Dreams and Predictions for November 2016

I have one for now and more to follow in the future.

1) I’ve been having more dreams of nuclear holocaust and the damage it does recently. It appears we are flirting on the edge of ruin. I hope common sense prevails before its too late.

11/4 ETA: Another prediction.

2) Election day is going to see a lot of security slip ups and violence throughout the country. Try to avoid crowds on that day and go to the polls, if you’re going, when turnout is low.

11/5 ETA: Very vivid dream last night that was worth sharing.

3) I had a dream that I was a passenger on a cruise ship and it was hijacked by ISIS or another Islamic terror group. Many people were initially murdered and the ship starting veering off course. As the ship approached the dock, I decided to separate myself by jumping off the edge and landing in the water. I swam to shore and then it took me a long time to reunite with my party (which I eventually did). The vision seemed to be taking place in a south east Asian country like Malaysia or Singapore, but any country around there like the Philippines or Vietnam or even southern China could be applicable. The attack occurred on a civilian cruise ship which means a major one that travels in that area and with lots of tourists on board. The weather was relatively warm still, so this may either happen in the near future or in the spring of next year. Worth watching out for just in case.

11/10 ETA: After my whopper of a correct prediction on Trump, I have some others to share below.

4) If the country isn’t overthrown in the next 4 years, then the Democratic primary will see three or four contenders jockeying over an extended period of time to get the nomination. Andrew Cuomo, who I’ve told you all to keep an eye on in the past, becomes the immediate frontrunner, but is surpassed by a woman who Bernie Sanders supports after scandal takes him off his peg. She will be the nominee after a very bitter and vicious protracted fight. Three women to watch are Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard and Zephyr Teachout. Cory Booker also enters the fray but drops out after a major upset loss in the Iowa caucus. There may be one other person, but I’ll have to work that out at another time. A lot of this is presumptuous, so take it with a bit of a grain of salt.

5) The economy is going to crater at the end of next month. It has been artificially held up to help Hillary Clinton. With her loss, the chips will finally fall as they will.

6) Hillary and Obama are going to exit the country early next year after it is made clear indictments towards both of them are coming. They will never return to the US and will be seen as heroes to the left, not rightfully so.

7) Hollywood is going to see a major shakeup in the near future over which stars rise and fall from prominence. More conservative names will take shake while a lot of Hillary’s supporters will come to regret that decision with her defeat and their career setbacks coming along with it.

11/13 ETA: Another prediction.

8) I have previously written about Australia, home to a negative troll that eats at our energy and where I correctly said an Abbott August would lead to his ouster for a new Prime Minister, Malcolm Trumbull. Well, the problems in Australia are about to get worse yet again. Due to their inability to pass a marriage equality law in the parliament, I am seeing a major backlash in lieu of the one that took down North Carolina’s governor Pat McCrory. By the time that the decade ends, Australia’s economy will be reeling so badly that they will be begging to have the law passed as soon as possible. Much resentment to the gay community will follow, but relations will return back to normal by the middle of the next decade.

11/15 ETA: Some more dreams and predictions.

9) I did some chakra readings on three people last night before it drained my energy and made me pass out. The first was Trump. He had a perfectly straight chakra until it bent backwards and hid under some kind of tail shape. This means that not all of with him will be what it seems and he is hiding his true motives. They’ll come out soon enough as journalists dig deeper into his cabinet. The second is Hillary Clinton. She had a straighter chakra with a bent curve to the right in the middle. This means that she hasn’t completely accepted defeat and is willing to stir up trouble in an attempt to take back the White House. Watch for her moves in the near future. The final chakra was Mike Pence. His was wavy which indicated to me instability and he is even more off his mental rocker than Trump. He has some demons that will unleash themselves in the near future. They may even unleash themselves before the dirt on Trump comes out. Which leads me to my next prediction.

10) I had a dream that Mike Pence was on a wooden boat fishing in the middle of the ocean. Underwater, there were hundreds of fish swarming his boat. When Pence caught a fish on his tackle, the creature was so large that it forced him overboard and proceeded to see him eaten by the fish below. This indicates to me that a scandal in regards to China or the environment overtakes him and forces him out of the White House in the next few months. It may even be possible that he’s forced out before Trump is.

11/23 ETA: A few more predictions.

11) I had a couple of celebrity related thoughts to share below. The first is about former early 2000’s singer Willa Ford. She’s a name many will not remember, but she had a string of top 40 hits at the time and then disappeared off the radar after that. She is someone who should be careful about a potential reemergence into the spotlight next year, particularly if her vehicle of choice is a reality show. This is because in 2007, she starred as the late Anna Nicole Smith in a TV movie and that binding role weighs heavily on her in terms of a potential early death at the age of 39 in 2019. This is the same age Anna Nicole Smith died of in 2007 and it’s something she needs to watch for as more exposure makes her more vulnerable than ever.

12) I know that Megan Fox is an avid follower of psychics and this is a message for her. She should not attempt any serious acting roles in 2017, no matter how juicy or tempting they may be. This is because the performances will be met with poor reviews and she will suffer from a potentially fatal depression as a result. She should instead reemerge in a humanitarian capacity in 2018 to fill in the void for a potentially soon to be late Angelina Jolie. This would provide a life of meaning and a sense of fulfillment she couldn’t get otherwise.

13) I predicted in a private writing of mine that Angelina and Brad would divorce this year. What is interesting is that a friend of our website, Michael McCllelan, has written a post on a potential untimely death of Angelina Jolie in 2018. I haven’t foreseen this personally and have a hard time believing it. However, he has a very strong track record and predicted Princess Diana and Benazir Bhutto’s deaths in the exact month and year. He should be taken seriously so it is worth a read. It’s something to watch for in the near future, especially if news on her starts getting more negative and hostile in the near future.

