I haven’t posted a non-politics/world events warning post in a long, long time. Normally I try to avoid getting too deep into these types of predictions, since I consider them to be superficial, but I’ve been having a really bad feeling about this all day long and I felt it was important to get it out there.

I have had a very eerie and bad premonition around the rapper Lisa from the massively successful Kpop group BlackPink. Long time readers might recall that my warning of danger for the singer/actress Selena Gomez, although it didn’t result in her death, saw the murder of her friend Christina Grimmie, the lives lost in the Pulse Nightclub shooting and several other deaths that followed Gomez on her tour. I have a similarly bad feeling surrounding Lisa.

Besides having a bad vibe in general, I am basing my warning on the prior precedent set by the late rapper Lisa Left-Eye Lopes from the massively successful girl group TLC. On April 25, 2002, she tragically died in a car crash, after being haunted by a demonic spirit seeking to claim her during her ill fated trip to Honduras. This same sort of dark spirit followed Gomez, but she was spared from its grip.

What bothers me about this bad omen in particular is that Lisa and her band, BlackPink, will be performing a sold out arena tour in Mexico City on April 26th of this year, 21 years (a base 7 year times three from Lopes’ death). This suggests that, if history will soon repeat itself and something sinister is following her or the band more broadly, they are in grave danger and should not go through with the concert.

I’m not exactly sure how she, or her band mates, may go if they ignore this warning and press ahead with the concert. It could be a car crash similar to Lopes that takes Lisa’s life. It could be a murder by a deranged fan like the late singer Selena or Christina Grimmie. It could also be cartel related violence that put them in the line of fire, even if unintentionally. All I know is that it is not safe for them to go and they should permanently “postpone” the trip. If they don’t, I fear that another tragic end will befall a major icon (or icons, if more than one of them is targeted) at the height of their fame.

Trump’s Coup Plot is Still Ongoing

I figured I needed to post this update, since I assume some of you may have been confused by the events that took place last week. After doing some spiritual channeling the other night, I have made a scary discovery. Trump’s coup plot is not over yet. In fact, he has just solidified his grip on power to the extent where he will all but assuredly pull it off when he makes his intentions clear in the near future.

During initial fight over the speakership last week, McCarthy privately whipped members over the plan to make Trump speaker. He found that he did not have the votes at the time of the initial chaos. Not wanting the plot to totally fail and for the Democrats to steal the gavel away from them, the House “Freedom” Caucus came to an agreement with McCarthy where they would lower the threshold to vacate the chair in the rules package (making it easier to remove the speaker) and then wait until an opportune time to pull off the plot to put Trump into the line of succession for the presidency.

This plots execution is going to come down to member attendance and timing. As seen by how McCarthy managed to squeak into the speaker role with less than 218 votes by getting members to vote present, it shows that you do not need the actual elected majority to win a speakership race. All you need is the majority of those “present” in the house at the time a vote is called. The goal of Trump’s team is to wait until the numbers are low enough on the floor for Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans where he will then pull off the coup plot. They will oust McCarthy, install Trump and then change the rules package again to prevent his removal by raising the number of votes needed to vacate the chair. “Moderates” may have thought they prevented this scenario from happening, but by voting for the rules package, which some of Trump’s biggest detractors in the GOP (including those who voted to impeach him after January 6th) did, they assured it would succeed when the time came to move.

The narrative over impeachment, the key propaganda excuse for the justification of the assassinations of Biden and Harris, has already begun. McCarthy has previously expressed an unwillingness to go forward with impeachment upon his victory. This is how they will justify his removal from the role and argue for Trump’s installation into the speaker job instead. I expect this may not happen this week, but likely in the next few weeks. The clamor for impeachment will grow loud enough where the timing will align with the assassins in the waiting and Trump will make his move official.

The coup plot is not over yet. By blunting the power of his opponents and placing the deep state on the defensive with a committee panel designed to keep them on the ropes, the Trump coup plotters will have neutered their rivals and assured their success. The path, which had been up in the air for the last few months, has been chosen. Although it may take a little while longer for this to be obvious and for it to come to fruition, there is no turning back now. Although we staved off a worst case scenario of nuclear armageddon, do not mistake it for a relatively peaceful existence. Things will get very ugly before they begin to get better again.

