The VMA’s


In relation to my prediction from earlier in the month about the potential tragic death of a female icon, the VMA’s tonight are key to knowing if someone will be sacrificed tonight or not. I won’t be watching the program as I don’t wish provide any spiritual energy to their wicked, Satanic ways. However, if something like the image above happens in one of the staged ritual performances tonight, then death for someone of an incredibly high magnitude of stardom is imminent. This may all amount to nothing in the end due to being caught early in the process, but as I have learned over the years, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.40.16 PM

ETA: I was originally going to write that I had thoughts today of Heath Ledger and River Phoenix’s untimely deaths due to drug overdose, but decided to leave that out initially as I thought this would be a female hanging victim. Now that I saw the above photo, the victim of tonight’s potential drug overdose is Justin Bieber. With Twitter reports of this being a very drug influenced program, this is likely how he’s going to end up dying so young. He’s had a stint in rehab and significant drug problems over the last few years. The death of his look alike a few days ago from a drug overdose doesn’t help his case either. I hope he avoids the after parties. If he doesn’t, his time on Earth will be very short. You’ve been warned, Justin. Take heed if you can read this from the show.

A House of Cards


This is a general message that I received tonight from the spiritual world. I got a vision of a house of cards falling to the ground. What I believe this means is that many people who are held in high esteem are going to suffer a newly created downfall in the next few days. This will happen in many places, among many faces, both high and low, and the results will be tragic to say the least. I got this vision after a fight I had today, which I won’t specify further. Just know that this isn’t going to end well for many famous people. It has somewhat of a relation to the Apple Music prediction from months earlier, but this is more comprehensive and expands to places that you would never guess it would occur at first. I wish I could have empathy for these particular people, but many of them deserve it and some that don’t really aren’t that sympathetic when you dig around and find out who they really are. This particular message isn’t in regards to the majority of my readership. This has more to do with the most famous among you and those in the highest echelons of power. Hope you are all doing well. I have some other posts to share soon. Keep an eye out for them in the near term future. 😉

Confessions of Fefelove: Predictions

I have been having some really out there ideas that I want to share.  I don’t know if they are simply fears or revelations.  If this somehow helps us I want to say it because I am here to try to help effect a good and healthy and productive future for humanity.

  1. Humans have practically no idea of the weapons that our government has at its disposal.  Please research ‘Project Blue Beam” and other high tech weapons.  The elites are desperate to usher in the NWO and have been failing in their simple false flags.  Therefore, they just might pull out all the stops.  They could stage an alien attack or a second coming of Jesus or a Rapture event.  Did you know they have technology that can make you hear voices in your head?  Control your emotions?  Control your senses? Smart dust that can make you die in seconds or control your body or sexuality or mind?
  2. What if the pope baptizes an alien and tries to usher in the one world religion?  An old prophet wrote that this is the last pope (Malichai) and he is already declaring a new path with new ideas and a one world religion, that a personal relationship with Jesus is bad, that caring about abortion is bad, that carbon taxes are necessary, etc.  He mentioned an alien disclosure and the Vatican has those telescopes and etc.  Something is up, and its a NWO agenda which is AI Alien takeover.
  3. If they can’t get Hillary in the white house there is always plan b, which is Obama never ending term.  ?
  4. Cern: what the hell is it, what is it going to unleash?  Will it really unleash something or will they stage the false flag around it?
  5. September 23, there is a lot of illuminati fuss over this date so if anything happens Sept-Oct I’d bet my bottom dollar it is an orchestrated nightmare of the NWO designed to create the NWO
  6. They want the guns; they will go after them it is only a matter of time.  War is coming so get ready.  It will blow up in the south
  7. Here is my creepy thought:  if in the future they figure out the singularity and time travel they go back and plant misleading info and distractions in our time frame which we are living.  It is likely this has happened and we are experiencing their manipulated views.  They plant dates in movies and songs and media and that is because they can see back in our time from the future.  What if the singularity is already passed or in 2015.  What if Jade Helm is the start of the singularity in our time.
  8. Our government is a puppet of the NWO.  The NWO is a puppet of who?  Some kind of advanced AI aliens.  They keep erasing evidence of giants, of Biblical truth, planting bad ideas, misleading, all the secrecy, all the conspiracy…..the poison.  Only an alien agenda would want to wipe away humanity.  ??

Ok these are my weird ideas.  For what they are worth.

Fears or reality?  Stuff to consider.



