May 22nd

I have been having really bad vibes around this date and I can’t quite put a pinpoint on exactly why. With war continuing to rage in Ukraine, food riots in Iran and China’s provocative moves around Taiwan, it’s easy to see any of these flashpoints being the spark that sets the whole world on fire. However, I am not confident that any of these areas is what is tipping my senses off at this time. I’m leaning towards horrific tragedy in either the US or Western Europe. Could be missile or bomb related. Watch out.

The New Poor People’s Campaign

I see a renewed poor people’s campaign, similar to the final project of the late Martin Luther King Jr., taking place very soon. It will be one with a nationwide presence and will be brutally repressed by the police. It is possible that it will provoke another uprising in the United States. Watch for it sometime between May and July.


The next venue of war to watch out for is in Taiwan. China is beginning preparations to encircle and invade the island, while the eyes of the world are on Ukraine. They see the US empire overextending itself and believe now is their best shot to take control. Expect a move to be made in April.

4/24 ETA: It seems that China is perhaps not going to go through with its invasion plan for now, but I don’t want to jinx anything, as there could be a last minute change. They have engaged in several military drills this month and there have been false alarms about this. Still, they have seemingly not made the necessary maneuvers to quickly begin a land incursion at this time. I don’t want to say it won’t happen until it doesn’t happen because with significant internal unrest, the need for a distraction is critical at this time. I was on point about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine months before it happens. I may still be on point about this as well. Watch for signals by early next week. That will be the tell as to whether this will be a prediction success or fail in the end.

Will Respond to Comments Tomorrow

I don’t have time to post a whole blog post, but I wanted to say two things.

1) My visions of war have already begun to play out in Ukraine, exactly when I said they would. It will get worse as the month goes on. April is when China goes for Taiwan. March Madness, a time of economic catastrophe. Prepare yourself.

2) I will be able to respond to comments this weekend. If you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them.

Stay safe.

Ukraine (or Why The Deep State is Only Prolonging the Inevitable)

As you may have noticed, I have been unable to post frequently on this website due to my new location. While this explains part of our continued silence, it is not the only reason I have not been posting and have not given a 2022 predictions post for this year. As I have mentioned previously, intelligence agencies spent much of last year thwarting predictions I had made on this blog, going so far as to set up a specific “domestic terrorism” bureau in order to do so. The thwarted predictions included assassinations (but not all of them), economic collapse, revolution flash points and others of importance. Thinking it will “restore order” in a country that is bitterly divided, all they are doing is prolonging the inevitable and making it much worse when the time finally arrives for global conflict.

The biggest danger and consequence of this can kicking is occurring in Ukraine. I had said two years ago in my War is Coming blog that Putin would be too preoccupied with tensions at home to invade into Eastern Europe. Because that advance notice was given and the deep state actively thwarted the revolutionary groups working domestically in the US, Putin was able to crush his political opposition that would have waged a revolt against him during World War 3. As such, he is now completely clear to invade Ukraine unimpeded, while China takes over Taiwan and Iran and Israel duke it out with nuclear weapons, among other conflicts.

The death count was already horrific enough in my visions. By working to crush the uprising against the US, the intelligence agencies will exacerbate them even more, potentially adding another billion to the total from the 2-2.5 billion deaths I had foreseen originally. The deep state may think it is preserving its stability by thwarting a revolution in development underground, but they are only allowing things to fester to such an extent that things will end up worse for them and humanity when things finally hit the fan.

So I will keep my prediction posting to a minimum for the time being. Besides not being able to post as much as I once could, I do not wish to aid in their attempts to thwart trigger points to destabilize and topple the American empire, which has long needed to be dismantled in order for peace to flourish for humanity. The more they try to prolong the inevitable uprising against them, the more deadly things will get by the time it actually arises. Public sentiment is rising for a revolt, which is being seen in public polling. Nothing the government has done over the last year has changed that sentiment and nothing they do (or refuse to do) will alter it either.

