Trump Coup Part Two

I wish this blog post had come out more articulately and with more specifics, but time is running out and it was important to get this out while I still could. This may be the last post on this site because it is no longer safe for me to be in the area that I am in now. I have been preparing to evacuate and that has been taking up the good portion of my time. I may not be able to access the internet for a while, so this will serve as a warning of what is to come and what has been brewing for months in regards to a planned military coup.

Something I pointed out a number of months ago is that the military was obviously displeased and angry that Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan, ending the military occupation. The reaction to this has seen massive amounts of insubordination in the ranks of the armed forces, which began as soon as Biden was sworn in in January. The most notable of these acts of rebellion came from former lieutenant colonel Stuart Scheller, alluding to starting a revolution that I have long predicted. The problem isn’t the act of overthrowing the government. The problem is who is behind these particular actions.

Trump and his circle have been quietly plotting ways to take back the White House for months. While some in his circle are looking to do this in a political manner, others, including Steve Bannon and former General Mike Flynn, have been alluding to the Myanmar coup as a solution to their problem. This year has seen more coups undertaken around the world than any other in history. Four countries have already been couped, Myanmar, Mali, Tunisia and Guinea, and another, Brazil, is the in the midst of one orchestrated by the current leader Jair Bolsonaro. What Trump has leaned towards is the coup option, which, although an original attempt was shut down in late January, has been in the works for the last several months.

Before the January 6th congressional coup attempt, people in his circles began actively testing the methods they would later use at the capitol, from storming government buildings to pressuring political leaders to throw out election results. This time, the white supremacist violence, on the rise, gives clues as to what is coming. From the arrested bomber outside the library of congress to the foiled plots of political assassinations, the fuller plan has been coming together, ready for an implementation in just a few days time.

Although the original date for this military coup attempt was August 13th, it was pushed back to this weekend, on September 18th. The rally is likely to end in violence, beginning a civil war to follow. It is difficult for me to say specifically how it starts the war, whether it is a bomb set off in the capitol building, which Fefelove has warned about, or someone else is killed, like Biden. What I do know is that a number of these tactics will likely be used, leading to immediate destabilization and collapse. What follows is what I have been warning about for years: war, desolation, poverty, disease and death. The future is not going to be pretty. It may already be too late for you all to leave if you aren’t in a safe place, if you haven’t already left by now. If you can get out from major cities and areas at risk of severe weather, do so if you can. Otherwise, hunker down and prepare for the fallout. I wish things could have ended up differently, but circumstances are what they are.

Update: I haven’t left yet, so I needed to give a quick update. Obviously nothing happened today, either because it was called off due to too much attention to the rally or there wasn’t enough time to organize the violence. However, the coup execution is still happening, as confirmed by one of his stenographers in the press. So although I can’t pin down a new date for the coup yet, know that it is still in the works and nothing has been done to stop it. Will update if I can. Otherwise, stay alert.

Dreams and Predictions for September 2021

This may be the final month of posting for me on this website. Even though August did not see the start the wars, as I had anticipated, the signs were flaring up on a number of fronts, which indicate there was a delayed initiation to this month instead. I will post a warning about September 18th in a few days, the day of the anticipated military coup in the US, but for now, I will share this dream based prediction.

1) In a dream I had, it was mentioned to me that several prominent celebrities will be approaching death in the near future. Kelly Clarkson, Ryan Reynolds and an older Black female artist who knew Aretha Franklin, perhaps Patti Labelle.

9/4 ETA: A warning from Fefelove.

2) My advice is please avoid malls or crowds or stores on Sept 11 and Labor Day and perhaps all of September. I’m thinking now my weird bomb dreams might be realized this month, I’m seeing the signs. Don’t be near big buildings.


9/13 ETA: I am having an extremely hard time composing my blog post for the month. In addition to being busy preparing to evacuate from where I live, I am struggling to get the words out properly, almost as if an invisible force is preventing me from doing so. I will try to trudge through it over the next few days, hopefully before the Saturday rally which is, in actuality, the set stage for an attempted military backed coup. In the interim, I have this to say.

3) The debt ceiling will not be raised, likely being a trigger that leads to a stock market crash.

The Iranian Dictator

I normally only submit one blog post per month, but I have had a lot to say in recent days and just adding my thoughts to the predictions blog post is insufficient. In an important tie to Britney Spears, Sam Asghari is Iranian, a nation that is soon bringing the world to the brink of war.

