Dream Visions: Zephyr Teachout Dancing and an Ice Bomb

I had two different visions in a meditative state last night that I felt the need to share with you all.


1) I have previously mentioned Democratic primary challenger Zephyr Teachout and her exposure of the corrupt Andrew Cuomo in New York state politics. Well, in my vision last night, I saw her as a ballerina dancing and then as a Flashdance dancer moving around a stage limber and flexible. What I think this means is that she will end up surprising a lot of people by what her next career move will be. She will become a more prominent figure in American and, soon, International politics in 2015 or 2016 at the latest for her flexibility and her willingness to break away from conventional wisdom.


2) In an unidentifiable city, I saw a bomb set off in the distance from an apartment window and initially thought it was a nuclear bomb. However, a white dust began to spread and soon encompassed myself and the entirety of the area I lived in. My body turned into ice and then dust as a bacteria agent ate away at my corpse until I died. Before I went to heaven, I saw the city consumed by this ice based viral agent and it destroyed nearly everyone in its sight. Some monuments and buildings were still in tact and others in a more damaged state, but nearly everything else was completely destroyed. In a vision seen soon after this, I was sitting by the bay near this city, closer to where the bomb was detonated, and felt the immediate impact as it shook my body to the core and then killed me in the exact same way it did before (I was presumably looking through the eyes of two distinctly different people). What this means is that weapons of mass destruction that our governments have developed are more deadly than the ones unleashed during world war 2. This is what will come about, among other horrors, if our leaders do not pull out of ongoing armed combat immediately. Everyone suffers the consequences in such a scenario.

I hope this information was helpful to know. Best wishes to you all. 🙂

Warning about Amusement Parks

340x176_TexasSizeI have been having nightmares this week about amusement parks.  My dear friend Liam has posted about this topic several times but this is the first time it has showed up in my dreams.  I don’t go to amusement parts and don’t like them.  In my dreams I am at several of the different big amusement parks around Texas.  I am looking from a distance and see rides malfunctioning, pieces flying off, people flying off, etc.  I start to run toward the parks and hear screams as I get closer.  Then I see pools of blood and there is always a pregnant lady in a pool of blood and her husband bent over her.  I don’t know if what I am seeing in my dreams is some kind of accident or malfunction or maybe even a terror event at a big amusement park.  It might not really be Texas either, because I have never been to any of the parks around Texas.  I advise staying away from these parks if you are thinking of a vacation.  Also, if you are pregnant don’t go.  One last detail in the dream: the people at the park don’t respond correctly for some reason like there is some sort of cover up.  I don’t know who is doing the cover up either. or why.  In the dreams I am the only one trying to help anyone.  I find these dreams really odd because I really have no interest at all in amusement parks and I am creeped out by the pregnant lady in the pool of blood.

1st Law of Thermodynamics


th8SVUF4VHI’ve been thinking about this for some time.  As energy moves and changes the 1st Law of Thermodynamics state that the total amount of energy stays the same and constant.  Energy is forever.  It can’t be “created or destroyed but it can be changed.  The total energy output of the machine is equal to the amount of heat supplied.  The sum of mass and energy is always conserved.


So since the human body is a machine and generates heat and if the soul is energy…we work off of synapses, and create electricity as we are energy systems, then where does that energy go when we die?  I have some theories because I really seem to feel that we don’t really go anywhere, just change form.  If this is so then we have many good sources of energy to help us out with all of the injustice, cruelty and greed that happens on earth.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Ebola Bio weapon gone Wrong ?