Expect the next vector of war to begin next month, just after the 2022 Winter Olympics. This is when Putin will go for an invasion of Ukraine and China circles and invades Taiwan. From there, society breaks down and the deep state will be destroyed once and for all. I hope for your continued safety, but seeing as the odds of survival have since decreased, I can’t say I’m feeling confident for the vast majority of our readership. For that, I am truly sorry. All I can do is hope that when the war starts, that it ends all wars for the rest of our lifetimes.

Additional note: Oh, and if the intelligence community and the deep state reading this blog are curious, the US will lose the war it starts with Russia in Ukraine.

Holding Back Predictions for a Reason

Hello everyone,

I have brief access to the internet now, so I thought I’d provide a bit of an update. As of this posting, the debt ceiling still hasn’t been resolved. However, the original economic problem I sensed would cause a global depression, tit for tat sanctions, is back on the cards in regards to Iran and Russia, possibly soon to include China. As a result, I am still sensing an economic collapse in the near future. If you had stocked up on essentials like I had told you to do earlier in the year, you should be lucky you did so considering inflation has risen, even if the economy has not crashed yet.

So let me sort of get to the gist of this post. As I had mentioned earlier in the year, elements of the intelligence agencies have been reading my website since I had warned about Trump’s attempt at a coup this time last year. I have noticed that several of my predictions have been thwarted over the last year, as the government attempts to thwart a revolution in progress. Many of what I considered to be the flash points of war have been defused. However, all that they are doing is kicking the can down the road and allowing the problem to fester into such a calamity that the death count and damage will be worse than if they had allowed things to explode already.

So my thinking process of late, besides not being able to post regularly due to my new location, is to withhold information publicly so as not to interrupt what should be happening. There will not be peace or better days ahead unless, and until, the American empire implodes. As such, my continued posting of my predictions seems to interfere in the natural order of events to take place. For the foreseeable future, I plan to only post infrequently and not spoil events that will result in the success of the fight for people’s liberation. The intelligence community will have to go blind, since I don’t wish to aid in their dirty work any longer.

Events that should have taken place this year now seem to be on course for February 2022 instead. It would have been better to get this over with now, but as I have long said, war is inevitable, no matter how much the Biden administration tries to prevent it. With its rightful conclusion will be the first time of genuine peace in people’s lifetimes. Better days are ahead, but first things have to self destruct before this occurs. Stay safe.

Another Check In

Hello everyone,

Since I have brief access to the internet, I wanted to write a brief message to you all. I would simply like to warn that sometimes my predictions have a delayed fulfillment. Though I have sad this before, I wanted to emphasize it again because the thing I am most concerned about, the debt ceiling, has not been resolved. The can was kicked down the road, but it is about to become a problem again. With the new variant of Covid about to force more lockdowns and economic disruption, the temperature is about to rise in a significant way. Under intense pressure, I have foreseen that things will go poorly. I am still sensing a default on the debt ceiling next month. I also stress that people begin focusing on the arenas of conflict I have forewarned would be the battlefields of world war 3. Watch out for the anti-lockdown riots in Europe, further political agitation in Taiwan and Israel’s threats to attack Iran’s nuclear program. I suspect that when things go down, they all happen at the same time. As the various pieces come together, it is important to do your best to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Stay safe everyone.

A Quick Check In


I am not going to disclose where I am, but I am making my way to a safer location. I have not been able to access the internet much, so I have not been able to post here. I will not have a new predictions post for this month, but I will warn you about something very briefly. I have been getting very bad vibes about the debt ceiling, which I mentioned in last months predictions post, and there are some historical parallels that are making me nervous. The financial crisis for Chinese real estate developer Evergrande started on the same day as the Lehman Brothers crisis in 2008, September 15th. The debt ceiling default date has been shifting around from October 15th to the 20th. The stock market crash of 1929 happened on the 24th, so it would not surprise me if the default on the debt ceiling occurs on that day or on the equivalent Thursday, which would be the 21st. Please keep an eye on this as I do believe the great depression I warned about in the war is coming blog is about to hit the world. It will not end pretty, as I have previously warned about. I will try to update again when or if I am in a location with more reliable internet. I will not be able to answer your questions in the immediate future, but will try to at the earliest available opportunity. Please try to stay safe. I will pray for you all.

