The Music Industry


I’ve written about corruption in the music industry before. I’m posting this, on the day of Apple Music’s release, because there’s about to be a major shit storm on the horizon. There’s been a number of major evils that have been left unspoken, but soon that’s about to change. Expect a major affront to the mainstream media to come from a group of activist bloggers who are in the process of readying a damning report of slavery, sexual assault, pedophilia, abuse, rape and murder in the Satanic midst of Sony Music to release to the masses as we speak. This is going to blow the lid off of a problem that has been left to fester for almost forty years, possibly more than that. This isn’t going to end well for anyone who is in the business at this time.


I also wanted to mention two people who are in need of some time away from the spotlight. One of them is country singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves, whose follow up release has undersold on the music charts. I had a dream that she was on the way out of her record company and she became a bit of a black sheep as a result. Expect other artists like her to go on an indie route as a result of their refusal to fall in line with industry orders. The other is Taylor Swift who, as much as she has amazing intentions at times, is about to be falling from her perch, which seems impossible, but is becoming the truth. There are a number of scandals in the works that are going to rock her entire world. She’ll have to lay low for a while as a result, using the excuse of “exhaustion” to cover up for what is really going on. It’s not going to end well for her at all, especially saddening considering not all of what is condemnable is entirely her fault.

Dreams Continue in June 2015

The dreams and visions have continued. As I have been feeling a sense of sadness over what is to come, my prescience and connection to the masses and the higher powers is stronger than ever. Here’s two more visions to share from my meditation last night.

There appeared to be a nuclear bomb set off in San Francisco. I recognized the Golden Gate Bridge and Broderick Street as people outside are blown out of the way of fire. The flames encompass the entire city and a mushroom cloud covers the entire city in dust. The aftermath is literally out of a post apocalyptic movie. It was quite scary. I had originally written that a nuclear bomb may be set off in August in Los Angeles earlier this year, but perhaps the location has changed to San Francisco instead. Maybe it’s a retaliatory attack against Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi? Who knows.

There’s a swarm of police officers occupying neighborhoods across the country this summer. Massive angry groups of black residents come out in major confrontations. The marches turn violent and bullets are used. I had a sense of dread because all of this could have been prevented, but the elite chose to allow this to happen. It won’t end well for them and lots of property damage, death and destruction comes in its place. This probably is the spark that sets off the civil war, although protests against Jade Helm could have been an earlier starter as well.

There’s a direct threat on our nation in the form of globalized corruption. At this point in time, the pervasiveness of it is going to lead a mass slaughter in late August or early September. This, again, could have been prevented. It’s sad that this was allowed to happen. The consequences for humanity are wide spread and long term.

More Psychic Predictions for June 2015

These are some predictions to share. I haven’t in a while and figured this information might be useful.

1) There’s a worldwide housing bubble developing on top of all of the other economic problems we are dealing with. New York’s luxury real estate economy is the worst of them all, but Sydney, London and much of Florida are also a major problem. By the end of the summer, when the markets crash, it’s going to lead a major economic money pit that sees several of them file for bankruptcy all at once. Not good.

2) We’re having an approach of an alien invasion this year. There are attempts to make contact with “Earthlings” (humans) that is being broached by the US navy and thwarted as a result. When the economic markets fail, we will have a much harder time dealing with them, but they will be here nonetheless.

3) Huge hurricanes and earthquakes are going to rock the early summer to late fall months. Many cities are effected, but I’m not sure which ones that this time.

Hope this helps for now. More will be forthcoming.

Some More Dreams in June 2015

I’ve had a lot of lucid visions lately and have some more to share with you all now.

I had a vision about senators being assassinated. I’ve predicted this before, but I hadn’t seen it in full before. I saw a bombing at a Senator’s office who voted for passage of the anti worker trade deal and that same senator being shot dead ending all efforts to push forth the TAA and TPA deals. This was what I warned would happen and it seems the violence is drawing itself near to US.

There’s smoke and fire in all of the United States, but particularly in America’s capitol. DC monuments are blown up and fire rages outside the capitol building. The anarchy and smoke last for a whole day before three days of settlement draws near.

There’s an Indian crisis as the prime minister is assaulted outside of a protest rally. He’s getting in trouble for supporting (the spirits have said this) Zionists and then there’s an anti-Israel protest outside of Mumbai the following day. That’s something I had predicted before, but I hadn’t seen the scenes as intense as they were.

