A Few More 2015 Psychic Predictions

First off, I want to give a shoutout to Chuck Lafleur from Ontario, Canada’s Giant FM for featuring some of our predictions on his blog. We’re glad we could help, even if our names aren’t specifically attached. 😉

Without further ado, here are a few more predictions for 2015. These have an entertainment orientation to them.


1) This is a particularly bad year for the entertainment industry. I see a financial meltdown hurt the industry’s profits and lead to the monopolization of major brands. Three mega titans will stand after a massive sell-off spree in August; Comcast, News Corporation and a new media organization created by George Soros and Keith Olbermann. An independent media surge will follow as new ideas and voices push out the clutter and rise to the top of the pops; particularly coming from Youtube and other online media outlets.


2) Nicki Minaj becomes a voice of reason this year as she dares to say what many others in the music industry will not. Her thoughts on Eric Garner are just the start and it will become more poignant over time. This will cost her financially, but she, along with her boss Lil Wayne, have contingency plans in mind to ride out the wave. She’ll return to the business a year or so later with Missy Elliott and such endeavors will be a massive success.


3) Taylor Swift is about to be taken off her perch. Her subtly dark ways will be exposed by a scorned ex-lover and she will suffer the consequences in the form of major entertainment industry blacklisting. This coincidentally comes as former country superstar Shania Twain returns to prominence with a big comeback album in the fall of 2015.


4) A new music act revolutionizes the music industry and goes on to sell more records than almost everyone else in history. Think big music like Michael Jackson or Elvis. Every generation has a major superstar in its midst. This one is no different.


5) We will begin to see more political advocacy from Russell Brand turn to trouble as his criminal record is expunged and he becomes a target for more brutal targeting by the UK government. An assassination attempt is foiled in 2016, but he will be in for a rough year regardless. Despite this, his major success will help turn millions away from drugs and uplift millions more from impoverishment around the world. He is a light worker in our time.


6) Adele’s troubles behind the scenes have not exactly been secret. She’s had a number of spats with her record label in the past and I fear (with an album sequence of 19, 21 and 25) that she is destined for the too early 27 club this year. A murder suicide comes to her after she refuses to put out new music this year. After her death, 21 becomes the highest selling album of all time in the UK, the second best selling in the decade and a major best seller around the world for all time. She will surely be missed.

Lauryn Hill

7) Another celebrity who will take on political advocacy this year is embattled singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill. She has been pushed out from the industry for many years, but she will make a return that will shock experts and show her relevancy is still prominent many years later. Infuriated at their failed attempts to stop her, the music industry will attempt to eliminate her, but she will survive such an attempt on her life. Her career won’t hit these heights again, but lightning will have struck twice for someone who appears to be down and out for good.


8) A major meltdown comes for Britney Spears. Her life is about to be derailed again and this will be forewarned by another quickie marriage in Vegas. Once she finishes the residency, expect a period of turmoil until she, like others in the past, dies of a murder/suicide in 2018 at the age of 36; not so coincidentally the same exactly age that Marilyn Monroe died in 1962. 1981 and 1926 not so coincidentally invert into 2018 and 1962.


9) The band One Direction will split up this year. It is Niall who leaves the group to stake a claim on his own, but will fail miserably in such a pursuit. Nothing that Simon Cowell, or anyone else for that matter, can do will change that. An offer by a rival will be too enticing and the current contract is almost up. When he goes, the band’s prospects go for good.


10) Finally, the name Kardashian will be out of the headlines this year for good. Once Kanye West divorces Kim, the family will wear out their appeal on the public and a major campaign to blacklist them from the headlines follows suit. They will suffer a number of legal troubles once this era fades off and they will rarely be heard from ever again; the way Paris Hilton is not relevant in our time anymore.

I’ll have some more predictions to share soon. Keep an eye out for them. 😉

A Few Predictions for 2015 from Fefelove


1. Increased fabricated race wars/division- divide and conquer

2. Loosening drug laws

3. False flags/ a potentially very terrible bombing in the USA/ school shootings (because of desire for gun control)

4. More missing planes

5. dark energy clouds over certain areas that formed in 2014 might now climax- like over NY, Chicago

6. Push for regulations due to fake ‘climate change’ propaganda and push back continues/increases and becomes even more overly fake/ exposed but the governments continue and start to go after the opposition

7. More whistleblowers/ people choosing sides

8. going toward wars/ rumors of wars world wide and at home

9. ISIS and others persecuting more Christians/ mainstream Muslims- general increased violence in countries like Lebanon and Isis moves into more areas.  More horrors.

10. People exposing more food issues and big companies changing because of intolerance to garbage food- this is becoming more mainstream

11. More nasty executive orders which suck away freedoms and create a tyranny

12. Many so called ‘conspiracy’ theories exposed to be accepted by the mainstream; ie people now believe in the NWO and their actions are being brought to the light

13. Increased political music/arts

14. Blacklists of patriots/ watch out if you have a voice these days because they will attack you in all sorts of ways that appear coincidental- persecution of good people who want freedom, etc.

