The epitaph of first quarter of 2021 is the end of long endured sufferings of 2020, year of the Pandemic Health COVID-19 Crises. This means that measurable things will be possible like in Cases of COVID-19, it will be diminished and economic doors will be opened on the course of rehabilitation from its mess of the virus. Many countries will lift its travel ban, minimize policies for tourists and travellers.

Myanmar will end its political crises while Baghdad will have another revolt circling from its own terror acts. The face of terrorism will continue, world wide threats anew.

Rover Perseverance Mission of NASA will release its exciting panoramic views, the robotic voyager will discover an ancient biologic facts conforming presence of water in Mars. Some its pieces of robotic structure will have a technological problem as it will be hit by a Mars dust storm, but wouldn’t be paralyzed in performing its mission.

Magnetic lunar attraction is heavier to produce more volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, from Pacific to South East Asian Countries. The newly elected US President Biden is likely to feel some cardiac ailments.

In family relationships, increase of bondage is seen. Financial map read as recovering from Pandemic effects though debts is still inevitable…


Dreams and Predictions for March 2021

If you have not read the latest blog post for this month, please do so. It is an urgent message that I hope is received before it is too late. With that said, I’ll share a few more dreams and predictions for this month.

1) In a dream I had a few weeks ago, I saw Kamala Harris, her husband and adopted children being executed by the guillotine. This, I presume, occurs at the end of the uprising as punishment for crimes against humanity.

2) Tensions are forming at the US border and will explode when border patrol opens fire on refugees seeking asylum in the US. This will be a major scandal for the Biden administration.

3) Expect more riots this weekend, not necessarily tied to any event in particular.

4) Boris Johnson seems to be leaning towards holding new parliamentary elections soon. I’m not sure when they will take place, if they occur at all.

5) An assassination attempt on the dictator of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse. It will start getting to a point where the US and the UN will no longer be able to support his government.

6) Lenín Moreno attempts to postpone the upcoming runoff presidential election. This will lead to major unrest in the streets and the toppling of his government. He will either be forced into exile or assassinated for this act.

7) There are attempts to take down the governments of Colombia and Guatemala which forces the US to expend precious military capital to save them. They only manage to salvage one for a short period of time before both eventually go under.

3/8 ETA: Let me just say that while I am relieved that the Pope was not assassinated on his trip to Iraq, I’m still unsettled by the visit. It still feels like it shouldn’t have happened and the consequences may not be apparent right away. As I try to hope that my unsettled feelings aren’t correct, I will move on to other predictions for the month.

8) There may be a delay in the Derek Chauvin trial by a week or two. We may not see a resolution until May.

9) Trouble over passing the stimulus bill in the House.

10) France is on the verge of turmoil as Macron makes a decision on the lockdowns that is extremely unpopular.

11) The European Union makes an ominous decision for how they are going to handle the remaining refugees from the Syrian war.

12) An assassination attempt on Myanmar’s dictator Min Aung Hlaing leads to the deaths of several innocent victims. I believe this will occur this weekend.

3/16 ETA: First off, I’d like to point out that once again Pope Francis, who narrowly avoided being assassinated earlier this month in his extremely ill advised visit to Iraq, is provoking more anger by attacking the gay community. This news, surprisingly, has gotten far more attention than his trip to Iraq, which saw relatively little coverage in the press. It would be ironic if, having avoided assassination in Iraq, he ends up getting assassinated elsewhere by anarchists or other left leaning groups. It is advised that he not take any trips this spring. He especially should not go to the United States, which he may be tempted to do when the uprisings begin again next month. Unlike the Iraqi people, Americans will not take kindly to his visit. The warning signs will take place at St Patrick’s cathedral in New York. If it gets vandalized again in the near future, he will be marked should he make such an ill fated visit. Something for the Vatican to keep in mind, as Francis’ stubbornness caused a huge spike in COVID cases in Iraq and blood is on his hands. With that out of the way, here are some more predictions.

13) London will see big riots next weekend, likely in response to the murder of Sarah Everard.

14) Italy will propose legislation to limit the number of tourists into their country this summer. I am inclined to believe it will pass, pissing off the IMF and other European lawmakers.

15) I have been convinced for a number of years that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī’s son, will eventually become the leader of a post war Libya. The signs of this will take place later this year, as he reestablishes himself on the world scene.

16) The US will be caught off guard when Iran shifts its focus from military actions in the Middle East to fanning the flames of unrest in Minneapolis and other US cities. This will anger many in the Biden administration, who call off the Iran deal in response. It will also serve to shift popular opinion domestically, seeing a higher support for the country amongst the population and a significant decrease of support for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

17) A Putin associate is indicted on a money laundering scheme in US court, sometime in April.