Trump Coup Part Two

I wish this blog post had come out more articulately and with more specifics, but time is running out and it was important to get this out while I still could. This may be the last post on this site because it is no longer safe for me to be in the area that I am in now. I have been preparing to evacuate and that has been taking up the good portion of my time. I may not be able to access the internet for a while, so this will serve as a warning of what is to come and what has been brewing for months in regards to a planned military coup.

Something I pointed out a number of months ago is that the military was obviously displeased and angry that Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan, ending the military occupation. The reaction to this has seen massive amounts of insubordination in the ranks of the armed forces, which began as soon as Biden was sworn in in January. The most notable of these acts of rebellion came from former lieutenant colonel Stuart Scheller, alluding to starting a revolution that I have long predicted. The problem isn’t the act of overthrowing the government. The problem is who is behind these particular actions.

Trump and his circle have been quietly plotting ways to take back the White House for months. While some in his circle are looking to do this in a political manner, others, including Steve Bannon and former General Mike Flynn, have been alluding to the Myanmar coup as a solution to their problem. This year has seen more coups undertaken around the world than any other in history. Four countries have already been couped, Myanmar, Mali, Tunisia and Guinea, and another, Brazil, is the in the midst of one orchestrated by the current leader Jair Bolsonaro. What Trump has leaned towards is the coup option, which, although an original attempt was shut down in late January, has been in the works for the last several months.

Before the January 6th congressional coup attempt, people in his circles began actively testing the methods they would later use at the capitol, from storming government buildings to pressuring political leaders to throw out election results. This time, the white supremacist violence, on the rise, gives clues as to what is coming. From the arrested bomber outside the library of congress to the foiled plots of political assassinations, the fuller plan has been coming together, ready for an implementation in just a few days time.

Although the original date for this military coup attempt was August 13th, it was pushed back to this weekend, on September 18th. The rally is likely to end in violence, beginning a civil war to follow. It is difficult for me to say specifically how it starts the war, whether it is a bomb set off in the capitol building, which Fefelove has warned about, or someone else is killed, like Biden. What I do know is that a number of these tactics will likely be used, leading to immediate destabilization and collapse. What follows is what I have been warning about for years: war, desolation, poverty, disease and death. The future is not going to be pretty. It may already be too late for you all to leave if you aren’t in a safe place, if you haven’t already left by now. If you can get out from major cities and areas at risk of severe weather, do so if you can. Otherwise, hunker down and prepare for the fallout. I wish things could have ended up differently, but circumstances are what they are.

Update: I haven’t left yet, so I needed to give a quick update. Obviously nothing happened today, either because it was called off due to too much attention to the rally or there wasn’t enough time to organize the violence. However, the coup execution is still happening, as confirmed by one of his stenographers in the press. So although I can’t pin down a new date for the coup yet, know that it is still in the works and nothing has been done to stop it. Will update if I can. Otherwise, stay alert.

Dreams and Predictions for September 2021

This may be the final month of posting for me on this website. Even though August did not see the start the wars, as I had anticipated, the signs were flaring up on a number of fronts, which indicate there was a delayed initiation to this month instead. I will post a warning about September 18th in a few days, the day of the anticipated military coup in the US, but for now, I will share this dream based prediction.

1) In a dream I had, it was mentioned to me that several prominent celebrities will be approaching death in the near future. Kelly Clarkson, Ryan Reynolds and an older Black female artist who knew Aretha Franklin, perhaps Patti Labelle.

9/4 ETA: A warning from Fefelove.

2) My advice is please avoid malls or crowds or stores on Sept 11 and Labor Day and perhaps all of September. I’m thinking now my weird bomb dreams might be realized this month, I’m seeing the signs. Don’t be near big buildings.


9/13 ETA: I am having an extremely hard time composing my blog post for the month. In addition to being busy preparing to evacuate from where I live, I am struggling to get the words out properly, almost as if an invisible force is preventing me from doing so. I will try to trudge through it over the next few days, hopefully before the Saturday rally which is, in actuality, the set stage for an attempted military backed coup. In the interim, I have this to say.

3) The debt ceiling will not be raised, likely being a trigger that leads to a stock market crash.