Dealing With Some Static

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that my connection to the spiritual world has been a bit staticky recently. While I get predictions and dream visions here and there, I haven’t been able to establish why certain predictions haven’t been fulfilled recently. Some of it, as mentioned in a prior blog, is due to changing vectors and targets, but some of it is entirely unexplainable. Hopefully, I will be able to clear the static that is cutting out my communication soon. Your prayers for success would be greatly appreciated. Also pray for our writer Fefe. Her stalker is almost heading to prison and I hope the case against him is successful. Thanks for your readership at this difficult time.


Dreams and Predictions for October 2018

While there has been a lot of unsettling things happening recently, both in my personal life and the world, there have been rays of sunshine casting over the darkened days. Our regular contributor, Fefe Love, is winning her battle against the stalker who scares her into silence. I don’t want to jinx anything, but if she is successful, she’ll begin posting again in the new year. Pray for success on this front. Her voice is missed.

In the meantime, here is a prediction to share and hopefully I’ll have more to share later in the month.

1) I think there will be some unusual weather in the North West this month. Though it may not technically be a hurricane, the storms that approach will reach those levels.

10/6 ETA: This is more of an update to a previous post rather than a prediction.

2) So Kavanaugh managed to squeak into the Supreme Court in the tightest margin in US history. My instinct on that one point was wrong, despite how close to the wire it got. In addition, one other part of the Trump post from last month is now wrong as well. The red wave I predicted has now evaporated. Republicans fell into a trap laid out by corporatist Democrats to rally women voters without having to change their overall policies. The predicted red wave will become a blue wave instead and it will leave Trump vulnerable on more ends than just the FBI. Despite this, the rest of the prediction, including the closure of the Mueller investigation, the culling of his cabinet and his assassination still follow.

10/19 ETA: Another prediction.

3) I remembered some of the dreams I had a number of years ago about my future in space and I wondered how it would be possible for humans to travel such great distances. I managed to figure it out. The Voyager 1, a probe that was sent from the US by NASA in 1977, will eventually be intercepted by an alien race and this may establish contact in the future. Such contact will give the human race technology that is currently not available here and will allow us to explore the universe. When? I’m not sure, but this is what I’m sensing at the moment.

4) I had a dream last night where Donald Trump was forced to wear The Mask from the 1990’s comic and movie. He then became a target and his life was immediately in danger. It seemed like an odd dream, but I was able to deduce what it meant. Jim Carrey, a very vocal Trump critic, will play a key role in taking down Trump’s administration. In what capacity I’m not sure. However, it will be interesting to see where he comes in to play.

A Preview into the Beginning of the End of the Trump Administration

I hesitated in writing this blog post because it’s going to reveal a big chunk of my 2019 predictions. However, with recent events transpiring around the Trump white house, I feel it is necessary to say this now. Certain events may accelerate faster than the end of the year and I’d like to get a jump on it before it starts.

The anonymous New York Times op-ed from a senior White House official that has had Trump in such a tizzy foretells of the coup attempt on Trump that I have hinted at in previous blogs. Evoking the 25th amendment as the only other alternative, this staffer tells of the unaccountable reigns of power being held by unelected bureaucrats in the hope of keeping Trump’s worst impulses at bay. Putting aside my personal feelings on Trump’s horrendous policies, this upstaging of the elected agenda of the public is dangerous to the destruction of any last vestiges of democracy and control that the people have over their own affairs. Confirmation of this reality comes from a follow up article about Robert Rosenstein further proving the accusations in the op-ed to be truthful. This is a signal of the beginning of the end of the Trump administration. The elite may have tolerated him until now, but that time is rapidly coming to an end.

While the staffer who wrote the op-ed believes he will not be revealed, he is wrong. The op-ed threw the word “lodestar” to try to implicate Mike Pence as the author of the piece. Pence didn’t write it, but he did want to oust Trump from the presidency to become president himself. That plan has been stopped as a result of this op-ed. He will now be forced to resign under pressure and a Trumpian VP takes his place to scare these same bureaucrats who aligned with the op-ed writer into not removing him. What scares these staffers more is that the author will be revealed as John Kelly by the end of the year and he’s forced out in disgrace. While he might talk to Mueller, it will not matter in the end as the probe is coming to a close. His revelations of the Trump white house will fall on deaf ears and there will only be one way to remove him at this point in time.

Before all of this happens, Trump sees major victories come from the jaws of defeat. While he will not be able to push Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court, the anger from his base over the derailed appointment push them to go to the polls and stop the hyped “blue wave” that has been touted in the media. As a result, Democrats fail to retake the House and end up losing many seats in the Senate. The Republicans will shed their moderates in the House creating a smaller, but more conservative, majority than ever before. The Senate also sees the ouster of most of the red state Democrats, along with a few surprises, to give the GOP a filibuster proof 60 seat majority that becomes dangerous next year.

