Donald Trump as a Beast of Revelation Archetype: Clarification


I actually got around to writing this after all. Wow.

I’ve been meaning to clarify this post from months earlier. It requires some discussion about Holocaust history and to flesh this out in a way that isn’t going to offend people, but get to the root of my summarized initial point. I know that it isn’t going to be easy to post this in this particular political climate, but the era must be addressed as I’m seeing parallels from history to today. As Donald Trump is once again on a resurgence following his Saturday Night Live performance, it’s important to write about why his rise to prominence precludes a future Beast of Revelation. We live in similar times to the end times and the need to see the parallels between the prophesied end of days and now is more critical then ever. Some might call these following comparisons absurd, but when you look at the figures of old compared with the figures of new, you’ll see my alarms are not bred out of irrationality, but out of a concern to stop a speeding bullet that’s about to claim many lives that will will on in history as a preventable mistake.

Ammended Timeline

I know it’s become politically poisonous to make a comparison to Adolf Hitler when engaging in political analysis. That’s unfortunate because it deflects us away from seeing how he rose to power and how we can work to prevent a future figure like him from rising to prominence again in the future. The thing about his rise to power was that it was, like Donald Trump, his whole candidacy a joke until circumstances beyond his control brought an alignment of tragic events together that allowed him to assert power by undemocratic force. Despite being a marginalized figure for most of his life, exacerbated economic inequality, resentment of immigrants and distrust of establishment figures made fertile breeding ground for him to strike upon. He did so on a platform of hatred and divisiveness that was coupled with wanting to making Germany great again after its economic battering following its loss in World War I. Despite his commanding stature, the ultra nationalist mentality of wanting to crush the communists who were disloyal to Germany and to cleanse the nation of non German people were rising at the same time gave him an opening to pursue his agenda by brute force.


Not wanting to fully embrace socialism, many governments looked the other way and said nothing as he rose to prominence. The warnings were there, the media even alluded to it, but it was largely ignored. This was because the powers that be wanted to keep the poor and working classes in line and were willing to use drastic measures in order to accomplish this goal. That meant looking the other way as evil laid bear across the Earth. It wasn’t until the militaristic regime, financed by many international corporations, turned on the hand that fed it that the world became resolute in fighting Hitler’s unquenchable quest for power. Once he started conquering boundaries beyond Germany and threatened the international order, the time for the elite to passively accept him came to an end. By the time most of the world showed their anger for his horrific atrocities, it was too late to do anything about the millions who had already lost their lives as a result of his Satanic policies. No matter how history tries to spin what really happened, the truth was, had Hitler not gone on a militaristic conquest of other European countries, we may never had defeated him and freed humanity from unjust evil.

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The reason I make this case is because we live with this shame of allowing him to go on with his brutalization of Jews, gays, communists and other minorities to this very day. However, we just do not care enough to see the signs popping up yet again and prevent history from repeating itself as if it has no baring on our own current, modern times. This is because many of the elites living in that day are still amongst the living and still feel the way about the power of the people that and quashing that as they did before Hitler’s atrocities. It’s evident in how the media gives Donald Trump a pass despite his rise to power coming in a very similar manner. Ben Carson is right in that Hitler could come to power in the United States; it’s just not who he thinks it is and it’s often standing next to him on a debate stage. If you compare Hitler’s story to that of Donald Trump’s rise in the polls of the Republican party primary, you’ll see some disturbing similarities to should give you pause. Trump’s candidacy also started as a joke, yet he’s currently making huge gains in a number of key swing states. If you couple this with voter apathy towards Hillary Clinton (rightfully so…Fefe and I have said why before), a potential assassination of a burgeoning Bernie Sanders candidacy and continued calamity across the United States and the world, all of these factors are fertile breeding ground for a Trump rise to the White House. The elite, yet again, want to crush the power of the people and they will look the other way once again as Trump’s xenophobia reigns supreme. He can speak about economic populism all he wants, but his actions suggest otherwise and he would not rock the boat under a presidency in his control.


Could he bite the hand that feeds him and eventually see the powers that be turn on him? Sure, his personality warrants it. However, at this rate, unless Jeb Bush is able to weather the storm that is coming from the Abu Gharib revelations and Marco Rubio does not suck up all of his oxygen, Donald Trump is likely to be the Republican party’s nominee. Unless Bernie Sanders is the Democrats nominee, it means Trump may very well win the general election (if one is to pass…I’ll explain why another time). I had hoped GOP voters would have supported Rand Paul as he is the only sensible politician in their midst. However, establishment animosity to libertarianism and populist anger against common sense policies are making this future a near impossibility. Financing by Sheldon Adelson and others is making bedfellows of those who want to keep the status quo as is. The elite will look the other way if the choice is between socialism or fascism. As much as these groups proclaim never again, the truth is it will happen again so long as this economic inequality is sustained through militaristic force. In a choice between people power and a continuation of the status quo, the wealthy will choose corruption every single time if possible.


