Dreams and Predictions for March 2017


A few predictions to share

1) As France’s election heats up, much of what I foresaw in my 2017 predictions has begun to play out. As Francois Fillon’s frontrunner status disintegrates, both Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron remain as the frontrunners in what will be a competitive and tough race. Having said this, Macron’s chances of victory are a little wavier than previous anticipated. His hand in the brutal crackdown on dissent in the aftermath of the Paris shootings and his plans to impose harsh (if not as harsh as Fillon’s) austerity measures in France’s labor market are troubling. These issues, if they become a main campaign point used by either the Socialists or Le Pen, will be deal breakers for many of the French if Macron doesn’t offer flexibility on his pro corporate stances. Macron will need to make a difficult decision after the first round of voting on April 23rd. If he continues to hold firm on these views, then he will lose the election as a result of apathetic voters refusing to turn up to the polls in support. If, however, he decides to go further left and lay off the austerity politics, he will defeat Le Pen easily. Considering how much of a danger Le Pen poses for France and the wider world, I hope Macron goes about his decision making on this front wisely. If he doesn’t, karma will attack him for what he will see unleashed as a result of his insistence on conservatism at all costs.

2) Greece will be headline news once again this summer as they are brought to the brink of Grexit for the umpteenth time and a default on their bailout funds becomes a possibility. However, in tense political climates and with elections looming, the Europeans leaders will balk and this game of cat and mouse will extend into next year. However, the Greeks will only be able to play this game until that time. In 2018, Grexit will become a likelihood for the nation as the IMF loses patience and the Europeans refuse any more concessions to Tsipras. The results will be devastating, but long overdue and necessary.

3/9 ETA: Another prediction.

3) I was recently reading about how 80’s singer and former American Idol judge Paula Abdul is going back on tour this summer for the first time in 25 years. There’s a reason she hasn’t been on the road in such a long time. Her health and her infamous drug addiction couldn’t sustain it. Just because she’s found herself on hard financial times doesn’t mean she can handle such an endeavor now. Mark my words: she isn’t going to complete this engagement. If she doesn’t cancel it herself, the graveyard will cancel it for her.

3/14 ETA: Some more predictions.

4) Erdogan’s continuous meddling in the Netherlands will backfire on him as the anger from it gets the deplorable Geert Wilders elected as prime minister.

5) Someone will take control of George Michael’s estate to make more money for the heirs than was seen as previously possible. This comes as more confirmation of his murder dispels the current narrative that he died of a heart attack.

3/16 ETA: I thought about putting this as a separate blog post, but I’d rather write about it briefly here.

6) It looks like Bill de Blasio is not going to be indicted on either federal or state charges despite the overwhelming amount of evidence of guilt. This comes on the heels of Preet Bharara’s unceremonious firing from his position despite promises from Trump that he’d stay aboard as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. That came as a result karma that will built upon him through his ruthless actions. I had a feeling when the news of Bharara’s firing emerged that it likely meant de Blasio would get off the hook and it has. Now that means that my prior warnings for death are more powerful than ever. He’s already had a number of close calls before. Since an indictment isn’t coming, death most likely will. He’ll wish he had been indicted in the long run, but it’s too late for that outcome now.

3/28 ETA: Probably the last prediction for the month.

7) I know a number of other psychics have already warned of a bigger terror attack in London after the recent one near the parliament a week ago. I believe I have an exact location for where one will take place unless it is stopped in the near future. In 2011, I wrote that this year would see an attack on a FIFA soccer game. This is the biggest target and would see the most casualties if it were to go through. I also had a prediction for a terror attack at a controversial film screening for 2018, but this is a location to look out for as well. One of these will be the one that happens in July or August.

A Breakthrough on Destroying the Police State

Last night I had a premonition that, after years of struggle and heartbreak, a breakthrough on eradicating the police state is coming. For many years, all I’ve seen are negative visions and pessimistic outlooks to injustice in American society. I wrote earlier this year that the police state we collectively live under is the single biggest moral crisis the country has. Thankfully, there is a pathway towards movement for, if not a total eradication, then a movement where police abolition will be possible in the not too distant future.

Three years after the murder of Michael Brown, an issue I wrote about at the time, new revelations have come to lot that are going to bring justice to the troubled town of Ferguson, Missouri in the near future. Darren Wilson has been exposed as a racist and his lies in sworn testimony were caught in court documents. The store owners that accused Brown of robbery on defense after the narrative was disrupted in a television documentary. Bob McCulloch, the infamously corrupt prosecutor who let Wilson off the hook, is currently colluding with the police to shield accountability for the store owners in a suspicious manner. All of this is adding up to a scandal coming in the near future.