On the heels of a fraudulent “election” process, human rights violator Ebraham Raisi was “elected” the new president of Iran. His swearing in will be the start of major troubles in the region and the world. This is a man with ruthless goals, both for domestic power and world domination. The Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei, may have thought that elevating him into power would put the US and the West into a weaker position in order to strengthen their hand at returning to the nuclear deal, which I said was a mistake at the time it was signed. Instead, Raisi plans to assume absolute power over the country and stab the Ayatollah in the back.

Using the protests across the nation as a cover, the revolutionary guard and the hardliners in the government will work to remove the Ayatollah from power, either using a COVID infection or some other means, and install Raisi as supreme ruler of Iran. In the process, they will oust the “moderates” from the government and force those such as Mohammad Javad Zarif and Hassan Rouhani into exile for “acts of betrayal” to the nation in negotiating with the West. This series of events will set the stage for one vicious part of World War 3.

The powers that be have now closed the door on any chance of a peaceful resolution to the crises facing the world. Our future is bleak. Prepare accordingly.

An Update on #FreeBritney

Spoiler alert: She’s not going to be freed.

I wanted to post this as soon as possible, as she may be days away from being killed.

I wrote about Britney’s tragic ending in a previous blog from three years ago. I expected that she would be killed at that time, at the age of 36, because it was the same age that her previous incarnation, Marilyn Monroe, was killed. 2018 was also the inverse year of 1981, just as 1962 was the inverse year of 1926. This didn’t happen, which at first made my predictions out to be wrong, but as was revealed in court documents this year, during her newly litigated fight to end her conservatorship, her team did attempt to kill her using a drug overdose, as I said they would at the time. Lithium, in large doses, is fatal. Using this means to get rid of her, in spite of it seeming to be “accidental,” would be considered a murder. If they had succeeded in doing it, it would have been shrouded in a conspiracy theory forever, despite my and others warnings about this happening to her. Now, with the surprising audio recordings detailing the abuse she faced at the hands of her father and conservatorship team, the cat is out of the bag. Even if the attempt at killing her with a drug overdose would no longer plausibly work, they will try again using another method.

New tabloid articles are emerging expressing “concern” for Britney’s mental health. Driving is the serious problem they are perseverating over, with complaints about using her phone while behind the wheel as just one example. The most ominous concern, for me, came from a recent fender bender that her Iranian boyfriend, Sam Ashgari (which I will delve into in a second blog post on Iran) had just a few days ago. Topless photos are another source of controversy, notably similar to the ones Marilyn Monroe took before her murder. Taken together, all of these things seem to be setting up the scene for a staged car accident in the near future.

There are two concerning and troubling precedents to watch out for here in regards to what is being planned against her. The first concerns Princess Diana. Britney has always had an admiration for the late Princess, honoring her and comparing her situation to that of the tragic royal. Britney came to global superstardom the year after Diana died, filling the void that the late royal left behind with her passing. Diana was dating Egyptian billionaire Dodi al-Fayed at the time and wanted to have children with him (similar to Britney and her boyfriend Sam). Diana’s mysterious and tragic death (which was a murder set up by the royal family, done by a person of French origin, whose identity will never be revealed) is one scenario Britney can fall into. Though we will never know the true facts behind it, Meghan Markle’s recent interview with Oprah alluded to this when it came to Buckingham Palace cutting her security after she left the firm. Britney is vulnerable to a similar fate.

The second comes from Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings. He had been working on a scoop exposing the deep state when his car was hijacked and forced to crash in Los Angeles, leading to his immediate death after his body was burned alive. His family claimed that he was mentally unstable, but like Britney, they may have been doing him wrong the whole time, not looking out for his best interests, despite the pleas for help he gave off that his life was in immediate danger. One of the leaks that Julian Assange was imprisoned over was a Wikileaks revelation that cars can be remotely hijacked and forced to crash remotely. This definitely happened to Hastings and I fear this fate for Britney as well.

I had a vision last month of how I foresaw Britney dying in a car crash. Britney or Sam (hard to make out who it was) was driving on a mountainous road, perhaps on the California coastal highway, when they lost control of the vehicle. A struggle to regain control ensued before the car goes over a rail at high speed, flies down the mountain and crashes into either a tree or a giant rock. Britney and Sam die instantly, while a bodyguard sitting in the backseat crawls out of the car and dials 911. He is taken to a hospital (likely Mount Cedar Sinai) where attempts are made to resucitate him before he succumbs to his injuries.