There’s a dark scene in a prison of a police beating and murdering several of the inmates. The shocking news makes politicians wince, but they don’t plan to do anything about it. I see several sitting with nervous faces as they flee the press asking for a comment. Those politicians, like others, are also targets for assassinations.

The main theme in most of my visions is the threat of assassination is growing near. It grew in February and was mostly thwarted; save for a few resignations and deaths from natural causes. Now, until the end of July, there is more danger. They better watch out. Their past voting records are going to start catching up with them as soon as the end of this week.

A Few More Dreams for June 2015

Here are a few more dreams to share. No pictures this time, just brief recollections.

I had a dream about New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio. After failing to uphold campaign promises, anger turns against him. In July, there will be protests and that will light the city up into flames. I saw him on television adamantly defying his critics, but unable to take responsibility for his own corruption. I know this will end in resignation, but the city will have to go up in smokes first before that is to occur. There’s a sense of calm in the city right now. There won’t be when all hell finally breaks loose.

There was also a dream about the governor, Andrew Cuomo. He was assassinated at night outside of the capitol in Albany, but it could have been in the lobby as well. There was a line of press there and a lone gun man shot him in the chest. Panic ensues and much screaming and crying commences. It reminded me of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, except that Cuomo is no Kennedy by any stretch of the imagination. The man is arrested and he is charged with first degree murder in prison. The governor may die in this awful encounter and Kathy Hochul takes his place to her own ethical demise. That’s what I got from the headlines in my vision. This may not happen, but it could as well.

There’s an ailment around Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Australia which correlates with a major scandal around another Abbott, Texas Governor Greg Abbott. There will be a very Abbott August this year from one of the headlines in my vision.

There’s an earthquake just outside of Los Angeles this summer. The rocks fell to the ground and there was substantially damage outside of the city limits. 8.9 or something around that magnitude range. The people were crying. It’s a very scary scene to unfold.

I’ve heard the words “Overthrow the Government, Shut it Down” in a number of dreams over the last few days. That may be the new chant of protestors outside of the halls of government around the world. It could be in relation to austerity or the US government shutdown planned for the fall of this year. Either way, it’s a phrase you’ll hear more often soon.

I had a vision about a prediction I made about German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the top of some stairs, I see her exiting a private room where a man pushes her down a flight of stairs and she sustains a serious head bludgeon that looks like it breaks the skull around the top of her head. The man who is arrested or charged is either Arab or Greek. Merkel is then taken in a stretcher to the hospital where she is pronounced dead on arrival. As her last dying breaths come in the ambulance and as she’s being taken away on a stretcher, a large gathering of European elites scramble in major panic over what is happening. As the paparazzi are following her to her grave, questions are asked about how this was allowed to happen, and who would let the man in, and who ordered this assault in a prominent fashion. The dream seemed very real to me and I don’t think this is a metaphor on Europe-Asian relations. I think this is an actual terrorist attack and I think it will be a successful one at that. That’s the message to those who read it another way.

Russians are on the verge of rioting in another dream I’ve had. There’s a secret meeting held in some sort of Russian intelligence bunker with high tech equipment and a predominant color of black and green. That’s on the back of everyone’s mind and attention turns to one outside agitator in particular. Vladimir Putin has called his men into a room to discuss the events in Greece and the United States. It doesn’t play well for them. They are afraid of Anonymous and one main advisor has said that allowing the US to be overthrown by the group would be more dangerous for them than the current regime in power. RT and other media advisors also weighed in saying that they are damned if they do and are damned if they don’t in terms of trying to steer their coverage away from their advocacy. Russia is struggling with asserting its power in the region because they have absolutely no allies in power or outside of it. Their creditors would like to join the New World Order agenda, as do the Russian elite, but Putin cannot come to terms with substantial changes on social reform. It alienate him from the world and it’s going to end the elite’s plans for a globalized government in our lifetime. That’s what I saw from beneath their bunkers.

Meanwhile, the FBI was having its own meeting. They too, like the Russians, are afraid of Anonymous and the power they have to overthrow the government. They are planning a massive cyber attack against the Anonymous leaders, but they are failing to figure out who exactly they are. I don’t know who they are either, by the way, and find its best not to know for their own protection. That way, they can’t be harmed by my accidental revelation of their true identities. This will make it harder for them, but Anonymous will succeed in overthrowing the government.