14) Finally, there are currently attempts to undermine Donald Trump at both the electoral college level and through a potential vote audit. Both could prevent him from getting to the White House in January and should not be overlooked.

23 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for November 2016

  1. I have strong fears of riots over the election results. I am planning a trip to El Paso for dental treatment in Juarez Mexico because I can’t afford what USA dentists charge. If Trump wins I’m afraid we’re going to see massive riots on both sides of the border. If Hillary wins we’re going to see violence from the other side.

    1. Absolutely, especially since I have a feeling the election won’t be decided right away. There will be recounts and court challenges. Also, be safe in Mexico. It will get dangerous there in the near future.

      1. Which of the following 2 dates is more dangerous to be in El Paso, Texas or Juarez, Mexico: November 11th 2016, or November 22nd, 2016? I am asking this question because I have 2 options as to when I will be going back to pick up finished crowns. My current appointment to get impressions made for the crowns is November 7th, 2016.

      2. Really, the whole month of November is going to be dangerous, but if I had to choose, the further away from the election the better. That means November 22nd, especially since the winner may not be declared yet and the anger will have dissipated in the interim. Hope this helps.

    2. Something catastrophic is going to happen to people on November 11, 2016 but don’t know what nor where. The feeling is strong and never posted ever before on any site, but had the urgency to do so today and not sure why. If this message is for you then , be safe.

  2. I think it is game over I really do, I can see clinton getting away with her crimes and that is that. People who voted for her will only wake up when it is too late dark times ahead.
    Also another blow today brexit court ruling article 51 has to be decided in parliament the people are not happy on social media. Do you see trouble ahead with this?
    To say I am on a low right now is an understatement.

  3. Do you think that the new information about the Clinton corruption will put them in jail or at lest take away their influence? Also, will this information bring down the others in Congress?

  4. If Trump is elected will he pardon Julian Assange, or at lest call off the pessure to have him arrested.
    I believe he is a true patriot for the US even though he’s not a citizen.

    1. Not likely. Trump isn’t some hero that everyone thinks he is. He uses people and then spits them out when he’s done with them. He’s thankful for Assange’s leaks, but under no circumstances will he pardon him if he’s elected. That’s part of the reason why Assange insists he’s not doing this to back any one candidate. He may have started out trying to tip it to Trump for a potential pardon, but he’s since realized that no pardon is happening in the near future. Of course, that is what is to be expected for whistleblowers in this system we supposedly call “justice.” He is a true patriot, but only a successful overthrow of the US government will see his freedom come about. Anything else will continue to keep his life in jeopardy and limbo.

      1. Sadly there are quite a few people that think that Donald Trump is some great savior that is going to sweep out all the corruption in the U.S. government. But they disregard evidence that he has cheated many people to help himself financially. He refuses to release to release his tax returns because there is something he doesn’t want the public to find out. In addition to abusive tax shelters that might be exposed (Not necessarily illegal ones) there are some associations and/or financial investments he wants to keep hidden from public view.

    1. I don’t know if that’s going to be enough to take him down, but it might. I think there will be bigger fish to fry that will lead to his downfall; perhaps literally.

    1. Hard to say. Right now, when I look into the future about a Trump presidency, I get a vision of a black screen. That usually means it’s the end or something that hasn’t been written. There’s a very strong chance he won’t make it to election day and may get assassinated before he is sworn in. However, if he does manage to survive the two threats that are approaching, then he will be indicted and resign due to a financial scandal that plagues his administration. Also no, Hillary won’t be successful in eliminating the electoral college, even if she is attempting as we speak to bribe electoral delegates to not vote for him on December 19th.

      1. One is an assassination attempt and the other is Hillary bribing electoral voters to not vote for him on December 19th.

      2. You seem to be painting a very confusing picture of who our next commander in chief will be. If you keep getting a blank screen for Donald Trump being the one, and if Mike Pence gets mired in a serious scandal, who exactly is going to take power? Is this a situation where the chaos will be used to justify marshal law and Obama stays in power past his scheduled term? Will the chaos lead to a foreign attack and takeover of the USA?

      3. It’s entirely possible. As I said, black screens usually mean uncertainty or death. That could mean martial law, which is something to consider. I’ve long warned that the US government was going to be overthrown. Perhaps the elite’s are just too arrogant to allow a transition like this to occur. I won’t say anything more definitive until my visions are clearer.

    1. It can change when there is more clarity. I’ll specify that at the time. Also, a huge shakeup in the transition team means instability; perhaps why there’s a black screen. That fluidity can be dangerous and we could go in a million different directions depending on how people choose to act in this scenario. I’ll let you know if I have more clarity on these developments.

  5. she is not right, he was elected fair by the electrol vote..that is the way it has always been, why should it be changed just becuz Hillary did not win?? what if that happened to all the other elections, b-4 their were some who won the popular vote..she is really a poor loser. It does show aliens being brought in to vote by a bus.. Some are not citizens, that is why she wanted to bring more in as then she would get more votes..Some of this people do not even know the issues or are not citizens.. This has been proved & now she wants to bribe or have a recount.. This women is not Well (brain problems for real) & her husband is really sick.. They even had a knock down argument as she said certain people were to blame for her loss..He said to her it was all your fault as u did not do as I told u to… Two sides to every story, it is sad becuz u can tell u are a Liberal.

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