Another Message For Our Australian Troll


Well, it appears that our troll from Queensland is at it again making absurd threats about a lawsuit over “copyrighted” predictions. Let me give our troll, in severe violation of ethical standards of the Australian Psychics Association, a little news flash. Predictions are not “copyrighted work.” Many psychics predict similar things and no one psychic has a “right” to “ownership” of an intuitive hunch. Your lack of understanding the law will come to bite you in the behind if you go ahead with your feeble attempts to try, and fail, to take us to court. Not only would your case be tossed out and you would lose with your reputation in jeopardy stemming from your profound lack of knowledge of how the law works, but we would have to counter sue you for defamation and making false accusations that are not backed up with facts. We really don’t want to go down this road with you, but if you are putting our lives and livelihoods at risk in such a severe manner, then you leave us no other choice. Think twice before you proceed. You’ll only end hurting yourself and not anybody else.