I saw a picture of David Cameron laughing recently and got a chill. He has a level of arrogance in public that is privately matched by an overcompensating attitude on global affairs. It will backfire on him. Not only did I see a major assassination attempt come in the fall, I also saw a major bonfire near Buckingham Palace and the Queen and Camille having to flee from mob rioting and violence. Scotland Yard eventually puts this down, but not before they are to sustain a whole leveling of London and Scotland’s countryside. When all of this over, Cameron will have regretting utter the assassination line from the Scotland Independence referendum last year.

Finally, there’s a deal in the works on Greece, but I may have seen a vision of the Greek prime minister biting the bullet to take on the creditor’s demands. This is becoming a dangerous back and forth with a lot of bark, but not a lot of bite. I see the Greeks may not want to default, but by the end of the month, they are forced to do so by Alex’s rivals on both sides of his political spectrum. This leaves a summer of smoke and fire, one of which I saw has a reverberating effect throughout the entire continent. Two visions struck me hardest. One is of the Greek beaches deserted and abandoned. The other is an anarchist fight in the dead of night. Fire and smoke are the only lights in a city that is all but darkened from the electricity that is shut off across the nation. The dawn come after the darkest of night falls, but it’s going to be a painful transition nonetheless. There will be blackouts in other parts of the world, but Greece is the bloodiest of all of these affairs.

Hope these visions help. Looking forward to sharing some more information soon.

Dreams for June 2015


I haven’t posted a blog about dreams I’ve had for a while. They’ve been a rare occurrence lately, but I have a few to share now. They may be psychic predictions or warnings for other events, but it’s important to let loose nonetheless.


I had a vision of a very handsome man who may become a mass serial killer. In my dreams, he ravaged a town, but did so with a smile on his face. His demeanor was calm for someone who was about to commit such atrocities. That could mean we’ll see another false flag terrorist attack shooting in the near future, possibly by someone with sex appeal and charisma. Who his targets were and are, I don’t know. Keep an eye out for a face like the one above. It may not be this person, but it’s someone who looks like him for sure.


I had a vision a while ago of some of the attacks on New York City. I couldn’t tell what time of year it was, but the shot pretty much centered on this corner near Rockefeller Center. There were multiple explosions and the anchors in the studio were murdered. Then there was a cloud of smoke that filled the entire street and agents stormed through on horseback. Then, children were fleeing out of broken glass in the studio running for their lives. The most disturbing scene was a young boy carrying his badly wounded friend on his back and the little boy nearly collapsed. An officer came to take the wounded boy to safety, though I had a sense of dread that he would never make it, while the other little boy was left all by himself on the street. It was such a terribly sad moment because this is how some of the violence nationwide will ravage through our communities. Hopefully this will be enough to warn people not to allow corruption to get this pervasive again. That’s the message that this vision should convey.


I had a vision of one of the final battles on the streets of the capitol in Washington DC. There were television anchors, particularly Anderson Cooper, filming a stand off between military police and armed militias. It was one of the scariest visions I’ve ever seen in my life. There were multiple attempts to make the masses back down, but they would not do so. When one of the armed militia men fired off a shot, the battle waged on and much blood was spilled on the street. The militia men seemed to be heading for the capitol building to make citizen’s arrest of the American traitors in the white house and in the halls of congress. This was likely a vision of what is to come, not a metaphor for something else.


Finally, I had a vision of economic trouble. The television anchors were mad because they had no idea why the markets were failing so rapidly. Everything seemed fine to them, so this correction came as a genuine shock. If you read my predictions, you’ll know this was anticipated for months prior to. However, for the elite who have made it their mission to keep the stock market afloat at all costs, the blowback will send a sharp repudiation and rebuke that they do not control any government on Earth and things will be taken from them by absolute force if necessary. It’s not going to play out well for the elite, whether they like it or not.


None of these visions had any dating to them, but I would suggest that the first would occur near July or August, the second would occur in the late summer/early fall, the third in the winter/December and the forth is an October surprise. Hopefully these insights are helpful. I’ll share more if they come to me in my dreams in the near term future.

Updates on Some Predictions


Dare I say that my prescience is coming to fruition as we speak? I have some updates to share with you all on predictions I have made in the past. You’ll want to read this because it will validate my previous insights and give you clues on what to look out for next. As our world is on the verge of collapse, it’s important to keep updated on everything I write about and have written about previously for the site. It’s coming to fruition more than you’d think.


