trip are and why a cancellation needs to happen to prevent a more dire future from coming about.

World War 3 is coming this year. It’s something I mentioned last year and I have seen nothing occur in the last 11 months that has changed this assessment. If anything, many events have transpired that make this more of a reality than ever. The biggest piece of the problem, the disputed WHO report, is already being scrutinized due to the lack of access to the Wuhan lab that Chinese authorities gave to scientists. This issue will turn calamitous when accusations of biological warfare are substantiated by outside sources, mainly rouge actors of the deep state of the US (some of whom read our site, as I have mentioned in a previous blog post). The tensions over this, along with a bunch of other problems, will lead to a stock market crash which sets the stage for a military conflict between the two major super powers, the US and China.

On top of this, I expect that other forms of stock market interference (mainly from the notorious Reddit traders known as Wall Street Bets), an aggressive unionization campaign at the world’s biggest company, Amazon and the uproar over the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the murderer of George Floyd, will create conditions for absolute chaos in the next two months. One of these events alone would be enough to do significant damage to world stability. Together, they will turn into an explosive mess that is the basis of last month’s post on the world turning into a state of complete anarchy.

Though war between the major superpowers is unavoidable, the goal from the perspective of those who hope for peace should be to lessen the casualties and minimize the damage that this conflict causes. You do that by stopping things that could inflame the situation further and redirecting anger towards toppling oppressive governments and preventing the usage of nuclear weapons. Pope Francis’ trip to Iraq is fraught with risk and destined for disaster. Though ISIS has seemingly been defeated, other Islamic terrorist groups are on the rise in the region. Iran is trying to diffuse tensions so that this trip can go smoothly, but it will not matter. There seem to be forces that are determined to eliminate a man who is trying to promote peace in a region that has been ravaged by war and terror for decades.

An assassination in either the cities Baghdad or Irbil, the two in Iraq that are watered by two rivers, would create an explosion in the Middle East that would result in the immediate opening shots in a worse case scenario version of World War 3. The reverberations of this murder would ripple throughout the world in a way similar to that of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It will make the upcoming war, which will already be catastrophic enough as it is, even worse and possibly so devastating that it sees the elimination of 90% of the planet’s population, rather than an estimated 30-40% in a better case scenario.

The visions I have foreseen of the war and uprisings are bad enough as it is. Pope Francis may think that he is going to create peace with his visit to the embattled Iraqi Christians. So did the Archduke in his ill advised visit to Sarajevo. Like with the Archduke, Francis’ assassination will incite a bloody global war instead. Now is not the time to visit the land watered by two rivers, the ancient land of Mesopotamia for which the three major religions claim ties via the prophet Abraham. I hope that people in the Vatican will advise Francis against taking this trip. If he persists, in spite of the red alarms that are blaring loudly in the form of terror attacks, his own ambassador contracting Covid and tensions between the US and Iran for regional dominance, then it is to be assumed that he is evil and has evil intentions for the world in regards to his ill advised visit. Hopefully, he thinks twice before he gets on the plane to Rome and arrives in Baghdad this weekend. He shouldn’t want to become the reason billions more die than is necessary. If he cares about peace, he will call this trip off. If he doesn’t, then our planet is in much more serious trouble than I initially thought.

ETA: Quick update. Our friend Michael McCllelan has posted an update on his website where he suggests that, because roses aren’t blooming this month, he suspects the trip may end up being safe. I do not agree with him. He is a seasoned student of Nostradamus prophecy, but he is not a psychic. I have gotten bad vibes over this trip and I still think the prudent thing for Pope Francis to do is to cancel the trip. He won’t, so people need to be on alert. Prepare for the worst because I do not believe the time of year mentioned in the prophecy is going to save him from assassination. Not with all the worrying signs growing by the day.

Additional ETA: Well, it appears that the trip that shouldn’t be happening is going forward tomorrow. In spite of significant pressure from close advisors and others to cancel or at least postpone the trip, Pope Francis is still pressing forward, even backing down from his promise to hold off if COVID cases in Iraq were rising, which they are. This stubbornness is what I believe is going to end up killing him.