Newly freed of the electoral shackles, Trump works to wreck havoc in 2019. He purges more than half of his cabinet and replaces them with loyalists who will solely do his bidding. His senate and house pass odious bills and they hold the country hostage to his whims. The repeal of most welfare programs and the final dismantlement of Obamacare are in the works for the early part of next year and those plans will begin to be put into play. Trump will push a new speaker of the house more beholden to him than ever before. Mitch McConnell, if he isn’t out by this point, will become a flack and enabler for all of Trump’s policies…even ones he strongly disagrees with. This consolidation of power might be tacitly accepted by the Democrats, but resistance will come from those who Trump has dangerously made enemies with, the intelligence agencies.

Another important result of Trump’s new found power is that the Mueller probe is shut down either in December by Trump’s pen or in June by the new conservative supreme court (this is one of two major outrages that tempers the involvement of the court on big issues in the future….the other is abortion). While Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed, Amy Coney Barrett, an equally dangerous justice, will be and she’ll rule the same way without all of the baggage. This closing off of all other options infuriates the deep state and the CIA and FBI begin attempts to orchestrate an assassination against him between July and August. The irony in all of this is the failed Maduro assassination blueprint will be used against Trump even if it was his White House who orchestrated it.

Trump will be killed at a rally between September and December of 2019. I have seen this more specifically in visions now that those dates draw closer. It will happen as he’s exiting the stage and the secret service purposefully creates a lapse in protection which will be struck upon to shoot and kill him. It will be blamed on ISIS or another Muslim group, though the initial blame is from a Mexican drug cartel. Ultimately, it will be obvious to almost everyone that a patsy set up by the intelligence community will be used to remove him from power, but it will never be officially confirmed. This will see a major fissure come upon the country and shakeup the 2020 elections in ways most won’t expect.

The new President (who I can’t see at this time, though it isn’t Pence) sends fear into the marketplace by enacting even more volatile policies in the White House than his predecessor. While his or her popularity is sustained by a newly martyred Trump, it creates panic amongst Democrats looking to fight fire with fire. As a result of these events, it will lead to a tumultuous 2020 election that will, for the first time, pit two individuals against each other that the powers that be don’t control. This creates fear amongst the elite, but will eventually be accepted by them when the alternative is made clear in the corresponding months. It will pacify the revolutionary undercurrent that is once again upon us, but it won’t mollify it and it will strongly emerge again in the 2030’s decade. This is as far into the future as I can clearly see at this time. Much of this will be reposted in the 2019 predictions post at the end of the year/early next year, potentially with some additions that come in visions in the next few months. I hope this information has been helpful. Best wishes to you all as always. You’re going to need it.

Dreams and Predictions for September 2018

So while a number of things I have written have already been fulfilled last month, a few big ones were big misses. I’m still trying to figure out why that was the case and I’ll hopefully have some answers soon. In the meantime, here are a few predictions to share for the month.

1) There will be a big, coordinated push to push out Jeff Sessions this month and he will be out, along with Rod Rosenstein, by the end of the year.

2) There will also be a coordinated push to oust the Vice President, Mike Pence. I suspect he’ll be out by years end as well.

3) There will be immigration related trouble in Arizona this month as it becomes a hotspot of rage over mass arrests and imprisonment of undocumented workers. The treatment is notably worse than usual.

4) Finally, there will be a last minute breakthrough on Brexit courtesy of Jeremy Corbyn if he can survive the onslaught against him by a foreign power.

9/2 ETA: Another prediction.

5) One of the major terror attacks I warned about in the 2018 predictions page will likely occur this month, especially if Trump does anymore further damage in the Middle East.

9/7 ETA: I have a lot of thoughts to share about the Trump administration on the heels of the upcoming Bob Woodward book and the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times from a senior official. I might make it the blog post of the month, but I fear doing so because it’ll give away a large chunk of my 2019 predictions for the White House. Let me know in the comments if you think I should go ahead with it anyway. In the meantime, here is a prediction based on these recent developments.

6) Although Mike Pence is looking to oust Trump from the presidency, he did not write the op-ed. Instead, his chief of staff, John Kelly, authored it and I believe it will be exposed by the end of the month or in early October. His resignation follows soon after.

My Prescience vs Dating Inaccuracies

I’ve brought this topic up before, but I wanted to elaborate on it further. It comes on the heels of some of my previous predictions being fulfilled, but at a later date than I had anticipated. As my readers know, many of my predictions get fulfilled in the way that I say they will. My issue often arises in terms of accurately dating when they should occur. It’s why some have challenged my prescience even though my track record is better than most. While my dating needs improvement, this is why my overall prescience is indisputable.

Sometimes events can be delayed ever so slightly, but for the most part, they end up occurring. One prediction I’ve just seen fulfilled is the death of legendary singer Aretha Franklin. While I made it and expected it to be seen as fulfilled by the end of last year, she ended up dying half a year later. The cancer that ended up claiming her started taking its toll last year so although the prediction isn’t entirely accurate, it’s prescient enough to be seen as a fulfillment. This happens on a number of occasions, but it still proves that my instincts are on point for the most part.

