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Sensory comfort and discomfort which may be distort when u are born once you have been though a storm strong you may become, Deluding your self with physical possessions the focus of aggression and what about the lesson of spiritual wealth that far out ways every thing else and is the ultimate currency one takes with one when there time has come, don’t worry about the euro the dollar the pound when one is out of here and there is no more fear, all that it was its just the same as monopoly money kind of funny and the money gets put away with the game once you have finished the game. Its the experiences you had and the good and not so good that u have done that is what u take with u and can be part of your development or demise the conditioning of the sole though suffering a test of us which for some of us can get the best of us. We need to go through bad situations and make the right decisions so we can prove that we have got what it takes to be with the nice people above and if we was up there then when stuff go’s wrong we would know to respond with love and that we will mostly get it right before we are aloud to head up in to the light


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Warning for Student Activist Joshua Wong

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When I read the story on the news about Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong facing off against the Communist Chinese government, I got a chill down my spine. This is because I wrote a prediction for 2015 almost two years ago that this young man is very much susceptible to:

“Against the wishes of the new Dalai Lama, a young Chinese rebel stages a protest in the center of Tiananmen Square and is shot a minute into his speech. More tensions between the Tibetan Monks and the Communist regime in China will follow this tragic event.”


This kid may not be specifically tied to the Tibetan movement, but he might be or could become somewhat involved in their cause shortly. If this is the case, then he will surely be the young man who will stage a protest in the infamous Tiananmen Square and will be shot down by the tyrannical Communist government. Though his death could see the Communist government overthrown earlier than 2018, I would hope that such a movement could occur without such unnecessary violence. If it is to be, then it is to be. However, I hope this warning can inspire action so that another assassination isn’t necessary in order for us to be doing the right thing for once on our collective timeline.

Dream: The Culling




I had a dream last night which was haunting.  Some people said they made a movie for me and I needed to watch it.  It was an old fashioned movie, very vintage like first movies that came out- the nickel movies.  It was black and white, silent and had subtitles.  Sometimes the scenes would stop and I would go into the movie and look around.  When I went into the movie it was in color more like real life.  The movie was called ‘The Culling” and the subtitles I can remember included: ebola, mass death, sick colonies, funeral processions, wailing, eugenics, mass murder, exploitation, funeral rituals defied and government response.  The scenes included a lot of Africa and it seemed like everyone there was dying, especially in the areas where ebola has already become an epidemic.  I got the feeling this was not simply a warning for Africa but rather for the world….further, it seemed like a sinister depopulation plan.  I don’t really always understand why I have such disturbing dreams and what I am supposed to do with the information.  This dream was not only creepy but appeared quite hopeless and utterly depressing.  Maybe if we understand this as part of a plan born from eugenics and depopulation we can respond with anger and not fear….seek justice and not succumb?

XX Fefelove



I posted this and then was viewing my favorite news sites and saw this, oddly on topic:


Random Predictions

These are some random predictions I have for the future in 2015.

1) The entertainment industry will implode next year. Three mega monopoly groups, along with publicly owned cable internet systems, plus the rise of independent media, will take over in its place.

2) Abortion will be banned throughout massive parts of the United States in 2016, but increased taxes and deficits in conservative states will see these laws repealed by the respective legislatures in ten years time; 2026. In the interim, the twelve to thirteen states, plus the district of columbia, that allow it will finance programs to help underprivileged women from banned states receive them by forcing their respective states to pay for the bill. That, along with threats of government withholding funds and business pulling out of pro abortion ban states, will change the dialogue once and for all by the 2030’s.

3) China will suffer a revolt at the hands of its people and the communist government will be gone by 2018.

4) Angered at the rigged elections against independence, the United Kingdom will face a threat from within as massive protestors hunt down David Cameron, the Queen and other major political figures in a mass insurrection in 2015. The conflict will see major casualties on both sides of the divide and see Prince William and Kate Middleton flee to the countryside for twenty to twenty five years. This comes as revolution is sparked across the entirety of Europe, which unfortunately leads to defeat for the rebel groups. A new European Union monarchy will come in the ashes of this conflict.

5) South America will face a revolution, but recovery comes as middle class families from the United States flee to Argentina and Brazil to make a better life for themselves overseas. This will help to spur an economic recovery by the end of the decade.

6) In the next four years, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Lily Allen and Russell Brand will face assassination attempts on their lives to varying degrees of success. Two of these will fail, but unfortunately two will end up succeeding in their mission. I won’t say which ones will die, but it will not be a pleasant chapter in world history regardless.

7) Finally, a ray of hope will come from alien life that tries to make contact with human beings. It will begin later this year on a smaller scale, but a larger intervention is staged at the start of the next decade. Before this occurs, humanity must evolve away from the shackles of the past. Until that time, fear will dash hopes of our understanding of the universe.

I will post more predictions at some point in the near future. Keep an eye out for them. 🙂

Warnings for New York


There are two threats that the government has been throwing out to force the masses into complacency with their leadership. The first is the threat of a bomb or plane attack on the World Trade Center site or the Empire State Building. I particularly have had bad vibes from the Empire State for years and have even heard conversations in public from random people asking how long it will hold itself up for. Keep an eye out for any security breaches or more government threats. The more panicky they become, the more serious they (and not ISIS) will be in unleashing the attack.