Watch for the Rules Package Vote

My internet has been spotty over the last few days, so I haven’t been able to post. I don’t have a lot of time to go into all of the details, but it may have been noticed by you all that Trump has (so far) not become speaker. I originally thought this was because he didn’t have the votes, but it is due to the fact that they are performing an elaborate dance before making the announcement official. Watch for the vote on Monday in regards to the rules package. Once it fails to advance and the house is thrown into chaos again, that’s when I suspect Trump makes his play. His hands have been all over this process. If I can post before then, I will elaborate further. Just know that the circus we have seen so far is just the start of what is to come.

1/9 ETA: As you may have seen tonight, the rules package passed with nearly every Republican voting in favor. Although this may seem like it prevents further chaos, what it indicates is that every Republican, save for one, would vote for Trump as speaker. I’m still sensing that this is the overall plan, especially since the one major change to the rules package was the lowered threshold to vacate the chair (which means to call a vote to remove the speaker). It is also notable to me that there has been a leaked scandal on Biden at this critical juncture, which may serve as the basis for the push for impeachment. I expect things to cool off for a day, or two, before there may be more noise pushing this coup plot once again. I’ll update more when I can channel more information. We’re not out of the woods yet, by any means.

The Path Chosen

I waited a little bit longer than I was originally intending to to post this because I wanted 100% clarity as to the path we were on. I still haven’t been able to map out certain key split points, but for the most part, it is clear where we are going now. There have been some developments over the last few weeks that have been worth noting, but in the end, due to the results of the election, it seems clear to me that a path has been chosen. As much as the deep state tried to stop it otherwise, it seems that my original vision for Trump’s reascension to power in a coup will take place sometime early next year.

One of the key factors in my indecisiveness came from the margin of victory for the Republicans in the House. With Republican Lauren Boebert winning the recount in her race, it means that Trump has the solid 5 seat cushion necessary to win the speakership election when he presents himself as the nominee in the near future. The narrative has begun to shift in this direction, even if he hasn’t made the outright declaration of his intentions yet. The opposition to this plot has also been underway, but such efforts have been collapsing before they get serious momentum.

Liz Cheney’s maneuvers to stop him as an alternative speaker have already collapsed. Hakeem Jeffries has no chance of winning, as no Republican will ever vote for him. Fred Upton has been floated as the new compromise candidate, but he will also fail to win enough votes from his fellow Republicans. This means that Trump will secure the votes necessary, with the assistance of Kevin McCarthy, and likely Ron DeSantis, to become speaker of the House. This is no longer in doubt. The math works in his favor.

Seeing what is transpiring before his very eyes, Biden may get desperate in attempting to save himself from a coup by escalating the proxy war against Russia further. While he may believe that starting a direct war will protect him from such a coup plot, such a reckless action will only solidify support for the coup amongst Wall Street and other entities who wish to see him removed from office. They would want to prevent major losses to their wealth as a result of World War 3, as their profit margins are already being squeezed by the population decline occurring as a result of a “let it rip” passiveness in regards to the ongoing Covid pandemic. Elon Musk is leading the charge on this front, but others are assisting him in the shadows.

What would have been the key gridlock against this coup plot is the deep state. Over the last few years, however, the resisters to Trump in the deep state have been quietly purged behind Biden’s back, in a similar manner to how Musk has purged resisters at Twitter since taking over. The FBI, the DOJ and other deep state entities have now been captured by Trump and his minions. The Secret Service, the keys to Biden and Harris’ protection, are now Trump’s most loyal allies. The last hold out, the CIA, is on thin ice, as Trump and his minions hold blackmail over them. They have, in their possession, smoking gun revelations at Mar-A-Lago about the CIA’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination, hence the narrative interest that has picked up in recent days. Trump holds these documents over their heads as a way of browbeating the CIA into compliance with his coup plot. Any resistance that had held in these organizations over the last several years has now all but collapsed. It’s not to say there are no resisters left in these agencies, but they have lost power and are operating on the fringes.

Trump won’t be stopped from orchestrating his coup plot once he wins control of the speaker gavel. The Republicans may try to sell this as a means of launching an impeachment proceeding against Biden and Harris, but this is a ruse. The votes are not there to convict either of them in the senate, so what this actually will entail is that Biden will definitely be assassinated, under the cover of whipped up anger formented against him by Trump. It is too difficult to tell right now whether the attempts on Harris’ life will also be successful, but Biden will succumb to the Tecumseh curse.