The sticking point in this trip seems to be his meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a prominent Iraqi Shiite cleric. There is anger from rogue Islamic militia groups that the meeting between the two men could weaken their grip hold on power in the region. There are elements that are determined to prevent this meeting from taking place by any means necessary. This is why I believe his assassination will take place tomorrow, as the meeting is scheduled for Saturday.

In addition to visions I have had, I also base this sequence of events on the assassinations of both Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, another leader who our friend Michael McClellan gave warnings to that were completely disregarded. I suspect, in the city of Baghdad, that the Pope’s motorcade will see a bombing (either suicide or missile) that misses him, but hits the car behind him, killing everyone inside. The mad rush sees his driver speed off to send the Pope to a safe location.

Once in a protected area, the Pope gets into an argument with his security detail over their plan. The Pope wishes to visit the victims at the hospital to pray for them, but the security detail insists that they continue to follow the plans made before his arrival. They warn him that they have not adequately secured the area near the hospital and they are worried that they can be attacked again if they attempt an unplanned visit. The argument makes them sitting ducks, which leads to an ambush by a militia group that kills the Pope and every person inside the car in a hail of gunfire.

I really wish the Pope had heeded the warnings that I and others gave him. Instead of bringing peace to the Middle East and giving comfort to Iraq’s Christian community, his murder will incite World War 3 and assure their final departure from Iraq instead. The road to hell is laid with good intentions, but that won’t save you from eternal damnation for your arrogance.

ETA: The first day in Iraq has seemingly come and gone without any reported incident. I am thankful to have woken up this morning without hearing news of his assassination. I would like to remind you, however, that the trip has just begun. He is still in danger as long as he remains in Iraq.

Final ETA (Hopefully): So as Pope Francis is leaving Iraq now, I think (hope) that it’s safe to say that his trip did not go as I had initially feared it would. I cannot say that I am disappointed in this at all. In fact, I feel a sense of relief because I think our readers fail to understand the severity of how bad it would have gotten if my warnings had become a reality. This is one prediction fail that I am relieved to say was the case, if it’s 100% the case.

There’s just one thing lingering that still bothers me that I feel the need to address. In his meeting with the Ayatollah Al-sistani on Saturday, the Pope and several people in his entourage were not wearing masks. As the Ayatollah has not been vaccinated and the Pope was exposed to a lot of different people during his trip, I worry that he may have given the Ayatollah Covid. If the Pope did spread it and the Ayatollah passes away as a result of this, then there’s going to be a lot of anger in the Muslim world over this, with many accusing the Pope of murdering the beloved spiritual leader. It is under these conditions that the Pope’s life would be in danger again this spring, as a fatwa would be placed on his head. So I will keep an eye on this and hope for the best. I don’t care if certain commenters call me a crock psychic because the Pope wasn’t assassinated on his trip. In this particular prediction, I’m happy to say that I was wrong, relieved in fact. No one should have wanted to see this happen. I certainly didn’t, which is why I posted this blog in the first place.

March 2021 is a VICIOUS Month

March 2021 is a vicious month which climate change adaptively arrogant. It is where in Southeast Asian Countries most likely in the Philippines a start of summer season but with occurrence still of weather disturbances. Politics became more in hot seats on the issue of Pandemic Health COVID-19 Crises against vaccination and its procurement.

It will arose another mutation of COVID-19, though vaccination implemented, but it will not be as deadlier as feared. Somehow, health protocols will be eased to boost and recover the failing economy and promote increase of revenues. There seems to be fire particularly in the City of Manila, Philippines and quake movement is feared to be happened from this month.

In the Middle East countries, there will be dethroned in the monarchy because of scandalous matter, a sudden death of higher official is visible. A plane crash is tangent , a Boeing passenger plane with not more than 300 passengers in the South East Asian.

Discovery of authentic medicine for COVID-19 is mutant until the end of March 2021.