15. Movie industry producing more freedom loving movies/ also more movies with predictive programming about certain agendas.  There is a sort of unspoken rebellion in the media which increases and becomes more overt in 2015

16. The land grab issues return/ persist

17.  Protests which might turn violent like the 60′ s in the USA and other places; the desire of the governments to not have protests and stop these

18. Regulations which restrict or try to eliminate use of cash- might be both subtle and overt

19. using the illegal spying to persecute more people and a distrust of everything among the people is now mainstream

20. advances in medicine being suppressed but whistleblowers working against big Pharma making some head way

21. increase in childhood cancers/ diseases and more parents seeking alternative meds/ideas for health

22.  so much hacking; like the year of hacking.  Use cash more if you can to get around being effected by this.

23. decline of popularity of fast food chains like McDonald’s increases and these nasty places have issues/ some might begins closing and going belly up in 2015.  For some reason I keep seeing like a day when McDonald’s is no more but I am not sure if this is my desire or an actual premonition.  I do think they will increase their so called ‘natural/healthy’ choices in an attempt to save themselves this year.

24. gas gets cheaper and cheaper as part of a plan to eventually create more monopolies and close competitors/ punish certain countries and gain control; obvious Saudi plot unveiling here.  Watch out though because it will get super cheap then boom its going to bounce to way expensive which obviously effects everything.

25. alternative currencies being undermined.  I mentioned issues with Bitcoin and other companies like that.  The push for a world wide one currency continues and I think we might be in for some strange events regarding money.  Depends on perhaps how certain power struggles go down….

I think 2015 is a year of some major events/ exposing….a shift in many regards- politically, economically, technologically.  I believe this will be a very eventful year with lots of horrors waiting for us but that depends on reactions from many people.  I think police brutality and stuff along those lines will be less tolerated and we have reached a point where people are having enough of suppression/violence and want changes.  My advice is get prepared immediately; get food and supplies for your family.  Buy guns and insist on your rights through non violent means.  Watch the news carefully because things will keep shifting and might shift a lot overnight at some point this year.

If you have any predictions you want to add please leave me a comment.  I don’t think what I have written is all that hard to predict….instead this seems very obvious to me and my chain of thinking/ view of trends.

2015 and the Gun Control Agenda

????????????????????????I have written much about this problem of the gun control agenda and the potential for it to lead to Civil War in the USA.  2015 will increase in both subtle and overt means to strip Americans of their guns.  There will be incidents to incite people to go along with gun control.  They will use anything possible, like race wars and children to try to take the guns.  Their favorite attack is to take away the bullets because guns without bullets are useless.  They will continue to call anyone who has guns terrorists.  2015 isn’t looking good for this problem.  Further, more Americans will stand up for guns and push back on this agenda.  It will become more obvious that ‘most Americans do not support gun control.’

Trend: Restaurants using On Site Hydroponics


This is already happening and will increase in popularity in the near future: Restaurants using on site hydroponics/gardens to grow fresh organic food.  This trend is interesting and healthy and I look fw to seeing it spread in popularity.  They will grow fresh fruit/veggies and sprouts.  People are waking to the dire need to attend to their health and veer away from GMOs.  Also the soils are lacking a lot of nutrients that they once had.  This is a step in the right direction.  There are a lot of news articles about this coming near you: like here.

Darkness Falls

By the stroke of midnight tomorrow night, darkness shall fall across the United States. The bell will sound its chime nine times before doom spreads into chaos and uncertainty. From there, light turns into darkness and once more a war shall break out across the entirety of Earth. I shed a tear for the lives that will be lost from human evil.

A Few 2015 Predictions

Here are a few random 2015 predictions that I’ll share for now.


1) The financial industry is going to be in for a rough year. Financial turmoil and economic collapse is fully blamed on them. Retribution comes in the form of criminal prosecution of several major financial CEO’s and executives in successive fashion. Those that try to flee from facing their crimes in court (and there will be many) will pay the ultimate price of their lives. Some will be hung to death in Europe, some will die in civil war in Bermuda in the late 2020’s and others will face random stalker deaths or staged accidents that later turn out to be murder. From there, most of the banks will splinter off and the age of the “too big to fail” bank’s demise is soon upon us. The consequences will be felt for a long time to come.


2) The airline industry’s recent mergers will lead to less flights, higher fuel prices and more problems in terms of performance. Fights will break out at a number of airports that see some fatalities occur. Such negative publicity will chip into stock prices and cause a further implosion of the industry as a whole. Such an environment brings about the flying car for mass commercial use in 2018.

Ïðåçèäåíò ÐÔ Âëàäèìèð Ïóòèí ïðîäîëæèë êîíñóëüòàöèè ñ ëèäåðàìè äåïóòàòñêèõ ôðàêöèé è ãðóïï. Îí âñòðåòèëñÿ ñ ëèäåðîì ËÄÏÐ Âëàäèìèðîì Æèðèíîâñêèì.