18) Jared Kushner makes the decision to move to Israel. I expect the move to be announced sometime this summer. He will live to regret this, however.

19) An attempted break in at Mar-A-Lago leads to an arrest.

20) A new anti semitic figure rises in the Republican ranks. He is denounced by the party at first, but his opinion becomes the default norm in the near future.

21) An attack on infrastructure in Pennsylvania. White man, could be a Q supporter. Thinking it’s a cell phone tower attack or on a water based plant.

22) A medical breakthrough on cancer sometime this year. Uses the MNRA technology in the COVID vaccines. Not sure how safe it is.

3/20 ETA: With the recent rise in hate crimes against the Asian American community and with this scene from the recent Marvel series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” on my mind (they are known for performing Satanic rituals that turn into real life curses, see the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman last year), I feel that someone in particular needs a warning.

23) Andrew Yang is extremely vulnerable to being assassinated on the campaign trail in the next two months. As his lead in the mayoral primary becomes more solidified, he will become more of a target to those who wish to eliminate him. Don’t assume that it’s just some random person trying to off him. His political rivals, particularly a former cop in the race, have an interest in his forced ouster. Something to keep in mind, especially as May feels chaotic in New York City this year.

Why Pope Francis Needs to Cancel His Upcoming Trip to Iraq

This may be a message that is coming too little, too late to change anything, but I will post it here in case people close to the Pope can get this message to him in time and act on it. I mentioned in last month’s dreams and predictions post that I fear that the Papal visit to Iraq this week will end up with Pope Francis being assassinated. Michael McCllelan, a friend of the site, outlines the dangers he faces from a Nostradamus prophecy known as the rose prophecy here. It’s a good baseline to read and catch up on to get some context over the reason that the visit to Iraq is ill advised. For this blog post, I will add what my other concerns about the trip are and why a cancellation needs to happen to prevent a more dire future from coming about.

World War 3 is coming this year. It’s something I mentioned last year and I have seen nothing occur in the last 11 months that has changed this assessment. If anything, many events have transpired that make this more of a reality than ever. The biggest piece of the problem, the disputed WHO report, is already being scrutinized due to the lack of access to the Wuhan lab that Chinese authorities gave to scientists. This issue will turn calamitous when accusations of biological warfare are substantiated by outside sources, mainly rouge actors of the deep state of the US (some of whom read our site, as I have mentioned in a previous blog post). The tensions over this, along with a bunch of other problems, will lead to a stock market crash which sets the stage for a military conflict between the two major super powers, the US and China.

On top of this, I expect that other forms of stock market interference (mainly from the notorious Reddit traders known as Wall Street Bets), an aggressive unionization campaign at the world’s biggest company, Amazon and the uproar over the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the murderer of George Floyd, will create conditions for absolute chaos in the next two months. One of these events alone would be enough to do significant damage to world stability. Together, they will turn into an explosive mess that is the basis of last month’s post on the world turning into a state of complete anarchy.

Though war between the major superpowers is unavoidable, the goal from the perspective of those who hope for peace should be to lessen the casualties and minimize the damage that this conflict causes. You do that by stopping things that could inflame the situation further and redirecting anger towards toppling oppressive governments and preventing the usage of nuclear weapons. Pope Francis’ trip to Iraq is fraught with risk and destined for disaster. Though ISIS has seemingly been defeated, other Islamic terrorist groups are on the rise in the region. Iran is trying to diffuse tensions so that this trip can go smoothly, but it will not matter. There seem to be forces that are determined to eliminate a man who is trying to promote peace in a region that has been ravaged by war and terror for decades.

An assassination in either the cities Baghdad or Irbil, the two in Iraq that are watered by two rivers, would create an explosion in the Middle East that would result in the immediate opening shots in a worse case scenario version of World War 3. The reverberations of this murder would ripple throughout the world in a way similar to that of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It will make the upcoming war, which will already be catastrophic enough as it is, even worse and possibly so devastating that it sees the elimination of 90% of the planet’s population, rather than an estimated 30-40% in a better case scenario.