A World of Anarchy

A few short weeks after the near military coup by Trump in the US (Myanmar just had the type of coup Trump wanted done for him here and almost did), things seem quiet now. As I explained in my last big blog post, this is to be expected. There will be a short cool off period before things pick up again. The simmers are on and agitation is being doled out by the same intelligence agencies that spent the last four years working to take down Trump. I don’t think they should see the lack of people in the streets right now as a sign of victory in their war against the American public, especially since they plan to make this national guard occupation of DC permanent, not a sign of confidence in their power. Coincidentally, the anticipated exit date of March 31st is just around the time I expect tensions to blow up in the street once again.

With the fascists and the far right in the cross hairs of power, I think it’s important to state that the theme that will be running through most of the uprisings this year will stem not from Trump, but from anarchist ideology. I’m not going to go into a long history of anarchism in this blog post. However, I will say that some of the key moments in anarchist history, from the Haymarket riot of 1886 to the LA Times bombing of 1910 to the assassination of President McKinley by anarchist Leon Czolgosz will all be prevalent at various points throughout the year. We will see repeats of these events in various actions that take place in various cities across the US.

It won’t just be an American phenomenon either. In just a few short months, countries around the world will devolve into societies with no rule or authority. Independent actors, working to create chaos, will incite conditions for the toppling of governments throughout the globe. Some of these revolutions will succeed, while others will fail. The running theme throughout all of this anarchy is that society will devolve into a state of lawlessness for the foreseeable future. This works out fine in smaller communities and towns, where neighbors come together to keep the peace and provide for one another. However, this turns into a giant blood bath in big cities, with mob rule, executions and blood pouring into the streets. There will be many crimes that go unpunished and many people will suffer. However, once the growing pains are over, a better, more prosperous society arises from the ashes in the aftermath.

So how can all of you prepare for what is about to happen? Seeing as no major FDR type stimulus is coming for working people, your best bet is to get out of major cities, stock up on essential supplies, have two months of non perishable food at minimum in storage, stock up on water, keep your exposure to large crowds and gatherings to a minimum, build a strong social network of family and friends to talk to and try not to get sick, if at all possible. We have a short window between now and April to prepare before the revolution in the streets starts up once again. Take advantage of the moment while it’s still possible. Once things turn, they won’t get better again for a few more years.

Dreams and Predictions for February 2021

I had to take a bit of a mental health break because following the developments of last month did a real number on my mental state. Having gotten back a bit of my strength, I will share some new predictions for this month.

1) I am seeing a major stock market crash by April. I originally foresaw this in regards to tariffs from China, but it may also be caused by the speculative bubble inflated by Reddit users, or perhaps a one, two punch of both.

2) The city of Minneapolis will also be burned to the ground again, as I do not see George Floyd’s murderer, Derek Chauvin, being convicted by a jury. The riots will also likely lead to a near death experience for the mayor, Jacob Frey, and likely his immediate resignation from office.

3) There will be an attempted shooting of Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler. I’m not sure if it will lead to his death or not.

4) I foresee the first of many assassination attempts against Biden this month, though I do not believe this one will be successful.

5) Expect the feds to go after Elon Musk for meddling with the stock market.

6) Trump will be acquitted at his impeachment trial.

7) There will be a serious attempt to push Putin out and replace him with Alexei Navalny, but I do not believe the oligarchs or the Russian military will allow this, so he will deposed of, if he succeeds, and replaced with someone even worse than Putin.

8) Major riots in Israel, perhaps over lockdowns.

9) There will be numerous examples of people getting serious cases of Covid even after getting the vaccine. This leads to a major public relations nightmare and also a major reluctance by the public to get vaccinated.

10) There will be major planning for a warehouse strike of Amazon’s facilities. This would kick off a domino of other industries striking at the same time.

