Psychic Prediction: Donald Trump Will Be the President


I’ve been dreading posting this prediction for a long time. I really did hope that Wikileaks would get their most damning material out in time to stop Hillary Clinton as the nominee for the Democratic party, but they missed their deadline and now she is officially confirmed to lead the ticket. I always sensed that the devil wanted Donald Trump to face off against Hillary Clinton as she was the weakest candidate against him heading into November. With her myriad of scandals and low approval ratings, Hillary is the only person who could be defeated at the hands of Trump. Since the Republican convention last week, Donald Trump has gone from being 5% behind Hillary in the national polls to leading her for the first time. With the chaos already seen at the DNC (though not as extreme as expected), those numbers will only increase. It’s sad that this had to happen, but the elite’s simply don’t care. A governmental overthrow is the only way to stop this future. Otherwise, you’ll all regret not taking action in time to stop what is coming down the pipeline in the near future.

Eyes on Russia





I feel like a lot of the recent events are a distraction from the obvious issue that Russia keeps threatening to nuke the United States.  I listened to Putin’s recent warnings and he was begging Americans to wake up to the threat that the USA government is provoking and leading us into a world wide war, which will involve nukes. I am reminded of the supposed time traveler John Titor who warned us that Russia nukes the USA to help the American people against their government.  I feel we should closely monitor this situation and be as prepared as possible against this very real threat.  Do not get distracted by the government sponsored race wars or other distractions.  I feel it is urgent that we prepare for this very real WWIII threat.




The Eve of the Convention


As the Democratic National Convention approaches, news of the beginnings of the Wikileaks email dumps began to circulate online. While none of the emails were of the salacious content needed to effectively end Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, they were enough to cause chaos in the DNC ranks and force changes heading into Philadelphia tomorrow. Julian Assange is beginning to come through as I’ve suspected he would, but if he really wants to change the election, he needs to release the biggest of these email dumps by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Any delay into November and he is effectively handing the election to Trump. He also is going to have to scold sheepdog Bernie Sanders whose outright resistance to calling for a contested convention is sending a thorn right into his best made plans. As I’ve previously stressed, this election is still fluid. Since the riots the media anticipated in Cleveland never came to pass, the riots I have predicted for Philadelphia are far more likely. Even with the unrest that is coming, the formation of the two candidates will become solid if action isn’t taken in the here and now. If Assange wants to stop Hillary and prevent Trump’s rise to power, he better act fast. Time is running out in order to save humanity for its own self inflicted destruction.

For Our Loyal Reader Simon: Post Brexit Future for the UK


One of our most loyal readers, Simon, has asked on numerous occasions for predictions regarding the United Kingdom. So there’s one place to read my latest thoughts on the nation that is going through so much at the moment, I will post them in a blog post here.

In the comments sections of various other blogs, I wrote a number of predictions for the Brexit vote that occurred last month. My main prediction was as follows:

“…[T]here are two different answers to two entirely different questions. How will the vote go and how will the government proceed. The vote for a Brexit is entirely certain. The question is whether or not the government is going to honor that result or do what they did in Greece and ignore the will of the people. I don’t think they will allow a Brexit to proceed without a vicious and bloody fight, even if the vote in favor of it was over 90%. That’s why I have forewarned for a while of violence in your country. This election result and the refusal to honor it by the Cameron government may very well be the catalyst that fulfills a number of my previous predictions for your country.”

I was right for part one, as there was a narrow vote to leave the European Union. Part two is very likely as well since none of the major politicians support the leave vote result. Attempts are being made as we speak to back out of the triggering of Article 50 and there have been numerous attempts to reject a popular vote by the parliament. The delays are problematic because they correlate with my fear that the government will ignore the will of the voters. If this happens, riots in the streets are forthcoming. I’ve foreseen this before and rejecting a public vote result of such an enormous significance would see the whole nation, particularly London, burst up into flames. While David Cameron avoided an untimely death by stepping down and effectively ending his political career, the rest of my previous warnings may still be on the horizon.

In the interim of this uncertainty, many changes are coming to the United Kingdom as a whole. Scotland splits from the union, but will suffer from a run of their oil reserves and violent unrest due to the impoverishment follows. Ireland reunites once more and does slightly better, but it won’t be without issues. Australia and Canada may also vote to leave as territories of the kingdom, making the United Kingdom’s domain over the world nearly non-existent. This leaves them with England, Wales and a few Caribbean islands that they keep under their domain. While this is the official end of the English empire, the people domestically in England and Wales proper will prosper, even with some hiccups along the way.

The Euro project is in total ruin, as I’ve long predicted it would be. As countries vote to leave one by one, member players will have to pick up the pieces when the bloc inevitably collapses. If the UK can stay out and avoid a government rejection of the popular vote, even with necessary struggle domestically, then it will thank its lucky stars for its decision to do so in due time. That’s where the focus needs to go these days; in terms of respecting the will of the voters and not claiming to know better than 51% of the nation. Despite attacks by remain campaigners that xenophobia fueled the fire (it was always there and would still be there even if they had voted to remain), leaving is the only way to destroy the New World Order in our lifetime. Pray for the success of the UK and the downfall of the fascist EU as a result of their brave decision to flee before it was too late to do so.

SHTF for the Women

As a women, I always think about SHTf and certain female concerns.

My two major female yucky thoughts are my period and bathroom sanitation.

I solved these issues, and I hope you do too- just order reusable pads off of amazon and some washable baby cloth wipes.

Make sure you have a camping toilet as well and a plan to deal with all the gross sanitary issues when SHTF.  This is a serious issue and staying clean will mean the difference between disease and health.

I suggest a stockpile of bleach, Detol, vinegar, baking soda.

Females, also think about a stock pile of yeast creams and other female needs.  I know this isn’t something you want to think about or stock pile.

Even think about lice medicines and bug sprays.



Two Thoughts

I always post ideas I have on this site that I think will help people.

First, the biolight stove is very intelligent.  It is a stove that runs on sticks and charges a usb port.  It is made for third world countries, like the Teva water filter.

Second, I want to mention that as I predicted, the rebel music music is in full force right now.  My favorite of the songs is Vinnie Paz, End of Days. 

I think music like this is quite contagious.  I’m noticing an uptick of angry rebel music and predict it will continue as things deteriorate.







I’m asking our readers to please pray for peace.  Please pray for justice.  Please pray for human rights.  Please pray for all the innocently suffering people right now who are under static attack.


Clearly, those in office have made a pack with the devil.  Justice in our society is fleeting.


I am seeing a movement where 911 calls cease to render much assistance.  I believe that there will be rogue human justice groups that begin to take matters into their own hands.  I’m seeing music videos in ‘rebel country’ that suggest a sort of rogue justice movement on the rise.  When they take the guns, these groups will become evident.


Please pray for the USA and all races, religions, peoples.  Pray for the good to take place.  Reject the NWO consciously.

Reject the plans of Satan.