There is one minor detail that is difficult for me to get clarity on at this time. If Trump gets rid of both the president and vice president, he will become President again and the military will have no choice but to swear their oath of loyalty to him. If he fails to get Harris, he would face the prospect of criminal prosecution for the first time in his life. In either scenario, while nuclear holocaust will have been averted, the cost (one way or the other) will be a devastating civil war, one the right is already preparing for, that plunges the US into chaos. It spares much of the globe from the American empire’s terror, but for the people living there, their lives will turn into hell on Earth. The early warning signs of how bad this will get can be seen from the attacks on the electricity grid in various states. It will devolve into a much worse situation from there.

Considering their refusal to revolt over the many injustices caused by the state over the last two and a half centuries, it will be a well deserved fate for the people of a nation plagued with apathy towards the suffering of their fellow human beings. I wish had more sympathy for the plight that Americans about to experience, but I ran out of it a long time ago. This is certainly a better scenario than what we could have faced as a planet, leading to the end of the world, but it will not be a pretty sight to behold in the slightest. Americans could have been revolutionaries. They will be victims of the sinking of the US empire instead.

World Cup

Be mindful of potential shenanigans at the World Cup, starting tomorrow. It is very possible we will see a terror attack take place there. I do not believe it will be a severe one, but a bad enough one that there will be casualties. This could be thwarted by police, but so far, they have not caught onto it or located the cell lurking in Qatar waiting to strike. The terrorists are not affiliated with Iran, no matter what Israel or the Saudis may try to say later on.

A Historical Crossroad

This will probably be my longest blog post to date. With the results of the midterm election still trickling in, the lack of a strong GOP mandate has brought us to an unusual moment in US, and in reality world history. For the first time in my lifetime, we are at a turning point where small maneuvers in the halls of congress and in the Kremlin could potentially alter the path of history or end it all together.

We have been at the brink of nuclear armageddon since February, when Russia invaded Ukraine. We have had several close calls that much of the public is not privy to at this time, but we may learn about it in the future. What interests me is that my vision for how things play out could play out just as I have previously predicted, in regards to Trump succeeding with his coup attempt in the near future (presuming the GOP is declared the official winner of the House elections), but he may be stopped. If he is stopped, it could lead directly to world war 3 or it could calm things down significantly for several years (with Trumpism defeated, but not fascism and, hence, its return in the 2030’s, 100 years after Hitler’s rise to power in Germany). Here are the various paths where we might go down, based on visions I’ve had over the last few days.

Let’s start with what I have already foreseen. Although the GOP failed to win a mandate in the November midterm elections, based on incoming numbers, they have likely won control of the chamber. The fact that it is only by a small margin gives Trump tremendous power, as his allies in congress begin to lay out the path for Trump to announce his intention to become speaker. It will likely be sold as some sort of “gentleman’s agreement” with Ron De Santis, allowing him to run for President without a messy primary (which Trump has every intention of breaking the minute he returns to the White House). If the GOP manages to win 5 or more seats, Trump will all but assuredly be able pull off his latest coup plot. If the result is under 5, however, then it may lead us to a different scenario, depending on how soft Trump’s support is in the GOP caucus.

Several Democrats have allegedly been reaching out Liz Cheney with an offer to appoint her speaker. If the margin of victory for the GOP is less than 5, she has a pathway to do this successfully because she will need to offset inevitable defections from lawmakers in the squad who would refuse to go along with her ascension to power. In such a scenario, Trump would be immediately vulnerable to a primary challenge from De Santis, where the two of them would likely duke it out and see De Santis nominated, only to lose to either the current Vice President or Nina Turner, who has been in my visions as an important figure in our timeline since at least 2015. From there, the fascist movement would collapse for a number of years until a great depression hits the end the 2020’s and an outright Nazi would take over the GOP and become president in 2032. This would result in bringing us back to the brink of nuclear armageddon we are dealing with now.

This is all presuming that Putin accepts a scenario where Trump is not appointed speaker. Part of the Russian strategy in the war in Ukraine has been to use energy blackmail to induce political conditions in Western countries more favorable to their liking. Their goal was to push events to a place where public opinion would force lawmakers to cut off funding to the war effort. This is where Putin could turn the tide around and seize the whole of Ukraine in a matter of months. If this coup plan backfires, then he will face a military crisis that will not be deemed acceptable to the KGB or the oligarchy of Russia in general. Although the Biden administration has wisely tried to offer an exit ramp in the form of peace negotiations, Putin cannot take them. Without having made significant gains, he will likely be deposed and replaced with a far more reactionary figure who escalates the war with the use of tactical nukes, a red line for the west. World War 3 would then follow, but with much resistance in the US to the extent where the government is toppled. I have shared previous warnings of what life will be like after such a war. It is not a pretty future.