Let’s start with the recent prison riots and break outs happening across the country. I originally wrote about the risk of a major prison riot and break out on the original Know the Next website in 2013. I had a psychic hunch about it, but also understood that base 7 theory would compel me to say that we’d see a repeat in 2014. I had mentioned that prison break outs were more severe in times of economic recession and the most severe ones had occurred during the great depression in the 1930’s. This, combined with some psychic intuition, compelled me to suggest that a Rikers Island prison riot would lead a massive break out in 2014 where three inmates would escape and one would permanently evade capture. Over the last two years since I made the initial prediction, my worst fears have multiplied into a series of tragedies that I could have never anticipated beforehand.


Last year I said this incident would happen at the Rikers security prison in New York City. A riot did break out in August, as I later reported, but it was not the riot that would see a break out scare the majority of New York City residents in a way that they have never been exposed before. What did occur over the corresponding months, however, were other mutations of the original prediction on the original website. Several riots did break out this year, last year and in 2013, from California to Texas and beyond. Some even occurred internationally and led to break outs in Ukraine and Yemen among other nations. A major break out occurred with school shooter TJ Lane in Ohio who was recaptured by authorities soon after. With the more recent break out at an upstate New York security complex last week, a break out closer to the Rikers prison in New York occurred in Dannemora. The two inmates from the Clinton Prison facility, Richard Matt and David Sweat, have somehow managed to avoid recapture from authorities so far. They better watch out. If they don’t get them back into custody soon, they will have foregone their opportunity to do so and never will be able to again. The inmates will assume new identities and they will be virtually unrecognizable to the world once this happens. In addition, when the civil war breaks out in the very near future, there could be a massive pardon ordered by the rebels and prisoners like the escaped inmates could be free to go if they refrain from getting into trouble again. That’s what’s at risk here for the government if it doesn’t get its act together soon. While this is the case, this isn’t the only break out to worry about happening in the near term future.


Despite several more riots that have occurred over the last few months, none of these led to a break out like I said the main one on Rikers would. The main riot and break out combination has yet to be seen. While I said Rikers would riot last year, and they did, it’s likely happening this year with the break out component in place instead. More outrage has been reported over several major scandals at Rikers and several arrests have been made of abusive security guards and other corrupt prison officials. With the recent suicide of Kalief Browder creating mass anger and rage swelling through the prison ranks as we speak, the breaking point seems to be coming to a head. On top of the reports of poisoned inmates and refusal by security officers to provide adequate medical care to inmates, the tipping point of prediction fulfillment is fast approaching. That’s why the FBI has begun to step in, but it may be done with haste in vain. Look out for an August repeat riot at Rikers that spreads out into the second prison breakout for this year in a similar manner to the prison break out at the Clinton facility. That will be another one where a prisoner escapes that authorities will never recapture and bring into custody again.


All of these riots and rebellions in prison across the country speak to the rising approach of the coming civil war/revolution. To try to quell the anger of rebellion, false flag shootings have been popping up more and more in recent days. The shooting of a police department in Dallas was the first, occurring on the June 12th date that I mentioned would be a day of a false flag terror attack. That whole scenario got dispelled recently, so now Charleston’s shooting is the next staged event to try to enforce unjustifiable gun confiscation. Like with the shooting in Dallas, this incident will get dispelled as a false flag as well (and already has to an extent). When that shooting scare tactic fails, the powers that be will try another one….and another one…..and another one more until the masses are fed up with their attempts at deception and actually revolt for good this time. These diversion tactics won’t work any longer because they’ll keep getting exposed for the deception that they’re designed to be. Whether they like it or not, the media is no longer a trusted source of the masses for their news consumption. As a result, their lies are not taken seriously and more attempts to call them out will occur from many sectors of society.


So what exactly are they distracting us from by focusing on planned attacks with MK Ultra patsies? Anonymous has attempted to hack into their systems, as I speculated they would, in order to spread the message of what is really at stake for humanity. The Trans Pacific Partnership, among the many other nefarious trade deals in the works as we speak, passed again yesterday in the House without TAA (the “trade adjustment assistance” program) after seeing humiliating defeat come for the elite on Friday. Big money has had a large influence on the US and foreign governments, but that influence is slipping due to mass income inequality and the decline of the power of the family lines. The senate takes this issue up again next week, but they may fail to pass it. The pressure exerted on them by the masses will soon become deadly and that will scare the elite into holding off on more active legislating of their globalized agenda for the world economy. The death of these types of globalized secret government deals occurs as you see the deaths of more bloodline families come from natural, and unnatural, causes. This debate over the anti worker trade deal goes back and forth for a while until outside events eventually prevent it from becoming the law. It will be the masses that will prevent this agenda from coming forth again in the near future. When war breaks out across the states, and also the world, the advocacy for these types of trade deals dies down in its place. When it isn’t politically expedient to do so, the elite will have failed and the masses will have won once more.


