Dreams and Predictions for August 2018

It’s going to be quite the August this year. I’ve mentioned in the last few months of the types of death and carnage we’re about to see. Here’s a few things to add to that list.

1) The day of reckoning is coming to Bill de Blasio this month, as I’ve said in the past.

2) The 9/11 victims families lawsuit against Saudi Arabia will begin to reveal dark secrets about the US government and the FBI this month that will change Americans perspectives forever. It will also destroy the US’ relationship with the Saudis that should have never been cultivated in the first place.

3) There will be more trouble for teen and young adult stars like the near overdose death of Demi Lovato. At least two former Disney stars will die of overdoses this year; one major star and one minor.

4) There will be trouble for a younger country star who will die in an automobile accident or it could be the fulfillment of a prediction I made a few years ago of Hunter Hayes dying in a plane crash.

5) One of the members of 80’s band Bananarama will brush with death this month. I’m not sure if it will be fatal or not.

6) There will be an illness surrounding Dolly Parton. Although it won’t immediately be fatal, it will eventually be responsible for her demise.

7) Willie Nelson will likely go before the end of the year.

8) Finally, I don’t believe actress Betty White will make it to the end of this year either. She will likely die in her sleep sometime at the end of the month or the beginning of the next.


The Web of Danger is Expanding

This isn’t my first post about this topic and it probably won’t be my last. The threats of assassination I’ve warned about in the past have most certainly been seen on many occassions, including the near death of Steve Scalise. What I haven’t said before and what I’ve noticed recently is that the web of danger is spreading out far beyond the limited group of people I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. I mention this because Senator Mitch Mcconnell is danger. I originally thought he’d be safe, even though I personally believe that he is an evil person. However, after seeing two confrontations with protestors in recent days, now I think otherwise. Others who seemed safe before are in danger as well include members of Trump’s cabinet, immediate family and judges.

This all seems to be coming to an head after Justice Kennedy’s recent retirement announcement and the shady way it was orchestrated. I fear, in addition to some murders, this will see dramatic violence unfold this summer that will delay the supreme court vote until after the election in November. Although it won’t stop the new appointee from eventually being sworn in, it will have ramifications that will manifest itself at a later date.

Many fear the new court’s makeup and they have good reason to. However, when Roe v Wade is repealed during the new court, no other consequential decisions get made under them due to the anger and violence that follows and the fear the justices will have for their lives as a result. 2019 will be a dangerous year, but I’ll elaborate on why in more detail in the 2019 predictions post at the end of the year. All I will say is power is being challenged as I’ve said it would be. Whether it will be successful and/or see more blood spilt remains to be seen, though the signs seem to be saying that those who may have been safe before aren’t any longer.

Dreams and Predictions for July 2018

I have a few predictions to share and a longer blog post that I’ll post later in the month. Hope you are all holding up well.

1) History tends to repeat itself, if not directly. In 1997, the world saw the duel murders (assassinations?) of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. This year, we have already seen the murder of rapper XXXTENTACION in Miami last month with similar gang overtones in Tupac’s murder. Although not nearly as talented, the murder should be seen with precaution as it came in the midst of a gang rivalry similar to the east coast/west feud in 1997. If this is true, then another up and coming rapper will be murdered in August in retaliation for XXTENTACION’s murder last month. The most obvious name being floated round is rapper Tekashi69 who was seen as a rival before XXXTENTACION’s death last month. It could be someone in their peer group, who I wouldn’t be familiar with. It could be someone older, but more obscure and on the verge of a breakthrough, like Tyler the Creator or Frank Ocean. It could also see the murder of Drake or, as predicted a while back, Kanye West. Either way, danger looms again for the embattled hip hop/rap community. Watch out for it as August draws to a close.

2) We’ll see another big drought in the United Kingdom this year. It will lead to mandatory water restrictions and a record number of deaths caused by heat stroke. These deaths, if not the drought, will also occur in Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

3) As one bridge closes to Iran this summer, another bridge opens to a Trump target elsewhere. Cuba will make overtures to the administration to ease restrictions on travel to its country for Americans. This includes offering up Assata Shakur which sees anger arise in the black community and cheers from law enforcement. Whether she gets turned over or not remains to be seen, but the recent sonic attacks will be ignored as more people go there and the economy begins to grow and Trump’s actions follow this reality.

