The Deep State

I know this post could get me in trouble, considering the power of the entities that I am writing about, but it’s important for me to share this anyway. I have long had a problem with them, culminating with their surveillance of me in my private life and attempts to censor my prophetic writings in various platforms. If they are under the delusion that I am going to shut up due to their intimidation and harassment, they have thought entirely wrong.

There has been much discussion over the years about the mysterious “Deep State” in US society. Many people deny that there is one, relegating it to mere conspiracy theory that should be ignored. The existence of a government structure that is in control of world society is not fake, but in fact a real thing that needs to be exposed so people fully understand how not free we really are.

In order to fully comprehend the problem humanity faces, the pivotal question must be asked of who is “The Deep State”? Much of the reason that people tend to dismiss such a thing is because they believe it is the writings of antisemites or those who promote evil in the universe. While the discussion has popularity in these groups, the truth of the matter is that the entities in the “Deep State” collective are, in fact, fascists and allies of the far right that has taken such power across the globe in recent years.

The CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DHS and the military industrial complex, along with every police department in the nation, are who are part of a coordinated system of power that does not answer to the working person. They are the unaccountable engine, endowed by the wealthy for the protection of their property and prosperity, that controls the country and much of the world. They are not elected. They are not held accountable to the people. They are an entity onto themselves. They are rogue actors that are really in charge of society.

Anytime someone tries to expose them and fight back against them, they end up imprisoned and jailed or killed in the most heinous of cases. They assassinated JFK, MLK JR, Malcolm X and many other important political and cultural leaders over the last 100 years. They have overthrown governments that they cannot control. They jail those that oppose their policies of fascism. They torture those who expose their war crimes, such as Julian Assange. They destroy anyone who stands in their way, with a public complicit due to their lack of understanding of the powers at work here. As long as these people control the government, even if it is done through an illusionary “democracy,” real progress for the people cannot happen.

The abolition of “The Deep State” is necessary in order for there to be true global freedom, not just American freedom. There will be revelations coming in the underground press in the near future that will expose the powers that be more fully than I have mentioned here. Watch out for them. They will knock down a house of cards that has been held up by wealth, media propaganda, labor exploitation, human rights abuses and blood for far too long. The spirits of the victims of these entities are looking for their justice and they will exact it upon them in the upcoming war, both mortal and spiritual. The day of reckoning is coming. There’s nothing they can do to stop it. Silencing me won’t stop their karma. It will only speed up the timeline to its rightful conclusion.


Dreams and Predictions for May 2021

Today is May Day and if you happen to be working today, you should consider taking the day off or leaving work early in solidarity with workers across the world fighting for their rights. I would like to share this post from last year to read and process. In the interim, here are some more predictions to share.

1) A bomb or other explosive device takes out a bridge either in the US or Europe. This causes significant financial and economic damage due to it being an important travel route for commerce.

2) The push to reopen sees snags as the Indian variant begins to make its way across the world. This version of COVID will mutate to an extent that the vaccine does not protect against it.

3) The first significant sign of trouble for Biden comes this month, leading up to when I expect his reign as President will end, which is next month.

4) The Museum of Modern Art sees artwork stolen by protestors sometime at the end of the month.

5) Massive brawl in Florida, with hundreds injuries and some deaths.

6) Trump faces a security scare at a rally. Seems like a warning from the FBI not to renege on the deal he made with them to avoid criminal prosecution.

7) Fatal car accident for a pop star. I’m thinking Justin Bieber, but Britney Spears is another possibility. I’m seeing Blonde hair.

8) A famous couple is held at gunpoint in their home and the police accidentally kill one of the pair in a gun standoff. Happens in LA, possibly Beverly Hills or Malibu.

9) Katy Perry is hospitalized, but I do not believe it is for a serious issue.

10) Kesha negotiates an exit to her recording contract in exchange for ending the criminal trial against Dr Luke.

11) A ghost of a famous deceased celebrity is spotted in a mass event. Thinking Princess Diana.

5/5 ETA: I was meaning to post this earlier. I had a dream last night that may be a vision.

12) In my dream, I remember talking to someone about a significant disaster that just took place. It was described to me as a boat that was set on fire, but it was not from a bomb, and it crashed into a bridge. The collision caused an explosion and a collapse of the bridge, along with the ship sinking. 182 people died and thousands were injured, is what was relayed to me. I believe this happens in an east coast city like New York or Boston, sometime in the late summer.

5/6 ETA: One of our psychics had a dream a few nights ago that I felt needed to be shared.

13) From one of our psychics that wishes not to be named:

I was in Israel. I was a tourist. American and a girl but not me. I was in a huge museum. It had zillions of artifacts. There was one room with all this pottery and pieces of pottery. It had several floors. One of the guards got a threat- it was going to b bombed. They announced for everyone to exit. The threat was a video of it being bombed. As I exited the building I was afraid of the doors opening and exploding but they didn’t. I ran out and was trying to run away when six Iranian young men were rushing toward the building. One looked at me n stopped n said something like he was hitting on me n I heard his accent. Not sure what happened but then it flashed to a different scene n I was trying to use my good looks to get information from this same guy. I think the museum was near the dome of the rock but not sure I just recall passing it or some significance to it in my dream at some point but I was a tourist I guess or out of town we so might have been going around.

I would like to add that this terror attack may not be Iranian, but rather a false flag that is blamed on them to justify military conflict. It’s worth keeping an eye on as the heat in the Middle East is about to be turned up again.

5/8 ETA: Some more predictions to share.

14) A lower polling candidate in the NYC mayoral primary will win the nomination in an upset due to the new ranked choice voting system.

15) Another security scare at the capitol building later in the month. This time, it is a white guy.

16) A security scare for Rod DeSantis at an outdoor event. Thinking near St Petersburg/Tampa.

17) A high profile prisoner escapes confinement and remains on the run for a long time. Thinking it is a mass shooter like James Holmes or Nikolas Cruz.

5/11 ETA: Another vision based prediction.

18) If Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t de-escalate the crisis at the Gaza border within the next few days, a rocket will eventually land on him, killing him and several other Knesset lawmakers in the process.

5/15 ETA: A dream I had last night gave me a few predictions.

19) There will be a leak revealing the full extent of Bill Clinton’s lurid affairs on Epstein’s island. This will prove conspiracy theorists correct and shock the national conscious.

20) There will also be a leak revealing that Obama knew of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse and harassment of women before it was leaked to the press, despite his protestations to the contrary.