The second more severe threat is a flat out nuclear attack on Manhattan in September of October of 2015, though I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it happened this year as well. It all depends on how badly they want to justify a war for more oil and how big of a threat Zephyr Teachout’s progressive base becomes to the establishment in the form of the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins. Dick Cheney, Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama have all mentioned it for a reason; remember who they answer to. 😉


I hope the citizens of the state and across the nation take action by calling out their elected officials for complacency for planning another false flag attack on our nation. If we expose them soon enough, it will either prevent them from pulling it off successfully or, at the very least, having a proof of burden placed upon them that results in rightful civil war. These Ferguson protestors are what is to come for the powers that be if a government for the people and supposedly by the people doesn’t start acting in the interests of their own people once again.

Super Psychics/Awakening/OBE

Last Night I had a chat with a friend on here, and she sent me a video. It was about mobbing, bullying, narcissism, scapegoating, and abuse.All of which have been going along in my life.That was actually an important message I needed to hear in order for my next guide to communicate with me.

This morning, or a few minutes ago, I just woke up from an OBE. The drilling pain in my mid-back during sleep paralysis is actually the pain I get when my body astral projects.It’s not a blessing or a curse, it just “is”.

Now, I left my body, and a guide communicated with me and he had a southern accent. He told me that I was a “super” psychic, and he said some other things that I couldn’t fully understand. I’ve learned to listen to the messages more and more clearly.I was able to decipher the more important information. He said that he went through a similar situation as me, growing up. His dad was a narcissist, he dealt with mega-mobbing bullies, abuse, then I told him about “scapegoating”, and he laughed. Scapegoating is where you’re unfairly accused of something that someone else does. And that is a spot on word to describe some of what goes on in my life.

He also said that I will go through something painful that will cause my abilities to fully awaken.He said he felt sorry for me,like how a friend said to me, which raises worry in me. After all of that he said something like, “This is the first time you have been in my faithful presence”, then he said something about trusting in jesus christ or something of that nature, and then told me to raise my hands up in the air, everything got brighter…I saw a bright white/blue light, then I started to see all these colors and images. I saw the chakra colors go all the way from red to purple.Other things I can’t explain.

Then I woke up…

A man with a good heart.

He is addicted…to lots of things.  I liked him because when I first met him, a dove flew into my windshield and he told me to turn around.  I don’t like to be told anything but I did what he said.  He got out of the car and gently picked up the dove who had broken it’s neck and put it on the back seat floor.  When we got to our destination, he proceeded to bury the bird.  His dad was  Creek Indian and a Navy pilot who died all to soon. He now has a loving family and is an immensely talented musician and professional.  Very smart too (Mensa geek.).  I just left him in an ICU ward because he can’t stop drinking himself to death.  He doesn’t even like the taste of it.  He taught his children to survive because that is one of his priority focuses.   He could survive in the worst of circumstances and has. The guy knows how to cook anything.   Knows how to fix anything (of so he says). So why would someone who can survive, has many God given talents, is in tune with nature and above all, loves his family intensely, why can’t he survive this?  What takes our will to live? I cannot pray hard enough to get him to want to live.



I have not meant to be silent.  I have been in a state of contemplation and art, enjoyment of family and love.

I have been picking up on an idea recently which is that things are backwards.  I can’t explain this very well, just a disordering.

It is hard to see the truth.  What seems black is white, what is white seems black.

Lies have become the norm and I am sad to see how desperate the mainsteam media has become.

Who knows what to fear?  What to think these days?

I have a feeling of something pending I can’t nail.  I don’t know what to say about that? Some sort of shoe dropping.

I feel now the the time to focus on your happiness, your family, the things that matter, the things that are.

I feel the bubbling of wars all over.  I feel desperation.  I feel hunger and thirst.

I feel insane religious fake sentiment.

I feel Russia is pushed like a stretching rubber band about to snap and I don’t’ know the implications of that.

I feel Obama has gone over the edge in his war mongering fear creep hitler like executive orders which are pure evil.

I fear for some of my friends in the liberty movement.  I fear for their safety.

I think one thing will start, then another.  A series.  I don’t know exactly what but leads to martial law, wars.

I hear my friends who are in the military and their depression, their anger, their stress, that is is leading to war.

I see the economy teetering, the poor, the anger of the poor, the race wars, the riots, the hate.  Is there a love that can quell?

I feel plans and agendas shifting, loyalties changing and agendas fighting.  On major scales, double crosses.

I feel dark swirls of energy which are very frightening.

Lots of loose cannons.


I hope this helps.  xx Fefelove


I posted this August 30th… and now noticed that there wasn’t a comments section to my post not sure why.  It does seem like my original thought or part if it… is happening.  Ebola is out of control at the moment and no real containment date in site.  I feel like the containment time has many months been passed. Now checking to see if the comments section is here.  I am interested in what others think.



I have sensed for a while that Ebola is and will be mutating to more “viable” strains.  I do feel like there is an aerosolized mutation started already in one strain.  I get a sense that it is under reported to avoid a mass hysteria.  They are working hard to get this contained.  I do not see containment for a very, very long time.  It will spread – it will hit our shores, however, it will be quickly contained.  Not so much where it started, will wipe out and I want to say massive poverty stricken populations.  I hope I am wrong and will say a prayer for the unfortunate ones.

I tried to post this a couple days ago and still not sure if I am getting right.