There are of course scenarios where the use of nukes ends up destroying all of life on Earth, but these are not ones I wish to elaborate on further, especially since they are extremely unlikely to occur. The main point here is that it is hard to know how this is going to end because slight alterations in the actions of lawmakers in DC could effect the stability of the entire planet. I know there will be elements in both the US deep state and the Kremlin who will try to maneuver their political actors in the next two months to ensure a favorable outcome to their interests. What I will say is that, if I had a preference for where we’d go, I would say the public should use this information being shared and let it motivate you to take away the power of these elected officials for good, which I have advocated for since the start of this website eight years ago. Pending that, any scenario that prevents nuclear armageddon is where we should go. That requires forcing negotiations on Ukraine to end the war and cease their maximalist demands that no Russian leader, not even imprisoned Navalny, could or would be able to accept. It also requires taking more aggressive action in holding the oligarchy in the US accountable for their short sighted and dangerous actions, criminally prosecuting elements on Wall Street and Silicon Valley who stand in the way of policies that are designed to help the working class and social minorities.

As I had said in my War is Coming blog, people in power could always steer us away from this brinkmanship if they gave up large enough shares of their wealth to even the playing field and restore social order. They can still do this, or they can be forced to do so by the Biden administration or from masses gathering in the street in uprising. Based on the actions of Biden’s that I have seen so far, however, I am not confident of this occurring. Considering how many times they have sabotaged attempts by Bernie Sanders to become president, it is clear that they will not share their wealth unless it is taken from them by force. That presumes the public is ready to use the necessary force to take it and end the brinkmanship towards the end of humanity that we are currently dealing with.

So hang on tight. We may not get total clarity on where we are going for another few weeks. It’s also possible that certain elements who read this site (and contrary to what some commenters have previously tried to claim, they do read this site, just as they read any site that challenges their narrative and threatens their hold on power and the control of information) will try to use this information to shift elements in directions they may perceive to be favorable to them. Once I have gotten further clarity, I will post a separate blog post that lays out which path we are definitively going on. I hope this information has been helpful. Stay safe and pray.

Brittney Griner

12/8 ETA: Good news. The Russians finally released Brittney Griner from prison. I was extremely worried a few days after I posted this initial warning that she was being sent to the gulag, which seemed at the time as a message that they were completely, and arrogantly, ignoring the consequences of such a decision. Fortunately, it seems as if cooler heads prevailed and the swap occurred, with Viktor Bout being swapped at the same time. This will of course hit Biden’s popularity with “swing voters,” especially since Paul Whelan was left behind (he will likely die in a Russian prison, as his health has been compromised in recent months), but it will not cause the same uproar as if Griner had died in the same sorts of circumstances. So be relieved that an extremely horrific worst case scenario did not come true, but we’re still in for bad times ahead. I will update you all on this soon. It seems a path has been chosen, but I’m going to wait a few days to make sure I get absolute clarity on it before giving more information. Look out for that update soon.

There may be a couple of new blogs to share this month, the first time I’ve posted more than one per month in over a year. While those are in the drafts, I have a sort of bad hunch that needs to be shared.

I have been feeling increasingly concerned over the last few weeks of the fate of WNBA basketball player Brittney Griner and her imprisonment in Russia. Denied a fair sentence in her trial over supposed “drug smuggling” and unlikely to be freed by the US in a prisoner swap, Griner faces an immediate shipment to a Russian gulag. My concern is that, while in the Gulag, Griner will suffer a medical emergency and die in Russian custody.

Her plight is giving me the vibes of American prisoner Otto Warmbier, who died in a North Korean prison camp in 2017. Unlike with Warmbier, whose death did not cause a rupture with Kim Jong Un or a massive public relations backlash on the North Korean nation (which could have easily happened under the wrong circumstances), my fear is that Griner’s death will create outrage in Western nations, particularly in the US, to such an extent that it triggers a direct confrontation with Russia and the beginnings of direct NATO involvement in the war in Ukraine.

As such, I hope any Russian official who may see this blog takes this as a serious warning that they need to release Griner from prison immediately, regardless of whether Biden gives you Viktor Bout in a negotiated prisoner swap. Failure to do so would see such catastrophic consequences that it will not end well for anyone on the planet, especially not in Russia. So hopefully wiser heads prevail here. I very much fear what happens if they don’t.