I think I should mention to some skeptics that race is a factor in much of these conflicts, so racist violence is not a conspiracy theory at all. There are two things to stress in relation to this concept that need clarification. The KKK prediction I wrote about is important to read in regards to the rise of white supremacy actions that are taking place. Don’t join their ranks, as I have stressed before. As race wars increase, the rise of racial resentment looms near and the KKK crawls out from the hole in the ground to start up trouble once more. Revolt is more likely than ever, but they’ll do their best to help the elite string the masses back in line into their enslavement once more. That is becoming the case when you see their rise coincidently come as black groups fight for their righteous freedom. There will be more violence at protests in recent days, some of it staged and some of it from a stream of justifiable rage. Government takeovers by the masses are also likely, so it’s important to hear what everyone is saying before deciding whose side you are really on. District Attorney’s houses and government offices are already being picketed, which soon turn to full on occupations like this one right here. When government fails to act in the interests of the people, it is incumbent upon all of us to come together and fight back against our collective oppression. That means uniting as one, not joining interest groups that serve to divide us instead of uniting the human race. Racial identity is an important thing to remember when we discuss our heritage and our collective past, but it should not be served as a means of further dividing a masses that instead needs to come together as one.


One other thing to keep an eye on out for in all of this chaos is the role of the courts. There’s a reason why Kansas’ governor Sam Brownback is attacking them so aggressively. They are the last vestige of independent oversight in a world that is turning increasingly authoritarian and totalitarian. The US Supreme Court is finding a last minute conscious before it’s too late to do so. It doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, but it will help to set the agenda for where our world should go going forward. Gun confiscation will be recommended as a legislative victory for the elite, but the courts will stop that agenda in its tracks. This sees mass gun confiscation come anyway by governments that feel that they are above the rule of law, as they and other special interest groups decide to defy the ruling of the courts because they didn’t go their way. The same thing will come about from the marriage equality ruling by some who claim to fight for liberty, but have discrimination that they need to sort out of themselves for better growth as a whole (Alex Jones….). Eradicating the USA “Freedom Act” will be yet another victory that will come relatively soon as the result of a court ruling. The same foes for justice for some police brutality victims, but not others. Keep an eye out for this ruling on Bush administration’s war crimes as well. It might finally be time to see justice served for the unconstitutional actions of the prior administration. I’ve written about this before and fulfillment may be coming in just a few years time.


Regardless of the impact these victorious rulings have for humanity, it is imperative on us to realize that we need to control our own lives and to not let others control them for us. Government corruption scandals will grow, as I have said they will. The public is finding slowly, but surely, that the feds and their elected officials are illegitimate and the people won’t take their abuse anymore. Around the time Jade Helm’s military exercise marches into town is when the real violence I have long forewarned about truly begins to occur. There will be massive fights over the exercise and the military will overplay its hand in response to this anger on the streets. I commend the police and military for their restraint so far, but those with sinister ulterior motives always slip their true intentions on the world. When they do so in the form of fatally wounding unarmed protestors, the brakes on violence come off and full on war rages on. Keep an eye out for a massacre in the streets by the US government as that day approaches. The world is crumbling to the ground for renewal in a matter of just a couple of days time. When all is said and done, things will be better. However, in order for us to arrive at that day, we will have to suffer first. For our prolonged apathy to the suffering of humanity, punishment is coming that will hopefully send an eternal, biblical message about the Earth we live on in togetherness for all of mankind’s suffering from beyond. Regardless of when this occurs or the dating that these events happen, no one should dispute that my psychic intuition have proven itself to be valid beyond a reasonable doubt.

Psychic Predictions for June 2015

I haven’t written any psychic predictions in a while and thought this might be a good time to do so. These will be rather brief, but informative nonetheless. Enjoy.

1) There’s trouble in the BRICS nations alliance. Russia will get into a fight with India over Israel and it will cause an irreparable sever that does away with the pact for a lifetime. As a result, I see the pairing coming completely undone by the fall or early spring of next year. This comes as Russia asserts itself militarily in the region and begins full scale invasions of Eastern Europe by January at the latest.

