I had a very vivid dream the other night that needed its own separate post. I have a lot to say on the war in Syria and other things another time, but this must take precedent as it was long and detailed. Usually dreams are vague, but this one was not. That’s not a good sign.

I saw a dream where a number of people were gathered around talking about a disease. One of them said it was from a laboratory and that it escaped after someone who was contaminated with it left the premises. There was shock all around and the group wanted to take precautions. It was in this moment that everyone started developing a sense of paranoia around each other and couldn’t trust the other anymore.

Then I saw an abandoned town. It was completely deserted and no one was in sight. I was walking through this town and it was literally dead. There were no bodies on the ground, but I could tell that the disease had ravaged through the community. I walked through a drug store and then saw a man dead hanging from a counter. He looked pale, white and a bit ravaged with a skin disease. There were holes in his skin. He looked like a zombie. In a different part of town, another person was in a sick bed and they were dying and frail. It was very scary to watch.

Finally, there was a meeting of many powerful figures in our world. I had a feeling that they were responsible for this. They were saying that this was the only way to keep the masses in line as martial law would only provoke more violence than it could contain. They had seen what happened in Ferguson and didn’t want that to turn into a country wide event. They figured by creating a very contagious disease in a lab and spreading it across the country, it could divide the masses and seethe distrust that would allow the elite to continue on with their agenda undisturbed. It was villainous and I was scared. Then I woke up.

I have referenced an event similar to this in the past, but it was supposedly a hoax. Perhaps this is the real deal. During World War 1, the Spanish flu killed millions of people in regions torn by war. Such pandemics are not uncommon during times of war. If world war 3 is approaching, as Fefe and I suspect it is, then you should all watch out for a disease that is unleashed to the masses by the powers that be. It is means of euthanasia and will kill millions in its sight. This is very much a problem for the western world. Immigrants and the mild health should be on the most alert. Europe is the contaminated zone, but it spreads throughout the world. Keep precautions for spreading diseases in mind as you go about your day. Wash your hands repeatedly, keep distance from strangers, take immune boosting vitamins and do not get the flu shot this year. It has an agent that makes one more vulnerable to this strain than the previous ones. It is not by design, but that is the caused effect. Most importantly, however, do not allow this disease to make yourselves keep distance from your loved ones. During times of trouble, having a solid group is key to survival. These things are designed to divide. Ignore them and carry on with your relationships as such. Just stay safe and you should all be fine.

Hope this information is helpful. Hopefully, I’ll have more information to share in the very near future.

Dream of WWIII


I don’t want to worry people with my dream if it just a dream but I feel compelled to tell my dream just in case it can help anyone to get prepared, educated and pray against this dream.  I dreamed that there was an EMP and people were confused as to what was going on, simply thinking that it was a power outage.  Then, there was the use of nano weapons through the air.  In my dream someone said that we need to pray against this and if/when it happens prayer will help protect us because God will protect against nano-weapons.  This dream was very vivid and miserable.  In my dream I was with my mother and on the highway when the EMP struck and all the cars suddenly lost power and I saw wrecks all over and instant death.  Then, as we were trying to walk home the air contained a nano-weapon.  I think prayer is helpful but also people need to prepare for WWIII as it has already started were Russia, China, Syria (and even France, Germany) are lining up against the USA.  In fact, who is a friend of the USA right now?  Maybe this exact dream won’t happen but I am convinced war in on the horizon and has been for a long while but time is short now.  I have been writing about all of this a long while.  Please, pray, educate yourself about possible situations and what can be done to prepare and be mindful so you understand what is going on when it happens.  In my dream it was strange to see that people really had no idea what was happening which caused an increased panic amid the tragedy.  Plus, our own government can use confusion to their benefit.

Isis in Mexico; Attacks on Christians/Nuns/Missionaries


I had a disturbing dream that Isis was attacking a bus load of nuns in Mexico; murder, rape, persecution. I saw in my dream an increasing persecution of Christian nuns/missionaries/priests in Mexico.  I hope people might change their mind about their missions in Mexico right now or at least take proper precautions for some kind of self defense plan.  I saw in my dream they were are aware of the threats but instead continue with their missions and will undergo a terrible persecution.