Even though Britney will not make it out of the conservatorship alive, the only way she can avoid this particular plot is to ditch her car, the Mercedes, and start driving a vehicle older than 2003. The Mercedes is the same brand of car that both Princess Diana and Michael Hastings were in before their subsequent murders. It may get some odd looks from the press and criticism on driving a dingy old car, but it is the only way to definitively avoid this particular fate. Just know that while this could be avoided (I’m not confident that it will be), she’s going to die prematurely in some way in the near future. She could live an extra month or two at most, but her time is running out. It’s too late to Free Britney in this life. As I have said before, I pray she will have a better go at it in the next one, because it’s not going to end well for her in the remainder of this one.

Dreams and Predictions for August 2021

Before I share some of my predictions for this month, I would encourage you all to read the latest tab at the top of the page on explaining inaccuracies. I have gotten a lot of questions about this over the last few months, so I figured I would bump up a blog I posted from 2018 which should answer some of your questions.

This month may see several new blog posts, so be on the look out for those. One of those, in relation to a different topic, is going to delve into an area I haven’t gone over yet: when predictions are fulfilled, but we don’t know about it right away. Sometimes, the media doesn’t always share what is going on behind the scenes. As a result, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint to something tangible to prove the accuracy of my foresight. Often times, the information comes out months and, in a preview of one of my blog posts for this month, years after the fact.

With time running out before calamity strikes, here are the predictions.

1) The ending of the eviction moratorium will add to the triggers that will cause a stock market crash.

2) Another riot, this time in Washington DC.

3) Assad begins to make a military surge to control the north eastern part of Syria, with push back from the US and Turkey.

4) The Taliban will overtake the whole of Afghanistan by the fall.

5) Boris Johnson’s grip on power begins to slip as members of his own party begin to turn on him.

8/9 ETA: It seem that my warnings for the Pope were, like a number of my predictions, possibly delayed in their fulfillment. With the news that he has received an envelope filled with bullets from France, a place where a Catholic priest was recently murdered, the following should be addressed.

6) Pope Francis faces an assassination attempt this fall. Seems like it may occur during his trip to Greece in November.

8/29 ETA: So in case you haven’t noticed, I have not been posting here for most of this month. That is because my time in my current location is running short and I am preparing to flee before it’s too late. As such, I may not be able to post here again for a while until I resettle. I will let you know when the posting stops all together, but in the meantime, here’s a dream based prediction.

7) In my dream, I was on a plane and a member of the cabin crew came out to address the passengers. He said that there would be new security screenings and that those who were put on a marked list would be forced to quarantine and engage in enhanced security protocols. This was followed by a series of events of more advanced bag screening, socially distanced security lines and aggressive alarms at people on the lists to not travel. I’m not sure what is going to cause this more invasive series of changes to air travel, whether it’s related to Covid or terror, but it’s about to become more difficult to fly in the near future.

More on The Deep State, Biden and Trump

Rather than post one theme for a blog post this month, I have decided to briefly address a few topics, as I have done in the more distant past.

To follow up on my post from earlier in the year about The Deep State, I’ve been noticing, based on their actions, that the agencies have panicked over my predictions on the collapse of their puppet regimes in Central and South America. It was reported that a mysterious trip was taken by CIA director William Burns to Brazil and Colombia days before the latest problems in Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela began. I expect more problems to escalate throughout the continent. They will try to prop up their puppets from being overthrown, but most of them, save for a brief stave off of the unrest in Colombia, will fall by autumn. It will not help that the US government will be weakened at that time by internal events. It should serve as a lesson that collaborating with the Deep State will only lead to bad things for you.

Biden survived the month of June, despite repeated threats to his life. It was not something I had foreseen, but I do not expect to see him alive much longer. In alternative timelines, Nina Turner’s expected victory in her congressional race next month would set her up to challenge, and win, against Kamala Harris, who will eventually become president, in a 2024 presidential primary. I have been on the watch for Turner since at least 2015, when I felt that she could one day become president, either as Bernie Sanders’ VP or in challenging the Democratic party independently. Instead, as I have said previously, revolution is coming and it will not see Biden at the helm of the sinking ship when it all goes down.