The pivotal moment will come when one of the grand jury members breaks their silence and reveals damning information that will cast doubt on the decision not to indict Wilson for the murder of Brown. The brave sacrifice of this juror (knowing they will face jail time for their decision to leak) will open up a major rift that can be positively utilized if acted upon immediately after. If activist groups resurge and fight for justice, they can win in a way that will ripple across the entirety of the country. Even Trump won’t be able to stop the wave of changes to his beloved law enforcement if it’s strong enough to wash over the tide of evil that is the Republican party. A light is shining through after three years of darkness. Hopefully it leads to better times ahead.

India’s Make or Break Moment

I would normally put this in either the dreams post for March or in a predictions update post, but there’s additional information that is long enough to justify its own blog post. One of our readers has been curious about what is going to happen in the future and this confirms the need for this post. Though much of this has already been mentioned in my 2017 predictions page, having it more prominently featured will get across to the intended parties how serious this warning is.

I haven’t written about India much lately, though I said the nation could be in the midst of a golden period previously. However, due to recent developments on the ground, there’s a chance that India will go from a beacon upon the nations to a country in a doldrum not seen since its colonized days. Narendra Modi, their prime minister, came into office as a promoter of globalization and remaking India as a 21st century economy. Despite the boasts and promises, little has changed on the ground and many of the issues he’s needed to address have gone completely unattended. This largely comes down to his political base, the Bharatiya Janata Party (or BJP) stubbornly standing in the way of progress on multiple fronts. Most offensively, it comes to the issue of the refusal to repeal the centuries old ban on gay relationships, though other issues are relevant as well.

India had a major breakthrough for progress on gay rights in 2009 when the high court struck down the sodomy ban and legalized gay relationships. However, four years later, the supreme court of India overturned the lower court ruling leaving the ban in place until the parliament acted to overturn it themselves. Despite a massive increase of arrests for this “offense” (14% of them being minors), there has not been any significant movement on the ground towards repealing this ordinance. In fact, not only has there been no progress, members of the government have used the ban to make threats towards foreign dignitaries and their domestic partners. Previous attempts by the parliament have seen significant failure and there doesn’t appear to be any action on this front in the near future. This comes despite it being major headlines in recent years and in spite of major pressure from the international community to ditch these grotesque laws. Modi’s refusal to push for this repeal is his ultimate sin. His continuous refusal to use his political clout to repeal it and come into the 21st century will ultimately cost him his job and any form of respect from the international community.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the fallout from the ban comes with his misguided economic policies. From the notorious cash ban that has caused panic and instability domestically (though it has been eased slightly since) to the repressive crackdowns on union organization, Modi’s desire to be a capitalist superpower is coming at the cost of the rights of the working class. Couple this with his support of apartheid practices in Israel, the nations bigotry towards muslims and the surge of rapes on the ground (both of women and gay men) and we have a recipe for disaster in the making.

2017 is make or break year for the billion plus nation of India as a whole. In 2014, I said that India had a chance to become the world’s superpower on the heels of major downfalls from the US and China. However, if India (particularly Modi) doesn’t begin to make progress on these fronts in the next month or so, then India will diverge onto another path; one where its dreams of international influence crumble on the weight of religious extremists in Modi’s government refusing to emerge into the 21st century with their biases and bigotry evaporated. How India will fare in years to come largely stems from action (or inaction) on these fronts. Time is running out. I hope the Indian people and Modi make the correct choice. It would be a tragedy if stubbornness turns a nation of promise into ruins.

The Town Hall Troubles

While my prescience on issues has been solid for the most part, certain predictions I’ve made have either been wrong or haven’t played out in quite the way I foresaw them. In certain of these instances, despite a seemingly inaccurate vision, my sixth sense still plays over this scenario as if the prediction just hasn’t been fulfilled yet. It’s with this in mind that I bring attention to the issue of Republicans facing their constituents during the recent raucous town halls this week. I know this may be a case of doubling or even tripling down on bad predictions, but no matter what I do, the feeling doesn’t go away.