Dreams and Predictions for September 2015

Sorry for my extended absence. I haven’t had much to say lately, even though there are blog posts that are long overdue. I’ll share a few dreams and predictions to tide you all over the in the meantime.

1) I had a dream about President Obama, related to my blog about him months ago, where I was at a house party fundraiser and he was there with a room full of nervous people. Maybe it was in Michigan or Illinois. He was going on about how he’s had such an amazing seven years in office and that his legacy is secured. He dared the room to attempt to prove him a failure and no one was willing to challenge him on this call. I was trying to approach the president to engage in a conversation about his numerous policy disasters, but his security guards kept blockading me and I wasn’t able to reach him. This could mean a number of different things, from suppression of the press to choosing to surround himself with many people who aren’t going to tell him the truth. However, my main inclination is that this will be a two fold event of interrupting protestors who are escorted off by security in the next month or so and news about the administration’s attempts to censor what the press is allowed to cover in regards to his presidency. It’s not going to have a positive inclination for his final year in office, that is for sure.

2) There is a video out there from the infamous Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal in 2003-2004, that rocked the world’s perception of the United States forever, that we haven’t seen yet. It’s of a young boy being raped by security guards and it is described as a horrific indictment of the last Bush’s tragic administration. It will make Jeb squirm and will lead to more calls for indictments of Cheney and other Bush administration officials (many on Jeb’s current policy team) when the video finally arrives later this month or year. It will horrify the world all over again and may flare up tensions in the Middle East to the point of another nuclear terror attack warning in the next few months or years.

3) Unrelated to Abu Ghraib, there’s a lingering air of another major terrorist attack on US soil this month. It seems odd that there would be a major terrorist attack on a month that will be high for alert for such atrocities, but I’m writing this in the interests of staving one off before it’s too late to do so. My radar suggests a bomb or even a very powerful armed insurgency; likely in New York City. Not a good month for the city, especially as the Pope’s late arrival causes a massive security nightmare in the interim of his attempts to have a conversation with the masses.

4) Finally, there is still that ever present feeling that a celebrity death of major proportions is imminent. I know Justin Bieber did not die on the night of the VMA’s last month, nor did any major female celebrities, but many of them were playing with fire. Any one of those stories could have led to tragedy. Their safety has come from the grace of God. However, one too many times of trying to tempt fate will result in the inevitable demise and untimely suicide and/or murder of an A-list celebrity, female or male, that the world will mourn forever. Justin is still a target as his profile rises once more, as well as Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan and a number of other celebrities who I have mentioned before in previous blogs. They should not stray too far off the deep end. August may have ended without a tragedy, but there’s still trouble amidst the gates of the major Hollywood studios on this issue and many others to come to light soon enough.

ETA 9/9: One more dream to add that I just had tonight.

5) I had a dream of Katy Perry in a modern city. She was performing all over town and getting really active with the community I lived in. The problem was that she kept going near ancient Pyramids in the neighborhood and kept messing around with their architecture. I kept trying to warn her not to disturb the spirits as they tended to revolt if they had a disturbed slumber. She ignored me and then the spiritual world started to erupt and awake from its sleep. The pyramid swallowed people whole and killed people in the process as the pyramids collapsed on one another. This might mean that a dark spell unleashed by a musician who performs witchcraft is going to result in a plague unleashed onto the Earth. My thought has always been that Madonna would have released such a spell, as she has done so before. She also has a tour coming up this month and it would seem to be more applicable to her. However, perhaps Katy Patra will unleash a Dark Horse spell that will culminate in the same result as the dream in question. Maybe new music in the works we don’t know about and that will be the occasion for such a spell of this magnitude. She’s more likely to associate with the masses in this scenario so, in some ways, it makes more sense with this scenario. Either way, one of these two women is going to destroy us all in the very near future and we should all be on the lookout for that.