4) Mexico will be in for a period of upheaval this summer. Trump’s retaliation to the election results, coupled with anger from the wealthy of Mexico, leave it vulnerable to gang violence and US military troops in the fall.

7/11 ETA: I have another prediction to share.

5) I’ve noticed that this year bears a striking resemblance to the year 1997 on a number of fronts. We have seen the suicide of designer Kate Spade echoing the murder of designer Gianni Versace. We had the murder of rapper XXXTENTACION mirror the murder of rapper Notorious BIG. I have said for a while that I think a very famous female is due for death in August of this year. I have said Britney Spears, Madonna and Angelina Jolie are the prime targets in past blogs. Now, I think the target has changed to someone who has only recently gained this high of a profile. Actress turned Dutchess Meghan Markle seems like someone who could die prematurely. She has created furor in the royal family, her husband has been at risk for murder before, she is the direct daughter in law of the late Princess Diana who was killed in 1997 and she shares a similar path of actress turned princess Grace Kelly who died in 1982. While I wouldn’t keep my eyes off of the previous people I’ve mentioned, I think Meghan needs to watch herself for the next couple of months. Danger is coming and a real sign of it will come if something happens to her father.

7/22 ETA: Another dream based prediction to share.

6) I had a dream where Donald Trump Jr. was caught hiding in France. The odd thing about this dream is that actress Jennifer Lawrence found him with his body deformed and his insides out like a living Bodies exhibit piece. I think this has to do with the Mueller probe and that he will escape justice, but with exposed as a fraud and his reputation ruined in the process. That’s my guess in terms of interpreting this.

7/30 ETA: I had a crazy dream last night that conveyed many messages. I’ll post what I remember below.

7) In the dream, a corrupt congress person is assassinated and there is a discussion about their legacy at the funeral. There are flashbacks to their time in office and all of the shady things he or she did. There is a huge debate about whether this indicates that the Democratic party is irreparable, while others suggest that the grift is part of life. This seems to indicate that a relatively high profile Democrat will be murdered in the near future. I know I predict this often, but I am on the mark on my observations more times than not, even if it’s only a close brush with death.

8) In this same dream, some point to the newly nominated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an example of a legislator who is not corrupt and will work for the people, but they are warned that she will betray them and end up being just like the congress person whose death they cheered. This indicates that although Alexandria will be elected in the fall, she will end up shedding much of the values that got her nominated in the first place.

9) Finally, during this funeral (which took place in Washington DC), there were reports of shots fired on the White House and the Capitol building. The ominous feeling I had was that this was a warning to Trump and that he would be assassinated soon if he didn’t change his way. As I thought this, I saw a casket making its way with the pall bearers to the burial site of the congress person. Another thought popped into my head that said that Trump would end up like this congress person if he didn’t stop his fights with the FBI. As I’ve said before, the Mueller investigation will likely fail in the fall. This will mean that Trump will be assassinated sometime next year. This dream seemed to confirm those thoughts. A mass shooting of the White House and the Capitol building may be a warning sign before it occurs. I’ll write more about this in detail closer to the end of the year.

7/31 ETA: Last prediction for the month. I’ll have a bunch for August.

10) There will be a bunch of media mergers over the next two years to where only three major corporations stand. This will see anger from the public and also a rise in independent production companies that compete with the big three.

Why I Haven’t Posted More and What it Means For the Future of the Site

I thought this would appear in May and then believed it would appear in the second week of June. This is a happy meeting of those two dates. So this might seem like an odd type of post to publish on a site where psychic predictions are supposed to be the norm, but this needs to be stated. It’ll explain why I haven’t been posting so much lately, where Fefe is these days and what this all means for the future of this site.

