The Dalai Lama


The leader of the Tibetan Monks, the Dalai Lama, has a large role to play in the upcoming world war. He is nearing death and is fearful of reincarnating due to the role that the communist Chinese regime would have in stopping him in his tracks. That’s why he’s gone on record saying this would be his last incarnation on Earth. It’s not going to be his only go around here on Earth, but he can’t let the Chinese push out a false Dalai Lama who is merely an agent of the regime in power. When he dies, you will see his reemergence come in the west by the late 2030’s. If China has an installed anti-Dalai Lama in power before then, then it will become the source of a bitter conflict over who is the legitimate leader of the Tibetan Monks. That could come to a head in a way that results in a fourth world war by the middle or the end of this century. That’s something for many years off. Until then, watch for the Dalai Lama’s death and if he is mentoring young Joshua Wong in his attempts to overthrow Chinese influence in Hong Kong. Things are going to dramatically change in China this year. The status quo will soon be overthrown.

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  1. As I read your Post (before I read that part) Something told me he will be born in the WEST even in AMERICA. ( and then) you said it, the West. Wow, that is something to be seen. God willing.

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