I also happened to see Artie Lange in this dream. That might mean he’s on the way out soon. He’s had numerous health problems in the past, several warnings for him to get his act together. Perhaps his appearance in this dream is a signal that he could be claimed as a victim of the spell by accident. His meltdown occurred around this time seven years ago and he attempted suicide in 2010. If history repeats itself, his death would come in either 2016 or 2017. I had written in my predictions for the year blog that he would have a heart attack or stroke this year as another warning for his health. He had a diabetic shock last year and maybe will have another similar event this year as well. That all remains to be seen, but his appearance in my vision does not comfort me in the slightest.

Unless there’s a new update to make before I post my next blog post, this should be it for now. Hope this information has been helpful.

ETA 9/22: Hi everyone. I’ve been having some significant issues on my end and I’m also in preparations to evacuate. I know I keep saying I’m going to do it, but delays get in the way. I’m very close, estimated to occur within a month or so. I may not get to the blogs I was going to write, but don’t be surprised if you see them anyway. In the meantime, here’s another prediction that I need to share.

6) Over the last week that my computer has been in the shop, I’ve been hearing that song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento in my head over and over again. Like when I wrote a warning to The Darkness which did not come to pass, I feel maybe it’s best to share this in the event of averting a tragedy. I got a vibe of Soulja Boy when I heard the song and I think that means that Silento is going to start becoming more political in regards to Black Lives Matter in the very near future. When he does, the government is going to make an example out of him and target him for a potential assassination. Chris Brown has had to worry about this twice. Silento will want to watch his back rather than his moves soon enough. Otherwise, he’ll end up like Tupac or Biggie when his career ends tragically short due to infuriating the wrong makers of power in our society. This is more about safety than telling him to shut up. It’s important that the world hear his words, but he’ll need to learn there are consequences for having the guts to say it.

Hope you are all doing well. Best wishes to you all as always. 🙂

Preparedness: Where There is No Gun Home Defense Idea


Here is another preparedness idea from left field.  I came across this idea just this week because I accidentally spilled Drano on my carpet and had to clean it up and realized the complete toxicity and sinister danger of this common household chemical.  I realized if a person didn’t have a gun or pepper spray but needed an effective, fast, DIY weapon to defend their family against a home intruder that Drano would be a very effective last resort.  I’m sure there are other toxic chemicals which would also be helpful in a desperate last resort to defend your family and home against a home intruder.  I’d not put it lightly in a spray bottle without a Mr. Yuck sticker and keeping it high on the shelf far away from the hands of children or family members who might mistake it for water.  This is just an idea I had the other day and wanted to put it out there for people who might be in a state of desperation one day….you might one day be in a position where you need to think outside the box.  Don’t be a victim, arm yourself with a DIY weapon and fight against some home intruder trying to cause you and your family harm.  You have every right to defend your home and family.  This method might be best used in conjunction with another family member and their method for home defense.  Be very careful with such a chemical, it can blind you, cause horrid burns on your skin, etc.  Honestly, I think the number of terrible accidents with Drano must be great because they have a 24 hour medical team hotline complete with a vet team to help your pets who might have encountered it too!!!

Preparedness Solution: Liquid Fish Looter Repellant


A rather hilarious preparedness solution I came up with is using Liquid Fish Fertilizer for home defense in addition to your other home defense preparedness.  Basically, my theory is that looters would not really find the STINKY house that smells like ARSE  and ROTTEN FISH very appealing.  This prep is in ADDITION to your other preps and I’m in no way suggesting that it is the sole home defense preparedness needed.  Anyway, I came across this idea on accident and was calling it: assault with the liquid fish.  lol.  I was doing some front yard bucket gardening and my son insisted on getting liquid fish fertilizer because he read the Native Americans used it and he thought it was neat.  I reluctantly bought it because it was a gardening project we were doing together.  The neighbors were so disgusted by the scent of the liquid fish in the Texas heat of summer that they actually moved away!  It was honestly, the worst and most disgusting smell I have ever had the displeasure of enduring.  Worse than rotten eggs, cat box, rotten barf, dirty diapers and rotten potato combined, the Liquid Fish stands apart as intolerable to the human olfactory glands, in my opinion.  If you hunt, it might be on par with liquid buck bombs which attract deer with the scent of the female….another good looter repellant.