As much as I love being an active poster, certain things are preventing me from doing so. For starters, our web traffic has taken a massive toll due to the ongoing battle cry of “fake news” by the mainstream media and the powers that be. The fake news hysteria is forcing alternative information from being seen by the public. As a result, repression by traffic throttling of major search engines has seen a significant drop off in our viewership numbers. It’s becoming discouraging to post when I see such low viewership in comparison to when we first started this site four years ago. We used to get upwards of 60,000 views a month, but now we’re lucky to hit 7,000 to 10,000. This will be corrected over time, but it’s not happening soon enough and it’s leading to weariness in the interim. Unless this changes sooner, the lack of motivation has dampened my desire to post.

Many have wondered where our beloved FefeLove has gone off to. Although not related to the fake news hysteria, she has been afraid to post online due to a cyber stalker that I have mentioned in previous blogs. He is an exposed MK ULTRA patsy who has been harassing her online for years and will not leave her alone despite repeated cease and desist orders. He has continued to threaten her and has attempted to find her in her home. We would have contacted the authorities, but we don’t believe that they aren’t in on this kind of harassment. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to see any posts from her again for a while. Her voice can only come back when she feels safe in doing so. Please pray for her. She needs all the help she can get.

Finally, I have been dealing with some personal issues in terms of my personal standing and my relationships. I have suffered a number of losses over the last few years and have been at odds with certain people over the direction of my life. Such uncertainty can make it difficult for me to sit down and type out my thoughts when they come to me. I have been re-stickying the “Pray for Me” blog so that I can gather all of your strength to grow and it has helped immensely. However, I’ll need more time to sort things out and that takes priority over everything else.

What these things mean is that less posts will be made on this website. I’m never one to ask for money and I’m not interested in generating ad revenue for anyone (an uncommon practice among online psychics). Still, while this is more of a hobby than a form of employment, I’ll need to feel inspired again before you’ll see regular posts. Until then, you should expect more dry periods where I’m not so active and hope that the environment changes where we can resume normal posting duties. I’m sorry for this, truly, but it’s the only way I can function at this time. Enjoy what comes on this site when it comes in the meantime because I won’t be entirely inactive, but it won’t be as plentiful as many would expect. Best wishes to you all as always. Hope to have something to share again in the near future.

Dreams and Predictions for June 2018

I have just come off dealing with the loss of someone who I hold dear to me. I knew it was their time to go, but it was hard to say goodbye and even harder to watch them leave this Earth. I’m still processing all of this and my dreams are largely focused on this as a result. In the meantime, here are some predictions to share.

1) The end of Mueller investigation comes after the midterms. It will be finished without a resolution due to those who refuse to cooperate and pressure from Trump’s team to shut it down. This sets the stage for a very dangerous 2019.

2) The decision not to indict Eric Garner’s murderer will be coming this month and it will cause all sorts of anger throughout the country. It will impact Trump but, as stated in a blog post from last year, it hits the streets and lands on de Blasio’s doorsteps most specifically. The anarchy that follows will not be pleasant, but necessary for long overdue changes that our country desperately needs.

3) The “plight” of White South Africans comes into focus this month and it will not be pleasant for the Netherlands as a result.

4) The issue of pollution and garbage comes into focus this year as Trump policy is fought against due to its disastrous environmental consequences. The forces of good will prevail over him, but it will come as a result of a very vicious and dangerous battle.

5) The issue of renewable energy comes into focus this summer as gas prices soar due to instability in the Middle East and a sharp cutoff from Russia. We may not get it right this time, but the US will end its dependency on fossil fuels in twenty years tops as a result of the problems this summer.

6/25 ETA: I know I didn’t post many predictions this month, but I have another one to share before it concludes.

6) Expect security at airports and cruise ports to increase in the near future due to completely unnecessary and burdensome regulations sent down from the Department of Homeland Security. After much outrage, it will be rescinded, but it will take a while before it gets back to where it is now.

Arab Spring Part 2 and The Third Intifada

This should have been posted last month, but personal events have kept me away from the site. I’ve touched upon the topics of this blog post in parts of other postings over the past few months. However, I wanted to put it all here so that it isn’t so scattered about the various posts on this site. I had an original draft of this post, but had to revise it a number of times due to changes occurring in the process of composing this piece. I would like to expand upon things that I haven’t mentioned previously and how this all ties into the Trump administration’s policies on the middle east. There may be a status quo now, but that’s all going to change in the near future.