The Next Cuban Missile Crisis

I have become convinced over the last few days that history is about to repeat itself in a horrifying manner. As the war in Ukraine ramps up and the threat of nuclear war grows stronger, Putin will seek to use other tools in his arsenal to force the Biden administration to back down in its support of Ukraine. He will plan to do this in the form of either supporting the uprisings taking place in Haiti against the US backed government or formenting unrest in Puerto Rico, bitter over the recent devastation as a result of Hurricane Fiona. Once a government is installed that is amenable to his interests, Putin will repeat the Soviet plan of sending nuclear warheads directly to the island as a show of intimidation against the United States. It will likely end the same way it did last time (Biden backs down his support of Ukraine in exchange for taking away the weapons on the island), but it will weaken his standing politically, all but assuring a GOP victory for both the House and Senate, and with it, the re-ascension to the White House by Trump in a coup. As scary as this latest brinkmanship will get, at some point over the course of World War 3, it will lead to an actual exchange of nuclear weapons. As I had said years before, I wished we could have gone down a better path, but the powers that be made their choice, with devastating consequences for the entire planet.

10/17 ETA: So it seems that my warning got the attention of elements of the deep state (again) and they have decided to attempt to preemptively shut this down by illegally invading Haiti for the umpteenth time, in collaboration with Canada. What the US does not realize yet is that the Russians will almost assuredly use this as a pretext to smuggle weapons and other high powered arms like drones into the country, via Venezuela, to force the “humanitarian mission” into armed guerrilla warfare with the natives, bogging down US troops and weakening public support for Ukraine due to the blatant hypocrisy that will be put on display. So even though the threat of another Cuban Missile Crisis may have been averted, the ultimate goal of the Russian military, to weaken Biden and make it easier to stage a coup against him, has succeeded. The deep state has no idea the mess they’ve just gotten themselves into now. They’ll find out what a critical mistake they made soon enough.

The Next Coup Attempt

I haven’t done an update on the former president and his cabal in a while, so I figured it was time to give a much needed and urgent warning.

If you might have been reading this website a few years ago, you’d know I had warned of the a coup attempt in late 2020 by Trump to try to stay in power after losing the election, which turned into the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Although my follow up fears of a more aggressive military coup last year didn’t bear fruit, Trump and his minions are currently scheming and back for round three with a new plan in the making.

They are planning to stage another coup attempt to reclaim the presidency, for which Trump continues to insist (falsely) was stolen from him. He wants to regain power at all costs, especially as elements of the deep state work to politically dampen his ability to win another election. Even if they have no intention of criminally charging him (since that was part of the deal for Trump to cede the White House peacefully), Trump has become like a drug addict, consumed with a desire to become more than a president, but a dictator. Even if the three letter agencies oppose what he is about to orchestrate this fall, heads of big business and the global mafia cartel (led by Putin, with leaders like Orban and Lukashenko in his orbit) support the plot that has been in development by those like Steve Bannon since early last year.

Republicans will all but assuredly win control of the House this fall. The plot after the election takes place is that Trump is elected speaker and once he is given the gavel, has his team (most specifically moles inside of the Secret Service) order the assassinations of both Biden and Harris. From there, chaos ensues. It’s hard to accurately foresee at this time whether only Biden is killed (due to the Tecumseh Curse) or both, but this spate of political violence (rising as I have previously warned about, most recently taking former President Shinzo Abe and nearly taking Salman Rushdie and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner) turns bloody in the streets. From there, the revolution, one that has been barely restrained over the last year and a half, commences, a few years off from my initial vector. Prepare yourselves. We’re in for a bumpy ride and things, as bad as they are now, are about to get a whole lot worse.

No Amount of Police Funding Will Stop the Revolution

So this is yet another warning to certain entities that read this website and think they can push back against what is coming down the pipeline. There has been little noticed attention to the rumblings of the Crime Bill 2.0 making its way through congress. Biden’s new “safety plan” seeks to hire 100,000 new cops, not in order to protect “public” safety, but to prepare for the repression of the upcoming unrest that will soon hit our shores. Despite the assurances made by the government to the wealthy in our society that this new flood of cops will be sufficient enough to protect them, it will not work. No matter how much you try to stop it, the revolution will succeed. The income disparity today is as high as it was during the days before the French Revolution. The time is approaching again not just in the US, but also in most of the European Union. With food and gas prices about to soar into the stratosphere, another economic depression is coming. Rising homelessness, political violence and police brutality will cause a tinderbox explosion. This time, it will lead to a toppling of the government. The masses came close to victory last time in 2020, during the George Floyd uprising. This time, they will succeed.