I don’t know if Trump will end up winning the general election should this charade continue on indefinitely (or if an election happens at all), but that won’t be because precedent stops him from defeating the Democrats and his Republican rivals. He embodies a mix of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan that gives him a formula necessary to declare victory over this furious electorate. The only force that counters him is due to an awakening amongst the masses and a revolution that has been pushed back for far too long. A distrust not just of candidates or parties, but of the system itself which cannot be reformed. As it was never designed to work in the interests of the people in the first place, millions are finding that government does not work for them and are becoming rebellious of it as a result of this revelation. In spite of what evil could happen again, I must stress that this post is more a warning for what will come in the future, not what is expected to happen today. As much as apathy can always be a problem, the truth is enlightenment may already be here and this all for nothing when push comes to shove. My main concerns in writing this revolved around biblical prophecy and why the elite really keep turning the other way in times like this. There’s a more sinister reason for it and much of the answers to stem from the Bible.


So what does this all of this have to do with the bible, you ask? Well, it has to do with the biblical role of the Beast of Revelation; a leader that will unite the world through deception and lies to become an absolute monarch reigning supreme on Earth as if he were God. Michael Mcclellan, a friend of this site who resides at New Prophecy, has a better summary of this role than I do, but study of the prophecy shows that Trump ultimately can’t be this figure. He doesn’t fit key qualifications for the title and he would ultimately fail in his quest to attain absolute power over the world. He’s not a single man, not a person who denounces religion and not a person who has a charm that has a universal appeal. He’s married multiple times, gruff and turns off half of the world through his divisive rhetoric. That’s not to say he won’t cause millions to die if he were ever to claim the keys to the White House. It’s to say he isn’t the ultimate evil; only a mere prototype for a person who arrises this way in the future.


In addition to this, Sarah Palin’s associations with Trump raise the flag on the personification of another biblical figure. She is an archetype for the Whore of Babylon, one, disputed by some, as a figure that is split between two parts (political and cultural) rather than being one woman embodying it in its entirety. She’s not intelligent or cunning enough to fulfill the role, nor is she promiscuous enough to sleep with many people in power. Hillary Clinton would fit this persona far better than Palin (one reason why Fefe and I don’t support her), but she doesn’t share her authority with anyone and, hence, is only a figure like Palin and not the actual future Whore of Babylon. Neither woman would help the world, but neither woman is going to embody the ultimate evil in our lifetime either. Madonna is also a cultural Whore, but she failed in her quest to become politically powerful and hence is only an archetype as well. That’s why, despite many evangelists claiming we live in the end times, the truth is this is a mere dress rehearsal and not the main event. It’s still worth keeping an eye on because this will continue to be a problem so long as the powers that be really run the show have the keys to the empire. They’ve done this before and will keep doing it until they get it right and fulfill their ultimate goal.


There have been many archetypes for these two figures throughout history and all have failed to fulfill the role for one reason or another. For starters, these two individuals would also need the assistance of a False Prophet; something that Palin or Trump haven’t found to ally themselves with them. A Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell/Joel Olsteen type who can rally their cause with religious fervor and persuade the masses to believe that Trump is God. None of these men would qualify because they are religiously partisan and uncharismatic; a no no for such a beloved figure. Glenn Beck doesn’t count either as his influence has waned and he’s not coming back. Until the combination of all three figures is perfectly aligned, any attempts to usher the end times in is doomed to fail from the start. Adolf Hitler, who I mentioned earlier, was a prototype for this figure, just as Donald Trump is a prototype for it in our current day. However, he had no whore and his false prophet machine didn’t have enough of a public presence. Napoleon, John F Kennedy and many others were also prototypes and all failed for various reasons; some good and some bad. None of them have been the ultimate Anti Christ. Like with figures of old, Trump and Palin will just be another bunch that have appeared, tried and failed to make claim to this coveted throne. While their collective reign would wreck havoc throughout much of the world, the truth is they would only embody a prototype for a much more vicious monster and his whore later on in the distant future. The Illuminati will keep trying to install such figures into power in order to further pursue a doomed New World Order agenda. Our job is to stop them before that future is ever allowed to take place.


Prophecy is not written in stone. None of this means that this future ever has to come to pass. Humans have free will and can change their destiny if they come around an alternative path forward. The Hopi Native Americans foretold of two paths; the jagged path and the lower path. Our job is to stop the powers that be at every turn and make sure that the day never comes where they can fulfill what they have always desired. That means advocating for the lower path when powerful interests manipulate the world into dragging themselves along the jagged path. In this age of interconnectedness of the world wide web, we can finally use the tools designed for enslavement and mass surveillance to instead break the chains and fight for our collective freedom. It is up to us collectively to ensure that they don’t install figures like this ever again. If revolution is what it takes, then so be it. Fight the power of the secret state before it crushes you. Fortunately, this evil isn’t likely to take hold of our Earth, as rising populism has become a more positive force in an otherwise negative world. However, it’s best to be prepared just in case and to take action twice as aggressively as ever in order to stop this evil from filling the vacuum left in economic uncertainty. Take this as a warning for what can come about if apathy were to ever reign supreme and prepare to fight back until it becomes impossible to do so. If you want to make the world a better place, this is the best place to start your fight in order to do so.

Best wishes to you all as always. Hopefully more news will be forthcoming in the very near future.

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    1. I’ve warned that ISIS isn’t the real danger you should be on the look out for. ISIS will not be defeated because those in power choose not to defeat them in order to create a fearful and complacent masses. Read my Donald Trump piece please. It specifies a lot of what I’m referring to. Also read up on my Bill de Blasio piece. There’s evil that’s more powerful than ISIS and most people aren’t even aware of it yet. It’s staring us right in the face, whether many people will acknowledge it or not.

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