The Middle East, as most know, is in a state of chaos save for a few exceptions. Syria continues to suffer through a devastating civil war, the Iran deal is on the verge of collapse, oil prices are about to sky rocket and ISIS’ defeat is at risk of postponement due to the miscalculations of the Trump administration and the western world. If you want to look to a sole instigator of problems in the region (besides the obvious saber rattlers in the US and Israel), the attention should turn to the corrupt nation of Saudi Arabia.

Under its new king to be, the prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has undergone an extensive PR blitz to rally for a war against Iran and to improve its own image abroad in spite of its numerous scandals (financing 9/11 attackers, murdering gay people and arbitrarily arresting citizens among many, many others). Such moves are designed to rally the world in its favor of the conflict and against that of its enemies in a proxy war of Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Such a battle between two Middle Eastern super powers would cause world war 3, but as warned in an earlier post this year, no war is coming for the foreseeable future. Conditions are not ripe in terms of alignment of interests and there’s too much opposition to such a war at this time. What will result in this rallying for war will be a counter revolution that will end up blowing up in Saudi Arabia’s face in the near future.

While war will not happen (in spite of more dangerous escalations in Syria and Yemen), what does come about is creating anger in the Arab street over Saudi Arabia’s unpopular actions and policies. Those who believe that important domestic issues and the Palestinian cause can be sidelined to unite for war against Iran are deluding themselves. As a result of the anger, uprisings begin in Egypt and Jordan this summer. They quickly spread to Lebanon, Qatar, the UAE and ultimately land on Salman’s doorsteps in Saudi Arabia. When such violent uprising proves to be unstoppable without a strategic change, it forces decisions in Middle Eastern governments to back off the selling out of the Palestinian cause that has been eagerly laid out by Trump officials and the end of fostering their new found ties to the Israeli government. These uprisings also see major victories for the Iranian government that came to them (undeservedly, mind you) because of arrogance from the United States and not due to some moral victory of their own.

While the tensions heat up in most of the Arab world this summer, the real boiling point of conflict occurs in the Palestinian territories. Already, the Right to Return march has attracted large amounts of attention and an extremely high death count as a result of the world’s complicity to the illegal occupation by the Israeli government. A Third Intifada is inevitable at this point, there’s no other way around it. No two state solution is coming and the despair is being seen in the streets Gaza and the West Bank. The embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this month serves as the spark that lights up the territories (and it will, despite protestations to the contrary) when a combination of a collective sense of having nothing to lose, further Israeli military aggression and weak Palestinian leadership ignite a flame in the Palestinian public that will not go out.

A new conflict between Israeli and Palestinian forces sees massive casualties, but noticeably large casualties in Israel. It will rise due to accompanying attacks from Hezbollah in Libya and air strikes from Russia against Israeli military facilities. This comes in retaliation to attempts by Netanyahu to oust Assad from power and his provocations of war with Iran in the region. The US is forced out of the conflict early on in fear of needing a military draft to adequately send troops to fight in the conflict. Such moves will completely destabilize the whole region, but serve to resolve the long standing conflict of Sunni vs Shiite once and for all.

In the ashes of this final intifada, many changes will emerge throughout the entire Middle East. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia is thrown out due to his major policy failures. The Iranian government is exhausted of its funds, leaving it vulnerable to crippling sanctions imposed once again by the United States. Israel is badly damaged in both its military capacity and its public relations empowering the BDS movement even further to force changes on them that they would normally never agree to. Hamas is destroyed, seeing the Palestinian Authority retake the embattled Gaza strip. Mahmoud Abbas passes away from the stress of another intifada officially killing the two state solution when no acceptable leadership is allowed to step forward to replace it. The wake of this series of conflicts is a region with less US influence than before and some semblance of peace coming into the next decade. It means the likely end of the Saudi monarchy and the end of Israel as a Jewish state. It will also be a net positive as I stated years earlier, the region begins its own renaissance of political thought and artistic achievement that will surpass an increasingly oppressive western world. Most won’t like the results on the ground to get to this point, but there is no other way around the inevitable. If you are living in the region, hang on for the ride. It will be bumpy, but better for everyone when all is said and done.