The Consequence of the Ballot Box

I’ve noticed a recent phenomenon that is worth pointing out. In previous days, when corruption ran rampant, federal prosecutors could be counted on to criminally prosecute and jail those who perpetuated it on a mass level. With the Bob McDonnell case that I wrote about years ago, the level of successful convictions of corrupt political dealings has dwindled. This has created a situation where, when politicians enable corruption, they have to be punished for it at the ballot box rather than in the court of law. It has now become the norm in dealing with problematic politicians and the public should be made aware that they are now the judge and jury when it comes to the problems that prosecutors used to be relied upon to address independently.

It’s not as if this hasn’t already started. When Republicans rammed through Brett Kavanaugh’s supreme court confirmation last year (something the party will come to regret when the barrel rolls next year), they paid the price for it with the loss of control in the House of Representatives. They will continue to pay the price for it politically if they try to push their agenda through executive order (such is the case with Trump’s wall order, which will be struck down in the courts). Susan Collins, a key senator for Kavanugh’s confirmation, will not be reelected in 2020 and others who try to play her balancing act of opposing Trump in rhetoric but not in policy won’t survive either.

Democrats are not immune either to this sort of backlash either. Ralph Northam’s refusal to resign over wearing black face will have electoral consequences for the state of Virginia. Instead of Democrats retaking the legislative chamber (as had been hoped), the Republicans will hold on to power, largely due to voter apathy, primarily in the black community. Once this occurs, the Democratic party will realize the severity of Northam’s continued presence for their electoral prospects both stateside and nationally. As a result, he will be forced out by aggressive means sometime shortly after the November elections. The party will need to heal quickly after this to survive in 2020.

Will politicians learn from these previous and soon to be coming sets of electoral defeats? I’m not so sure. While it’s good to see this retribution occur, it’s not nearly enough. A restoration of tougher criminal prosecution of corruption would be ideal, but because of our system’s inherit rot, the corruption will probably only get worse and worse until the public takes their true responsibility to overthrow the government seriously. The longer it takes for the public to come to terms with this, the harder it will be to achieve. Regardless, this proves that the winds are changing heading into 2020. Politicians would be wise to pick up on it and do the right thing before the public punishes them for doing the wrong thing instead.

Oprah Winfrey

I wrote a very brief prediction in my predictions for 2019 post that Oprah would retreat from the spotlight due to new attention paid to her personal life. It’s now obvious to me why this will be the case. On the heels of her hosting the after special for the questionable Leaving Neverland special, Oprah is in for a world of hurt. Already, she has admitted to inserting herself into an eye of the storm moment and she will find very shortly that she will not make it out of it unscathed. Jackson’s fans, along with others in the media who have long held grudges against her, will begin compiling a list of unaired grievances into a new documentary that will shatter peoples perceptions of Oprah and lead her to having to answer questions she never intended to address. This involves her rather shady business dealings, her true sexual orientation and her collusion to protect powerful predators and criminals. Rather than address these issues head on, she will retreat into the background and watch as her empire crumbles over the next few years. Most of her staff will desert the OWN empire like rats on a sinking ship and it will negatively impact her relationships with Gayle King and Stedman Graham. Although she will quietly return to the spotlight a few years later, she will have taken serious scars to her legacy that will dwindle her support and leave her poorer than she expected. A humbling is coming for the supposed Queen of Day Time Talk. In hindsight, she will regret hosting the after show after what comes her way in the next several months.

Dreams and Predictions for March 2019

Now that I posted about how to work against Bing and other search engines blacklists on this site, the viewership numbers have begun to slightly increase. Hopefully, this will start a trend that will raise our numbers over time. In the meantime, here’s the first prediction to share for the new month.

1) I’m worried about lawmakers facing violence over the scrapped Amazon Headquarters in New York. City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer and State Senator Mike Gianaris should be mindful of their safety. Some incredibly unhinged people are after them and the threats are not to be taken lightly. I do also believe that this will eventually lead to an investigation against Andrew Cuomo that might see him criminally prosecuted and finally sent to prison.

3/3 ETA: Some more predictions to share.

2) “Pro-life” politicians in the US and around the world should pay special attention to the story of an 11 year old rape victim forced to give birth by c-section in Argentina. The outrage around this case will see the current government toppled in the upcoming election and see abortion legalized in the fall or early next year. Such a story will be used multiple times against Republicans as they attempt to criminalize abortion in the US.

3) A high profile District Attorney will be murdered this month. It may very well be Sacremento’s DA Anne Marie Schubert on the heels of the outrage of letting Stephon Clark’s murderers walk free, but it could be someone else, possibly Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez for letting cops off for rape or a different DA for an entirely different reason. Either way, this will spook DA’s offices into prosecuting murderous police on a more regular basis as a result.

4) I had a dream the other night that Bernie Sanders could be assassinated during the election season at a rally. In the event that this happens, a surrogate from his campaign would take his place. This makes sense considering who I have foreseen as the nominee for the Democratic party in 2020 is not Bernie and it’s not any of the named frontrunners either.

3/23 ETA: So I was right about the Mueller probe being shut down. I thought it would happen in either December or June, but it has happened this month instead. I’ll write a blog about this sometime either at the end of this month or early next month as I have a lot to say about this. In the meantime, here are some more predictions to share.

5) Stacey Abrams should think twice before agreeing to serve as Biden’s potential Vice Presidential nominee should he win. His campaign will derail itself and it will permanently damage her brand as a result. She’d be wiser to decline and run for a different office next year.

6) Watch out for Sanders surrogate Nina Turner. She will play a prominent role in the 2020 election. She could even be the president under a set of circumstances that prediction #4 lays out.

7) Finally, watch for agitation against Iran in April. A coup is being planned and if it succeeds, the Trump administration (and the world) will live to regret it.