Sometimes events that are meant for one person occur for another. Last year, I also said that Rupert Murdoch would pass away (and his death may still come this year). What ended up happening was that his infamous associate, Roger Ailes, took his place in the graveyard instead. Targets can change for various reasons and that is something I try to mention in follow up posts. I did so when my warnings of death for Selena Gomez ended up taking her friend, singer/songwriter Christina Grimmie, and the 53 victims of the Pulse club shooting instead. The evil curse that caused such a devastating weekend was meant for her and followed her on her concert tour throughout that time. The curse also took a little boy at Disney World and several other lives in a shooting in Texas near where Selena was to perform. She may have been spared, but many others took her place. While it’s not an entirely fulfilled prediction, its indisputable that the evil I warned about was a real threat to her life. She’s fortunate that it just wasn’t hers.

Sometimes events are thwarted that are meant to occur. Before my co-writer Fefelove started this site over four years ago, I warned on another blog about a devastating terror attack that was to occur during the 2012 London Olympics that was being set up as a false flag to cause a war with Iran. The attention that my warning brought saw the plan shut down and the attempted attackers arrested and stopped. An example from this website is the prevention of a poisoning death of former House speaker John Boehner. I mentioned seeing this type of death in visions and it was stopped from occurring. I can’t help it if certain events get stopped after I write about them, but the fact that the threats were there in the first place is still a tip of the hat to the accuracy of my visions overall.

My main issue, as some may notice, is dating predictions. It is not one of my strong suits, nor is it for most other psychics. I pride myself with being as specific as I can (unlike some who post vague, unspecific messages and then get many thousands of likes and comments). My dreams and visions don’t have dates in them and the spirits I communicate with don’t provide that information. I try to gauge the timing based on things like the weather and when events can plausibly occur. I also use a system devised from a friend of the site, Michael McClellan, called base 7 numerology. This is the theory that events repeat themselves in intervals of seven. I try to match visions I have to previous events that are similar in nature and make a best guess on dating when they should occur. I’m not always on point, but I do the best I can and sometimes get it exactly on the money (such as when a riot occurred on the infamous Rikers Island). I’ll try to improve in the future, but there’s no doubt I do it better than most, despite some miscalculations along the way.

I hope these clarifications were helpful for our readers. I’ll try to have more predictions to share by the end of the month. Best wishes to you all as always.

Dreams and Predictions for August 2018

It’s going to be quite the August this year. I’ve mentioned in the last few months of the types of death and carnage we’re about to see. Here’s a few things to add to that list.

1) The day of reckoning is coming to Bill de Blasio this month, as I’ve said in the past.

2) The 9/11 victims families lawsuit against Saudi Arabia will begin to reveal dark secrets about the US government and the FBI this month that will change Americans perspectives forever. It will also destroy the US’ relationship with the Saudis that should have never been cultivated in the first place.

3) There will be more trouble for teen and young adult stars like the near overdose death of Demi Lovato. At least two former Disney stars will die of overdoses this year; one major star and one minor.

4) There will be trouble for a younger country star who will die in an automobile accident or it could be the fulfillment of a prediction I made a few years ago of Hunter Hayes dying in a plane crash.

5) One of the members of 80’s band Bananarama will brush with death this month. I’m not sure if it will be fatal or not.

6) There will be an illness surrounding Dolly Parton. Although it won’t immediately be fatal, it will eventually be responsible for her demise.

7) Willie Nelson will likely go before the end of the year.

8) Finally, I don’t believe actress Betty White will make it to the end of this year either. She will likely die in her sleep sometime at the end of the month or the beginning of the next.

8/17 ETA: Two more predictions to share.

9) Embattled CEO Elon Musk won’t last long at Tesla. I suspect he’ll be ousted by years end.

10) Disgraced producer Dr Luke will file for bankruptcy by years end and will be left entirely penniless by the end of next year. Serves him right.

The Web of Danger is Expanding

This isn’t my first post about this topic and it probably won’t be my last. The threats of assassination I’ve warned about in the past have most certainly been seen on many occassions, including the near death of Steve Scalise. What I haven’t said before and what I’ve noticed recently is that the web of danger is spreading out far beyond the limited group of people I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. I mention this because Senator Mitch Mcconnell is danger. I originally thought he’d be safe, even though I personally believe that he is an evil person. However, after seeing two confrontations with protestors in recent days, now I think otherwise. Others who seemed safe before are in danger as well include members of Trump’s cabinet, immediate family and judges.

This all seems to be coming to an head after Justice Kennedy’s recent retirement announcement and the shady way it was orchestrated. I fear, in addition to some murders, this will see dramatic violence unfold this summer that will delay the supreme court vote until after the election in November. Although it won’t stop the new appointee from eventually being sworn in, it will have ramifications that will manifest itself at a later date.

Many fear the new court’s makeup and they have good reason to. However, when Roe v Wade is repealed during the new court, no other consequential decisions get made under them due to the anger and violence that follows and the fear the justices will have for their lives as a result. 2019 will be a dangerous year, but I’ll elaborate on why in more detail in the 2019 predictions post at the end of the year. All I will say is power is being challenged as I’ve said it would be. Whether it will be successful and/or see more blood spilt remains to be seen, though the signs seem to be saying that those who may have been safe before aren’t any longer.