As lawmakers face fearful voters over a number of Trump policies, reminiscences of the tea party protests and those disruptive town halls were prevalent. What troubles me about the comparison is how the anger and hysteria upon Obama’s election in 2008 led to a period of right wing uprising that eventually led to the attempted assassination of then congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. I have made a number of predictions about assassinations that either were fulfilled politically, thwarted by law enforcement or didn’t materialize. In spite of this, no matter how hard the government works to suppress violent threats, cracks in the shield are inevitable. With Trump’s unpopularity even greater than Obama’s ever was, the potential for another assassination (or several) is rising again. While dating isn’t my strongest forte, if these town hall scenes continue to escalate, then someone in power is going to die. The end result of all of this hysteria will not be pretty.

Dreams and Predictions for February 2017

I had a very vivid dream last night that told of many things. Unfortunately, I can only strong recall two particular predictions in general. The story was told in a kind of cinematic/video game like narrative, but it was clear that messages were being sent to me. I’ve split it into two parts to center on each prediction.

1) In the dream, I was taken to the set of both a remake of Ghostbusters and a Lady GaGa tribute. Both of these took place in the same dream world and were happening consecutively. The film seemed to be an almost identical shoot to the Ghostbusters movie that happened last year and GaGa’s tribute seemed to include a Carpool Karaoke where others were doing a version of “Do What U Want” with her smiling as it was happening. This suggested to me that Hollywood is going to try to rehabilitate both of these things in the near future. If they will be successful remains to be seen.

2) The second part of the dream concerned a mad woman who was constantly gossiping about people, assaulting them and, in one instance, murdered someone. In all of these cases, she would blame it on someone else and that person would be apprehended by the police. This woman reminded me of Melissa McCarthy, but she was shorter and had more of a masculine face. I believe a person like this will be present in Hollywood or somewhere similar in the near future. Hopefully putting this out there will make people aware that the victims she blames for her crimes are innocent whether she’ll acknowledge it or not. It would be nice if she got in trouble for what she did as well.

If I have more to share, I’ll do so at another time.

2/10 ETA: I have a few more predictions to share.

3) I sense some very bad times ahead for the state of Illinois and in particular the city of Chicago. It will have to do with political corruption, infuriating leaders of other countries and also Black Lives Matter. If you thought Chicago was a mess today, it’ll be a thousand times worse by years end.

4) Mike Pence is going to become a scapegoat in the near future as Donald Trump needs to deflect from the mass criticism he has received in recent weeks for his presidential actions. I don’t see Pence serving as Vice President by years end.

2/19 ETA: Two predictions.

5) I’m seeing problems for the state of Florida next month. This is likely in regards to the weather.

6) I’m also seeing a cruise ship having a disaster on the high seas and splitting off into two like the Titanic. This is likely from late March to late April.

2/20 ETA: Another prediction.

7) I see a major downfall coming for comedian Bill Maher. Unlike his previous downfall stemming from a mishap over his insensitive 9/11 joke on his then ABC program, he won’t survive this next and final scandal. It will end his career permanently.

2/22 ETA: And another prediction.

8) I see police brutality coming back into the headlines in a big way either at the end of this month or the beginning of the following. Just because Trump is president doesn’t mean there won’t be pushback on this issue. It’s too important for it to die down because of fear of authority.

2/24 ETA: And another prediction. I’m on a roll this month.

9) Tom Perez will likely defeat Keith Ellison to become the leader of the Democratic National Convention. However, his tenure will be short and tumultuous leading to embarrassing, devastating and unforeseen losses for Democrats nationwide in the midterm elections next year. On the heels of these massive defeats, Perez will be forced to unceremoniously resign and, in the process, leave the party open for a real change in its structure by the time the 2020 election rolls around.

2/28 ETA: Since I don’t like to end posts on the number 9, here’s a final prediction for the month of February.

10) I’m seeing some major shakeups in terms of the economy. We have been in an artificial rally unlike any other seen since the roaring 20’s. Unlike those times, however, main street and wall street have diverged in a way that has created a disconnect that will prove tragic to the rich. I’ve explained a lot of this before, but this fake rally can only be kept up for so long. Expect to see reality penetrating in the near future; likely at the start of April.

A Note on Prediction Fulfillments


I haven’t had a lot to say in regards to predictions and news because my brain has been exhausted from all of the predictions I wrote for the 2017 summary. As you know, if anything new does come to me, I’ll be sure to post it in the predictions blog on a monthly basis. In the meantime, I’m happy to announce that soon you’ll be able to find a summary of my prediction fulfillments on the top part of the page. I’ll post a blog indicating when it’s ready to read at the time. I’ll also update it as more fulfillments occur. Look out for it in the near future. Best prayers for you all.