A Note About Creepy Cyber Stalkers

I just want to post a quick warning about creepy cyber stalkers and things to look out for, especially if you are vocal against the NWO.  Look out for known convicted felons who have served jail time for cyber threats, threats to politicians/the president, threats to hurt women, those who have a history of using anti-psychotic drugs, those who hallucinate they are Jesus Christ or the Anti-Christ.  If you manage to identify a person in your life who meets this criteria (or close to it) report your concerns everywhere possible, cut this person off with a cease and desist letter and distance yourself and family from any/all contact forever.  This website: http://quitstalkingme.com/ and others like it can be of assistance.  Be warned people like this are likely government trolls/wind up toys and will possibly have a psychotic episode and you don’t want to be connected to it or near it if, god forbid, it should happen.  If you have a lawyer or insurance for a lawyer have the lawyer monitor their posts and sites and keep a log of any reference they make to you so that if you should need this information regarding a legal matter you have screen shots of all threats or insinuations, even threats like “you don’t want to see me angry” are good enough to use as evidence.

A note to my personal stalker: I don’t read your blogs or posts and wish you would leave me and my family alone.  This doesn’t mean that my legal team is not keeping a record of your creepy and unwanted advances.  My cease and desist letter was real and you need to literally come to Jesus and go the hell away.  I’ve blocked you everywhere.  What are you trying to accomplish?  All you are doing is providing us more evidence of your abuse and potential violence.  I will never ever want anything to do with you and you need to be hospitalized for mental health issues and for your safety and the safety of others.  Hopefully you will get the medicine you need.  We at this blog have nothing to do with you and zero contact but we do report your activities to the authorities.  We feel you are potentially violent and pray that you get the help you need so that you don’t hurt anyone.