A Note on Prediction Fulfillments


I haven’t had a lot to say in regards to predictions and news because my brain has been exhausted from all of the predictions I wrote for the 2017 summary. As you know, if anything new does come to me, I’ll be sure to post it in the predictions blog on a monthly basis. In the meantime, I’m happy to announce that soon you’ll be able to find a summary of my prediction fulfillments on the top part of the page. I’ll post a blog indicating when it’s ready to read at the time. I’ll also update it as more fulfillments occur. Look out for it in the near future. Best prayers for you all.

Dreams and Predictions for January 2017

I had one notable dream last night that is worth sharing. It’s not so much of a prediction.

1) I had a dream of being on a road trip with President Obama. He was feeling glum and moribund. I kept trying to press him on the things that went wrong with his presidency, but he kept trying to go into his high points instead. The struggle persisted throughout the vast majority of my dream. When I have dreams like this, it often times means I’m having a direct connection with a person. I do feel like President Obama is filled with many unspoken regrets, but he simply will not allow himself to own up to it. His last years of life are going to be gloomy and while I’ve been critical of him in previous posts, a inner part of me feels like I need to have some sympathy considering what he’s been through. It’s a difficult thing for me to grapple with personally considering all of the horrible things he’s done, but my spiritual instinct seems to push for some. He may come around to owning up to his failures eventually and try to make things right post presidency, but that window will be limited due to Trump’s terror.

1/18 ETA: Another dream based prediction.

2) I had a dream last night where I was driving through the Canadian country side and found mass poverty and racism there. Things were so run down and there was so much suffering and struggling going on. Segregation was also an issue that I got from conversations with locals, but nobody felt comfortable owning up to it. I have a feeling these issues are going to emerge in a major way next month or sometime this year. When they do, it’s going to drastically hurt their prime minister Justin Trudeau who I’ve warned has something sinister behind him. It might lead to his political end if it’s as devastating as this dream suggests. The public is not going to end up letting him stay in office.

A Police State I Will Not Support


With much of the conversation nationally focused on various issues as we begin 2017, it has irked me considerably that one issue over others have been totally ignored. As we enter a new year, it’s important to note the most devastating problem that the United States faces and it’s not what you would initially think it is. It’s the officially sanctioned police state. No matter who occupies the White House, the economic elite ultimately control the agenda from behind the scenes. Our freedoms are constantly violated by the government (through its masters) in the form of its enforcers, the police department. As they are the single handed enforces of this unjust system we collectively live under, they are allowed to get away with things that the average citizen could not. These bits of corruption can range from local placard abuse and stealing to the most heinous of crimes; rape, assault and murder. The murders of unarmed black men in particular are a national tragedy; one that has seen no justice take place despite years of uprisings and unrest. No justice should mean no peace and it has, to a degree. While there has been a grassroots efforts to demand accountability for crimes committed by the state, those efforts have largely been rebuffed by power. Those who are in a position to challenge the system have balked when the going gets tough. That’s where the stalemate stands today and it’s why I’ve said revolution is the only true solution to our problems.

Black Lives Matter, for all of the success it had in bringing attention to the issue, has numerous failures. They have become too complacent with power and not with demanding justice. Due to this comfort with access, police brutality continues unabated. 1100 people were murdered by cops in 2016 and thousands more have been over the decades. That number surpasses any other industrialized nation and leaves us with the lowest of freedoms in the first world. Third world nations would be bombed and sanctioned for similar behavior towards their citizens and yet the US continues on with its practices unchallenged. It is one of the US’ ultimate evils in its history and it must come to an end. It’s largely why our government should have been overthrown between 2015-2016, but with that window now passed, it won’t likely happen again until 2035. These issues, in the meantime, will linger and there will be no peace no matter who controls the White House because of the apparent injustices within our society manifesting into uprisings again and again.

While the opportunity for an overthrow may have passed, that doesn’t mean things can’t change on this issue. They must, actually. It requires communities across the country to get involved at the local level, challenging any politician who shields corruption by the police force and taking over the system from the ground up. Since such efforts will face massive state repression, it also requires calling attention to this issue in an international forum to make the world threaten sanctions against the US for its numerous crimes against its own citizenry. When the US is iced out by people power globally, it will be forced to change or simply cease to exist as a nation. Either solution is better than our current predicament. Anyone who believes it should stand embraces evil in its more pure form.

There are many things that I feel can be better this year than previous ones. I hope this new year sees movement towards ending the police state forever. However this ends up happening, it should start to happen soon. I’m sick of seeing scenes such as this one and you all should be as well.

11:11 2017

I have noticed, and so have others- a constant reminder about 11:11.

I think it means that changes are here.  Big changes.

Personally, I believe this vision for me is a reminder of my original visions years ago that we have reached an age where things are changing and we need to prepare.  In my dreams I’ve been told of the dire need to prepare for some sort of upcoming war or collapse or both.  I just feel the need to repeat this now, amid all the 11:11 sightings I have had lately.



My Predictions 2017

I’ve been having trouble posting and with the encouragement of my dear friend Liam I’m going to try to make my predictions for 2017 now in this post.  My trouble posting might sound strange but I’m getting many changing visions/dreams.   I don’t know if this is because of cern or time travelers intervening with out time line or what.  I’ll just do my best to post my most honest visions/ thoughts/ dreams for 2017.

  1. I am seeing a strong problem/ swirling  bad energy regarding the increase of diabetes as well as infertility, cancer.  I think Gen X (my generation) will be the first to die before their parents.  I believe it is very important that all those Gen X and below need to modify diets to be anti-diabetes and non GMO organic, possibly anti-GMO wheat.  Health coaching and the normal accepted ideas of diet will drastically altar in the next years.
  2.  I think we are in for changes in many ideas/ a mind shift philosophical knowledge type change that marks a new age- it is coming soon and will effect many ideas about religion, humanity, knowledge, technology and other areas.  Human knowledge is more effected by DNA and group learning/ group consciousness than we are aware.  The power to manifest reality is going to be a strong area of learning.  Technological advances will be amazing beyond our dreams very soon.  The precipice of the last decade is upon us/ a shift is here.
  3. I’m hesitant to post my dire warning about preparedness.  Please prepare for social unrest and other disruptions that will altar our ability to survive.  The powers that be are unhappy and war mongering.  I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.  Possible false flags are on the horizon and it is the NWO death gasps for power in a late hour.
  4. I believe demonic manifestations are only going to increase.
  5. I’m worried about earth changes and the fallout- prepare if you are in certain areas.
  6. I had some visions of war in the middle east which have somewhat transpired but I believe there are more coming/ Israel and bombs repeats in dreams.
  7. I still worry for New York and Washington and bombs/ false flags.  I had several dreams of this.
  8. It appears that my visions of Texas succession have switch to California and we are on some other timeline.  I’m confused about what has happened but see what I said of Texas going toward California with a darker twist.  They are being led by Soros and some dark forces and it won’t end well.
  9. Something from the earth/ dirt/ caves something bad
  10. Weird diseases/ altered/ disease attack and weather war.