2) Florida is the site of two major disasters this year; economic and political. Hurricane Fred rages through the state and does significant damage to the shoreline. Anyone who denies that climate change exists after this is doing the world a huge disservice. This results in some significant policy change when the dust settles in the aftermath of the civil war. Alan Grayson, congressman of the 8th district, is in a troublesome spot as well. He has significant personal problems that will reveal themselves and will threaten the Democratic party in the state. As much as he has a good heart, he’ll need to resign after this comes out in the open and is revealed for the world to see. It’s a shame he’ll have to deal with such embarrassment, but it will be necessary in order for the state and the country to grow. He’s a nice man and it’s a shame to see bad things happen to good people. There will be retribution later, just not right now.

3) There’s some bad news out there for pizza lovers. The cheese in many major fast food brands has been contaminated with HIV or Ebola or some of Chicken Pox/Bird Flu virus that is extremely contagious. Watch out for news on this and stay away from Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Domino like joints until they settle this devastating dilemma for their respective brands.

4) Finally, be prepared to store up on food and medical supplies this summer. There’s a shortage that comes into effect as the result of a bad crop and riots come as a result. Prices inflate and people fight each other for mere survival. This is why it’s a good idea to have a two months supply of non perishable food on you at all times. You’ll thank me later when you can provide for yourself while the vast majority of the world cannot.

Hope these insights help. I look forward to sharing more again in the future. 🙂

Warning for Mick Jagger or Adam Levine


This morning, I heard the tune of “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 repeatedly in my head over and over again. It’s exactly like when I heard “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Dakrness in my head before I wrote the warning of a plane crash for the band in recent days. My speculation is that either Adam Levine, Mick Jagger or any member of their respective bands better watch out for a car crash in late August or early September. I would say Levine has the most to worry about, especially if he is planning on traveling the country this summer to promote The Voice. There’s an air of elite tragedy in my head. They better watch out or they will be subjected to a curse that has claimed many celebrity lives over the last several years.

Hot Potato


I have a number of updates, plus a few predictions, to share soon, but this article of information takes precedent over all others. Do you remember the game hot potato? Where everyone passes around a potato until the timer stops and the person holding the bag loses? Well, that’s the visual I would like to present to you all in regards to an upcoming stock market crash. I know I’ve predicted it since 2012 and I’ve been wrong every time….sort of. The elite have been artificially inflating the market to avoid a collapse, but doing this will only serve as the catalyst for a greater depression that what would have occurred if it was allowed to happen in 2013 or 2014. Economists have suggested that 2013 was the virtual moment where economic progress slipped while stock market rises came forth. This shows an artificial market place acting as a reassurance to a public struggling from the last crash in 2008. It’s not real and recovery has not really happened for the majority of the world. That’s why it’s only a matter of time before reality hits the 1%.


The reason I mention hot potato is because a lot of news stories have been pushed up and repressed back that could have caused the catalyst for a crash in the last two years. Mass occupy protests, police brutality rioting, political brinksmanship and bad trade deals, among many other things, all have served as potential triggers for a real correction in the marketplace. Instead, the elite clamped down on all of these moments of distress and further planted a narrative of “everything is fine” while the reality is shown to be further from that truth by the day. Eventually, like in the game of hot potato, the music will stop and the good lies will roll into inevitable demise. When that happens, the one holding the potato will be the one to blame for everyone else’s problems; even when all of the other triggers prior to it led to this moment in time. As a result, I would like to remind you all not to blame one group of people or person for what is to come. It’s easy to engage in victim blaming and scapegoating when times are tough. When that happens, evil is allowed to flourish and we’ll see genocide roam the Earth as a result as a result of our collective naivety, ignorance and flat out hatred of others. Keep your temper in order for now and remember to blame the powerful and not the powerless for your difficult lot in life. Doing otherwise only further oppresses you. Not engaging in liberation, as some have falsely suggested it to be, is what happens when people forego their rights and allow a status quo to flourish that prevents real freedom from coming to masses on Earth today.


There will be movements to redirect attention to an elite planned agenda in another couple of days. Ignore it. There’s an eye of Horus roaming our Earth as we speak. Squash the bug before the bug squashes you. When the potato burns the hands of the ones who truly cause the collapse, it will result in a worldwide revolution that I have predicted repeatedly in recent days. Hope all are well. Things will get better, but first they will burn. Like a potato fresh out of the oven, waiting until it cools is the best way to enjoy the taste of victory from hard work that pays off as a result of the libertion movements for freedom in our lifetime. 🙂