A Few More Dreams for June 2015

Here are a few more dreams to share. No pictures this time, just brief recollections.

I had a dream about New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio. After failing to uphold campaign promises, anger turns against him. In July, there will be protests and that will light the city up into flames. I saw him on television adamantly defying his critics, but unable to take responsibility for his own corruption. I know this will end in resignation, but the city will have to go up in smokes first before that is to occur. There’s a sense of calm in the city right now. There won’t be when all hell finally breaks loose.

There was also a dream about the governor, Andrew Cuomo. He was assassinated at night outside of the capitol in Albany, but it could have been in the lobby as well. There was a line of press there and a lone gun man shot him in the chest. Panic ensues and much screaming and crying commences. It reminded me of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, except that Cuomo is no Kennedy by any stretch of the imagination. The man is arrested and he is charged with first degree murder in prison. The governor may die in this awful encounter and Kathy Hochul takes his place to her own ethical demise. That’s what I got from the headlines in my vision. This may not happen, but it could as well.

There’s an ailment around Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Australia which correlates with a major scandal around another Abbott, Texas Governor Greg Abbott. There will be a very Abbott August this year from one of the headlines in my vision.

There’s an earthquake just outside of Los Angeles this summer. The rocks fell to the ground and there was substantially damage outside of the city limits. 8.9 or something around that magnitude range. The people were crying. It’s a very scary scene to unfold.

I’ve heard the words “Overthrow the Government, Shut it Down” in a number of dreams over the last few days. That may be the new chant of protestors outside of the halls of government around the world. It could be in relation to austerity or the US government shutdown planned for the fall of this year. Either way, it’s a phrase you’ll hear more often soon.

I had a vision about a prediction I made about German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the top of some stairs, I see her exiting a private room where a man pushes her down a flight of stairs and she sustains a serious head bludgeon that looks like it breaks the skull around the top of her head. The man who is arrested or charged is either Arab or Greek. Merkel is then taken in a stretcher to the hospital where she is pronounced dead on arrival. As her last dying breaths come in the ambulance and as she’s being taken away on a stretcher, a large gathering of European elites scramble in major panic over what is happening. As the paparazzi are following her to her grave, questions are asked about how this was allowed to happen, and who would let the man in, and who ordered this assault in a prominent fashion. The dream seemed very real to me and I don’t think this is a metaphor on Europe-Asian relations. I think this is an actual terrorist attack and I think it will be a successful one at that. That’s the message to those who read it another way.

Russians are on the verge of rioting in another dream I’ve had. There’s a secret meeting held in some sort of Russian intelligence bunker with high tech equipment and a predominant color of black and green. That’s on the back of everyone’s mind and attention turns to one outside agitator in particular. Vladimir Putin has called his men into a room to discuss the events in Greece and the United States. It doesn’t play well for them. They are afraid of Anonymous and one main advisor has said that allowing the US to be overthrown by the group would be more dangerous for them than the current regime in power. RT and other media advisors also weighed in saying that they are damned if they do and are damned if they don’t in terms of trying to steer their coverage away from their advocacy. Russia is struggling with asserting its power in the region because they have absolutely no allies in power or outside of it. Their creditors would like to join the New World Order agenda, as do the Russian elite, but Putin cannot come to terms with substantial changes on social reform. It alienate him from the world and it’s going to end the elite’s plans for a globalized government in our lifetime. That’s what I saw from beneath their bunkers.

Meanwhile, the FBI was having its own meeting. They too, like the Russians, are afraid of Anonymous and the power they have to overthrow the government. They are planning a massive cyber attack against the Anonymous leaders, but they are failing to figure out who exactly they are. I don’t know who they are either, by the way, and find its best not to know for their own protection. That way, they can’t be harmed by my accidental revelation of their true identities. This will make it harder for them, but Anonymous will succeed in overthrowing the government.

I saw a picture of David Cameron laughing recently and got a chill. He has a level of arrogance in public that is privately matched by an overcompensating attitude on global affairs. It will backfire on him. Not only did I see a major assassination attempt come in the fall, I also saw a major bonfire near Buckingham Palace and the Queen and Camille having to flee from mob rioting and violence. Scotland Yard eventually puts this down, but not before they are to sustain a whole leveling of London and Scotland’s countryside. When all of this over, Cameron will have regretting utter the assassination line from the Scotland Independence referendum last year.

Finally, there’s a deal in the works on Greece, but I may have seen a vision of the Greek prime minister biting the bullet to take on the creditor’s demands. This is becoming a dangerous back and forth with a lot of bark, but not a lot of bite. I see the Greeks may not want to default, but by the end of the month, they are forced to do so by Alex’s rivals on both sides of his political spectrum. This leaves a summer of smoke and fire, one of which I saw has a reverberating effect throughout the entire continent. Two visions struck me hardest. One is of the Greek beaches deserted and abandoned. The other is an anarchist fight in the dead of night. Fire and smoke are the only lights in a city that is all but darkened from the electricity that is shut off across the nation. The dawn come after the darkest of night falls, but it’s going to be a painful transition nonetheless. There will be blackouts in other parts of the world, but Greece is the bloodiest of all of these affairs.

Hope these visions help. Looking forward to sharing some more information soon.

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