Johnnymagick62 predictions and beyond

When I fist brought the.Ebola outbreak in west.Africa to my dearest friend Fefe loves attention.it wasn’t a mainstream. Media story…I expressed my deepest concerns that this was going to be.the.beginning of.a horrific event.in history….viruses come and go…but, were did this one come from. ? .the very first clue came from the natives..they said they were being experimented on .there when they became aware of what was going on,they broke out of the compound.then the virus spread rapidly throughout the villages.this story was quickly.dismissed as.hysteria….I saw cover up .my intuition told me.this was an experimental bio weapon .airborne is the wrong word…this is new and WORSE..I see it to be something that.is anti protection suit.it lives outside the host for long periods,and is super absorbent by the skin.with an anti virus antidote.it is the perfect weapon.when it spreads outside a controlled environment.it mutates into a indestructible nightmare.I believe this is why…

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Introduction to Biological Weapons


Biological weapons (BWs) deliver toxins and microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria, so as to deliberately inflict disease among people, animals, and agriculture. Biological attacks can result in destruction of crops, temporarily discomforting a small community, killing large numbers of people, or other outcomes.

The way that a biological weapon is used depends on several factors. These include: the agent itself; its preparation; its durability in the environment; and route of infection. Some agents can be disbursed as an aerosol, which can be inhaled or can infect a susceptible spot on the skin, like a cut or wound. Attackers can also contaminate food or water with some agents.
Letter dated 9-11-01. ‘You can not stop us. We have this Anthrax. You die now. Are you afraid? Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is great.’
Anthrax letter addressed to former Senator Tom Daschle in 2001. (Source: FBI)

Biological weapons have…

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Ebola virus hits Florida in a new mutated strain

Johnnymagick62 predictions and beyond


I warned about Ebola virus.before when it wasn’t.even a big news story.I said it was airborne.when everyone swore up and down it wasn’t.not only.is it airborne,I see it mutating in a more deadly form.I predict an American death toll to be 350.000 before the spring.I have a friend that is a long time nurse.she even told me that we are being mislead.so brace yourself for some scary.uncertain times ahead.

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Disappearing People; Agenda 21 and the NWO


I had a nightmare last night about the government disappearing people; patriots, gun owners, leaders of political freedom/liberty movements under the guise of a medical tyranny.

First, Obama passed an insane law that the government can retain anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory problem.  Second, the boarders are opened more and more.  Third, they ship in Ebola patients and most likely spread Ebola- and spread fear.  Let us remember the Agenda 21 eugenics desire to depopulate using EBOLA, and the known depopulation efforts in the counties effected with what is most likely being proven as a genetically mutated bioweapon.  Fourth, doctors and others are coming forth to discuss patients being disappeared from hospitals with ebola like symptoms.  Fifth, they are telling health workers and emergency responders they will be fired if they use the word ebola and are saying that it is some other disease.  Sixth, they are threatening doctors that they will lose their license if they use the word ebola.

A good friend of mine is convinced the ebola is just a distraction, a cover up for another agenda.  I think it stinks to high heaven of some sort of plot, evil multi-faceted agenda.

One I had this nightmare that they created a pandemic, or the appearance of a pandemic and then offered a vaccine and the vaccine was actually the bio-weapon that killed mass numbers of people.

I also had a repeating dream about them using all sorts of fear to usher in their agenda.  They cannot motivate out of love and they are being exposed, realized and unraveled so fear/crisis is what is lurking.

I find it interesting that this is happening in conjunction with whatever possible nuke situation is growing with Russia.

The Sins of the Father

I had a dream last night about how the things people do haunt their kids- even their grandkids.  The warning was be careful what you do in life, always think of your kids first, protect the innocent children— we are doing things that will have terrible lasting results on our children and the following generations. I woke up very upset thinking of suffering children.

Ebola Is Caused by Gun Rights?


I simply can’t believe the tard media had the nerve to say that ebola is caused by second amendment supporters.

Really?  This is something we should all dwell upon in silence and then conclude needs to be protested in a strong way.

YeaH all of us loving guns and gun rights are causing a disease that could have been prevented b the CDC but wasn’t.  ASSHOLES.


Yeah just like this, looking really retarded, HEY OBAMA, I brought in EBOLA and its is all because I care about gun rights.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?