3) Vladimir Putin is approaching his death. I thought he would have been assassinated by now, but with the recent financial turmoil in Russia, his aggressiveness and carelessness will see his assassination come very soon. From there, Vladimir Zhirinovsky takes the helm of power and turns out to be more of a conquerer than Putin was ever capable of being to the world’s ire. During this time of turmoil, civil unrest occurs, but there will be no uprising the way it will occur in many Western nations. Not a good time for Russia at all in spite of this ability to sustain preservation of their nation as a whole.


4) Madonna’s darkest self will emerge in 2015. We will see her for who she really is and it will not be a pretty sight to behold. A mass ritual sacrifice will occur at an award ceremony that some will feel is staged or fake. However, it is not and the outrage around this performance leads to her untimely assassination in 2015 (probably), but certainly by 2016 at the latest.

There will be more predictions soon. Get ready for them in the next few days. 🙂

2015 Obvious Decline of Liberty; Breaking Point?

liberty bellI am having a dream which I believe signifies a pending stranglehold on American liberties reaching a breaking point.  The psychics on this site have been warning about a decline of liberties and civil war for several years and at first we were laughed at and called doomstards but now as our predictions are coming true people are no longer laughing and notice that we have been warning of these dire events in hopes of waking people up so that we can alter the outcome from something so negative as we see and dream.

My new repeating dream: I am in the mountains somewhere in America.  There is a liberty bell extended off of the mountains by a post, hanging off a cliff.  Every day monks ring the bell and it is beautiful, resounding all over the lands.  Everyone nearby enjoys the sound of freedom and it is beautiful.  It’s like the music of love and peace and success.  Then the monks slowly become alarmed and the ringing of the bell every day shifts into more of a warning call.  It stops being beautiful and is disturbing, like a creepy wake up alarm.  They stop regarding the bell as the liberty/peace/happiness bell and it’s ringing disturbs everyone daily as a reminder that something bad is coming.  The bell starts to crack and decay and then one day it cracks off and falls down the cliff and the monks announce the time has come.

I think the meaning of this dream is obvious.  Our liberties have slowly been sucked away.  People don’t complain so much when a few new regulations show up, a few executive orders, a few prohibitions, a few new taxes…..our lives don’t change that radically overnight.  Then one day, and the time is now- people realize wait WTF is going on now, what happened to America, land of the free, home of the brave?  What happened to our way of life?  Our freedoms?  Our rights?  HEY now its obvious we are under attack daily.

The eugenicists found Hitler to be an effective reducer of the population but he was too overt.  They realized they can’t successfully accomplish their evil deeds quickly and overtly but it takes time….a slow decay is more effective.  However, once the cat is out of the bag about what is going on- they speed up their agenda into a quickening of doom to accomplish their ends.  They have their eyes on ‘the moment of singularity’ and want to reduce the population ahead of the transhumanism shift. Maybe you don’t believe it but your ideas don’t matter on this because you are unwitting pawns. Better to keep the population in the dark and do evil deeds behind closed doors.  They love to package evil ideas as if they are wonderful and sell them as the opposite of what they are in a giant lawyer like manipulation mind fuck where all things tyrannical are called ‘free’ and all things hateful are called ‘loving.’  You are a ‘racist’ or ‘unenlightened’ if you don’t support whatever turd they are selling as a diamond.  Just consider the propaganda of any communist country; they sing about their amazing freedoms and cry out of love for their dear God like leader….

The liberty bell has become a warning, a reminder of what we have lost and will lose.  It’s decaying and cracking and about to crash off and fall down the cliff if we don’t wake up immediately.  2015 is a crucial point in our history and will be defined by various whistle blowers.  We will see horrors which attack our freedom.  Furguson and other things like it are like test runs.  Something could happen overnight which changes everything and causes a fast decline if they pull out the stops and do a false flag in a desperate attempt to push their agenda.  We will sound like ‘conspiracy theorists’ right up until you say to yourself DAMN they were right.  Truth is often a bitter pill.  Better to take the pill and wake up from your coma then let the liberty bell crash to the demise of freedom.

The BELL TOLLS in 2015.  Question is: just how bad will it be?  You will decide the fate of our country.  Remember, we are Americans and in our blood we know that every person matters, every voice can change reality and the actions of a few heroes can change history.  Sometimes you have to fight to win.  We don’t advocate violence of any kind on this sight and in this day and age when everyone is being black listed and peeped on by our government we have no fear because truth will set us free.

Missing Air Planes

I thought this one for a long time.  There will be three missing airlines and then some answers.  Not sure exactly what that means but another one will go missing.  I think this last one will be just like the first; unyielding of answers, confusion.  I dreamed of the families last time and their pain and unanswered questions.  I keep having this thought in my mind like funerals come in threes like missing air liners….makes no sense really but anyway, there will be another one before answers begin to emerge.  My sympathies for the families.

Future Technology: Eye Color Salons

IMG_9541I had a dream that, like nail salons of today, in the future people can go to get a beauty treatment at salons where they can alter the colors of your eyes with some kind of eye drops.  They were not just normal colors either, like rainbow and all kinds of patterns or anything you can imagine.  It was interesting.  They just put these drops in your eyes and they change for a few weeks and then it fades.  xx