The reason my War is Coming blog post hedged by saying that either Trump or a woman president would be in charge as things went down is because of the instability in our timeline. I may have been premature in saying that Trump was finished with his attempts at staging a coup. The deal made between him and the intelligence agencies seems to be reaching a breaking point. Prosecution of Trump Organization head CFO Allen Weisselberg has infuriated his camp and was seen as a sign of reneging on the deal made for Trump to cede power peacefully. The intelligence agencies countered by saying it was necessary to make it seem like someone’s head was going to roll, so as to quiet anger over his own protection from jail time, which people are already starting to notice. The latest coup planning by prominent figures in the GOP, most notably in cutting funding to the capitol police and taking down the fence installed at the Capitol building after the first coup attempt, seems to be spurred by orders from Trump’s camp to go ahead with the original plans for a military coup from January 20th.

There are signs that he has more support for doing this than people may expect. The decision by Biden to pull troops out of Afghanistan, which was met with unilateral opposition by the Deep State, has created second thoughts about a desire to allow him to stay in office. The increase in worker strikes in the US, the most in modern times and tactically supported by Biden, if not explicitly, has rattled Wall Street. There may be some internal support in these agencies and amongst the wealthy for allowing Trump to take back power in a coup, if he agrees to allow them more control over the government in its desire to force a “return to work” in the midst of a deadly pandemic. August 13th, the date mentioned by those in Trump world, is the date to watch. It is likely that the violence will begin at this time, which will either lead to a reinstallation of him as president or, what FefeLove foresees, which is an assassination of Biden that causes the US empire to implode from within. August seems to be the month of chaos to follow, with events that began in June leading up to it. If you haven’t already been preparing for the anarchy that follows, the time to start is now, before it is too late. When it hits the fan, you’ll either sink or swim against the tide of change that is coming.

Dreams and Predictions for July 2021

I have to start by saying that I was extremely surprised that most of the events I foresaw for last month did not transpire. It is indisputable that there was a rise in political violence in every nation mentioned in my last blog post but the UK. It is also indisputable that there have been several close calls in the last few weeks that could lead us to the brink of war. While June passed without a major, society altering incident, I am still not comforted in my visions, nor in my overall sense in the universe. If my insights play out a month past my original vector date, then I will have only been wrong on dating, not on the visions overall.

Having gotten that out of the way, here are some predictions for this month.

1) A congressional coup plot will be undertaken in the house and senate. It seems that at least one chamber will be under GOP rule by the end of the month, if not both.

2) Myanmar’s neighbors begin to see destabilization this month due to the influx of migrants rushing in.

3) More violence in the streets of New York, this time over the disputed mayoral election results.

4) A major black out on the west coast. Looting and violence follows.

5) Further mutations in the COVID pandemic will leave the vaccines relatively useless in stopping the new strands.

6) A major earthquake. I’m seeing it in or around India.

7) Another major oil spill in the Atlantic Ocean.

7/7 ETA: Before I post more predictions, there are two things that need to be addressed. The first is that blood has now begun to spill the streets, as I predicted last month. Instead of peacefully stepping down from his role as President of Haiti, which I thought may eventually happen, Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home last night. This was likely the fate of Netanyahu had he not ceded power to Naftali Bennett last month and this fate awaits many of the people who I had written about in last month’s blog post. So although my dating of June was off, if the events I foretold of occur this month instead, all I will be wrong about is the dating of my predictions.

The second point to note is that there is about to be some major revelations of scandal that will shock the world in the near future. I will lay out some of them here.

8) Allegations will emerge that the New York City Board of Elections tossed out Kathryn Garcia votes to help Eric Adams declare victory. This will come out as a court challenge is filed seeking to contest the results.

9) Another Snowden like revelation about the NSA will come out in the near future from a whistleblower.

10) The nation of Chile faces unrest that will lead to the destabilization of the government.

11) Watch out for another Arab Spring in the near future, starting in or around Tunisia.

7/11 ETA: More predictions.

12) Leaks will come out about dark scandals from the Bush senior administration, sparking outrage worldwide. Stuff about Reagan may leak as well.

13) I’m getting a strong sense that Bezos and his crew will crash and burn upon landing from space, killing everyone aboard the Blue Origin spacecraft.

7/16 ETA: A few more predictions.