So, in my idea, if SHTF and looters/riots etc break out around you or even starving people are wondering the streets if you make your house appear ransacked and add a heaping quantity of liquid fish to your yard, your windows and the door….well, I just think the looters will wonder if the house smells so disgusting on the outside it must be even worse on the inside.

One jar of liquid fish only costs about $7.  You can buy it online or at a hardware/gardening store like Lowes or Home Depot.  I think it works best in the heat if you want to create a rank smell.  If you never use it to repel looters then you can use it for gardening.  Either way, it is a winner.

Preparedness Solution: Dettol for Disease, Infection, Cleaning


An overlooked preparedness item is an inexpensive product from India called Dettol.  Most Americans have never heard of this product unless you wondered into the cleaning isle of an international market.  You can order it online or find it at your local Indian/Pakistani/international market.  It comes in a variety of forms and serves a variety of purposes.  I bought the concentrate which is a fairly large bottle and appears to go a VERY long way.  My bottle cost $5.  On the bottle it says it is used to stop plagues/the spread of rampant diseases, to treat infections, as an antiseptic, for cleaning, after surgeries, etc. the list goes on and on of uses.  The label has directions for how to dilute it for the intended use.

One of the great problems humanity will face in an ongoing crisis is infections and disease.  This product is a great addition to preparedness items in your medicine cabinet.  A family member had an infected cut on his hand and used this product and it worked like a charm.  In a SHTF scenario such an infection could mean death and this product used correctly could mean life.  Just be very careful and follow the directions because this product is very strong.

(Another idea for preparedness solutions I found online is fish antibiotics.  This is an interesting thing to look into if you are worried….I am not the master of medicines but enjoy researching different types of natural and man made products.)

Preparedness: Endless Water Supply in you Home

solar_generator_h006_lrg Photo8-FrigidaireFDM30R1LARGE 21tXBhIqNnL

I dreamed a solution to creating an endless water supply in your home.  Simply get a solar generator, a dehumidifier and a very nice water filter (like the BERKEY).  The solar generator is needed to run the dehumidifier in the event of a long term power outage.  The dehumidifier extracts water from the air and it collects in a bucket, in a human area like I live I can get up to three buckets from my small home which is more than enough for a family of three, or at least to flush the toilet if that is how I choose to use the water.  The water filter makes sure that the water is potable.

This solution works best if you live in a humid area.  I think there is some sort of substitute you can make if you life in a dry area, a machine that extracts water from the air but you need to research this on your own.  People die within three days of not having water.  Toxic water will kill you even faster.   Water is necessary for hydration and cleaning.  Methods for collecting rain, like rain barrels, are a good addition to my plan I have outlined here for you.

I know this isn’t a normal ‘psychic prediction’ but I did dream about solutions for preparedness problems.  I feel it is necessary to share these ideas and help others find solutions.  Further, in light of this blog’s predictions it is our duty to help provide ideas for solutions to help your family through difficult times.

I ask the question too: the trolls that love to criticize and present negativity regarding our site tell you that everything is ok, go to sleep and do not prepare.  We not only give warnings from our dreams and visions we try to present a variety of solutions.  In my dreams and prayers I know that our messages reach the people they are meant to reach and help them in good ways.  xx

Dream About Staying Warm in the Winter

xantrex-solar-generator download

I had a dream that someone was telling me that I need to inform people to find a method to stay warm for the winter if you live in a place where you need to worry about staying warm in a power outage.  In my dream they said the easiest method for most people to achieve is getting a solar generator and an electric blanket.  They said this is particularly important for the elderly and children and you must get prepared now.  In my dream, this warning was urgent.  The interesting thing about this dream to me is that I do not live in an area where staying warm is a worry.  In my area staying cool in the summer is more of a worry.  I suppose staying cool in the summer is more easily achieved with a solar generator and a fan.  🙂 I like to think that my dreams sometimes represent my fears more than some sort of message but I feel the need to pass this along just in case.  Let us pray for the best but prepare for the worst.