Child Sacrifice 2015


I’m not the expert on this even though I have theology and Bible Degrees.  I want to say that in order for those in black magic to conduct their rites they need a blood sacrifice of a baby/child/innocent and they were using planned parenthood.  They have reached a critical juncture where this has been obscured and rebelled against and thus they are searching for new avenues for sacrifice.  Beware.  I don’t understand it but the black goo and the satanists and the child sacrifice go hand in hand.  I’ve been shown bits of this but I really admit a lack of understanding nor a desire to understand.  I am seriously disturbed by CERN  and whatever they have planned.  I don’t understand the black goo or the CERN.  I do get a sick I want to throw up feeling when considering it….I feel it is all something we should research along with September 22,23.  The illuminati have marked these dates and I don’t know why.  I only know what my dreams have said and I reported until now.  They are highlighting september to october 2015 and cern as special illuminati moments.  I realized lately there is much I don’t understand.  I feel slow to comment.  We are entering a transformation time.  I know that we chose to incarnate now for a reason and each moment is perfect.  Yet, I see some disturbing ideas I don’t know how to process, explain or get through right now.

Why, Mariah? Why?

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.36.18 PM

Why Mariah? On the exact month of imminent danger for a major female celebrity, you go ahead and post this on your Twitter account. What more can you do to tempt fate? I already wrote this warning to you three times before. You really need to heed my words before you get yourself murdered. You aren’t safe again until at the very least the end of this month. Remember, Diana, Princess of Wales died on August 31st. That means you’re in danger of being sacrificed by the elite until the very last millisecond of the very last day of this month. I’d also advise you to be vigilant about your safety until the end of this year as well, but especially in this remaining time of the month. Please stop tempting fate. They are already out to get you and you are inviting them in to make a kill for their God of Baphomet. Shut them out soon. The hour is approaching where your freedom to choose your own destiny will be decided for you against your own free will. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. There’s not much time left to turn your history around for the betterment of your journey here during your remaining time on Earth. 😦

Psychic Visions for August 2015

I had multiple dreams last night. Two of them struck me hard and I’ve figured out what they mean in translation to predictions.

1) I had a dream of an organized protest that was to be held inside of a gazebo. Something like a camp out or a tent, like this one that Tompkins Square Park had earlier in the month. The police cancelled the event in my dream, but organizers somehow found a way to have it anyway. I think this may be a literal prediction, but it may also be a metaphor for other camp out protests that you’ll see towards the end of this month. Keep an eye out for them. There will be more in abundance soon enough.

2) The second vision I had was a state trooper with no arms or legs, stubs filling where his limbs once were. Either this means that law enforcement will be disarmed somehow or that it is a literally slashing of their arms and legs by terrorist (or patriot, depending on how you choose to perceive it) groups in the next few months. Keep an eye out for any of those scenarios. It could even be both, an entirely plausible scenario.

I hope you all have been doing well. I’ll share more visions when they come to me soon.

ETA 8/22:  I was thinking of making another post, but I decided not to push this one down so I’ll add on to it instead.

3) I had a dream about Pope Francis’ arrival in America. I know I already posted a long blog post about this, but this was quite a vivid dream. I was sitting at home and my mother really wanted to go see the Pope when he came to town. I told her it was a bad idea because he was going to be in danger and was likely going to be shot. Then there was a house party with very famous people and we were all watching the Pope’s arrival together. I don’t remember if he got shot during this party, but then there was a flash to a protest outside and that’s where the Pope was gunned down by an assassin. This dream visualized everything I wrote about before. It confirms that his life is in danger and he will very likely not survive this trip.

The Truth About the Roman Emperor Nero


I’ve been waiting to blog about this for so long that it feels like such a relief that it’s finally arrived. This should have been done many months ago, but I have decided to put this out there now. Better late than never, I guess.

One of history’s most controversial figures is the Roman emperor Nero. Tainted by the passage of time as the man who fiddled while Rome burned, his life and story were destroyed as the result of things most aren’t aware of in the modern era. There is a large scale conspiracy about his reign that needs to be brought up to life. No longer can history shy away the truth from the facts that the oligarchs of the time feared would reveal their evil, ulterior motives. It’s time to reveal what really led to the downfall of his controversial reign and why it came at the cost of prosperity for the majority of the world for almost 2000 years. For your true understanding of how modern society really came about, it’s time to understand the most famous murder (and not suicide) of world history and how it explains your oppressed lot in life that’s cemented in stone to this very day.

There are many misconceptions about his life and time that need to be addressed. They paint an entirely skewed picture that isn’t reflective of what really happened. A biographical summary can be read here, but to sum it up, during the times of Rome, emperors ruled alongside parliamentary governments that went about the business of dictating public matters. Very much like the royalty in England, the emperor was largely symbolic, but could take on political authority when deemed necessary. Combine the political systems of the United States + the United Kingdom and you’ll get a sense of how Rome was ruled. In the way that both countries are corrupt today, Rome was plagued with similar corruption during the time of its prominent reign. The empire suffered through many tyrants and those who oppressed the poor and enslaved many of the masses. War mongering, prostitution, assassination of enemies and destruction of stability was common amongst the years. In this context, you understand the world in which a young Nero would soon become the emperor of the entire system.