2/3 ETA: 11) I could use your assistance in potentially contacting someone, since I don’t use TikTok. So long story short, one of the psychics on our site emailed me yesterday and told me about a dream they had:

I was some guy I think in the army who was part of a trump supporting overthrow and was arrested. They had made special cells that were singles with a toilet. Someone came to visit n said “we did u a favor. If u were out there right now you’d be dead because it’s about to go down. U don’t realize it but we’ve saved u. There will be trials n such but u will he released, just trust us. “ I didn’t. I was upset n wanted to see my family. Biden was talking on a huge screen n not seen outside anymore like the hunger games. Trump had been flown out of the country due to threats on his life and was in hiding.

The psychic mentioned this being a man in the military with blonde hair. When I showed them a potential match with the man they described being in a dream, they confirmed to me that this person is probably the likely person they were dreaming they were. That person is named Lewis O’Mara. I don’t use TikTok, so I have no way of reaching him, but if someone who reads our site does use the site, they should contact him as soon as possible and tell him to be careful because the military is coming after him and his fellow soldiers. Consider keeping a low profile and don’t post anything too political. I will warn that the psychic said they thought warning him wouldn’t change his fate, but I feel he should be told just in case. Hopefully someone can contact him for me on my behalf.

2/8 ETA: Not a prediction, but I would like to point out that this article from Time Magazine confirms a lot of what I said happened behind the scenes in regards to sabotaging the vote against Trump. I would also like to point out the military coups in Myanmar and Haiti and how similar it was to what Trump attempted to do in the United States.

I originally saw my prediction as totally off base, but seeing these forms of confirmation of my visions, on top of redirected coups taking place elsewhere in the word, makes me reassess how inaccurate my visions really were. I have said before, in a previous blog post, why some of my predictions don’t always happen the way I say they will. In summary, sometimes forces beyond my control thwart events in my predictions and sometimes targets I write about change. This has happened before on a number of occasions. I should post a more comprehensive blog post detailing these occurrences soon. However, looking back on this, I do give myself more credit on my insights than I had when January 20th rolled around without incident. It’s something to keep in mind as the year progresses. Though the occupant in the White House changed, much of my other visions will not and, in fact, some have already occurred since posting it on January 1st.

2/14 ETA: Sort of a prediction, but also a warning.

12) Pope Francis really needs to cancel his upcoming trip to Iraq next month. It’s too dangerous to go there now and it is coming at a time where things are about to become extremely volatile worldwide. ISIS has a strong presence in the region and they will not allow him to travel in the country safely. In addition, his assassination may have been forewarned by Nostradamus, according to what is known as the “Rose Prophecy.” So the Vatican really ought to reconsider doing this now, not only because of the pandemic and the threat of ISIS, but also because of how it could become a trigger for World War 3 if he’s killed. If they don’t call this trip off, they will be making a huge mistake, one that will set the entire Middle East in flames.

2/16 ETA: I want to add this as well.

13) If Pope Francis is assassinated next month, then the next pope is likely to be Dieudonné Nzapalainga. Not only is this based on a different prediction from Nostradamus (it’s #9 on this page, the one referring to the “young black red one”), it’s also based on some odd visions I’ve been having over the last few days, with voices telling me about the Black pope, the first African pope in Catholic history. So this is something to keep in mind if Pope Francis’ trip, which is already blaring red alerts from a recent attack on a city he will be visiting, turns disastrous.

An Explanation

Let me start by getting this out of the way. I was wrong in my prediction for last year’s presidential election. That was a major fail on my part and it’s something that, I know, is going to be used against me for pretty much ever. Having said that, as I have begun to take a deep breath and meditate, there were things that were explained to me that explain why we got to the point where we are where Joe Biden has gotten into the White House, even despite Trump never conceding the election.

Let’s start from the beginning of almost six years ago. I was one of the first psychics to sense something was happening in regards to Trump first entering the 2016 presidential election. I was one of the first psychics to predict that he would win the election. From there, I predicted many things that would occur over his administration up to his doomed campaign to win re-election. There were things I missed along the way, most notably when I predicted that he would be assassinated in the fall of 2019. However, there were main key elements of his tenure in the White House that I was able to pick up on due to my own psychic instinct.

