Prediction Updates and Random Thoughts for November 2016


Does 2013 + 3/12 years = 2016? That’s a question I’ve been recently posing to myself. I was recently going through my private prediction collection and found out that some of my predictions that I made for 2013 have been recently fulfilled this year. This includes the recent death of Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro and Lady GaGa headlining the super bowl. These events were slated for late 2013-early 2014 but have been or are being fulfilled for late 2016 to early 2017. Understanding base 7 numerology, 3/12 is the lowest divisible form of 7 and sometimes events can be fulfilled in the half way mark when they were not filled in the original vector instead. This leads me to believe that two events I foresaw for 2013 will be fulfilled by the end of the year. This includes the death of Queen Elizabeth II, something I’ve written before, and a major economic downturn. Watch for those two events approaching the end of the year. I also think there’s a chance that the Oakland Raiders will win the Super Bowl. It was paired with my Lady GaGa prediction back then and it could be fulfilled a few years later. What should have been 2013 events may become 2016, possibly 2017, events instead. I’ll let you know if anything else was in there that could be fulfilled soon at another time.


Two of my previous warned celebrities for murder by the elite, Kanye West and Mariah Carey, are both in a serious downward spiral in the last month. Kanye’s admission to a psychiatric hospital and Mariah’s appearances that give vibes of 2001 are alarming to say the least. Both could end up being murdered at the end of the year and should be carefully watched for in the near future. Both of them are in real danger and I fear it may be too late to save them. In regards to the post above, Kanye West was first on my murder target list for 2013. If that interval applies here, then he’s in danger of being shot and Mariah is in danger of a suicide/murder by the end of November to December. I hope I’m wrong, but the feeling of dread has spread in recent days.


I got a very ominous feeling in regards to the recent fires spreading in Haifa, Israel. As I’ve previously warned, Israel as a Jewish state will likely be no more by 2018 or 2019. Trump’s election victory makes that even more likely with his hostility to Jewish people and Netanyahu’s prescription to overstep boundaries in a way that will create fresh confrontations with a potential Trump White House. While many in the Israeli Knesset would like to blame the Arabs or the Palestinians for the fire, the truth is it was done with the intention of evacuating settlers of the region in the hopes of salvaging a two state solution. Those who feel this will create a moment of peace in the region are sadly mistaken. This will only enflame the tensions between the Arabs and the settler movement leading to a moment where none of them win and subsequently lose together. It’s sad that it has gotten to this point, but there’s no salvaging the nation now. It’s on its way out and the death knell will come from those who most want it to stay as an exclusively Jewish state.


Finally, I also thought I should mention that I am beginning to work on my 2017 predictions. I am going to wait to release them until at least December 19th due to how the electoral college could thwart or severely alter many of my predictions. I’ll keep you posted in regards to that in the near future. Watch this space for them by then. Best wishes to everyone who has been reading this site.

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    1. I was aware of all of this, but once Trump is is in power, none of that matters. Remember that he used to have nice relations with a lot of people before they pissed him off and stepped on his toes. The same applies for Netanyahu. Just because there are jews in his inner circle does not mean that anti-semitic violence and sanctions towards Israel will not happen on his watch with his direction. Just wait and see.

      1. didnt think of that..ive been a fan of your website for a long time…so as we the people only had 2 real choices which choice would you have made??since clitons bad deeds were so in our face seems trump was the only choice..what do you think??

      2. There was a third choice I wish the people of this country would have pursued and I’ve mentioned in on multiple occasions. However, I just don’t think the American people have the stomach to do it and the time for such a revolution is closing as we exit 2016. Such an opportunity won’t present itself again until 2035-2040. Maybe we’ll see an overthrow next month with the recent instability caused by the electoral college shenanigans, but I have a feeling it won’t go anywhere. We shall see.

  1. Thank you so much for your website – I found you only recently. I look forward to reading your end of the year and 2017 predictions. May you have a blessed holiday season and a peaceful 2017.

  2. I was wondering the same thing, recently I was having some intution about terrorist attack in empire state building in feb-march of 2017, assasination attempt on pope which will fuel the christian-muslim animosity,unrest in pakistan leading upto civil war there,war in central asia etc. Searching your website I came across your old predictions, which resembles mine.It looks like things are happening 3-4 years late. Because, I read in a indian prediction economic collapse in america in 2012, will start civil war there. Say, does narendra modi faces an assasination in around 2020?

    1. I appreciate you mentioning this because it seems like some of my predictions may be fulfilling themselves late. I have in previous blogs stressed that dating is always a challenge for me, but my prescience is usually valid. There has to be some way to further pinpoint accurate dating, but I’ll try to figure that out into the new year. The pope is definitely at risk of assassination next year and a Pakistan civil war is very likely if the tensions on the ground don’t ease up in the near future. However, I highly doubt Narendra Modi is going to be assassinated. He’d sooner be voted out of office. I also think the time for the Empire State building to have been attacked was 2011-2012. During that time, when I walked by the building, I had the most powerful pulls of a potential attack by a plane I’ve ever felt. I haven’t felt those impulses since. I’ll be around there in the near future and will update you if those impulses are still there and how strong they may be. Hope this information helps.

  3. Ant thoughts on pizzagate and the Clintons? Kept hearing this pop up and diddnt understand what this was about until I read and watched a few things. I’m very disturbed now, not that any of it is too shocking considering what we now know with the Seville case or that the supposed hacked document is real …but too many facts surrounding it are. If it is real, will we see a Jimmy Seville like investigation hear in America?

  4. Concerning petunya3’s statement: Pizzagate is a completely fabricated story started by a fake news site and promoted by D. Trump’s national security advisor pick General Flynn and Gen. Flynn’s son. The tweeting out and promotion of this story had an actual real world effect on the conspiracy theory believer who took a semi-automatic rifle to the pizza place to investigate and opened fire. Luckily no one was hurt. The promotion of false news is one of the reasons we are in this situation with an unsuitable president-elect. Much of what was written about Hillary Clinton and repeated by D. Trump and his followers was overblown and fabricated.

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