14) I had said in my 2021 predictions post that the Ayatollah of Iran would die this year, which I still believe will happen, likely next month. What I have not previously mentioned is that Iran’s newly “elected” President, Ebrahim Raisi, is someone to watch carefully. This is because I believe he has plans to off the Ayatollah, using the excuse that he died of Covid, to assume absolute control over the country. He will become both the president and ayatollah, merging the two roles into one, and purge the so called “moderates” out of the government, making himself a nearly absolute dictator, with approval from hardliners in his government. This will set the stage for a confrontation with Israel that will turn nuclear.

15) There will be an attempted invasion of Cuba, a sort of half assed Bay of Pigs invasion, either later this month or early next month. It will fail miserably and will be crushed swiftly.

7/23 ETA: Let me start off by saying that it was incredibly irresponsible for the Olympics committee to begin the games, despite rising COVID cases and an approaching typhoon (one I predicted would happen) that is going to cause significant inland damage. It is possible that the COVID cases get so bad and the damage is so severe from the typhoon that the games are stopped midway through, which would be a partial, if not full prediction fulfillment on my end. It’s something to look out for this weekend, as the typhoon is expected to hit Japanese shores on Monday.

In the interim, here are some more predictions to share.

17) The Iran Deal is dead and what the US does in response, sanctioning China, will lead to the global economic collapse that I predicted in my “War is Coming” blog post last year.

18) Protests erupt in Iraq over the refusal of the Biden administration to fully pull out troops. There will be casualties of US soldiers in response.

19) Severe drought in coming for Europe in August, ruining farms, crops and livestock and causing a significant increase in global food prices.

20) Public opinion against Biden is going shift downward in a big way, alarming the White House.

7/26 ETA: It does appear that time is running out, based on a dream I had the other night.

21) In my dream, I was at a hotel and I was toId I needed to pack my things immediately to leave the country to go Iran (which was weird). I was struggling to find my passport in my room and I only managed to find it at the last minute before I got on the plane and left. Not sure where the dream took place exactly. This seems to be a message that if you can get to a safe place now that requires travel, this is the time to do so before plane travel is completely cut off.

Blood Will Spill the Streets

I have been having some nasty visions as of late that I felt needed to be addressed in a separate blog post. Some of the things I am going to share are things I’ve stated before. However, there are additional pieces of information that will provide more insight on specificity and dating that I hadn’t shared before.

June is expected to be a chaotic and destabilizing month. The political violence I have foreseen for a while now has not yet materialized, for the most part, but I believe this is the month in which it will begin to pick up in intensity. The last time I had such an intense feeling on this was around June of 2017, when House minority whip Steve Scalise was nearly assassinated. The feelings now are stronger than before, so I expect more fulfillments than just one shooting. With Trump agitating for another coup and with instability rising all around the world, I expect there to be a blood bath in the near future.

The targets will not just be low level people. I expect a number of high profile assassinations that will shock the world. The number one target is Biden, who will be assassinated sometime this month. Some of our other psychics have foreseen this month being the last month of his term as President. There is a chance that he could pass from a medical related issue, but I do not see anything plaguing him at this present moment. Instead, it is likely that Trump and other right wing actors will instigate events to the extent where his safety is put in jeoparday. There have already been multiple arrests of individuals plotting to kill him in recent months. As I have previously mentioned, his ties to Robert Kennedy, and that of his attorney general, Merrick Garland, put a target on his back that I expect will be acted upon in the near future.

I expect to see the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice, as the court wades into controversy by taking on a highly contentious abortion ban case. I expect to see the assassination and/or attempts of several congress members in the house and senate, as the balance of power for the Democrats is weak. I also expect to see blood spill in other places as well, like in Israel, the UK and France. Not to mention that I still believe this month will be when the Queen finally perishes, bringing the commonwealth to a complete standstill. The boiling pot of fascism has been waiting to break out for months. It will soon spill over, causing political instability and societal collapse in its wake.

Overall, my expectation is that this will be a month to remember for the history books. If it doesn’t immediately lead to uprisings and civil wars around the world, then the events that will transpire will serve as a catalyst that will be leading to overthrows around the world. I would advise that you watch out for the following dates when it comes to the big fulfillment points: the 6th, the 14th, the 25 and the 30th. There are base 7 numerological precedents that will likely be exploited, since events often repeat themselves in history. The Deep State can only stop so much. Eventually, determined actors will slip through the cracks.