Nero, the last emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, was a boy of royal descent who rose to power via the questionable means of his mother, Aggripina. The mistake of the time was that Nero was too young to rule an entire kingdom. Most modern scientists suggest that your brain isn’t fully functioning until 25 years of age. That, plus the pressures exalted on him by the great responsibility of managing an entire empire, made him break apart into destruction. All he ever wanted was to become a performer and to entertain the masses. Like the modern performers of our day, Nero never really had any political ambitions and wanted to simply share his vision with the world through his art and his performance. He wanted to get out of the role of emperor assigned to him through no choice of his own. If he couldn’t do that, he wanted to change the definition of what an emperor could and should be, but the powers that be wouldn’t let him be. This led to confrontations that ultimately led to his downfall. When he dared to break free of his pre-defined role in society, mass unrest followed in its place.

The rich and powerful classes of Nero’s day gave him two choices. Either he played along with what they demanded of him or they wanted him out of the seat. In furor, Nero defied his handlers and began to take charge of the situation he was dealt. He raised taxes on the wealthy and provided services for the poor and middle class. Like a modern day socialist, his thinking was on the prosperity of the working classes and not of the powerful classes at the top of the economic pyramid. Since his position was inherited and not appointed or elected, the political class had little sway over the decisions that he made. That made him more of a threat because they couldn’t get rid of him by traditional means. The more he tried to pry the wealth of the powerful into the construction of a better and more prosperous Roman empire, the more that the Roman power classes became threatened by his actions. Something had to be done to stop this menace from making the world a better place, they thought. Slander was the start of their campaign to get rid of the man the people adored.

Fiddling while Rome was burning was a scandalous myth made up by gossip stirrers of the day. Disregarding the fact that fiddles weren’t even invented in the Roman empire, the story had many holes that can be punctured by outside research. Like tabloid writers of our current time, a campaign was spread to smear him during a fire that was started by Christian extremists. Those who say that religious people can’t be terrorists should only look to modern times to see what terror reigns upon humanity when absolutist ideology takes place of common sense and rational thinking. That didn’t matter to the power classes, however. In their efforts to destroy them, they blamed him for the fire and, when that narrative fell apart, they decided to say he was a “persecutor” of Christians; a cult in their day that has since garnered massive amounts of power in our society. It didn’t matter that he opened his home to those who lost their lives and livelihoods during the fire. None of that mattered to those who wanted to take him down. Although the people of the time knew what the real truth was, history has washed this away and perpetuated a myth that has stuck in our society to this very day.

The final attack on Nero came when wealthy, right wing forces of the time came together and threatened to stage a coup and come to remove him from the throne of his power. They chased him out of town, turned the political classes against him and forced Nero to flee for safety in the more amenable eastern provinces of the modern Middle East. When he was unable to safely make it there, he hid in a soldiers home until it was attacked by Roman palace guardsman and swarmed with mass amounts of their bribed off monsters. In crying pain, Nero held out hope for a chance to survive, but the knife was stabbed in his chest on the orders of the Roman elite and he died crying for redemption and for a chance to revive his standing. Sadly for him, it would never come. Two thousand years later, the injustice of the assassination on his life by a bribed off royal solider still remains lingering in our universe to this very day. Although ruled a suicide at the time, the truth was it was murder; whether the elite of our time will admit to it or not.

The wealthy worked their wealth to wipe away his legacy and his story has remained largely untold to this very day. As a result of their erasure, the systems that followed his absence have led to some of humanity’s most terrible plagues and oppressive periods. These issues lead up to the modern era and the injustices we have faced for the last two thousand years. Anyone who tells you that humanity can’t revert to times of poverty and despair doesn’t take the threat of theocratic terrorists and global elite cartels very seriously. The issues that Nero dealt with in his day still remain with us in the present. Your poverty and diminished opportunity of economic advancement and prosperity come as a result of a system that deliberately enslaves you (as debt slaves) and forces you to work for the benefit of those who already own the gold. The key to your salvation is to free yourselves of this system and work towards taking charge of your own lives. Only then will you be free and only then will you be prosperous. Until the majority of the world breaks free of their self imposed shackles and vows to fight back against the most rich and corrupt, the miserable world we live in will continue on as it will. Nothing will change and everything will remain the same.

The good news is that, no matter what anyone else tells you, redemption always come; in this life or the next. A rebirth of Nero will arrive on Earth very soon. Watch for it in the next year or so. The universe will reveal the truth about humanity’s darkest times that I have briefly summarized and how it can, and will, be corrected by human intervention. God helps those who help themselves. Stand up for what is right and demand that history be told the way it actually transpired. Let’s work together towards making our modern society better than it has ever been possible. It is the only way to redeem a man who may have been humanity’s last hope for saving them from their own internal demise. After the atrocities of the last two millenniums, it’s time to advocate for a better tomorrow. If Nero were alive today, this would be his wish for the world. Let’s make it come true. It’s entirely possible if we try.