Trump, as I stated years ago, made a deal with the devil in exchange for the presidency. When Trump realized what was truly required to serve his will, he, at first, tried to get out of it, but found it was too late by the time he scored an upset victory over Hillary Clinton. When he got into the White House, he immediately faced attempts to take him down, most notably from the intelligence community who never wanted him to be president in the first place. They saw him as a threat to their operations and worked to undermine his administration since day one. During the last four years, Trump fluctuated between finding ways to bow out of his responsibilities and being determined to push his “America First” agenda. His mental health issues were largely what created such inconsistencies in his administration’s policies. His psychopathy was ultimately what undid him.

Trump did attempt to push for a more isolationist policy early on, but was met with mass resistance from the military industrial complex. The more he pushed them, the more aggressive they got in pushing back, most notably in their investigations of his activities from the Mueller report to impeachment in his dealing with Ukraine. Despite all of these obstacles, Trump surpassed them and managed to survive their frequent attempts to take him down. Seeing Trump as someone determined to disrupt their way of doing things, there were plans made in the intelligence community to assassinate him by the fall of 2019.

Elements of the ruling class, in the form of Nancy Pelosi, got wind of these plans and intervened to stop it. She felt that having an assassination of Trump would be disruptive to the country and would spiral things out of control to the point of instability. She implored them to let them try running another presidential election first, using the first impeachment as a means of damaging his candidacy. The intelligence community relented and agreed, hence why the assassination plot for the fall of 2019 was called off.

Though Trump survived the impeachment trial, his administration was severely damaged. It hurt him heading into the 2020 election, which, due to this and later the pandemic, which I also accurately predicted, is why I originally did not believe he would win reelection. I originally foresaw Bernie Sanders getting the nomination, with a female vice president taking his place when he died on the campaign trail. Many may forget this now, but at first, Bernie seemed like he had the election in the bag. Upset with yet another outsider threatening their agenda, the intelligence community intervened to damage his candidacy and rig the remaining primaries for Biden. So even though Biden later won the general election fair and square, his interference and cheating in the Democratic primary was his ultimate sin and it will come back to haunt him soon.

Once Biden was pushed out as the Democratic nominee, this made me reevaluate the state of the race. I had never seen Biden in the White House at any point. I have always had bad vibes about him and I felt he might be assassinated before the general election, leaving his female VP nominee as the presidential candidate and eventually winner. Once Kamala Harris was chosen, I had bad vibes about her as well. So, with this information, I made the determination that Trump would win reelection. That turned out to be a fail, but not because of my instinct on the race.

A couple of months ago, I got wind of the fact that the feds were, in fact, reading my blog. Seeing as they were determined to stop Trump from winning again, they took active steps to thwart the things I said would help Trump in his reelection campaign. They suppressed the bombshell Hunter Biden story from the New York Post. They threatened and silenced women who had been victims of Biden’s long history of sexual abuse and assault. They withheld news on a vaccine breakthrough before the election. They aggressively pushed off third party candidates from key swing states ballots. They used their powers to manipulate news coverage to insure that Trump would not get any political wins before the election.

Once the election results came out and Trump held an early win on election night, they began work on sabotaging his efforts at court victories and recounts. They loosened the rules of voter registrations and cut the rejection rate of absentee ballots. They intimidated lawyers not to take his on his court cases. John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, demanded his colleagues not take the Texas v. Pennsylvania case that could have thrown the entire election into chaos. These forms of intervention, though not technically cheating, sealed the deal in denying Trump the ability to win via a legitimate election victory.

When victory at the ballot box was slipping away, Trump began to panic about his future. He was nervous that he would face criminal prosecution, financial ruin and assassination outside of the protection the presidency affords a president. This is when his efforts to stage a coup began. First, it was a congressional coup option, which would have involved sending dueling electors in the electoral college for congress to toss out. This effort was thwarted by the Democrats in regards to stopping Kevin McCarthy from winning the speaker race and winning the run off senate elections in Georgia.