Dreams and Predictions for June 2021

In the next few days, I will have the latest blog post ready to share. The theme this month is that blood will spill in the streets. I have a very, very ominous feeling of what is ahead, which I will explain more about in the blog. None of the predictions I will share right now concern these particular warnings. Those will come in the post. In the meantime, here are some unrelated visions to share.

1) Expect there to be a fatal snag in the efforts to secure peace in the Middle East: re Iran and Israel.

2) China begins to flex its muscle in demanding that regional actors combat Western nations more aggressively. They will be shocked to learn that this won’t happen.

3) The Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled at the very last second, after much protest and cancellations from several top athletes.

4) Expect the wave of unrest in South America to continue into Peru and French Guiana, causing a major headache for the Biden administration.

5) Haiti’s dictator is forced to step down near the end of the summer, as his is ill fated “referendum” goes disastrously.

6/7 ETA: It seems June 6th came and went without a major bout of political violence, but as I had mentioned in the blog post for the month, it was a date “to watch,” not necessarily when it would be fulfilled. The month is still young and the 14th is going to become a particularly important day due to the supposed vote of confidence in Israel’s new government. With the incitement on high, the chance of blood spilling the streets is almost assured at this point. I would like to point out that perhaps the Prime Minster, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been reading my blog, considering he made reference toThe Deep State” in a recent televised interview. He’s, of course, correct in that one does exist and is trying to oust him. It is also true that the new change coalition was prodded along by the CIA and the Biden administration. However, he’s on his way out regardless of whose assassination or murder he incites. The alternative, as I had mentioned in last month’s blog post, would be death by a bomb from Hamas, so he should consider himself lucky that he goes out with a whimper and not a bang. Considering the amount of war crimes he has perpetrated over his decades in office, karma is all too kind to him in the end.

I should also point out that a lot of my predictions from last month have been fulfilled in recent days, from the security scare for Florida’s governor Rod DeSantis to the riot in Washington Square Park, though the anarchy has only just begun there. Considering some of my predictions from earlier in the year weren’t fulfilled, it’s a real tip of the hat to how much more improved my intuition has been in recent days. With that in mind, here are some more predictions to share.

6) Political violence will befall New York City before voting begins in the mayoral primary.

7) A mass march is planned in DC over voting rights, which is put down brutally by the national guard. It occurs sometime in the early summer, perhaps on or around the 4th of July.

8) Joe Manchin is considering handing over the senate majority to the Republicans, though he has not yet decided if he’s going to go through with it. I believe, if he decides to, we will know by the end of the month or at the latest, the beginning of July.

9) Boris Johnson proposes a sweeping legislative package in the parliament that is described, accurately, as extremely fascist, provoking more violence in the streets as a result.

10) Macron faces a vote of no confidence in his leadership by the end of the summer. Not sure if it is political or violence based from the military.

6/8 ETA: More predictions.

11) Germany will see political violence, including an assassination attempt on a high ranking official, similar to that of the attempt on Wolfgang Schäuble in 1990.

12) A major female celebrity dies of a drug overdose this summer. Someone younger, late 20’s, early 30’s. Can’t see exactly who it is at the moment.

13) An elephant stampede kills several safari goers in a southern African nation. Can’t quite tell which one.

14) More scrutiny is going to be placed on senators other than Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema in the near future. Expect the heat to be turned up on Maggie Hasan, Angus King, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Chris Coons for their refusal to alter the filibuster.

15) Expect a security scare for Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey.

16) Hospitalization for Mitch McConnell. Not sure if it’s fatal.

6/19 ETA: So I’d like to point out that the intensity leading up to a major political assassination has boiled to the surface over the last few days. Just tonight, there was an attempted attack on the vehicle of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which, although missing her, has killed one person and left another in critical condition. Just yesterday, there was an attack on California’s governor Gavin Newsom. While I did not foresee these two specific events, I did say there would be a rise in political violence, which there has been, unquestionably. The issue now is when these attacks become fatal. Although it could come any day now, I am leaning towards the 25th and the 30th as days to watch. The slips in the cracks have been obvious to those paying attention, despite efforts by the Deep State to repress it. They will get worse until someone is ultimately shot and killed. It’s not a question of if, but when.

In the meantime, I have more predictions to share.

17) Expect major protests in Europe over the refusal of the US to lift its travel ban. I believe these may result in a change of policy, but not one that most people are happy with.

18) Early warning signs emerge of a pending disaster in Japan. It is weather/earth related, but I’m not able to pinpoint what it is exactly.