The visions I have foreseen of the war and uprisings are bad enough as it is. Pope Francis may think that he is going to create peace with his visit to the embattled Iraqi Christians. So did the Archduke in his ill advised visit to Sarajevo. Like with the Archduke, Francis’ assassination will incite a bloody global war instead. Now is not the time to visit the land watered by two rivers, the ancient land of Mesopotamia for which the three major religions claim ties via the prophet Abraham. I hope that people in the Vatican will advise Francis against taking this trip. If he persists, in spite of the red alarms that are blaring loudly in the form of terror attacks, his own ambassador contracting Covid and tensions between the US and Iran for regional dominance, then it is to be assumed that he is evil and has evil intentions for the world in regards to his ill advised visit. Hopefully, he thinks twice before he gets on the plane to Rome and arrives in Baghdad this weekend. He shouldn’t want to become the reason billions more die than is necessary. If he cares about peace, he will call this trip off. If he doesn’t, then our planet is in much more serious trouble than I initially thought.

ETA: Quick update. Our friend Michael McCllelan has posted an update on his website where he suggests that, because roses aren’t blooming this month, he suspects the trip may end up being safe. I do not agree with him. He is a seasoned student of Nostradamus prophecy, but he is not a psychic. I have gotten bad vibes over this trip and I still think the prudent thing for Pope Francis to do is to cancel the trip. He won’t, so people need to be on alert. Prepare for the worst because I do not believe the time of year mentioned in the prophecy is going to save him from assassination. Not with all the worrying signs growing by the day.

Additional ETA: Well, it appears that the trip that shouldn’t be happening is going forward tomorrow. In spite of significant pressure from close advisors and others to cancel or at least postpone the trip, Pope Francis is still pressing forward, even backing down from his promise to hold off if COVID cases in Iraq were rising, which they are. This stubbornness is what I believe is going to end up killing him.

The sticking point in this trip seems to be his meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, a prominent Iraqi Shiite cleric. There is anger from rogue Islamic militia groups that the meeting between the two men could weaken their grip hold on power in the region. There are elements that are determined to prevent this meeting from taking place by any means necessary. This is why I believe his assassination will take place tomorrow, as the meeting is scheduled for Saturday.

In addition to visions I have had, I also base this sequence of events on the assassinations of both Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, another leader who our friend Michael McClellan gave warnings to that were completely disregarded. I suspect, in the city of Baghdad, that the Pope’s motorcade will see a bombing (either suicide or missile) that misses him, but hits the car behind him, killing everyone inside. The mad rush sees his driver speed off to send the Pope to a safe location.

Once in a protected area, the Pope gets into an argument with his security detail over their plan. The Pope wishes to visit the victims at the hospital to pray for them, but the security detail insists that they continue to follow the plans made before his arrival. They warn him that they have not adequately secured the area near the hospital and they are worried that they can be attacked again if they attempt an unplanned visit. The argument makes them sitting ducks, which leads to an ambush by a militia group that kills the Pope and every person inside the car in a hail of gunfire.

I really wish the Pope had heeded the warnings that I and others gave him. Instead of bringing peace to the Middle East and giving comfort to Iraq’s Christian community, his murder will incite World War 3 and assure their final departure from Iraq instead. The road to hell is laid with good intentions, but that won’t save you from eternal damnation for your arrogance.

ETA: The first day in Iraq has seemingly come and gone without any reported incident. I am thankful to have woken up this morning without hearing news of his assassination. I would like to remind you, however, that the trip has just begun. He is still in danger as long as he remains in Iraq.

Final ETA (Hopefully): So as Pope Francis is leaving Iraq now, I think (hope) that it’s safe to say that his trip did not go as I had initially feared it would. I cannot say that I am disappointed in this at all. In fact, I feel a sense of relief because I think our readers fail to understand the severity of how bad it would have gotten if my warnings had become a reality. This is one prediction fail that I am relieved to say was the case, if it’s 100% the case.

There’s just one thing lingering that still bothers me that I feel the need to address. In his meeting with the Ayatollah Al-sistani on Saturday, the Pope and several people in his entourage were not wearing masks. As the Ayatollah has not been vaccinated and the Pope was exposed to a lot of different people during his trip, I worry that he may have given the Ayatollah Covid. If the Pope did spread it and the Ayatollah passes away as a result of this, then there’s going to be a lot of anger in the Muslim world over this, with many accusing the Pope of murdering the beloved spiritual leader. It is under these conditions that the Pope’s life would be in danger again this spring, as a fatwa would be placed on his head. So I will keep an eye on this and hope for the best. I don’t care if certain commenters call me a crock psychic because the Pope wasn’t assassinated on his trip. In this particular prediction, I’m happy to say that I was wrong, relieved in fact. No one should have wanted to see this happen. I certainly didn’t, which is why I posted this blog in the first place.