When this plan slipped away, Trump orchestrated the siege on the capitol, which nearly led to the full on slaughter of elected officials. It became the first time the US capitol was invaded since 1812. It led to worldwide condemnation and a significant rattling of the ruling class. There were additional plans to cause chaos that were planned by Trump, from flying a plane into the capitol building to blame on Iran to having loyal Republican allies go on a murder spree. These parts of the coup plot were all thwarted.

When this coup effort failed and congress began its efforts to impeach him for a second time, Trump began to plot a more aggressive military coup option. This would have involved having loyal soldiers in the armed forces murder the line of succession to stop a swearing in on inauguration day. Though Trump’s term would have officially ended, he would have made the legally dubious case that he was the only living person who had won certified votes on election day. His new VP would have been Mike Pompeo, the surviving secretary of state. If there had been challenges to that, he would have declared martial law and held onto power illegitimately.

This plot was exclusively revealed by our site and the feds, who have been reading this blog for months, began to crack down on these efforts. They arrested Proud Boys who were attempting to assassinate lawmakers. They began efforts to purge Trump loyalists from the armed forces. They even began to consider a purge of their own agencies, unsure of who they could even trust in their own midst. As Trump began finalizing his plans for a military coup, he began to counter them by purging these very intelligence agencies of staffers that had opposed him for the last four years. It wasn’t until hours before the inauguration that they figured out how deeply implanted Trump’s coup plot allies were.

Seeing how close to success Trump was about to get to staging a military coup, the intelligence community realized that they had no choice but to strike a deal with him. Only hours before the inauguration, elements of the wealthy and the deep state reached out and began to bargain with him on what it would take to drop his claims to the presidency. The deal that was made stipulated that he would be protected from all state and federal prosecution, he would be acquitted in his impeachment trial and he would be financially protected from bankruptcy. In exchange, he would cede the presidency and promise to never run for office again. With just hours to spare, Trump agreed to the terms and cast himself off into a post presidential life of freedom.

So while my prediction was ultimately a failed one, it rested on a choice Trump made, of his own volition, to cede control of the White House to Biden, even if he didn’t have to. Trump, had he gone through with his plans for a military coup, would have likely succeeded and become a dictator over the United States. His reign would have been short, seeing as there would be anger from other nations and the destabilization and destruction of the United States would have followed. While we have avoided that fate under Trump, and he avoided perpetual infamy ala Hitler or Mussolini, due to his actions during this time in office, we will be seeing this future of insurrection and overthrow occur under Kamala Harris’ watch instead.

A couple of things to note before I conclude this blog post. The ruling class have damaged themselves significantly as a result of their war against Trump. They have created a legitimacy crisis amongst the public that will lead to unrest and mass labor strikes in the near future. They have angered the rank and file of the military as a result of their attempts to purge the coup plotters, seeing them turn their backs on Biden as he drove in his motorcade to the capitol building to be sworn in for the presidency. They have mobilized elements of the far right to war, which will result in the assassinations of many politicians in the near future, most notably Joe Biden, a fear that these same lawmakers have expressed among themselves privately. By the time the wealthy and our lawmakers realize the full extent of how much damage Trump caused to them and their institutions, they will once again find angry hordes of people attempting to storm DC again this summer looking to hang them from nooses for treason.

I own up to my failures to foresee accurately the course of the 2020 presidential election. Our site’s co-founder, FefeLove, foresaw Biden winning the whole time, which is why I added it to the 2021 predictions. She was right and I was wrong. A lot of this inaccuracy was due to interference from powerful forces in our society. I have said before that thwarted predictions are beyond the realm of my control. However, despite this call of mine being wrong, I am confident that the rest of the events for this year will transpire as I predicted, most notably war with China and the ultimate destruction of the United States of America. As I have said before, who is leading the sinking ship that is the American empire is irrelevant to the outcome. The US is a sinking ship. By 2023 at the latest, it will no longer exist as it does today.