Election Week False Flag

I’ll start this one by saying I really pray that this doesn’t happen.

Also, I’ve written about all of this before, so it is just a reminder based on a series of recent events that I have noted.

Yesterday I awoke to a phone notification from a local mainstream media news app (Houston’s Channel 11 News) that said that government intel warns of a terror attack planned by ISIS (Or whatever they call it now) on Monday.  The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott likewise gave a warning about this terror attack planned by ISL for Monday.

I’ve been warning of terror attacks and this period of time (from September 2016-January 2017).  I have to admit I’m afraid of the upcoming week and some of my more grave predictions coming true starting next week and then the following weeks.

Last night as I was sleeping I dreamed about when I had read that pamphlet that they have in Texas public schools about a response plan to terrorism attacks on schools, whether they are shooting, bombs or biological/chemical.  I posted about this one- about how I made a video about an upcoming false flag and youtube censored it immediately.

So, if a terror attack happens next week I believe it is a planned government attack (by the NWO).  It is a false flag designed to delay the elections and geared toward martial law.  I also mentioned (years ago) that I had conflicting dreams about a horrible Hillary presidency and also Obama having a third term.  I’m still not clear on which nightmare is worse really— and I hope they don’t happen.

In my dream last night I was first reliving how I read the Texas Preparedness for Terror Attacks in Public Schools pamphlet, made that video commentary warning of the false flag and then it was censored.  Then I relived getting the phone alert about a terror attack planned for this Monday in election week.  Then, a voice said put it together, the clues are all there and it’s obvious what they are planning— they’ve told us the plan already.

If next week goes to hell here in America, it is the warning sign that civil war and world war and next to come.

I hope that there are Oath Keepers and Whistle blowers that blow the lid on this false flag attack on our schools.  I can’t believe the audacity of the Obama Administration to go into Texas, send Al-CIA-DA mind controlled freaks to make terror attacks on gun free zones in public schools— and then use this ‘terror’ propaganda to then put in gun control and gun confiscation and martial law.

Hillary and Obama are the heads and main leaders of these creepy terrorist groups ISL or ISIS or AL-CIA-DA.  Announcing their intel ahead of time about election week terror attacks, having drills in Texas for gun confiscation and martial law, making a terror response plan for Public Schools…..it does seem obvious what Obama and Hillary are planning.

Sorry about the scattered nature of my writing in this post.  I just hope that the right individuals can stop these false flags from happening next week.  Let us all pray that the people who wish to do terror attacks in America are stopped and all those involved are put to justice.  Let us hope that there are armed guards wherever those terrorists try to attack.

My advice is next week avoid malls and areas where there are large groups.  Be aware.  If you hear of some kind of terror event unfolding try to get home.  Don’t go to far away from home.  Also, if Texas Public Schools have an attack— know damn well who is responsible for it— that is the NWO creeps who control puppet Obama and puppet Hillary.  The entire point of it is martial law and gun confiscation for the NWO— and to obliterate every last drop of freedom in our country.

PRAY for peace, justice and good people to stop these evil plans.