19) Expect there to be new attempts to conduct relations with Kim Jong Un, to the anger of many.

20) Bolsanaro begins to see his grip on power slip in Brazil, but it will be a short fleeted loss.

21) The US backs a coup attempt in Peru, but it will ultimately fail.

22) Honduras sees mass anti-US protests this summer, leading to a challenge to the elected government that proves decisive.

6/25 ETA: I have to be honest. I am surprised by the fact that three of the four vector days have passed without the major incident I was foreseeing in my visions. It could be that the 30th ends up being the day to watch, but there is something else that I need to share, which might explain why, despite an increase in political violence in recent days, we haven’t seen the devastating and chaotic assassination play out just yet.

23) In a recent dream I had, there was a map of the US and there was a sense of anger. Then, a black paint can appeared and someone or something drew a line across the country, slightly below the Mason Dixon line, and drew it into the south east part of Florida, leaving out the south west. There were soldiers that appeared and a sense that a battle was about to begin. One side was wearing blue and the other was wearing black. This doesn’t seem like conservatives vs democrats, even though some of the imagery appeared very civil war to me. It also had a warning that said “Shooting at 10.”

This could be mean a number of things, besides the approach of a civil war, but there are two interpretations that our collective group of psychics have come up with. One, from our psychic Fefelove, is that it involves the government coming after the 10th amendment, which seems to be what Biden may be hinting at at a recent press conference, and which has provoked anger and threats against him. The second interpretation could be that the assassination I have foreseen occurs on the 10th of July or that the war begins on that date.

Either way, it is important to note that my dating could be slightly off on this, considering that one of my previous predictions, that Britney Spears would be killed to silence her from speaking out against her handlers, seems on the verge of being fulfilled due to her beginning to speak out in court. Something to keep in mind just in case this month finishes without incident, but the next month sees what I have foreseen happen instead.

The Deep State

I know this post could get me in trouble, considering the power of the entities that I am writing about, but it’s important for me to share this anyway. I have long had a problem with them, culminating with their surveillance of me in my private life and attempts to censor my prophetic writings in various platforms. If they are under the delusion that I am going to shut up due to their intimidation and harassment, they have thought entirely wrong.

There has been much discussion over the years about the mysterious “Deep State” in US society. Many people deny that there is one, relegating it to mere conspiracy theory that should be ignored. The existence of a government structure that is in control of world society is not fake, but in fact a real thing that needs to be exposed so people fully understand how not free we really are.

In order to fully comprehend the problem humanity faces, the pivotal question must be asked of who is “The Deep State”? Much of the reason that people tend to dismiss such a thing is because they believe it is the writings of antisemites or those who promote evil in the universe. While the discussion has popularity in these groups, the truth of the matter is that the entities in the “Deep State” collective are, in fact, fascists and allies of the far right that has taken such power across the globe in recent years.

The CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DHS and the military industrial complex, along with every police department in the nation, are who are part of a coordinated system of power that does not answer to the working person. They are the unaccountable engine, endowed by the wealthy for the protection of their property and prosperity, that controls the country and much of the world. They are not elected. They are not held accountable to the people. They are an entity onto themselves. They are rogue actors that are really in charge of society.

Anytime someone tries to expose them and fight back against them, they end up imprisoned and jailed or killed in the most heinous of cases. They assassinated JFK, MLK JR, Malcolm X and many other important political and cultural leaders over the last 100 years. They have overthrown governments that they cannot control. They jail those that oppose their policies of fascism. They torture those who expose their war crimes, such as Julian Assange. They destroy anyone who stands in their way, with a public complicit due to their lack of understanding of the powers at work here. As long as these people control the government, even if it is done through an illusionary “democracy,” real progress for the people cannot happen.

The abolition of “The Deep State” is necessary in order for there to be true global freedom, not just American freedom. There will be revelations coming in the underground press in the near future that will expose the powers that be more fully than I have mentioned here. Watch out for them. They will knock down a house of cards that has been held up by wealth, media propaganda, labor exploitation, human rights abuses and blood for far too long. The spirits of the victims of these entities are looking for their justice and they will exact it upon them in the upcoming war, both mortal and spiritual. The day of reckoning is coming. There’s nothing they can do to stop it. Silencing me won’t stop their karma. It will only speed up the timeline to its rightful conclusion.